DIY Leather Belt Cuff Tutorial by Making the World Cuter for Make It & Love It.

Some of these cuffs have snap closures and other just tie. I like that you can also make unisex versions of this DIY leather belt cuff.

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“Any self-regulating organism that combines the natural and artificial together in one system”

“In the age of technology, the so-called autonomous body, this always doubled body of flesh and grace and use-value and exchange-value, shatters into a thousand digital mirrors. The data body. The android body. The mutant body. The designer body. The cloner body. The transsexual body. Digital flesh loop-cycling furiously within the limited space and time of a single (biological) life cycle: indeterminate, neutralized, floating. The data body is the recombinant body: cloned by the bio-tech industry, spliced by artificial skin, digital nerves and networked intelligence, re-sequenced by the liquid signs of brand-name consumer advertising. Simultaneously the targeted axis of the interfacing of digital reality and bio-technology and the site of future political struggle where flesh rubs against the will to virtuality, the data body is, for better and for worse, the spearhead of Technoculture.” -Arthur and Marilouise Kroker


  • High quality pigment screen print.
  • Printed on a deluxe, pre-shrunk 100% cotton super soft 6.1- ounce heavyweight long sleeve t-shirt. Ribbed collar with set-in sleeves and shoulder to shoulder taping. Double-needle stitching on neck, sleeve and bottom hem. Fits loose & “oversized” on most (model is wearing a size XL). This design is printed on a special garment-washed tshirt, which results in a broken-in look and ultra-soft feel!
  • Every order will include an xtra-special WETWARE logo vinyl sticker!
  • $48.00 USD
  • Photography by Parker Day///Photo editing by Wetware
New neo-unisex fashion reflects fascination with transgender

The New York Times has published an article by Ruth La Ferla that says that we are entering a new “neo-unisex” trend in fashion.

La Ferla points to

… a raft of designers to capitalize on fashion’s gender blur, that narrowing of the sexual divide that earlier this year emerged on the runways of top tier designers like Rick Owens and Alessandro Michele of Gucci, each bent on eroding the once rigid demarcation between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes.

Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, says:

“What we’re seeing now, he said, “is a seismic shift in fashion, a widening acceptance of a style with no boundaries, one that reflects the way young people dress.”

And yes, La Ferla sees a connection to the recent visibility and acceptance of trans people:

That sentiment also reflects a rising receptivity, if not an outright prurient fascination, with topics that were once strictly off limits. Transgender narratives are entering the mainstream via trans-models like Andreja Pejic and Lea T, who front major fashion and beauty campaigns; mega-celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner; and television fare like “Transparent,” the series on Amazon, its lead character Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) coming out to his children as Maura.

Photos: Christelle de Castro for The New York Times


KANA / 161cm 】AUG 26, 2015

CAP : ANTITHESIS. – RESORT CAP / ONE size / ¥6,900 plus tax

NECKLACE : TELFAR – NAME PLATE NACKLACE / ONE size / ¥14,500 plus tax

TOP : TELFAR – LONG SLEEVE SIMPLEX SWEATER  / S size / ¥45,000 plus tax

BAG : TELFAR – DRAWSTRING BACKPACK  / ONE size / ¥24,000 plus tax

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