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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh

You know what I love about 2017′s line up of superhero films? There are 6 of them, all in one year. One from Fox, Two from DC, Three from Marvel Studios. And all of them are nothing like each other. I mean, just look at this line up:

Logan, a Western inspired R rated film that redefines what the phrase ‘dark/grim superhero movie‘ means.

GotG 2, a sequel to perhaps the most proudly weird superhero movie ever made that’s set to be even weirder.

Wonder Woman, the first female led superhero film (ignoring Supergirl and Catwoman, which we do, cause those movies bombed big time), which is about a warrior from Themyscira fighting Germans in World War 1.

Justice League, DC’s first big team up movie.

And then there’s Thor Ragnarok. Which seems set on out doing Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of over the top comic book weirdness.

Of all the movies coming out this year, the only one that doesn’t feel completely unique is Spider-Man Homecoming. But even that has a villain never before seen in a Spider-Man film, an extremely diverse supporting cast compared to the previous SM films, and it’s going to co-star Iron Man.

We’re in for one hell of a ride, folks.

Deadly spider's unique spinning technique could inspire tougher materials

Brown recluse spiders use a unique micro looping technique to make their threads stronger than that of any other spider, a newly published UK-US collaboration has discovered.

One of the most feared and venomous arachnids in the world, the American brown recluse spider has long been known for its signature necro-toxic venom, as well as its unusual silk. Now, new research offers an explanation for how the spider is able to make its silk uncommonly strong.

Researchers suggest that if applied to synthetic materials, the technique could inspire scientific developments and improve impact absorbing structures used in space travel.

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For the Hanzo x Widowmaker thing, how about they're battling it out, each really good snipers, and it ends with them out of ammo in close quaters. Kinda like that scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith where it just evolves into passionate sex.

I’m actually really captivated by their dynamics. Both being snipers and their parallelism of ‘killing’ a loved one. I love Widowmaker’s seemingly impish and flirty romantic style matched with Hanzo’s stoic and brooding nature. I feel like they would understand each other a lot, and be able to feel free with each other, but idk man, this ship is kind of slaying me.

Just take this away from me, doll. please.

The Hunt

Venomous Arrow. Fluff. Slight Violence.

The arrow whistles past her ear as she jerk back against the wall. Her lips set into something like a smile as she rolls to the next open doorway. Her sights already trained on his stained skin through her scope. She pulls the trigger, but he’s half way out of the window.

Pulling back into cover, she reloads her sniper, the thrill of the hunt making her eager. They’ve been attacking each other since the little Overwatch team swooped in on her assignment. Reaper is somewhere, taking care of the others. For now, the archer is hers.

The hunt is reaching its climax, and she knows this is her last clip. She’ll make it count.

Rushing back to the over doorway, she takes a leap off the edge. Grappling hook shooting out and hooking onto a building as she swoops towards a lower structure’s rooftop. An arrow pieces through the night air, cutting the rope. At the sudden free fall, she braces her legs out, catching herself before rolling safely on her designated place.

Too slow, archer.

She knows the building he’s hiding in is connected to this one. With a backward glance, she slips behind cover. Setting in place her trap that will draw the unsuspecting man soon enough.

Dropping her renewed grappling hook against the ledge, she drapes down. Feet planted firmly against the side of the wall as her body stands perpendicularly. She waits, activating her recon visor, her head turning to catch the red outlined body of the archer slipping out the doors and to the opposite side of the building she hangs from. Smart. She didn’t think he’d scale up its side, instead guessing he’d go through the building to get to the door.

She doesn’t hear the sound of his feet touch ground as he makes it to the roof. Smart and silent.

Switching her gun to assault, she allows her grapping hook to drag her up. The angle shooting her up, over the cover and right onto the surprised Hanzo Shimada. His head looking over his shoulder up at her as her feet kick into his back, sending him reeling forward as she recoils back and lands on the ground. Her ambushed didn’t faze him enough, as he hits the ground but twists his gracefully body and comes up on one knee. Letting loose an arrow that almost pieces Widowmaker’s throat if she didn’t throw herself out of the way. She comes back up, finger pulling the trigger. The shots echoing on the rooftop as he ducks behind cover. Her finger releases the trigger, knowing she just has two bullets left in her clip.

As his pale gold ribbon trails through the wind, Hanzo comes up running around the opposite side of the cover. He fires an arrow, aiming for her eye. Her eyes widen as his rash and reckless charge surprises her.

She rolls forward, the arrow nearly pressing against her hair as she dodges it. He moves to meet her head on, the one clothed arm reaching back for another arrow. She meets him with the barrel of the gun pointed at his skull, finger settled on the trigger.

Hanzo’s fingers grasp at empty air. Widowmaker’s finger presses against the cool metal of the trigger, but doesn’t move.

He realizes his helplessness with wide brown eyes, before his brow narrows. His hands coming to rest by his side. Gloved hand curled into a fist while his tattooed arrow clasp his bow against his hip.

“Why do you not shoot?” He questions, smoky voice laced with an accent. Intense gaze focused on her, and the tip of her assault rifle.

The same question plagues her mind, but now it echoes in his voice. Deep and gruff and thick. She feels something inside of her shift. Warmth pooling in the center of her cold body as her eyes flicker for one moment to the tattoo that encases his muscles.

They’ve fought before. They’ve shot bullets and arrows at each other countless times. Yet, when she fights him, she never aims to kill him. She knows he does the same, because he had a clear shot in one mission set in Ilios, and he didn’t take it.

He let her live, as she lets him.

And she doesn’t understand why she does this. Is it just because her minds finds the glowering man interesting? Finds the dragon tattoo pretty on his skin? That he’s a brother to Genji, and somehow involved with how he became a cyborg?

Is he just a puzzle for her frozen mind to figure out, or does she wish to know the man that handles the bow so artfully, yet doesn’t kill her as he should.

“I’m out of ammo.”

Lowering the gun, she lets it rest against her lower torso. Lips settling into a faint grin as her brow raises slightly. His eyes narrows at the slightest of her movements.

“And I don’t hunt recherché prey.” Her voice light but holding its edge.

His startled expression is almost enough to make her laugh, but the way he turns his head slightly, as if to hide, intrigues her further.

“Is this a game to you?” He demands, eyes darting back to her face before turning his head. On his cheeks is the faints trace of pink.

Her eyebrow twitches as she takes in his flustered behavior at her flirting. Her eyes lighting in the slightest manner as this teasing revelation.

“I don’t play games,” She saunters slowly towards him, and he steps back once before holding his ground. His gaze unsettled at her passive approach. The archer is still cautious of the spider.


She finds her head tilting slightly down at him, taking in the gray strands of hair at his temple that spike outwards. The golden ribbon that flutters across his back. She leans closer, and finds he smells of cloves and sandalwood. Rich and intense. His disconcerted gaze locked on her but his body refuses to move.

“I fight battles. Do you not know that by now, archer?” Her tone soft, alluring. Tempting him to lean closer.

“Yet,” He breathes back, brow narrow as he refocuses, “You do not fight me.”

Her brow arches, eyes brushing over the strong cheekbones his face possesses. “You’re not a battle, you’re an entire war. I’m not going to win you in just one day.”

His eyes widen at the smallest fraction, his irises a carob brown that stay pure throughout the entire eye. No overlapping shades. No spots or dots of hues. One true color that looks back at her.

Then she catches the faintest hint of blood flooding his cheeks. She admires it for one moment the color over his elegantly sculpted cheekbones. Taking it to the mind, pressing it against the inside of her skull. Hoping that she’ll be able to brand it to her memories without fear of lost.

A pushed breath slips out of his lungs. “Lacroix-san, you…” He tries again. “I’m not…”

She laughs, the sure, stoic man is fumbling under her heavy gaze. The noise rising from her chest and trickling out of her mouth. He stares at her, eyes watching her lips. She takes note of the warm spreading across her lungs.

“Am I scaring you, archer? Do you fear my favor for elegant things? Perhaps I should—”

Her words are cut off by rough lips pressed against her, eyes caught on Hanzo’s knitted brow and trembling eyelids. The slight brush of hair that traces his upper lip. Cloves and sandalwood invading her senses as beams of warms penetrate her mouth. She finds for one moment, she wants him. She wants his kiss. She wants his touch. She feels something for the interesting archer.

Then his taste is gone, and she’s still caged by his form. Unable to blink, her eyes watch him slowly lift his eyelids. Gazing upwards at her, shifting his bow in his hands. His brow drawn, but his eyes softly resting on her.

“I do not fear you,” He says, then turns. Escaping the rooftop, he leaves her stunned by his kiss.

The archer she had just barely wrapped around her finger, leaves her speechless. Cloves resting on the tip of her tongue. The hunt finished, but with him claiming victory.

Très jolis archer, she thinks.

(Très jolis — Very beautiful)

spider emoji review

sleek and elegant. everyone hates on apple emojis but i like most of them and she is no exception. excellent attention to detail with the legs too. a little lacking in personality though.  4/5

the shading or whatever art term describes those grey parts is just so weird to me. she is not a Friend and i don’t trust her. 1/5

i like the addition of the dots but hate the fucking border. someone needs to stop microsoft honestly 3/5

fuck samsung this looks like a beetle with eight legs. the colors are awful and her tiny fucking legs will not hold up her body. 0/5 

a better-executed version of the facebook one. the eyes truly show her beautiful personality and her muted black color scheme is very striking!! 5/5

I actually like the design a lot on her. very unique twist on the spider design. but she doesn’t really have personality. she’s beautiful but she’s not my friend. 3/5

I LOVE HER!! So beautiful and so soft!! i adore the minimalist design!! i don’t even need to see her eyes i already trust her with my life. 6/5

love the smile but she’s pretty ugly. like i can tell they tried to make her seem friendly but she’s just a lil unsettling. love the perspective though very different. 2/5

i love spiders but this one seems sinister. i support and respect her but i would give her her space. also weird shading. 2/5

  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Subphylum: Chelicerata 
  • Class: Arachnida 

This is the Diving Bell spider and is the only spider known to live its entire life under water. It breathes air but it does so by trapping air in a bubble and holding onto it with hairs on its abdomen and legs while underwater. This bubble (bell) permits gas exchange with the surrounding water; taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. The spider will spend most of its time in this bubble and very rarely needs to replenish the air thanks to the gas exchange. 

Peter Parker (Spider-man); Your friendly neighborhood spider-man!

Character Information:

  • First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)
  • Created by: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
  • Place of Origins: Queens, New York City
  • Team Affiliation: Avengers, Daily Bugle, Future Foundation, New Avengers, Jean Grey School of Higher Learning
  • Love Interest: Gwen Stacey(Peter’s first serious girlfriend), Mary Jane Watson(Came after Gwen), Felicia Hardy(Black Cat), Betty Brant, Carlie Cooper, Anna Maria Marconi, Michele Gonzales, Ms.Marvel, Liz Allan, Debra Whitman, Cindy Moon, and the list goes on he is a man whore!
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5′10″
  • Weight: 210lbs


  • He has a terrible identity problem
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Anti-Social
  • Castration-Ridden 
  • Racked with Oedipal Guilt
  • Accident Prone
  • Agonizes over his choices
  • Always attempts to do the right thing
  • Authorities are suspicious of him and cannot decide whether he is a helpful vigilante or a clever criminal
  • Peter Parker is reconciled with his natural sympathy for the students with his assumed obligation to combat lawlessness as Spider-man. As a law-upholding liberal he is conflicted with being in the center of militant leftism and angry conservatives. 

Peter Parker’s Biography:

     Peter Parker is a science enthusiast from Queens, New York City. Peter is an orphan living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Peter obtained his unusual powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider when he was inside of a science exhibit. Latter from the bite he discovers that he has the agility and proportionate strength of an arachnid. Besides the strength he also can attach himself to walls and ceilings. Later from his knowledge of science he develops a gadget that allows him to fire webbing of his own design through small, wrist-mounted barrels. Soon Peter designs his own Costume and becomes a novelty TV star. Failing to stop a fleeing thief his failure eventually catches up to him and the criminal ends up killing his Uncle Ben. He later catches the killer and learns that “with great power comes with great responsibility.”

     Despite his super powers Parker struggles to balance both his secret super-powered life and personal life dealing with his widowed aunt paying rent and the conflict of dealing with football star Flash Thompson and as Spider-man has to deal with the wrath of Publisher J.Jonah Jameson. He eventually graduates from high school and meets roommate and best friend Harry Osborn and girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Harry then struggles battling a drug problem and his father is later revealed as Spider-man’s nemesis the Green Goblin and Gwen’s father is revealed to be a detective for the New York City Police but then killed during the battle between Spider-man and Doctor Octopus.

  • Even though J.Jonah Jameson, Publisher of the Daily Bugle, launched a campaign against Spider-man resulting in negative publicity making it impossible to earn money he lands a job as a photographer for Jameson’s Daily Bugle.
  • Spider-man once tried to join the Justice League but got rejected by Batman


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility 
  • Ability to cling to most surfaces
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Precognitive Spider-Sense
  • Utilizes web-shooters to shoot strong Spider-web strings from wrists


  • Web-shooter (dissolves in 1 hour, Cartridges pressurized at 300psi)
  • Spider tracers
  • light beacon
  • special modified camera that takes pictures automatically


  • Expertise in the fields of Applied Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Mechanics (he is a serious genius).
  • Capable of creating shields, hemispherical barrier, a club, or a hang-glider wing with his webbing.
  • Uses spider-tracers (spider-shaped adhesives homing beacons keyed to his own spider-senses)
  • Can create light beacons as a flashlight or project spider signals
  • Has an IQ of 250(Very sharp!)
  • Webs are strong enough to restrain the Hulk
  • Capable of bench pressing 10 tons
  • top speed is 200mph
  • Resistant to foreign chemicals
  • capable of taking a grenade to the face
  • Can knockout a dinosaur with a single punch
  • Has defeated the Hulk
  • Developed a unique “way of the spider” martial art
  • Has more girlfriends than any other superhero
  • Can go toe to toe with the greatest marvel masters while blindfolded
  • Can dodge automatic weapons
  • One of the best healing factors in Marvel
  • Every part of his body can stick to surfaces
  • Can defuse bombs
  • Said to be capable of mildly talking to spiders (though he can’t control them like Ant-man)
  • Beat Falcon and the Winter Soldier single-handedly
  • Can Stop a car moving 40mph


  • His durability has limits
  • Spider senses can be tricked or disturbed by drugs
  • Arguably naive 
  • Anti-spider pesticide ethyl chloride 

Is Spider-man your favorite Super Hero? tell me what you think!


The Red Spider Nebula

The Red Spider Nebula(NGC 6537) is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius. The nebula has a prominent two-lobed shape, possibly due to a binary companion or magnetic fields.

The central white dwarf, the remaining compact core of the original star, produces a powerful and hot wind blowing with a speed of 300 kilometers per second, which has generated waves 100 billion kilometres high. These winds are what give this nebula its unique ‘spider’ shape and also contribute to the expansion of the nebula.

The star at the center of the Red Spider Nebula is surrounded by a dust shell making its exact properties hard to determine.

Its surface temperature is probably 150,000-250,000 K although a temperature of 340,000 K or even 500,000 K is not ruled out, making it among the hottest white dwarf stars known.

every time someone says trans ppl are a Bad Influence on small children

i think of the shabbat oneg where i kept an eye on a five year old while his parents got something to eat, and he asked me if i was a boy or a girl

and i said no, i’m neither, i’m somewhere in between

and he said oh, and then he told me how to say spider in hebrew