uniquely himself

In Wexford you can find Loftus Hall, which is renowned as Ireland’s Most Haunted House 

Supposedly haunted by the ghost of Lady Anne Loftus, the mansion is said to have been visited by the devil himself. A uniquely spooky place (that’s also beautiful and haunting), Loftus Hall is in its element at Halloween, when adults and children from all over the world come in search of spooky tales and paranormal activity.

Hook Lighthouse which also features in the image is the ‘the worlds oldest working lighthouse in the world’.

The Dunbrody famine ship shown had a significant role in the history of emigration during the famine.

Find out more about Wexford here

(Wexford reimagined by tumblr artist Fergal O’Connor)

Hela bad influence

Odin: *sees Loki taking a liking to green+black+gold* Well at least he learned not to take Thor’s color

Odin: *sees Loki being accustomed to wearing leather customed Asgardian clothing* Armor doesn’t fit him anyway

Odin: *sees Loki’s interest on sorcery, magic and art* Eh, at least he could find something unique for himself

Odin: *sees Loki summoning/conjuring daggers and sorts of weapons from his hand* Not bad, at least he’s good at something

Odin: *finds out that Loki wants the throne and want to reach greater ambitions* I’m sure he’ll be fine

Loki: *plays “Welcome to the Black Parade” by MCR*

Odin: *gasps* NO!
*slams Gungnir* YOU
*pushes guards out of the way* ARE *flips table* BECOMING
*tells Frigga to get out* LIKE
*opens door to Loki’s room* YOUR *throws Loki’s book* EMO
*holds Loki by his collar* SISTER


EXO Reaction when fans ask about his girlfriend

I want to be the lucky one xD. Xoxo, Admin A~

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*Goes from happy virus to shy baby in one second* “Oh… my jagi… well yes she’s… amazing. I love her so much…” *Can’t believe he’s declaring his love in national TV*


*Suddenly the show turns into a serious talk about the important things in love* “You have to know what is the most precious things for you in the galaxy… like my Baobei… she’s unique”


*Thinking to himself* -She’s probably watching right now… Say something smart Sehun… say something smart..- “She snores a little when she sleep, she looks so cute…”


*Really passionate*  “It means a lot to me that you guys are asking for her and worry about her. I’m so thankful, I love you guys so much and so does she”


*He’s so shy at the beginning but suddenly drops something like this* “Honestly she’s the best and makes me want to dance Artificial Love to her the whole day”


*Just look at his face. He’ll just stay like that for a minute before answering*


“WOAH! You are asking for my babe? Are you trying to steal her from me or what?” *Playful Baekkie*


*Shy ball* “Y/N… she’s very sweet and… I’m so happy I met her. I absolutely adore her” *You can see he’s a boy in love*


*Excuse him but this show is now about Jongdae and his girl so you better let him speak*


*Smol squishy ball will probably say three things about her and blush like crazy* “She’s beautiful, precious, and I love her”


*Adorable Angel* “She’s as precious as my EXO-Ls are to me! Thank you so much for supporting us guys!”


*Embarrassed leader* “M-my jagi… well she’s… extraordinary… the boys never leave me alone… always trying to tell her my embarrassing stories…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

ok so not to get controversial but how’s it that Press It™ didn’t get that award today?? Press it was literally the highlight of 2016 a consistent and unique album?? Jimmy Hendrix himself was brought to tears when he heard that guitar intro in One by One, Michael Jackson communicated with Taemin through a dream and just looked at him and told him ‘u did it son’ after he saw those moves in Drip Drop, the CEO of iTunes decided to delete every single song in the ballad category after he listened to Soldier for the first time should I go on? #PressItDeservedBetter


Vampire Idol
(뱀파이어 아이돌)

Release dates (Android)
English: April 19th, 2017

“Want to explore managing the hottest boy band in Korea – “The Vampire”?

After going through some ups and downs, you enter into an entertainment company and finally get a chance to manage an idol band. You are excited rightfully; they are really fun to manage.

You will have a rough start since they will act like stars and be quiet, but exciting moments are awaiting you in this interesting combination of sim dating games and management games.

Each boy is a unique character for himself, so be sure to experience them the right way! Don’t make rushed decisions!”

This is a game by Avocado Entertainment with Korean voice acting! You can get the Android version here.

Hwarang Reacting to their girlfriend being accepted in Hwarang.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Sun Woo - He would be okay with it but wouldn’t like the fact you could easily get in danger. He’d constantly want to protect you even though you can do that yourself and would be over the moon if you humour him once in a while.

“No no no, you can’t just go there alone! Let me accompany you.”

Ji Dwi - He’d be in complete denial and treat you as nicely as he would were you not in Hwarang. Every instructor would probably go easy on you for unknown reasons and he’d take great pride in seeing you being on the top of the class, above all the annoying guys.

“Wow, you really nailed that exam, everyone else failed!”
“I know what you did.”
“Yes, I failed.”

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Soo Ho - He’d be conflicted. He’d love it and find it amusing, but at the same time, he’d also want to see more of your innocent and gentle side. However, that doesn’t mean the two can’t go together, he’d encourage himself.

“She’s… unique. I might like her even more than Queen Dowager.”

Ban Ryu - He would probably be a bit intimidated with the fact you’re just as dangerous as any other guy from the Hwarang, but would secretly love it and want to spar with you from time to time.

“Do you want to… practice together? I mean, you need to improve.”

Originally posted by ktvgifs

Yeo Wool - What he’d love the most is relaxing in the shade watching you practice so he wouldn’t mind you being in Hwarang at all. He’d be very supportive and get excited whenever you get in a fight with a guy because he knows you’ll beat his ass.

“Saying good luck is everything I can do for you, she’s a tough one.”

Han Sung - He wouldn’t think much of it, but would be extremely proud of you. He’d support you with all his heart and would love to watch you practice while waiting for you to make a break and have lunch with him.

“Make a break, jagiya! I have brought some really nice things to eat!”

- Admin Lene

thesadisticsiren  asked:

In your amazing druid spy turned paladin lance au ( which i love to pieces btw) is lances hair still brown when he looks altean? Or is it another color?

No, his hair is white like his mothers.

When he went to Earth and found the McClains, he wanted to make his real hair less like Haggar’s and more like the McClains’ hair color.
So he kept his hair as close as possible, and when he found out that human’s have dyes for their hair, he bought one of the do it yourself packs and started to dye his real hair a nice dark brown (it helped that his hair was completely white so he didn’t have to bleach it or anything).
And he stopped really changing his hair through his camouflage and show his real dyed hair. And that’s not the only hair color he chose, sometimes he would dye it blue or red, he even did a bright pink once, mostly because he never really got to change his hair. If his mother found him making his hair, or anything of himself, unique or special to only him, she would be furious and ‘teach’ him otherwise. And finally being able to not only go through with some of those choices, but have the full support of a family behind him, he pretty much went all out.
He even got a tattoo on himself.

But once he was back out into space, he didn’t have that supply of hair dye anymore. It took a couple of months, but the dye slowly started to come out of his hair and he had to start camouflaging his hair again so that the others didn’t get suspicious. He even started to fear showing his uniqueness again, hiding his tattoo or anything unique about himself, especially when it gets found out that he’s Altean. He sort of shrinks in on himself and hides away.

I hope his answered your question!

TF2 Headcanon - “In The Know”

Based on a random headcanon @camiluna27 proposed like an hour ago. And I made this trash.

-Title: IN THE KNOW-

The first thing Engine knew of Spy finding out, was the exact moment his laboratory door exploded inward with the force of a furious frenchman’s foot.

“YOU KNEW!” accused the masked man, blatantly seething.

Engie, trying to diffuse the situation, doesn’t rise to the bait. “Ah know many things, Spah, you mind tellin’ me which thing you’re on about?”

“Zhe bushman has been defiling my SON! And I am zhe last on zhe base to know about zhis-… zhis-… blatant manipulation of a minor?!” Spy cries, furious, but perhaps not finding quite the right words in English.

Amused, but patient, Engie puts down his tools before responding. “Now, see here Spook the kid’s nearly thirty he ain’t no minor-”

“Physically, per'aps, but–” interjects Spy, before Engie can talk over him again.

“…-and he’s a tad immature at times but it don’t mean he can’t make his own decisions. The kid knows what he’s on about, and ah’m getting the impression it’s more about the who, than the fact he’s in a relationship with another man…”

“Well of course that does not matter, it would be ‘ypocritical to scorn such a union, but my point is zhat of all zhe men 'ere… 'e chooses zhe one man who likes to fling PISS at people for fun!” stresses the exasperated Spy, hands flailing as he tried to impress on the stocky Texan the gravity of the situation.

“Mmmm, ah know you two don’t see eye-to-eye but Sniper’s a good man and Scout couldn’t have done much better -or worse, come to think of it- outta the people here. Least it ain’t BLU’s Sniper…” he gets the dig in there, because who could resist.

The horrified expression on Spy’s face was worth it. “Mon dieu… per'aps we should thank god for small miracles zhen, I could not attend a wedding where zhey replace confetti with jarate…”

Engie snorts. “Now where'n the hell’d ya get that idea, Spook?”

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Reaction to Them Having to Deliver The Baby Themselves - BTS


Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you giving birth but your doctor faints because it’s his first time delivering a baby & they end up having to deliver their own baby? Please & thank you! 😄

This is highly unlikely but I’m going to do it for you anyway because it’s unique!

Seokjin: *talking to himself*

“Alright Seokjin, you’ve got this, uh..,”

Originally posted by vhope


“How the FUCK am I supposed to deliver my own damn child?!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


“I ain’t no fucking doctor,”

Originally posted by jjks

Namjoon: *strangely prepared*

“Baby look right here at me okay? Keep your eyes on me and match my breathing, I’m gonna have you push soon,”

Originally posted by jeonggu

Jimin: *so done*

“You have got to be kidding me,”

Originally posted by baebsaes


“Oh God, the doctor’s just fainted,”

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

Jungkook: *pissed beyond belief and screaming at everyone*

“After I deliver my own fucking daughter, I’m shutting down this entire hospital,”

“Kook that’s a bit far-”

“Hyung, don’t. Just help me get my baby girl born,”

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anonymous asked:

Warning! ⚠️ Long winded ask incoming! Izuru is at hopes peak and there's this lab assistant who is working with him(like the ultimate science researcher or something). She gets kidnapped one day and the kidnappers send izuru a letter that says he has to turn himself over to them or they'll kill her, and instead of if feeling completely apathetic, he's really mad, but he can't figure out why. He goes to the kidnappers and saves her with ease, and realizes he has some kind of feelings for her.

Okie dokie, I shall try my best! I decided it’d be better to write this as a small ficlet instead of just bullet points so… Here!

Request: Izuru rescuing a lab assistant after she got kidnapped*

*Please read the request for a better understanding ^^

Izuru never really questioned why she was there, not that he needed to.  He already knew the answer to that question.

“Good morning Kamukura - kun!” You smiled sweetly at him before flicking through several papers on your desk.

What a boring greeting

He glances in your direction, scan reading the papers.

“Are those my notes?” He asks, not even bothering to greet you.

“Ah! U-Um… Yes! I was just working on organising them into a repo-”

“I already did that,” Izuru took a step closer and placed a thick booklet onto the desk “In reality, I wrote several reports last night becau-”

“Because you were bored?” The smile was still present on your lips, but he simply raised an eyebrow.

“Seems like you know quite a lot, Miss SHSL Science Researcher.”

“Are you mocking me?”

For some reason he found this rather… Peaceful. Of course, there was no real reason for you to be here, but for some reason, you were rather insistent on being his assistant.

And that’s usually how his days passed. He’d go to the lab, spend some time there with you being present and then he’d simply go home. Considering all those facts, it seemed like he was leading a particularly boring and uneventful life but for some unknown reason it didn’t seem to bother him, or at least, not as much as he expected it to.


Izuru sighed as he stared out of the window. He was stuck in the classroom for the next hour, listening to a lecture that he already read about five times. He found himself wondering what you could be doing now. Maybe you were already at the lab, waiting for him to show up, or maybe you were also sitting in a classroom, eagerly taking notes.

“Do you know Kamukura - kun?”

He lazily looks up, making eye contact with the teacher.

“The answer is obviously Sigmund Freud, he studied patients that suffered from hysteria.”

“That’s exactly right! Well done!”

Why was he even here? It’s not exactly like he’ll learn anything new. Even his classmates were boring, not one of them showed the potential of having a unique personality. He found himself pondering a variety of topic until eventually, the lesson came to an end. With yet another sigh he quickly got up and headed straight for the lab.

As soon as he opened the door he knew something was wrong, the place was a complete mess. Papers were scattered on the floor and he was quite certain there are also some drops of blood.


You didn’t answer of course. He took a few steps forward looking for any clues that would reveal your location. Instead, he found a note;

Dear Kamukura Izuru,

I’d suggest coming over to the address written on the other side of this letter if you don’t want to lose your assistant.

Do come alone, if you respect her life that is.

Meet me at 6.


Your new friend

He turned the paper over and found the address. Idiots, people should know better than to anger him.

Huh? Wait… Why is so mad? It’s not like you were special, you were just an assistant… Right?

He scrunched up the letter before looking up at the clock.

5:27. I’m coming L/n.


It didn’t take long for him to get there. The location turned out to be something like an abandoned warehouse, but he didn’t care, he won’t be staying here long.

Wasting no further time, Izuru kicked the door open. Inside, he found you tied to a chair, blood dripping from your head whilst a dozen of men surrounded you.

“K…Kamukura - kun?” Your voice sounded weak and shaky and for some reason it just fuelled his anger.

“So you came after all huh? I thought you’d just leave her to die honestly”

Izuru turned to find a man standing behind him.

Ah, so that’s the leader

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I was simply bored and had no other plans so I thought.. Why not rescue someone for a change.” He had the same monotone voice as always but somehow, a spark of anger managed to sneak its way in. He quickly studied the area, if he moved quickly he’d be able to take all of them down in a matter of twenty seconds, however, once one of them realises what he’s up to, you will immediately be in danger.

“Hm…” Izuru places a finger on his chin as he thought about other plans.

“What’s the matter Kamukura? Scared?”

“Please do shut up, your voice is annoying me.”

“Tch! You little sh-”

The sentence was never finished. In a flash, Izuru’s fist collided with the man’s cheek. As soon as he hit the ground Izuru began working on the rest of them. As predicted it only took him twenty seconds, what a shame he does hate it when everything goes according to plan.

With a quick shake of his head he turned his attention to you.

“L/n, you have a cut on your head. It’s not deep but it did cut skin, if I had to guess I’d say you were hit with a clipboard.” He unties that ropes as he continued to give you a full medical report. “Hm. It appears you also ha-”

“Thank you.”


You looked up at him and smiled. For some reason, there were tears in your eyes.

“Thank you.. For saving me. I honestly thought I was going to get killed but.. But you came to rescue me.”

“You’re saying you didn’t expect me to?”

“Ah well…” You direct your gaze onto the floor as you rub your wrists “I just, I assumed you wouldn’t care if a simple lab assistant went missing.”

You felt a cold finger under your chin as your head was slowly pushed up.

“Do you think you’re just a worthless assistant to me?”

“You already know the answer to that question.” You whispered in reply. You gently wrapped your hand around his wrist aiming to push him off but to your surprise he did something truly unexpected.

He fell to his knees and pulled you into a tight hug.

“For someone so smart, you really do have idiotic thoughts at times.” He murmured into your hair. Your hands were shaking as you wrapped them around him and finally, the tears fell from your eyes.

You’re the One That I Want

So this is my first fic request from @2jaekisses with the prompt “cop!youngjae and badboy!jaebum”! I’ve never done a fic request before so I was really nervous about this and I don’t know if you wanted it this angsty but it gets fluffy and flirty at the end I promise! 

Rated: T
Progress: Completed/One-Shot
Pairing: 2jae
Word Count: 10,283
ao3 link aff link

Description:  What started off as a routine call for small town cop Choi Youngjae turned out to be anything but when he met a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered man named Im Jaebum.

Important Author’s Note: There is some implied homophobia from an OC who isn’t actually in the story. However, a conversation will take place where one homophobic slur is mentioned. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.

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anonymous asked:

I have only played DA Origins and never played Inquisition but I am very concerned about the tiny creampuff going to fight big monsters and evil people. I have to protect him. *wraps Eremes in bubblewrap*

it’s okay anon he’s small but he’ll manage :D


phaytesworld  asked:

“please, please, i’ll do anything just talk to me.” JJBek


The Kazakhstani sat on their white couch, flipping through a magazine he hadn’t read a single word of.

“Otabek, please,” JJ was forced to kneel, to put his hands over Otabek’s knees in silent prayer, “Please, I’ll do anything just talk to me.”

Otabek closed his magazine, swaying his legs over the couch and effectively pushing JJ to the side, before he stood up, rolling the magazine up in his hands. “There’s nothing to say, Jean.” He sighed as he said so, running a tired hand through his hair.

“There’s always something to say—”

“No, there isn’t.” It was cutting. Otabek was always calm, but this, the way he was now, was pulling at JJ’s nerves like a loosened thread.

“Because that’s just who you are, Jean,” Otabek continued, JJ wishing he’d managed to say something before, “But you’re not Jean. You were just being JJ, isn’t that right?”

“That meant nothing!” He quickly cut in, “That girl—I don’t even know her! The kiss was just for the cameras! Publicity from our agents! It didn’t mean anything Otabek I swear—”

“Then what does mean something!” He slammed the magazine down, the pages unfurling in a sharp slap as they hit the table.

JJ flinched, not so much from the magazine, but from the sharpness of Otabek’s tongue, because the man had never raised his voice, not like that anyway, not with those sad eyes full of such acute pain and those hands shaking as they furled and unfurled into fists. 

Fleetingly, it reminded JJ of the first time they’d ever kissed, of how much Otabek’s hands had been trembling, back then. 

That all seemed so far away, now.

“Ok,” he blurted out desperately, “No more JJ. Just Jean. Nothing but Jean.”

Otabek shook his head, rubbing his face with his hands and then running them through his hair,   “I’m not sure I know who that is anymore. I’m not sure you know.”

“Don’t,” JJ found himself uniquely out of words, “Don’t say that. We’ve been through so much—you and me we’ve been through so much—

“If we end it now,” Otabek’s voice returned to it’s usual monotone, fists clenched and eyes locked on the ground, “Then we wouldn’t have to put each other through anything anymore.” He looked up at JJ, and the rock star realized his lover’s eyes were lined with tears. “Don’t you think?”

“No,” he protested, lunging forward, “No I don’t think! Otabek,” he grabbed him, as if he might run away, “I know I’m selfish, believe me, I know.  But that’s exactly why—don’t do this—I can be better, not as spoiled—”

“Then come out.”

Again, JJ flinched, frozen by his lover’s words. “What?”

Otabek licked his lips, tapping his foot anxiously, “If you come out then things like this won’t happen anymore. No one will ask that of you because they’ll know you’re—“

“Beka, Beka wait, I hear what you’re saying but—we’ve talked about this—something like that would end my career, especially since we were just getting kicked off in the US—”

“I know,” it was nothing but a whisper, a soft hush that seemed to mark his defeat, “I’ve been hearing the same thing for six years. I know.”

“Otabek I—”

“That’s why. I think, it’d be best—”

“Don’t finish that,” JJ gasped for air, as if he were drowning, “You don’t mean that—”

“I think,” there was something about the way Otabek spoke, just then. The heavy sadness that tinged his words, the thin line of his lips and the soft tremble of his voice that seemed to seal JJ’s fate.

“I think,” he repeated, “This time I really do.”

I’ve never written for this pairing so thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so it was so much fun! ^o^ But omg the painnnnn. Hope you enjoyed and sorry it took so long!

Send me an angst prompt!


Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”



“If the child is a boy -” Ormund began.

“Not Aegon,” Rhaelle quickly said.

“Not Lyonel,” Ormund said. “And certainly not any of the storm kings.”

“Or any of the Targaryen kings,” Rhaelle added. “He must have a name unique to himself, our boy, a name that does not bring to mind an illustrious ancestor whose glorious deeds he would be expected to live up to, or even surpass. An ancestor to whom he would be constantly compared.”

“And be found perpetually wanting, for how could anyone compete with the dead?” Ormund said emphatically. He knew that trap full well, having been named by his lord father after a storm king of old. (“Had I named you Arlan after the great King Arlan III Durrandon, my disappointment would have been even greater,” Lyonel Baratheon was fond of throwing this in his son’s face, whenever father and son disagreed on a matter.)

“A name we choose only because we love the sound of it,” Rhaelle said. “Only because it gives us joy to call our boy by that name.”

“Have you one in mind?”

Rhaelle smiled. “There is a name I have always been fond of. It was the name of a knight who fought for Ser Dunk … for Ser Duncan, when he faced the trial of seven at Ashford. He was the first knight to offer to fight on Ser Duncan’s side, my father said.”

“Ser Steffon of the red apple Fossoway. Your father told me the same story, when I was serving as his squire.” King Aegon had also told Ormund of his effort to convince Ormund’s own lord father to be one of the knights fighting on Ser Duncan’s side, an effort that involved the accidental overturning of wine over Lyonel Baratheon’s head. But that story had been told in the days when the king and Lord Lyonel were still fast friends, when it was still a story that would bring forth only laughter and fond memories, not anger, bitterness and sorrow.

“We would not be naming our boy for Steffon Fossoway, of course,” Rhaelle continued. “We would only be borrowing his name, because Steffon rolls off the tongue so delightfully.”

“Steffon. Steffon Baratheon,” Ormund said out loud, trying out the name.

The long way home. Pt. 2

He fumbled in the pocket of his jacket for his phone and then realized he had no idea what her number was. Magnus’ phone, it would be in that. He patted down his pants’ pockets and then his jacket before he found it and tapped the screen to find what he was looking for. If it had been any other situation, he would of gotten a kick out of seeing Magnus’ screen saver was a picture of them together.

He dialled the number and waited. And waited. Caterina wasn’t answering, the call going to voice mail.

“Caterina, its Alec Lightwood, there’s something wrong with Magnus. I just came home and found him on the floor out cold. Please call as soon as you get this.” He hopped that Caterina was able to make sense out of the message, the words had flown out of him in a panicked rush. The loft was in darkness now, the only light coming through the balcony doors from the lights of the city. Alec needed there to be light. The dark was too depressing. Fear lived in the dark.

He gently removed Magnus’ head from his lap and got up and turned on the lamps before returning to him. He sat with his back against the sofa and as gently as he could, pulled Magnus close to him so his upper body was lying in his arms against his chest. He ran a finger down the side of his face, feeling the warmth of his smooth skin. Most of the time when they were together like this, they were in their bed, surrounded by red satin sheets. It usually only took the slightest of touches for Alec to be able to wake the warlock and be rewarded with the sight of those beautiful amber cat’s eyes glowing back at him and that pretty mouth curved into a smile that was just for him.

God, how he prayed that it would happen now. He checked Magnus’ phone again but there was still no reply from Caterina.

“Please, Baby, wake up. I need you to wake up.” He said, holding Magnus closer to him and burying his face in the spiky tufts of his hair. He closed his eyes and took in the scent that was all Magnus’ own. How he had come to love that smell. It was as exotic as the man himself. Completely unique.

“I remember the first time I ever smelt you. It was the day we first met at your old lair and we’d just put down that Circle member that was attacking you. You came up to me afterwards to introduce yourself. I remember thinking I’d never seen anyone like you before and how you made my heart race, just by standing in front of me. You probably thought it was me just being a big dork stuttering like I was but it was because the second you came near me and I could smell you it just made all my sense want to leave me.” He told him. He bent his head and placed a soft kiss to Magnus’ forehead. But the warlock slept on.

“I can’t believe now what an idiot I was for so long. All that time wasted when we could have been together.” He gave a small laugh, as he looked down, watching his face. “But you knew, didn’t you? You knew before I wanted to admit it to myself.” He traced a finger over his perfect lips.

“You never gave up on me, did you? Even when I proposed to Lydia and was determined to go through with it, you kept going. The hardest thing I’d ever done to that point was denying how I felt about you to your face that day when I came to see you. I told myself I came just to ask you about finding the warlock who had made the potion that Jocelyn took,  but it was because in spite of everything else I still wanted to see you, I thought, for the last time.” Alec put his head back against the sofa closing his eyes and letting the memory take over his mind.

“You have no idea how much it ripped my guts out to stand there with you talking about love and the way you made me feel without giving in to those feelings. You were right on the money when you said you knew I felt what you did. And it scared me shitless. I’d never been so utterly attracted to someone before let alone another guy. Not even the stupid crush I had on Jace.” He took a deep breath remembering that moment and then the horrible way he had snapped back at Magnus, determined to live the lie that Magnus had confronted him about.

“It took every ounce of will power I had to walk away from you that day. I thought I’d never see you again, and it was almost too painful to bear it.” Alec looked back down at him, feeling a similar pain once more. He placed a soft kiss to his lips, trying to will Magnus awake but he remained unchanged. He could feel tears stinging his eyes. He couldn’t leave him, not now. He had to come back to him. He looked at the screen of the phone. Where the hell was Caterina and why wasn’t she calling back?

“You have to wake up now, Baby, please, I can’t loose you. I never wanted to feel this way again, like I did after the attack on the Institute and I couldn’t find you. I’d never been so scared in all my life at the thought of you being hurt, or worse. At least I can hold you this time, be with you even though you don’t know it. I love so much Magnus Bane. Please come back to me.” Alec felt the tears run down his cheeks and fall onto Magnus’ waistcoat with a soft plop. He  hugged him even tighter to him, and buried his face into his neck.

He had no idea how long they had sat there for, on the floor of the quiet apartment. Alec slowly became aware of something touching him. He could feel the warmth of a hand on his face and he gave a slow smile. Then he felt warm lips on his and he instinctively kissed them back, his own hand reaching up to go around the back of a neck, forcing them to press harder. Suddenly the fog in his mind cleared and he pulled back, his eyes flying open.

Magnus was still in his arms but this time those beautiful amber eyes glowed back at him only inches from his own. A soft smile curving his lips.

“Magnus! You’re awake! Oh by the angel! I thought… I mean.. I didn’t…” He stammered. Magnus gave a small laugh and held a finger up to press it against his lips.

“Sssh, it’s alright my love, I know. I’m so sorry I made you go through that, not knowing what was wrong with me. I know what you must of been feeling, having been there myself after you lost yourself in your parabatai tracking that time. I nearly went out of my mind.”

“But what happened? Why couldn’t I wake you up?”

“I was with Caterina on a job that had required us to burn through quite a bit of magic. She was very weak herself  but I managed to talk her into leaving and I stayed to finish up. I knew my own magic had drained me but I thought if could just get back here and get to my elixir I’d be fine. Seems I underestimated a little. Making the portal to get back here finished me off, I’m afraid. I was completely spent, Alexander, that’s why I was so unresponsive.” Magnus explained.

“I was nearly out of my mind worrying about you, Magnus. I came home and found you on the floor like that, it was horrible. I tried calling Caterina but she never rang me back.”

“She was probably asleep as well. Once a warlock depletes their magic to that extent, the only way to recover is by sleeping it off. The elixir I have can revive it but not when it gets that bad.”

Alec frowned at his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“Never do that to me again, Baby. I can’t go through this for a third time. Promise me you’ll stop before you get that bad. The thought of you passed out somewhere where I couldn’t get to you is too much to think about.”

Magnus pulled back from him so he could look into Alec’s deep hazel eyes. He put a soft kiss on his lips and smiled.

“I promise, Alexander. I don’t want to cause you that much worry if I can help it. What do you say we get off this floor and go to bed?” he purred.

He stood up and offered him a hand. Alec took it, hauling his tall frame stiffly off the floor. He rubbed his butt, wincing at the numbness from sitting for so long on the hard surface.

“Need a hand with that?” Magnus said, smirking at him, one elegant eyebrow arched. He reached his arms around him and started to push his hands down into the back of Alec’s jeans. Alec grabbed his arms to stop him.

“Are you kidding me? You need more rest, we’re going to bed and you’re going back to sleep.” He told him, determinedly.

“Wanna bet?” Magnus crooned and he grabbed the front of his shirt and started hauling him off in the direction of the bedroom door. Alec thought about trying to resist him but once again he knew he was powerless when it came to the wonderful Magnus Bane. This time he wasn’t even going to try.

Meat confiimed as playable in Mortal Kombat 11. here’s what i found  from totally real game confrence:

his three variations are
- PORK (uses the unique ability the make himself bigger or smaller),
- AHI-POKE (wears a hula skirt he seems to use some fish-shaped sword, probably a throwback to MK:A), and
- SPAM (shoots many eyeball-shaped projectiles out of his eyes)

During his X-Ray he opens a can, which unleashes a tidal wave of sharp bacon slices, which cause the opponent’s hipbones and kneebones to apparently be crushed, and then fall on the floor, apparently breaking the side of their skull. And as you can guess, the spare bone bits still look like Combos snack rolls.
He also has a Y-Ray move –since this is MK 11– where he’s surfing on a baloney surfboard. The trailer didn’t show all of this move however,

It’s awesome how Yana made him look different from our Ciel! Everything about his expression and the way he carries himself is unique. He’s so similar to Vincent! It’s going to be really strange having someone with Ciel’s face who acts completely different. I have so many questions and I’ve been screaming internally all day (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS ON LIFE WHEN I’M THIS EXCITED), but I’m glad we’re finally going to find out the truth!


Odo is such an important Star Trek character because more than any other character I’ve seen, he illustrates what it’s like to grow up different from everyone else and how that difference shapes you. This scene fucking guts me when I watch it. I order to fit in, he was forced to participate in the othering of himself. His uniqueness is fine as long as it only comes out in ways that are palatable for society. The rest of the time, he was to look and act like everyone else, regardless of how unnatural it feels for him. And it just leaves him feeling bitter and alone.