Sonic Boom Six - For The Kids Of The Multiculture (by paulatkinsonuk)

What a great way to start the week?

Music Tourist Board’s uniqulture inspired a Ones To Watch 2012 project between creative and performing talents.

Started on 11.11.11 because the ones added up to 6! And now Sonic Boom Six. 

Its a sign. Manc Street Preachers!

A mental disease has swept the planet: banalization. Everyone is hypnotized by production and comfort – sewage system, elevator, bathroom, washing machine.

This state of affairs, which arose out of a struggle against poverty, overshoots its ultimate goal – the liberation of humanity from material cares – and becomes an obsessive image hanging over the present. Between love and a garbage disposal, young people of all countries have made their choice and prefer the garbage disposal. A complete and sudden change of spirit has become essential, by bringing to light forgotten desires and creating entirely new ones. And by an intensive propaganda in favor of these desires.

@rocklandstv *: Music Tourist Board is go, using an Oyster for the limo.

2004 : “A disparate group with a near psychotic level of civic pride have set up the Music Tourist Board, promoting the self styled borough of Rocklands with the ultimate fanatical aim of getting the area declared an independent rock n roll republic.” (NME)

2014 : Talents and passions made new futures through many adventures over a decade. Rocklands staged the artbeat of uniqulture on a whimsical, situationist, musical magical mystery tour. So far, so not too bad…

2015 will be made of what we have learned, achieved and connected to, so far…

#artfulfest October 1st-31st 2011 Artful Festival on land / on line

Created during September

Lived during October

Results from November

“The Best D.I.Y. Expo” - Artful Silver Year festival 2011 is coming together


A calendar of events is coming together at


bruno wizard with smiley & the underclass on revolution and art, tin pan alley, soho, london (captured by dizzy spell)
(r)Evolution 2015

23 Jan 2014 : Uniqulture Roadshow starts on Tin Pan Alley. Photographer, David Montgomery (Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones etc) is at the show - and GETS the new music movement. Music Venue Trust begins this month, too. 

23 Jan 2015 : Uniqulture’s Dizzy Spell and Bruno Wizard are back on Tin Pan Alley now part of the live venue circuit that the Venues Trust is so important to (and captured the above clip). David Montgomery is taking pix of Uniqulture tour band, Bad Wolf, at Playhard. Our musical ®evolution is ready to raise its game. Again.

19th July 2015; London. Afternoon friendship. Musician, James Fisher sets up to play at Camden Town Brewery while his mates Paul Madden (of Joyzine), Jean Genie and Jonny (Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs) and, in the background, DJ Disco MarkY look on/share a DIY picnic for an alternative Sunday lunch. 


Have you been to a Panda~Power! event. Rocklands party style Artbeat vibe. Come!

Jean Genie presents Panda~Power! Powers Bar, Kilburn, London NW6
Artful Silver Year special (October 2011)
Fabulous sets, beautiful hearts, great tunes, free cake/hugs.



Sam Kills Two, The Run-Up, The Freewheelin’ Troubadour, Bruno Wizard, The Homosexuals, Melody Nelson, Black Baby Jesus, Misty Miller, Laura Miller, The Midnight Barbers, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs and a room of London’s friendliest mover shaker creators and performers.

Uniqulture road show 2014 is a game of two halves. The first half kicked off with an early doors packed house at The Alleycat on Tin Pan Alley and ended with an outdoors stage at People’s Day (30,000 people partying for peace and community) and a HQ for Rocklands at the new Art Music community hub, Number3London.

One thing though, these are QUALITY new artists developing into star potential close up where we can see the white of their ideas. They may not be TV advertised or day time play listed on national radio, but they deserve to be. With thanks, and more to them all, some of the next wave that are making things happen for UK composition, performance, marketability and potential futures.

16 Hole Boots, Aeromancy, Bad For Lazarus, Bad Wolf, Cat Bear Tree, CuT, Dana Jade, deux furieuses, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux, elephants and castles, Kosmic Troubadour, Mourning Birds, Rhiannon The Nightmare, stella +, The Otherside.

What happens next? No idea. The second half kicks off at The Alleycat in Central London, again on 18th September - another yellow brick road to follow. 


Must be Saturday in New Cross (by channnel6tv) 27 Seconds of a Musical Movement Moment of December 2012 in London, UK.

quite bright moonlight on a london friday night

jon is in the dj booth air drumming to the grooves

playing tunes that put a smile on lips while magnetising hips

a tiger and a genie are cutting shapes on the dance floor

and we all want more

but all of a sudden we gotta go because sunrise says so



Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs extend to all that come to Panda~Power! Another of the Starbreaker Alliance events for top scouting. Positivity like ripples from a pond and buzzing new music to investigate in a friendly vibe of creative and performing music fans.

In this video;

an image of The Stone Roses from the mural downstairs at The Heavenly Records Social, London W1

Ben Dodd of Raw TV having a beer with Andrei Nedelea (Red Stag music management) and Rupert Hitchcox (photographer) and another Panda~Power! family member, Alexandra Sewell.

Southampton/Sydenham pop outfit, Itchy Teeth on stage (they also threw the legendary Panda~Power! house party for Jean Genie’s birthday).

The scene of the packed venue was a music industry scrum to see Cave Painting. Have had quite a few of those. 

Seymour (Ten City Nation/Miss Black America) being photographed by Rupert. A great shot that appeared on the cover of Monthly Planet zine; http://issuu.com/music.tourist.board/docs/01012mp/1

Popskull (Rufus Miller looking so rock n roll in his gold cape)

Gabi Garbutt (who has been compared to a young, female, Neil Young) fronts The Breadstealers who have played here. People come for chat n cake when they’re not playing that night.

Dave GST Cardinals and Lekiddo - Lord Of The Lobsters hugging on the stairs as Paul The Sound goes up the stairs and Jean Genie comes out of the venue. And a glimpse of Ginger from Gin In Teacups.

Stood on a chair to get a glimpse over the heads of Cave Painting.

Where’s Strutter? are joined on stage by Pete Doherty at their first London show.

Aww, we’re always sad to see everybody go. That’s Andrei and music/style journalist Chenaii Madhoo last to leave!

Join us on line 

http://facebook.com/pandapowerparty * http://twitter.com/pandapowerparty

A Rockands Music Group event, if you are coming to the next one please do say “hi”!