Today’s the big day we’ve all been waiting for! It’s finally April 17th and it’s time for The Meet UP💜! It starts at 8pm. So get ready for the fun, games, information, and did I mention free food 🍴and prizes 🎁 #UP #UniquePerception #TheMeetUP #Utc #Mixer

Get get ready for the UProar for next semester. Unique Perception will be in full effect! We are a women’s organization. No matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, anything about you; you’re welcome to join. Dues are $10. So if you’re a female and are interested get ready to Enhance, Embrace, & Empower all the women around you and get ready to succeed! #UP #UniquePerception #WomenOfPower #UpRoar #YouReady #Utc