{large terrarium ring featuring dry preserved fluted bird’s nest fungi, teeny tiny orange mushrooms, 3 miniature ferns, and goldenrod florets}

this gem of a ring has been marked way down since I first listed it. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that would make a unique holiday gift! ^_^


etsyfindoftheday | 2.4.17

red and white marbled clay mugs by lesserflamingo

good morning all! i’d love to sip my morning coffee out of this marbled red-and-white clay mug — the inside is glazed for an almost grey interior effect. pretty sweet. this mug lover would totally dig one as an alternative valentine’s day gift.

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Most Inspiring Technics for Home Made Soaps

There is nothing better than a long shower with your favorite aroma soap. But is not always only the aroma that makes us happy and satisfied, it’s the shape and the design of your soap as well. If you are adore home made soaps as much as I do, than you are on your way to discover simple and inspiring technics for your next round of making. 

Image Source: DIY Health and Beauty Products

These homemade loofah soaps are simple to craft which makes them a great weekend project you can create. Cut and place the loofah in your mold. Melt clear glycerin, add any food color and pour in your mold on top of the loofah. Amazing results! 

Image Source: DIY Bath and Body

The DIY goldfish in a bag soap not only makes a super cute gift for kids but is also perfect for DIY party favors. All you need is clear bags, gold fish plastic or silicon toy, clear glycerin and string or a ribbon. Melt the glycerin, pour half in the bag, let is cool for few minutes. Place the gold fish in the position you want and pour the rest of the soap. Tight the bag and let it cool. Quick and impressive! 

Image Source: Do It Yourself Today

Rosemary in combination with lemon will give  very refreshing smell. You can simply melt your soap, squeeze one lemon and add one branch of rosemary. Once you are done you can sparkle some lemon pieces. Enjoy!


Wand Update - Phoenix Comicon Exclusives

Some wands you can see at my booth this year. I initially wasn’t going to post pictures of these since you might not be able to get them online until after con. But, I am so in love with some of these that I needed to show them off lol. There is still piles of stuff on my work bench I will be trying to finish up all weekend.

  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)

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Spectacular images from our world


{white bird’s nest fungus terrarium ring} 

when I first started making bird’s nest fungi rings a few years ago, this is the design I came up with. nowadays, my ring designs are much more intricate with minute details, but I still love the simplistic elements of this ring!  


Just working on some really awesome crystal cluster styles! Both paintings are available in my shop

They are 4x6″ Postcard size, and I will be taking custom coloured requests!