Mizzou ditches 'unisex' because it's not inclusive enough - The College Fix
The Columbia Missourian reports that the change was prompted by a Missouri Students Association resolution approved in January, intended to “make MU’s campus bathrooms more accessible to trans and gender non-conforming students.”

The word unisex “excludes people who do not identify as male or female,” according to social justice chair Sterling Waldman: “Unisex is just such an uncomfortable and outdated word.”

I’m sorry but you clearly do not have an understanding of what “transgender” actually is. Transgender people DO identify or male as female! They are either sexually male but identify as female, or sexually female and identify as male. “Transgender” is not a new gender! They’re not some sort of exotic type of human being.

Christ this is so dumb.

Honestly if they just want to use “toilet” signage to indicate gender neutral bathrooms for NEW bathrooms that’s fine and dandy. But they’re going to have to spend probably $10,500 to change the signs on all the bathrooms! You know what else you could buy for $10,500?



When Hogwarts was rebuilt after the Battle of Hogwarts, new unisex toilets were built on the request of several transgender students. Now all floors have at least one set of unisex toilets. While each dormitory does have its own bathroom, every house also has a unisex bathroom which includes showers and other bathing facilities complete with anti-peeking charms and a wide range of bath bombs and potions. 


Dragon Age Series Tattoos: Qunaari Vitaar Edition

This is not every vitaar in Inquisition. There are a LOT and some of them are very tedious. I may complete the set one day.

  • Available for All Gender Types Teen-Elder
  • 13 unique tattoos
  • Custom Standalone Thumbnails in CAS
  • Base Game Compatible


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