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Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”

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I have only played DA Origins and never played Inquisition but I am very concerned about the tiny creampuff going to fight big monsters and evil people. I have to protect him. *wraps Eremes in bubblewrap*

it’s okay anon he’s small but he’ll manage :D


Reaction to Them Having to Deliver The Baby Themselves - BTS


Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you giving birth but your doctor faints because it’s his first time delivering a baby & they end up having to deliver their own baby? Please & thank you! 😄

This is highly unlikely but I’m going to do it for you anyway because it’s unique!

Seokjin: *talking to himself*

“Alright Seokjin, you’ve got this, uh..,”

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“How the FUCK am I supposed to deliver my own damn child?!”

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“I ain’t no fucking doctor,”

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Namjoon: *strangely prepared*

“Baby look right here at me okay? Keep your eyes on me and match my breathing, I’m gonna have you push soon,”

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Jimin: *so done*

“You have got to be kidding me,”

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“Oh God, the doctor’s just fainted,”

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Jungkook: *pissed beyond belief and screaming at everyone*

“After I deliver my own fucking daughter, I’m shutting down this entire hospital,”

“Kook that’s a bit far-”

“Hyung, don’t. Just help me get my baby girl born,”

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This is just an insignificantly significant reminder that I love and respect Kim Seokjin in his entirety, everything he’s done for Bangtan, and the way he carries himself as a human being for both ARMYs and anyone around him.


My earlier post about last night’s episode and @charlie-bradcherry‘s reply really got me thinking about the archangels in Supernatural. So behold my long rant about these characters whose importance I believe is not stressed nearly enough in the overarching plot of SPN.

The archangels were the first angels in existence. They were created allegedly for the sole purpose of assisting God in fighting back the Darkness. They are, in Castiel’s words, “fierce, and absolute. Heaven’s most terrifying weapon.” Right underneath God and the Darkness, they are the most powerful and lethal beings in existence.

We all know this. But there has to be more to the story.

  1. Michael and Lucifer, to begin with. Their bond had been so strong and so unique, and Michael himself stated, “You know, my brother… I practically raised him. I took care of him in a way that most people could never understand. And I still love him.” [5x13].

    And it’s clear that Lucifer still loves Michael too, as proven by the initial hesitance to fight him when the time came in Stull’s Cemetery. He actually pleaded with Michael to just “walk off the chessboard” [5x22] and forget about fighting one another, because there was no point in doing so. He’s Satan, evil reincarnate, and he doesn’t want to fight. And Michael actually pauses, because here is the first time we see him break away from the straight path God has set him on, and he allows his brother’s pleads to reach him if only for that moment.

    I want to see their relationship with each other on a deeper level. I want to see the history behind Michael and Lucifer. I want to see more hesitation, more love, more pleading, because these are the two oldest brothers in existence and they don’t want the other to die and they love each other. I want to see Michael’s struggles with being split between duty toward his Father and fierce love for his brother. I want to see more of Lucifer from S5, when he was sorrowful and heartbroken at the prospect of fighting and killing his brother, but that he was driven to this point and that this wasn’t fucking fair to him.

  2. Going forward, we have Raphael. Heaven’s Healer. What happened to him? When one thinks of a Healer, we think of someone compassionate, empathetic, soft, gentle, encompassing the ability to heal body, mind, and soul. This is NOT what we see in Raphael. Instead, we have this cruel, cunning, manipulative entity, who does not hesitate for a moment in killing his own brethren that refuse to join in on his crusade. And his crusade is to restart the Apocalypse so that Lucifer and Michael can have their death match. WHY?

    Because “We’re tired. We just want it to be over. We just want… Paradise.” [5x03]. If you look and listen carefully, Raphael’s voice wavers and he actually looks damn near close to tears here as he looks toward Castiel. And prior to that, he tells Castiel and Dean, “[God’s] dead, Castiel. Dead. There’s no other explanation. Do you remember the 20th century? Think the 21st is going to be any better? Do you think God would have let any of that happen if he were alive?… You’re living in a God-less universe.” [5x03]

    He’s the first angel seen on the show that openly states and displays his complete loss of faith in God. The Healer has become the Executioner. But despite this, it seems like Raphael has a small, quivering hope that by bringing back the Apocalypse, by allowing Michael and Lucifer to fight, that Paradise will return. And Paradise has God, and his brothers, and peace. He wants this back. He is desperate for this.

    Castiel: The Apocalypse doesn’t have to be fought!
    Raphael: Of course it does. It’s God’s will.
    Castiel: How can you say that?!
    Raphael: Because it’s what I want.

  3. Last but certainly not least, we have Gabriel. The youngest. The one who ran away from Heaven and hid from his family, who for all intents and purposes denounced his Christian roots and became Pagan, adopting the name Loki and forgoing the name Gabriel for centuries. He’s the one, besides the mentions of Michael and Lucifer’s history, whose backstory we get to see the most. S5E08 “Changing Channels” gives us great insight into Gabriel’s motivations and past.

    Gabriel: You don’t know anything about me. I loved my Father, my brothers. Loved them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each other’s throats? I couldn’t bear it! Okay? So I left. And now it’s happening all over again.

    Gabriel: I want it to be over! I have to sit back and watch my own brothers kill each other thanks to you two! Heaven, Hell, I don’t care who wins. I just want it to be over.

    But during S3E11 “Mystery Spot”, Gabriel’s motivations were a bit more on the side of halting the Apocalypse altogether. He tries to instill a lesson into Sam, telling him that “nothing good comes out of it” when it comes to sacrificing himself for his brother, and vise versa, but “blood and pain.” This sounds like it comes from personal experience. What if Gabriel tried to mediate between Michael and Lucifer, and got hurt in the process? What if this happened multiple times? And when Sam still refuses to listen and pleads for Dean’s life once more, Gabriel gives up (”You’re Travis Bickle in a skirt, pal. I’m over it.”). He gives up putting a stop to the fighting, and, like Raphael, wants it over with so that they can achieve the end result. He wants the fighting to stop, one way or the other. He loves his brothers fiercely, and loves his Father as well, and that’s what gets him hurt in the end. 

Along with this, Lucifer and Gabriel’s relationship is something to explore deeper. It’s clear that these two had a strong bond in Heaven as well (”Don’t forget: you learned all your tricks from me, little brother.”) [5x18], and obviously killing Gabriel very well seemed to traumatize Lucifer in a way. Along with that, Gabriel actually was going to kill Lucifer. He had his blade poised and ready, and was about to strike until Lucifer turned it on him. I would have loved to see the thought processes surrounding these two in these moment, and I would have loved to see more in regards to their relationship.

And the interactions that never made it on screen, like Michael & Gabriel, Michael & Raphael (these two were working together, how did we never see any interaction between them?!), Lucifer & Raphael, and Raphael & Gabriel. These are all so important

THEIR HISTORY AS BROTHERS AND ARCHANGELS IS SO UNDERMINED IN SPN. These powerful beings, Heaven’s most terrifying weapons, may very well be what is necessary to defeat Amara, should they be brought back. Their interactions and relationships with one another is crucial to make this work, and would provide excellent and much much needed insight into their backstories. We just need more archangels in SPN.

Okay. I’m done for the moment. Please feel free to add on any of your insights that I didn’t get to if you wish!! I could talk about archangels all day.


On this date in 2011, Kevin Spacey attended the memorial service for actor Pete Postlethwaite at Saint Leonard’s Church, in Shoreditch, East London. February 16, 2011.

Peter Postlethwaite starred with Kevin in two films, The Usual Suspects as Mr. Kobayashi, and in The Shipping News as Tert Card. 

“No one was like Peter. He was a great man of the theatre as well and carved a unique life for himself in film. He probably wasn’t appreciated as much as he should have been, but I suspect that the country will come to regard him as a national treasure. For the rest of the world he was a guy we could all understand, empathise with and be frightened by. We will all treasure his performances and remember him with fondness and enormous admiration.” ~Kevin Spacey 

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Ajin Week | Day 1 | Favourite Character

Kei and Kou are my favourites, together and apart. 

Kei’s a character that defies character tropes, his motivation is interesting because it’s atypical and not what people usually expect. His personality is complex and his ideas of his personality are just as complex that it makes me doubt that he knows who he is. He’s worried that he’ll change at any given moment and stop being himself, he has such a tentative strain on his ideal of self that he fears being corrupted by others and outside forces. Despite this, some have wormed their way into his heart, Kai (obviously) and Kou (arguably). This along with his intellect make it interesting to see how he will react to any given situation. 

Kou is a pretty unique character himself too, despite how some people read him, he’s a solid character with the strongest sense of self out of all the main cast (him and Sato are up there battling it out). He’s also, without a doubt or any competition, the most compassionate character. Kou knows exactly what he is and isn’t willing to do, which is such a great characteristic to have, his conviction makes him one of the most interesting characters to me. He knows he’s not the smartest, so he entrusts that judgement to others he deems more capable of himself. That’s a brave thing to do, to trust others enough to follow what they say. He makes friends unbelievably easy, so it makes sense that he knows people well or is at the very least personable enough to endear himself to almost everyone around him. 

Together they make up what the other is lacking, which makes every single one of their interactions a joy to read. Their chemistry is probably one of my favourites, the way they play off each other and trust each other, read each other without even saying a word. And I’ve already written so much about that here.

Bleach 671

Seeing how Toshiro’s cloths still fit in his grown up form, I get know why when everyone that got turned into a zombie kept their same outfit while he got a new one. 

Since he stretched the long trench-coat now fits like a normal jacket and while the pants rip, yes, but overall they function better than if he grew while still in his soul reaper outfit. Nice forward thinking Kubo.

BTS reaction to you having a crazy laugh

Rap Monster would find it cute, since it was you laugh, and not someone else’s

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Jin has a pretty unique, weird laughter himself, so I can see him not commenting or reating to it at all

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Suga would openly judge you, clearly showing that you sounded insane. He’d get more used to it with time though, and after a while he wouldn’t even consider it weird.

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J-Hope would laugh with you, unable to find your crazy laughter not funny

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Jimin would look lovingly at you, realizing you had one of the craziest laughs ever, and silently judging you

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V would be the same as J-Hope, laughing loud and crazy with you

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Jungkook would at first be shocked when he heard it. “Was that really you?”

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The rookie’s name is Chris Simpson. He’s fresh-faced and enthusiastic, and thrilled to be on the Falconers. He corners Jack after a game once, a particularly hard loss, when Jack’s exhausted and wants to just go home and cuddle with Eric until the sting goes away. But Jack’s never been able to look a rookie in the eye and shrug him off. If the vets hadn’t been there for him when he was new, he wouldn’t be here now. So he listens, and finds himself uniquely unable to offer any advice at all.

Because he’s not like this kid. This kid is young, and optimistic, and he cares about the success of the team. He doesn’t want the Falcs to get a black eye for having two out players. Even though it was seven years ago, and there have been a handful of pro athletes that have come out since, it hasn’t exactly gotten easier. And Simpson has a point. No owner wants to own the Gay Team. As much as that fact sucks, it’s still a fact.

So Jack does the only thing he can think to do. He invites Simpson to the apartment to talk more. Because if nothing else, Eric will have something baked and something to say. He always has something to say.

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Meat confiimed as playable in Mortal Kombat 11. here’s what i found  from totally real game confrence:

his three variations are
- PORK (uses the unique ability the make himself bigger or smaller),
- AHI-POKE (wears a hula skirt he seems to use some fish-shaped sword, probably a throwback to MK:A), and
- SPAM (shoots many eyeball-shaped projectiles out of his eyes)

During his X-Ray he opens a can, which unleashes a tidal wave of sharp bacon slices, which cause the opponent’s hipbones and kneebones to apparently be crushed, and then fall on the floor, apparently breaking the side of their skull. And as you can guess, the spare bone bits still look like Combos snack rolls.
He also has a Y-Ray move –since this is MK 11– where he’s surfing on a baloney surfboard. The trailer didn’t show all of this move however,

the royal couple say hello to their fans

T is for Trouble.

The club reeked of body odor and strong perfume which had Olivier holding his nose high in the air. Not like he didn’t have a unique smell to himself as well now. No amount of showers could wash away the scent of the celebratory champagne that rested in his hair.

They had been celebrating for God knows how long. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he ended up going a complete 48 hours without sleep but his body was so wired with adrenaline, the necessity of sleep hadn’t overcome him just yet. Plus he had the bass of the speakers vibrating from his toes through his upper torso to keep him alive for the moment.

The drink he had been cradling in his hand ever since Kieran handed it off to him hadn’t been touched. He had downed enough champagne throughout the day for two and he didn’t want his senses to grow too hazy. For now, he just held onto it.

All of the attention within the small square of space was on them. They may have shed their uniforms and that crest but no one was able to forget their victory just a few hours earlier in the FA Cup final. Hell, Olivier couldn’t forget either as his legs were screaming under him while he stood in the tight space.

While eyes were on him, he let his eyes go around to those that maybe weren’t suspecting his stares so much. There was one particular woman there dressed in a long t-shirt that fit more like a dress and high black boots that ended just in the middle of her thigh. She was carefree, wildly shaking about her long locks to the music as she followed the rhythm to perfection, screaming her way through the group of other attractive women congregated around her. He assumed they were her friends.

Every once in a while she would break the pep in her step to gaze over at him, her eyes seeming to sparkle in a way Olivier could understand even in the dark dim light of the establishment.

She gave off a gentle wave in his direction but he quickly diverted his eyes elsewhere like to the drink he had been babysitting in his hand. A firm grip on his shoulder made him turn around to see Aaron smiling at him from behind.

“You know she’s waving at you right?” He must have noticed his teammate’s reluctance to acknowledge the woman as well. Oli shrugged it off.

“She’s trouble.”

“What? Trouble? How?”

He leaned closer to Aaron as he tried to shout over the loud waves of music. “There’s at least ten guys in here looking at her. Five guys want to take her home tonight, three guys want to marry her and two probably already know her.”

Aaron chuckled, now looking at the people that surrounded the mystery woman to confirm that they weren’t the only ones watching her. They were, however, the only ones being watched back. He turned back to Olivier and narrowed his gaze accusingly. “And where do you stand? Because you’re looking at her too,” he pointed out.

“I’m on the ‘Don’t mess with her. You’ll regret it later’ side of the spectrum.” He didn’t give Aaron time to offer a rebuttal. He clapped his friend’s shoulder twice with the palm of his hand and then headed off to somewhere, anywhere, where he could escape the intensifying gaze of that woman and the badger of questions from his encouraging teammate. Now was the perfect time to take a sip of that drink he had been watching all night.

He had been in this situation before. He’d watch the most beautiful woman in the room and soon after he’d find himself in his bed, with her, regretting it once the lust settled around them. He was trying to change things around. 28 was that prime age. He was watching his friends get married or at least fall into love with a woman that spelled marriage soon in the future while he was instead entertaining women who couldn’t hold a candle to the prototype of his future wife. Beauty and sex wasn’t all that he wanted and maybe he shouldn’t have been thinking so deep on the heels of a championship and in an environment like this but he was. The music and his surroundings had quickly faded into the background as he thought of a life playing with his kids in a roomy backyard rather than having a backyard he didn’t even utilize much which was his status currently.

“I thought I’d never find you.”

The soft-spoken voice revealed from behind him made him whirl around quickly to spot the woman from earlier, now watching him as he had watched her. She held out her hand, her neon pink manicure glistening under the dark blue lights that illuminated where they sat. “I’m Daniella.”

His rebuttal was short, brunt and to the point. “I didn’t ask.”

Olivier expected it to deter her but it didn’t. Instead she sounded off a melodic laugh, revealing a perfect white set of teeth hidden behind her red lipstick. He didn’t know that wasn’t actually her name but she did. And no, this wasn’t some ploy to hide her identity behind a pseudonym that gave her power and confidence. It was more for the fact that she felt her real name wasn’t necessary in this situation. Not like he seemed all that interested in it anyway or at least he was pretending not to be. “For someone that just won a trophy you’re a bit of a grump,” she chimed.

He couldn’t fight away the amused curl of his pouty lips that occurred next. “Are you coming over here to tell me to stop staring at you? Because I’m willing to obey your wishes.”

“No. Please. Continue on your stares. Do you see something you like?” She twirled where she stood, revealing a toned leg from under that long top as she hoisted it out into the limelight to entrance him even further. Once again, that intoxicating laugh of hers rang out over the music. She seemed confident and not in some ‘I’m only confident when I’m drunk’ sort of ordeal. She showed no signs of drunkenness.

He teased her with a short laugh of his own. “I’m not sure if that’s a trick question or…”

“It’s a question that would make my night if you answered,” she spoke honestly, showing a brief sign of vulnerability as her fingers literally crossed behind her back in hopes he would provide her with one.

Who didn’t want someone of his caliber dishing out compliments like they were nothing? Olivier purposely continued teasing her as his eyes slowly danced around her figure, trying to find the one feature he should maybe mention. There were so many to choose from.

“Your nose.”

“My nose?!” Her surprise to his answer was obvious and made him laugh. It wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Yes. It’s like a cute little button nose.” He jokingly took his fingers to the bridge of her nose before she swatted it away with a fake laugh.

“Ha ha. I spent two hours getting ready and dressed for the first time in months and you compliment my nose? I’m appalled.”

“If I complimented anything else I’d be like every other man in here.”

Her eyebrow rose, forming her mouth to probe more into what he said before her expression twisted and her statement changed. “Dance with me.”


“Dance with me! Come on. Pleaseee.”

Olivier smiled and shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re trouble.”

“What?!” Her arms folded over her chest in mock defense. The last thing she was was trouble. Maybe the red lipstick and daring fit of thigh-high black boots had painted her as such but she was far from that. It was reassuring to know her look had worked for her intentions though. “Trouble how?”

He wanted to form a coherent answer but it was nearly impossible with the way her eyes were gazing into his. “You just are,” was all he could force out and instead of feigning defense this time, she mischievously smirked and lowered herself closer to his ear.

Her tone dropped an octave, her hand purposely landing on his knee. “Maybe I am. Now dance with me and deal.” She dropped the pseudo ‘vixen’ role and patted his leg to encourage him to get up from his seat and accompany her for a dance.

He did as she wished, taking her hand and leading her to a space on the floor. The music wasn’t painfully slow but it wasn’t as fast either. Not like it mattered to him anyway. He was lost in his own thoughts.

Like whether or not he was really about to take on the task of getting to know this woman more. He didn’t know how to perceive her. At first, he figured she was some stuck up beautiful woman that was full of herself but now he realized her personality was far from that. He thought whether it was even possible to be as intrigued with a woman as he was now.


“Huh?” He looked down to where she stood in front of him, jolting him out of his dreamlike state.

“Your hands…” she grabbed his hands which he now realized were gravitating towards her behind rather than holding onto her hips. “…belong here.” She dropped them onto her waist and giggled.

Olivier cracked a small smile. “Right. Sorry.”

He definitely wanted to get to know her more.