unique nicci

Chapter 17

Ashton POV

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“Ash, Ash, Ashton!”

“what the fuck Chris it is too early.”

“whatever it is almost 11 in the mornin, get that ass up and get dressed.”

“what the fuck for? Where we going?”

“I told you last night we were going on our date, don’t act like you don’t remember.”

“oh right it slipped my mind, see what had happened was Charlie called me and she was telling me about her mom… and look chris it slipped my mind, can we go a little later when I wake up?” I poked my bottom lip out.

“Nah this cant wait plus I already planned the day out so come on.”

“but Im so tired Chris.” I whined.

“who problem is that?”

“Ugh give me 10 more minutes.”

“Fine 10 more minutes , but after I come out the shower you had better be ready to go in after me.”

“ok alright just go.” I shouted waving him off.

*15 minutes later

“Ash I thought I told you to be up?” *smack*

“Ouch !! nigga is you crazy that really hurt!” I yelled rubbing my ass, it was forming a red handprint.

“you like it though.” He smirked

“shut up.” I put the covers back over my head.

“I told you to be up now get up!” he yanked the covers off my body. I started shivering because one I was only in a bra and underwear and two a gust of air just came outta nowhere.

I hopped out of the bed so fast I almost fell over because of the sight that was in front of me. Chris was only had a towel wrapped around his waist and his tattoos was shining. I almost wanted to lick the excess water off but I had to keep my composure. 

“like what you see?”

“uhh I’m… I’m gonna get in the shower now.” I damn near ran out the room. I just about hopped on his ass.  The temptation lawd the temptation.


Chris POV

After sitting around for an hour waitin on Ash we were finally in the car. I wanted this to be special, it was our first date and I had so much planned today just a fun day together, nothing too serious.

“so where are we going chris?”

“I want to take you to get lunch inking so I was thinking Chicago Joe’s?”

“aww I love that place, it is so romantic and intimate in there.”

“you been before?”

“no but I heard a lot about it.”

“ok good.”

When we got to the restaurant I let Ash walk in before me. To say she was surprised was an understatement.

“Chris you bought the entire place out for us!”

“Yeah I wanted a more intimate setting.”

“This is soooo cute, you must be tryna get the draws Mr. Brown.” I just laughed.

“well lets eat cause a nigga starving.”

For the rest of lunch we just got to know each other a little more. She is really ambitious and I like that about her.   A girl with goals is something I need in my life. She reminds me of most of the women in my family. I think they would like her at least I hope they would.

After lunch I had another surprise for her. She would really love this. I decided to take her to a carnival they had mad games there. I knew she would like it.

“Chris, why am I blind folded?”

“Well remember how you said you would play games at the carnival but would never win anything?”

“Yeah… so.” I took the blind fold off.

“Well open your eyes.”

“it’s the water shootout game!!” she squealed like a little girl.

“calm down, ok hold the trigger like this, now shoot.” She just started shootin no good aim at all. Good thing I had them rig the game so she could win.

“the first time I ever hit the targets chris… which bear can I get.”

“Pick the biggest one.” She grabbed this big ass brown bear. It was bigger that her she almost fell over.

“this day honestly couldn’t get any better chris thank you.” She pecked my lips and gave me the tightest hug ever.

“Well it can how about we go go-carting and then a movie?”

“I would like that.”

Ashton POV

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For the rest of the day I was on cloud 9.  I don’t even want to go on anymore dates with Chris; we just need to make it official already. He didn’t do everything over the top it was the simple stuff that I liked and that’s what mattered the most.  This has honestly been one amazing date and to think I was about to sleep in all day. My Ex didn’t even go all out like this on our first date but then again my Ex wasn’t like Chris Brown. After we went go carting we went to a play that we snuck into and then a movie.  After the movie we went to go see the sun set. We just cuddled up next to each other. It honestly felt like we were a couple already.

“thank you Chrissy I had fun today.”

“I had fun too, you are a big kid just like me.”

“I know I cant believe I won that bear.” He started laughing.

“what I did win the bear… at least I think I did, what did you do?”

“nothing, I just had them make sure that you would win something.”

“well it was a win in my book, no matter what you did.” I leaned up and pecked his lips.

It got a little hot and heavy. So I added a little tongue and he did the same back. Good thing we were underneath a blanket and it wasn’t many people out tonight because shit was getting freaky. Chris’s hand somehow ended up underneath my sundress and now his hand was at the elastic of my underwear. He looked at me to make sure I was ok with it and I nodded. Next thing I knew his fingers was in action.

Just to fuck with him  I snatched his hand out of the panties and I hopped up without warning, gathered my things and started walking towards the car. I stopped and looked back and he was confused as ever.

“Sorry Chris Im not that kind of girl, I don’t do things like this IN PUBLIC.”

I guess it took him a while to catch the hint but when he did he booked it to the car. I just laughed he was ready, soooo ready.

Chapter 13

Ashton’s POV

“Chill Marlee, let me speak!”

She was asking question after question, all of them I was willing to answer but the thing was she ain’t give me a chance to speak. She would ask but as soon as I try and say something she was on to the next one. Like damn, how you gonna ask a question but don’t give the person a chance to answer.

“My bad, my bad!” We both laughed at her antics.

“Alright look, forget I asked all those other questions. Just answer this one for me.”

“Okay…” I said trying to get her to the point.

“Why the hell you didn’t tell me you knew Chris Brown. Like what the fuck, I thought we were better than that boo?”

I was in the middle of picking up some clothes when she brought up him. How the hell did she know that I knew Chris? The only people who knew were Charlie and B, but that’s only because Charlie was here when he came over acting a fuckin fool, and then he was still here when Charlie came back with B. So I didn’t tell anybody and I doubt Charlie said anything.

 “Cause it wasn’t a big deal,” I shrugged my shoulders as I picked up the many shorts that graced my floor.

 “Wasn’t a big deal?!?!”

I pulled the phone away from my ear because all that screaming she was doing, I was not here for it, at all.

“Ashton Marie, that’s a big fuckin deal. Like you know Chris Brown, do you know how many girls would kill to say they know Chris Brown? A whole fuckin lot.”

“Okay that’s nice and all but how you know that I know Chris?”

Her ass got real quiet. Now anybody who knows Marlee knows that her ass is one of those people who is never quiet. She always got something to say, so her being quiet was shocking.


“Don’t worry about how I know, just know that I got my sources.”

“Who are your sources?” I really wanted to know, we wasn’t about to skate around this conversation. I needed to know who knew my business and how the hell did it make it to Philly in less than 4 hours. Like come on, that’s some serious gossiping right there.

“Ash don’t fuckin worry about it. Just tell me how you know him?”

“Wait a minute, so you mean to tell me home boy had another chick but yet he was all up in your face, in your bed, tryna get my cookies??? Oh hell naw, his light bright ass got it all fucked up.”

“Shut the fuck up with that gay shit, between you and Charlie, I don’t know what I’ma do.”

“I’m serious. You know I don’t play when it comes to that but enough about his yellow behind, let’s talk about what we gonna do when I get out there next week.”

“Oh you already know, we finna turn up bitch!”

My boo coming out here, oh yeah we finna turn up.


Chris’s POV

“Nigga where the fuck are we going?”

My cousin Austin asked. Aunt K finally let him come out here and we were tryna turn up. Of course we could have simply partied out in L.A but I had other things on my mind. It’s been a week since I last seen shorty and I was tryna see her, spend a little time. This taking things slow was bothering me but if that’s what she wanted then that’s what it was gonna be. I was really tryna make things work this go around.

Only person who knew we were going out to Vegas was Mijo, and then again this nigga only agreed because his youngin Marlee was out here on these parts of town. Its a shame what this girl had my nigga doin, and to be honest I don’t think he even hit it yet. Let me stop cause Marlee is the homie, she a straight, especially for a little white girl. She seemed like a good catch for my nigga.

“Cuh, don’t worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

With that I turned the radio up, ain’t nobody got time to listen to that nigga complain about this ride, cause I already knew that once he saw the Welcome to Las Vegas sign he was gonna be happy.

It didn’t take long for us to get there and like I predicted, nigga was geeked. I’m talkin his ass was hype as fuck for no reason. On some real shit he looked like some freshman loser who was about to get some pussy from the baddest bitch in the senior class.

Mijo and Keeis was cracking jokes and I just laughed and kept driving down the familiar streets until I pulled up into her apartment complex.

“Chris, who live here?” Keeis asked me.

“This better not be one of your girl’s houses?” Austin chimed in.

“Son you mean to tell me you dragged us all the way out here so you can get some pussy? That’s fucked up.”

I gave them the Kanye shrug and got out the car.

“Mijo, you see how this nigga do us. Drive us out here just to leave us so he can get some free pussy that he could have got back at home from Kam. We all know her hoe ass don’t turn down the dick.”

“That’s what I’m sayin. All I know is whoever this girl better have some friends for a fine nigga like me.”

“Austin don’t nobody want your young ass!”

They was laughing and joking and I would have laughed too had they not brought up Kam. See here’s the thing. I told Ash I was single, which I am. I don’t consider myself to be in a relationship but I haven’t exactly told Kam. Shit I don’t even speak to shorty after she left me that night. I gotta text her and see what’s up.

“Right, Austin. Your young ass gon make somebody catch a case.” I chimed in while knocking on the door.

“CHRISSYPHA!!!!!!” Ashton screamed at me as she pulled me into a hug.

“What’s good ma? And what I tell you about calling me that gay ass name?” She shrugged her shoulders as we walked in. I just shook my head. She better stop frontin like she don’t know wassup.


Marlee’s POV

So I finished up taking care of all the business I needed to handle about opening the new shop. Everything was going good; it looked like we would be able to open within the next month or two. Now that business was all done, it was time for me to have fun.

There’s no way that I would come out on the west coast and not stop and see my boo’s so I hopped in the rental car and drove all the way to Ash n Charlies place.

I pulled up and was beyond pissed to see someone else in my parking space. Now I know y'all probably wondering like how the hell this bitch got a parking space but see the way it works at their complex is that each unit gets a guest parking space in front of the building. So now that someone parked in my damn spot, I gotta park in the front and walk all the way to the back of the complex, yeah them bitches gonna hear it. I mean who the fuck they know and are cool with that’s driving some expensive ass car. Like let me meet em. Shit, I need a come up too.

I didn’t even knock on their door like I normally do, I just used my key. I had questions and these hoes had the answers.

“Ashton, Charlie!!! Why is there some fancy ass car in my space, now y'all know I hate parking all the way in the front!”

I followed the sound of the voices to Ashton’s room to see her, Charlie, some fine dark skin guy, two niggas I didn’t know, Chris, and my boo Barry.

“Oh so this is what it is now, I go back home for a couple of weeks and you guys replace me with these dudes? Like damn, its like that?”

“Barbie stop bitchin and come give a nigga a hug shawdee. I ain’t seen your ass in a minute.” Chris said and got up and pulled me into a tight hug. Once he let me go, I gave everyone else a hug before walking over to my boo and giving him a big ass hug.

“I missed you boo.”

“Miss you too girl!” We kissed nothing serious, just something slight.

“So what the fuck is up with y'all?” I asked as i got comfortable in  my babe’s lap.

“Un Uh! You not about to sit here and act like you ain’t just kiss that nigga. Who the fuck is he?” Charlie called out, leave it to her to put someone on blast.

“Right, you callin me yelling, what about you Marlee? How you know Chris n them. Mhmm go ahead get to explainin.”