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Happy pills is a candy shop in the center of the old city of Barcelona. It is the remedy to anyones pain, with its medical themed store you can walk in and pick out your own “medicine” or even order online as a gift for anyone in need of some sweet medicine. I didn’t get any but I will definitely get some next time around. 🍬🇪🇸🍭


Soaking up some high vibes and positive energy emitting from this stunning Amethyst Aura crystal heart 💜💎 I only have 3 of these hearts available in the shop, each unique, meant for unique souls. I already have one that has called to my soul, and may I say how magickal its aura is? It truly resonates deeply with my inner, higher self 🙏

Take a look in my shop to find the one that calls to your soul, before they disappear! 🔮💕✨

Summer games are so much fun!
Take a look at our magickal bowling set at DharmaWyrd.com. Each piece is hand painted with a magickal herb, combining to create a one of a kind witchy wonder! Read more, here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/527102771/witches-herb-bowling-wood-bowling-set

LaSalle’s Confession

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Title: LaSalle’s Confession

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Loretta, Sebastian, and Pride

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3 (This was a separate request, but it made a great part two to Damn It, NO!)

This was requested by Anon: LaSalle x reader where you take a bullet for him and the reader almost doesn’t survive but when the reader wakes up after surgery LaSalle and you get like together as a couple and confess that they’re in love with each other

After you were in the ambulance, LaSalle bolted to his truck so he could follow the emergency vehicle.  He knew you were in better hands now, but he wasn’t sure if you were still going to make it or not.

As LaSalle was following the emergency vehicle, he dialed up Pride on his phone.  “Hey King,” LaSalle greeted in the calmest voice he could muster.  The sirens in front of him didn’t help his situation either.  

“LaSalle what’s goin’ on,” Pride asked urgently.  “Is everythin’ alright?”

“Not exactly,” LaSalle stated flatly.  “Those guys at the warehouse shot at us.  We took ‘em all out, but [Y/N] got shot in the shoulder.  I’m behind the ambulance that’s escortin’ her to the hospital.  I called to letcha know what happened and that there’s bodies for ya at the warehouse.  The fourth guy is still missin’.  He wasn’t even there.”

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Day 5, Crossover

Title: Immortals
Rating: General Audience
Warnings: None
Summary: Viktor and Yuuri visit San Fransokyo for sightseeing. They find themselves running into a certain 14 year old boy and his giant marshmallow robot on….rocket skates?!

(This one turned out to be my most fav prompt so far for Victuuriweek!)

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