WCW: Betty Shabazz

WCW: Betty Shabazz

This week’s World Changing Woman is Betty Dean Sanders, also known as Betty X, and was Betty Shabazz until her death. Of the three women (herself, Kasturba Gandhi and Coretta Scott King) Betty’s life was the most different, and sadly the most tragic. Her early beginnings were nothing like her predecessors.

Betty Dean Sanders was born 28, May 1934 to Ollie Mae Sanders and…

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What Do Men Really Care About?

What Do Men Really Care About?

What Do Men Really Care About?

Men are simple creatures, but women– not so much. Women overthink everything and feel like men should feel all those crazy thoughts that they have. Women have these “flaws” that they see and think men honestly care about them, but what do men truly consider flaws? PMA is here to present you with facts and misconceptions of what men “really” care about.

Women believe…

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Fancy: Aaliyah- Fashion Game Changer

Fancy: Aaliyah- Fashion Game Changer

Aaliyah–Fashion Game Changer

As we are fast approaching the premier of Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, fans await the chance to get a look into the lives of one of the most influential artist of our time. She is more famous now than ever before. PMA admires the great talent of this beautiful singer that was gone far too soon. Let’s take a look at some of her most inspiring looks that will be the…

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Jumpstart Christmas Shopping for Bae

Jumpstart Christmas Shopping for Bae

It is the perfect time to start thinking of your significant others Christmas gift. Why? Because this is the time to be planning, plotting, and presenting. Let’s start:

What does your boo want? With this amount of time, you could plan something epic. Epic as in more than one thing or one massive gift that they will love. I was thinking more on the more side; put together a gift basket.…

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3 Life Lessons from How to Get Away With Murder

3 Life Lessons from How to Get Away With Murder

Since Shonda Rhimes produced series How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) made its debut a few weeks ago, there has been a ton of buzz about the main character on the show. Veteran actress Viola Davis portrays Annalise Keating, an aggressive, enigmatic criminal law professor and defense lawyer. Similar to Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Annalise is known for her style, sexiness, and personal struggle with…

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Music Monday: The Greatest Love of All

Music Monday: The Greatest Love of All

The Greatest Love of All by TK

I have PTSD. I had some horrid things done to me as a tyke and it left me compartmentalized, I’ve used the word fragmented. I never wanted to accept that there was anything wrong with me. My father told me I was perfect and he was the face of God to a battered and broken child; I believed him. I never…

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PMA Fashion Week: Tailored Made Carl Washington

PMA Fashion Week: Tailored Made Carl Washington

Pardon My Audacity Fashion Week has kicked off to a beautifully transformational start! This is our first Fashion Week and we have made so many great decisions to post for you! We’ve had divas, history, and now we present a fashionable male! Give it up for:

Tailor Made Men: Carl Washington

Carl says:I am truly inspired by music on my fashion pieces. I uselt listen to more mellow music such as…

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StyleKick Fashion of the Week

StyleKick Fashion of the Week

Honey, we’ve chosen some cute looks for this week. You can mix and match these styles in your favorite stores.

Photo of: Stylescrapbook

Photo by: WarrenAPasi

Photo by: loveMaegan

Photo by: NickwillRight

It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

Like what you read here: Subscribe…

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PMA Fashion Week: SHOES!

PMA Fashion Week: SHOES!


We All Love Shoes Right??? PMA Does!

From pumps, wedges, boots or sneakers, who doesn’t love to a sexy shoe to step up an outfit?

Shoes makes a gal’s day; a pair of boots or pumps can change a frown into a smile. For PMA Fashion Week, we wanted to give our lovely PMA Sweethearts something to drool over. There are plenty of ways to spruce up an outfit and the number one way would be to add a…

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Pardon My Audacity Fashion Week

Pardon My Audacity Fashion Week


This week is dedicated to the bold and the beautiful; everyday fashionistas and tailor made men!

We want to highlight those creative, beauty enticed, and handsome fly men and women who take control of their style. We will highlight boutiques, online and off, individuals, and fashion tips. We’re not New York or Paris, but we will give you this dish on we feel is hot!


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