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Ashton Marie Pierce

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Tonight was the night. All the hard work my peers and I put into homecoming week was going to pay off. After countless calls, meetings, fundraisers, and long nights, we were able to secure R&B singer Chris Brown to perform at our homecoming concert. This was literally a dream come true and one of my most proud moments, excluding the time that I found out I got a full ride to University of Nevada Las Vegas. You see I am a broadcasting/communications student at UNLV and longed to go on and work in radio or TV.

 “Fuck,” I mumbled as I glanced at the clock. It was now 7:30 and the concert started at 9, but since I was on student council I had to be there at 8 to help set things up and make sure everything was in order. I wanted this night to be more than perfect since this would be my last college homecoming. Thinking about it kind of made me sad and reflect on my last three years at this school. I made some friendships that would last a lifetime, experienced love and heartbreak, and learned a few life lessons that made me the young woman I am today. I was in the middle of putting on my makeup when I heard a door close and not that long after the voice of my best friend and roommate Charlese or Charlie as she preferred rang throughout my ears. “Ashton! Bring your ass!” I rolled my eyes and let her comment fall on deaf ears as I put the finishing touches on my makeup. “Damn, I look good.” I said as I looked myself over in the mirror.

She screamed my name one last time as I walked into the living room to see her sitting on the couch watching TV. “Girl, if you don’t quit with all that damn yelling, I’m right here.” I told her as I grabbed my keys and all the stuff I needed to bring to the theater where the concert was being held. Charlese and I had met our freshman year here. We were roommates and I swear on everything that I was going to kill her. She was everything I wasn’t: loud, outgoing, confident and the list went on. It took us about three months for us to actually get a long and start a friendship. Come to think about it was after going to a homecoming after party that we really became friends. Charlie had got beyond wasted and these guys were trying to take advantage of a young drunk female, and being the good person I was, I interfered and brought her back to our dorm and nursed her to good health. Who knew that would be the start of a great friendship. Shaking my head I gave a small laugh before grabbing my keys off of the mantel. After doing one last mental checklist making sure I had everything, I called Charlie and we left our apartment to head over to campus.

Everything was set up perfectly; we were just going over the last few things. The doors would be opening in thirty minutes and I knew it was going to be crazy. After having our last mini meeting, we were assigned jobs and I was partnered with this girl Kelsey. We never really saw or spoke to each other so this was bound to be awkward. I was just chilling and goofing off with some of my other friends when Kelsey came over and told us that Chris was here and we had to escort him to his room backstage. After sharing one last joke with the group, I stood up and followed Kelsey to the back door where Chris would be entering.

We shared some small talk until we heard a knock on the door, stopping us from our conversation. Kelsey opened the door and I put on my smile greeting the people in front of us. “Hi, my name’s Ashton and this is Kelsey.” I pointed to her as I began to walk down the hall walking towards his dressing room. “And this here is your dressing room, the bathrooms are down the hall and if you need anything don’t be afraid to ask.” I told them as I opened the door and allowed them to walk in. “Thanks ma,” Chris called out as he licked his lips and closed the door. Damn, he was sexy. I thought to myself as I bit down on my bottom lip.



Christopher Maurice Brown


Damn, she was sexy. I thought to myself as I closed the dressing room door. It was homecoming time for many colleges and like every year, a lot of schools wanted me to come but I decided I would hit up UNLV, just for the simple fact I never been and it was Vegas. Shit, after I finished I could just go out and hit up any club I wanted. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only 8:45 that gave me more than enough time to just chill and smoke a blunt with the guys. We were all just sitting around the room with a blunt in rotation as Keeis and Mijo was talking about shorty that showed us to the room. I ain’t gonna lie, she was bad but I wasn’t about to get involved or put my two cents in, not with Kamryn jealous ass around. I wasn’t tryna start no shit with her tonight, I just wanted to go out there and perform for Team Breezy, hit the club up, get some pussy from my girl and call it a night.

We had just finished up on our second blunt when there was a knock at the door, and in walked the girl from earlier. I think her name was Ashley or some shit like that, it wasn’t important. “Hey, you go on in five.” She told me with a small smile that I returned. As soon as she was out the picture, I heard Kamryn’s annoying ass voice. “What the fuck was that Chris?” There she goes with that bullshit. It was like I couldn’t do anything without Kam blowing it out proportion. “Come on Kam, what you trippin about now?” I threw at her as I got dressed in the outfit I was going to be performing in. I half listened to her rant about how I could never be faithful, how I’m always disrespecting her by taking these hoes. She was slowly blowing my high and I could start to feel myself getting mad. I was ten seconds away from putting her ass in place when the door opened and the girl said they was ready for me. I looked over at Kam and told her we would finish this later. Right now I had a show to put on and I wasn’t going to let Team Breezy down.  

Chapter 5.3

Ashton’s POV


*5 minutes earlier

After B and I finished dancing I needed to have a seat and a drink. He had a bitch sweatin. Shit I was surprised he could keep up with me cause when my song come on it’s like a whole different person comes out of me, long story short I get ratchet.

“Come on B I gotta sit down, plus cause of all that sweatin I feel like I’m losing my buzz.” I said shouting over the music. He started shaking his head.

“Man whatever, you drank enough, I mean every time you bent over you was bout to fall over…lucky I was behind your drunk ass.” He laughed wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

I gave him a blank stare and put my hand in his face. “Don’t kill my vibe B.” I laughed.

When we got to VIP it was surrounded by nothing but thirsty bitches. I almost forgot Chris and I was in the same VIP section, of course his yellow ass would have the hoes or should I say crows all over here, ugh. B sat me down because he didn’t trust me to stand much longer. Once he made sure I was good he started to walk away but I grabbed his arm.

“B, where you think you going?” I whined

“To the bathroom, I gotta take a pis-“ I threw my hand up cutting him off.

“Alright too much info… don’t take long though.” He laughed and walked away.

Once I could no longer see him I headed straight for the shots. As soon as I bent over someone slapped the shit outta my ass. I’m talking HARD as shit, like I think I’ma have red hand prints on my ass.

“Damn girl you gotta fat ass, you gon’ let me hit.” I snapped my head around so fast I could’ve broke my neck. “Who the fuc-… AYE MY BITCH!!!!”

“Happy birthday boo, I missed you!”

“Charlie, I can’t believe you’re here wha… how… when did you get here?” I asked pulling her in for another hug.

“Don’t worry, I will tell you later but you need to tell me who you were grindin all up on, he kinda cute.” She smirked.

“Girl that ain’t nobody but B, he works at the radio station with me, we just friends, I owed him a birthday dance.” She nodded.

“Oh ok. Since I wasn’t there when you took shots, time to throw ‘em back!” She said as she handed me a shot glass.

“I hear that shi-” I was interrupted by someone tapping my shoulder.

“Um excuse me… yea, hi we don’t know each other but I don’t appreciate you throwing yourself at my man. I understand that females like yourself are looking for your next big come up but it won’t be from him.

I couldn’t fuckin believe it; I just couldn’t even register where this bitch came from talking bout her man, like bitch be gone.

“Hold up, Hold up… I ain’t looking for no come up and I don’t even know who your man is… soooo, what is the problem?” she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t play dumb you know who I’m talking bout, Chris… Chris Brown.” I smirked.

“Girl get outta here ain’t nobody checking for Chris, TRUST. But I am happy you are making yourself known … you must be the situation he was talking bout at the station the other day, girl you know all of Vegas know you right.?” She looked salty as fuck… got her ass.

“Situation!?!… Situation!!” Did she not hear me.

“Uh yea unless I heard him wrong.” I was smiling hard as shit, I love making bitches mad, and simple hoes like her made that shit easy.

“Bitch please I ain’t nobody’s situation I’m his girl.” But why I gotta be a bitch though. I don’t get it how you gon’ come up and start shit then get mad when you see that I show no signs of backing down. That’s how you know you a weak bitch.

“You know what I'ma walk away because I can see that see where this headed.” Her two basic ass friends walked up beside her like they was bout it. Who they tryna fool.

“Oh what you scared now, trick ass bitch!”

Here we go with that foul language again. Like clockwork Charlie, Mars, and Christina came up behind me. This bitch had me fucked up she must not know I got my whole team behind me. Mars stepped in between me and the situation and started sizing her up. I just started tying my hair up cause I knew this wasn’t bout to end well.

Marlee’s POV


Now I’m over her throwing back shots, minding my own damn business when I heard the word “bitch” and girls crowding around Ash. Now I know these bitches ain’t tryna get ratchet tonight, they couldn’t be. I gave Charlie and Christina the look and we made our way over to Ash. I wasted no time stepping in between Ash and the girl cause Ash ain’t bout to be fighting on her birthday, I will not allow it.

“Umm, wait, hold up. I’ma need for you to take about five steps back and check that muthafuckin tone BITCH!” I felt Ash pull me by the hand.

“Mars chill you can’t get in no more trouble.” I kept my eyes right on the bitch. She wanted to pop off, then we could get it poppin.

“Oh so you got white girls fighting your battles now, this is fuckin hilar-”

“No boo Ash can hold her own but you got your friends all around her like y’all tryna do something.” Christina came up beside me and got right in her friends face.

“Yea so what she saying is; is y’all tryna throw hands? If so then please proceed because I’m already heated, so let’s go.” She started clapping her hands. My cousin was a damn trip.

Now we drawing all types of attention and some yellow muthafucka walked over to the girl. Hold the fuck up… that’s Chris Brown.

“Babe what’s wrong?” he asked pulling her into his arms.

“She tryna pop off, I’ma need you, Mr. Brown, to handle your hoe.” I shouted.

 He just looked from me to Ash, looking her up and down then he looked back at his basic ass girlfriend and started to pull her away. I guess that was the end of that, time to go and throw back these shots and continuing partying for my boo birthday. We turned our backs to the group and started getting ourselves together. For a second, I really thought we were going to throw down. I mean, everybody had their hair pulled back and earrings were off. Like shit was finna get real in here.

“You okay Ash?” I would be damned if some insecure ass female was about to ruin my girl’s birthday.

“Yea I just really wanted to beat her face in.”

“I know, me to-“ I was cut off by something wet splashing on the back of my neck and back. It came out of nowhere and I’m pretty sure somebody just threw it at me but I wasn’t for sure, so I turned around and saw this crazy hoe throwing a bottle straight at me and my crew.  I ducked and saw it hit the waitress walking behind us. Next thing I knew Ashton, Charlie, and Christina was all charging for the girl. Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!


Narrator’s POV

After the bottle was thrown, Ashton, Charlie, Christina, and Marlee all ran over to where Kamryn and her crew were but was quickly stopped by the bodyguards protecting Chris. Throughout all the commotion Charlie was able to find her way around the bodyguards and able to get a hold on one of Kamryn’s friends who was present during the altercation.

Charlie hit the girl three times in the face, and got a hold of the straps on the girl’s dress and began to drag her around on the floor. She was just about to deliver another blow to the girl when a bouncer grabbed her around the waist.

“Let her go!” He yelled, pulling on Charlie who now had a firm grip on the girl’s hair. The bouncer kept pulling Charlie until her grip was loosened, and some of Kayla’s weave was in Charlie’s hand.

“I’m sorry, but you guys have got to leave.” A bouncer came and escorted Ashton and her friends out of the front of the club, while Chris and his crew was being rushed out of the back of the club to avoid the paparazzi and any further conflict.


Ashton’s POV

*10 minutes later

“Yo what the fuck happened… why they shutting down the club” B asked running towards me.

“Well you would know if your ass wasn’t stuck on the toilet seat nigga, it was a little fight.” I said examining my foot, I stepped in some glass. Fuck.

“Sorry I got caught up, I ran into somebody I knew.  I was on my way back when I just seen bottles flying.  They had VIP blocked off, so I couldn’t get up there.”

“It’s whatever B, I’m just mad my foot is all cut up.  I should’ve stomped that bitches face in.” We both laughed.

I was highly upset that I had cut my foot over some dumb ass nigga that I wasn’t even checking for. Bitches these days ain’t shit. Dumb ass hoe made me show out on my birthday.


She was speaking some true shit. We was waiting on the party bus to come back so we could figure out our next move. I looked to my left to see Charlie dancing to somebody’s car radio. This Bitch.

 “Yeah party at my hotel room niggas, its right around the corner.”


Once we got back to the hotel we was all hype as fuck, only cause Marlee and Charlie was reenacting the fight. Shit is fucking hilarious.

“So then I ran pass the bodyguard right, and hit that bitch 3 times in her fuckin face, she all screaming for me to stop but-” Marlee cut her off.

“OH SHIT! I saw that shit you had that bitch by her dress dragging her ass like she was a fuckin rag doll.  I know my ass won’t be going to PURE for a minute.” We all looked at her.

“Why?” I asked

“Cause I definitely hit the bouncer in the face like twice cause that big bitch wouldn’t let me go, he said I’m gon’ remember that shawty.” We all laughed in unison.

*knock knock*  

We all got quiet.

“Who is it?” Charlie called out.

“Room Service”

“Y’all scary asses, it’s just the food.”

 They all let out a deep sigh. I’m not gonna fake, I was scared for a moment there. I brought the food in and Marlee, Christina, and Charlie were reenacting the fight.

I swear I love my friends they always there for me. That’s all I want are my ride or die bitches and I got them. They were all there when shit went down, well with the exception of Omari and B, but it was understood. Speaking of B this dude has been mighty quiet since we walked in the hotel room; I wonder what’s on his mind?


Brandon’s POV

This was some wild as shit. I mean I went to the bathroom and Ash managed to get in a fight, how, I don’t even know. I watched as they reenacted everything shit was mad funny. I was just sitting back laughing, these girls were funny as shit. Out of Ash’s entire circle Charlie kinda caught my eye. She was cute, the silent but dangerous type. She must have caught me staring because when she looked over at me she smiled a little. Damn she got a beautiful smile. Ash gon’ have to put me on, she bout to be my boo mark my words.


Chris’s POV


I haven’t even said anything to Kam the entire time that we left the club. Now we at the hotel and it’s silent as fuck. I don’t want to hear nothing from her. I just got in the bed; of course she slid in behind me.

“I’m sorry Chris” she whispered.

I didn’t say shit we will talk about this shit in the morning. I know this shit gon’ be everywhere and everybody gonna blame it on me. Kam gon’ take her ass back to LA in the morning and for her sake she better hope I don’t wake up angry cause this relationship ain’t looking to good.

Chapter 17

Ashton POV

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“Ash, Ash, Ashton!”

“what the fuck Chris it is too early.”

“whatever it is almost 11 in the mornin, get that ass up and get dressed.”

“what the fuck for? Where we going?”

“I told you last night we were going on our date, don’t act like you don’t remember.”

“oh right it slipped my mind, see what had happened was Charlie called me and she was telling me about her mom… and look chris it slipped my mind, can we go a little later when I wake up?” I poked my bottom lip out.

“Nah this cant wait plus I already planned the day out so come on.”

“but Im so tired Chris.” I whined.

“who problem is that?”

“Ugh give me 10 more minutes.”

“Fine 10 more minutes , but after I come out the shower you had better be ready to go in after me.”

“ok alright just go.” I shouted waving him off.

*15 minutes later

“Ash I thought I told you to be up?” *smack*

“Ouch !! nigga is you crazy that really hurt!” I yelled rubbing my ass, it was forming a red handprint.

“you like it though.” He smirked

“shut up.” I put the covers back over my head.

“I told you to be up now get up!” he yanked the covers off my body. I started shivering because one I was only in a bra and underwear and two a gust of air just came outta nowhere.

I hopped out of the bed so fast I almost fell over because of the sight that was in front of me. Chris was only had a towel wrapped around his waist and his tattoos was shining. I almost wanted to lick the excess water off but I had to keep my composure. 

“like what you see?”

“uhh I’m… I’m gonna get in the shower now.” I damn near ran out the room. I just about hopped on his ass.  The temptation lawd the temptation.


Chris POV

After sitting around for an hour waitin on Ash we were finally in the car. I wanted this to be special, it was our first date and I had so much planned today just a fun day together, nothing too serious.

“so where are we going chris?”

“I want to take you to get lunch inking so I was thinking Chicago Joe’s?”

“aww I love that place, it is so romantic and intimate in there.”

“you been before?”

“no but I heard a lot about it.”

“ok good.”

When we got to the restaurant I let Ash walk in before me. To say she was surprised was an understatement.

“Chris you bought the entire place out for us!”

“Yeah I wanted a more intimate setting.”

“This is soooo cute, you must be tryna get the draws Mr. Brown.” I just laughed.

“well lets eat cause a nigga starving.”

For the rest of lunch we just got to know each other a little more. She is really ambitious and I like that about her.   A girl with goals is something I need in my life. She reminds me of most of the women in my family. I think they would like her at least I hope they would.

After lunch I had another surprise for her. She would really love this. I decided to take her to a carnival they had mad games there. I knew she would like it.

“Chris, why am I blind folded?”

“Well remember how you said you would play games at the carnival but would never win anything?”

“Yeah… so.” I took the blind fold off.

“Well open your eyes.”

“it’s the water shootout game!!” she squealed like a little girl.

“calm down, ok hold the trigger like this, now shoot.” She just started shootin no good aim at all. Good thing I had them rig the game so she could win.

“the first time I ever hit the targets chris… which bear can I get.”

“Pick the biggest one.” She grabbed this big ass brown bear. It was bigger that her she almost fell over.

“this day honestly couldn’t get any better chris thank you.” She pecked my lips and gave me the tightest hug ever.

“Well it can how about we go go-carting and then a movie?”

“I would like that.”

Ashton POV

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For the rest of the day I was on cloud 9.  I don’t even want to go on anymore dates with Chris; we just need to make it official already. He didn’t do everything over the top it was the simple stuff that I liked and that’s what mattered the most.  This has honestly been one amazing date and to think I was about to sleep in all day. My Ex didn’t even go all out like this on our first date but then again my Ex wasn’t like Chris Brown. After we went go carting we went to a play that we snuck into and then a movie.  After the movie we went to go see the sun set. We just cuddled up next to each other. It honestly felt like we were a couple already.

“thank you Chrissy I had fun today.”

“I had fun too, you are a big kid just like me.”

“I know I cant believe I won that bear.” He started laughing.

“what I did win the bear… at least I think I did, what did you do?”

“nothing, I just had them make sure that you would win something.”

“well it was a win in my book, no matter what you did.” I leaned up and pecked his lips.

It got a little hot and heavy. So I added a little tongue and he did the same back. Good thing we were underneath a blanket and it wasn’t many people out tonight because shit was getting freaky. Chris’s hand somehow ended up underneath my sundress and now his hand was at the elastic of my underwear. He looked at me to make sure I was ok with it and I nodded. Next thing I knew his fingers was in action.

Just to fuck with him  I snatched his hand out of the panties and I hopped up without warning, gathered my things and started walking towards the car. I stopped and looked back and he was confused as ever.

“Sorry Chris Im not that kind of girl, I don’t do things like this IN PUBLIC.”

I guess it took him a while to catch the hint but when he did he booked it to the car. I just laughed he was ready, soooo ready.

Chapter 11.3

Ashton’s POV

I heard a knock at the door but I ain’t think nothing of it. I was in the middle of this bomb ass dream, so whoever was knocking was gonna have to come back later.  Besides it was to damn late for this shit.


“Yo what the fuck?” I mumbled.

You’d think whoever it was would give up at this point and go away but nope they just kept knocking. I groaned as I climbed out of bed, all I know is if it was Charlie I was gonna punch her in the face. Dead ass.


“HOLD ON!! I’m coming”

I didn’t even bother to look out the peep hole to see who it was. I just unlocked the lock and swung the door open.  Whoever it was, was about to get it. No lie. I was surprised but more so shocked to see him. I must be still dreaming.

“Chris, what are you doing here?”

“Ma, I know it’s late but you were the only person I could stand to see right now. Can I come in, please?” I didn’t say anything, I just stepped to the side and he walked pass me.

“Well what’s goin on, what happened? How did you find out where I liv-…” he cut me off with a kiss. He pulled away and just stared at me. I didn’t know how to respond, I was at a lost for words so I thought why not just return the favor. He was about to say something but I just kissed him, this time with a little more tongue.

Things between us were getting a little heated and next thing I knew he had me in his arms and was walking us towards the couch. He had me on my back with him hovering over me, his hands were all over my body, my hands were lifting his shirt. His hands grazed my hips and were at the top of my shorts. He was just about to pull them down when I pushed him away.

“I can’t do this.” I breathed out.

“Come on bae,” He leaned forward and kissed me again.

“Chris, Chris, Chris. Stop.” I said in between kisses. He lifted up and sat down on the other end of the couch.

“you know we cant do this”

“you seemed ready me.” He mumbled but it was loud enough that I could hear it.

“ I know, but no matter how much I seemed ready  you and I both know I’m not ready for that step… I just want to take it slow. Besides we agreed to be friends.” He shook his head.

“I know Ash, I just got caught up in the moment.”

“Its ok boo, I did too. But we gotta take it slow, Just remember that good things come to those who wait.“

He cracked a smile, which caused me to smile too.

"But what’s wrong and don’t lie to me.”

“Nothing I just wanted to see you ma. Is that a problem?”

I shook my head no.

“Okay then girl, but forreal I know I said I was coming back next week but I  lied so I could come down and surprise you.” Aww he is too cute.

“Ok that’s cute n all  but how did you know where I lived, I don’t think I ever told you.” He laughed and licked his lips. Those damn lips unf.

“No you didn’t tell me I found out from skype, one of your friends were ordering pizza and I guess they didn’t know the address and you told them I took it upon myself to write it down.”

“ Well damn your stalkin ass.” He shook his head and smiled.

“Whatever you know you wanted to see me.” I blushed and walked towards the kitchen. I did want to see him but I wasn’t gonna tell his cocky ass that.

“Did you want anything to drink or eat Chris?”

“Nah I’m good, I’m actually just tired I came all the way here to see you.”

“Well why dint you get a hotel room.” He looked at me like bitch please, I laughed.

“I’m just joking Chrissypha, you can stay here but not on the couch I don’t want my roommate to see you and go all crazy on you.”

“Where is your roommate, anyway?”

“With her boo, she wont be back until tomorrow tho.”

“Ok cool.” We walked to my room and I handed him a blanket and pillow. I think he got the hint.

“The fuck Ash I hope you don’t think I’m sleepin my ass on this cold ass hard ass wood floor, you got this big ass queen size bed, scoot over cuh.”

“Man you lucky I like you, just don’t take all the cover or we will be fightin.”

“shut up and scoot that ass over.” He slapped me hard on the ass when he said that.

“Chrissypha, stop moe! That shit hurt and before you get in my bed take off those street clothes and turn the light off.”

I climbed in the bed and got comfortable as he undressed. This man just knew he was a gift from God. I just stared at him as if he was a piece of fuckin art. GOOD GAAWWD!!!

"Take a picture Ash, it’ll last longer.”

This nigga. I told him to shut up as I threw his pillow at him.

Once he hit the lights he climbed in the bed. At first he was far away from me and but as he tired to get comfortable he started to move closer and closer to me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t want to argue so i left it alone, besides it was something about being this close to him that felt right.

“goodnight ash”

“Night Chris”


Chris’s POV

Next morning

I woke up to Ash hitting my arm, I ignored her.A nigga was tired as hell.

“Chris if you don’t get that thing off of my ass, I will chop it off.”

“Man I cant help it, stop complaining and let it be beautiful.”

“My nigga it wont be beautiful if its missing now move it.”

“Why you frontin girl, you know you like this shit.” I told her as I moved giving her, her personal space. Morning wood was a bitch.

I was chilling with Ash for a minute before I decided to just head up outta there. I had shit to do, and being laid up in her place wasn’t an option at the moment. Its been a few hours and I decided to hit up a studio I knew about in Vegas.  Good thing K-mac was down here.

We was in the studio just chillin, making musice. A blunt was in rotation. Normally I try not to smoke but with everything that went down with Kam, I needed to clear my head.

I mean I know I’m not the best dude out here but she had another nigga in my house in my fuckin bed like that shit was cool. She knew what that shit would do to me, if I ever saw some shit like that. Believe me, I never wanted to end things with her like that, especially not after the shit I put her through but hey that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I mean I did everything for her and I looked out for her when nobody else would.Yeah I cheated and did my own dirt but that ain’t the point. She was suppose to be better than that. She was my baby and at one point she was carrying my baby. But she had a miscarriage and from then on I  promised that I would take care of her and be there for her. I mean I was part of the reason why our daughter wasn’t here now. And honestly that’s why it’s so hard for me to drop her. I just didn’t want her to go back to that dark place she was at before, I didn’t want to be the reason for her going back there. Nobody understood our relationship, we shared a bond that was just unbreakable.But now I feel like that bond is slowly breaking, things aren’t what they use to be and I don’t know if I wanna hold on anymore.

I decided to text Mijo cause he gives me the best advice. I needed him to help me put this whole thing in perspective, this nigga was like the love guru. I put the phone down and went back to writing. Next thing I know Ash text me.


I thought y'all was done.


What you talkin about girl?


Don’t play me like I’m stupid nigga. I told you I wasn’t that type of girl, I’m not one of your little groupies.


I know you not, so what you talkin bout?



Fuck. I scrolled through my text’s and saw that I did send her the text instead of Mijo. I wasn’t about to sit here and text her so I called and she answered on the first ring.

“Young chill out, its not what you thinkin.”

“Then what is it, cause from where I’m sitting you trying to play me.”

“Man chill out cuh, I did handle my shit but it don’t matter cause the last time I checked  you just want to be friends so whether I was with her or not it shouldn’t matter we aint together, so fuck you mad for?”

“ Are you serious? You wasn’t sayin this shit when you was all on me kissing me, laying up in MY bed. So the fuck you mean it shouldn’t matter? Where the fuck they do that at? How you expect me to be with you when your ass already lying bout simple shit.”

“Look Ash I’m not about to argue with you over the phone I’ll see you back at your apartment.”

“Yeah okay,  we’ll see if I open the door.” She mumbled.

“ Young stop playin, you gonna open the door, so I don’t want to hear all that shit.”


“I'ma be there in 20 mins and I ain’t playin Ash, yo ass better open the door..”

“nigga goodfuckinbye.” She hung up the phone.

My ass was screwed.  I honestly didn’t want her to find out about Kam and I that way. I was going to tell her when I knew for sure that I was done with Kam. I know that I want to build a relationship with her but  I’m already  fuckin it up. I know I have to make this up to her, I just hope she listens to me

Chapter 13

Ashton’s POV

“Chill Marlee, let me speak!”

She was asking question after question, all of them I was willing to answer but the thing was she ain’t give me a chance to speak. She would ask but as soon as I try and say something she was on to the next one. Like damn, how you gonna ask a question but don’t give the person a chance to answer.

“My bad, my bad!” We both laughed at her antics.

“Alright look, forget I asked all those other questions. Just answer this one for me.”

“Okay…” I said trying to get her to the point.

“Why the hell you didn’t tell me you knew Chris Brown. Like what the fuck, I thought we were better than that boo?”

I was in the middle of picking up some clothes when she brought up him. How the hell did she know that I knew Chris? The only people who knew were Charlie and B, but that’s only because Charlie was here when he came over acting a fuckin fool, and then he was still here when Charlie came back with B. So I didn’t tell anybody and I doubt Charlie said anything.

 “Cause it wasn’t a big deal,” I shrugged my shoulders as I picked up the many shorts that graced my floor.

 “Wasn’t a big deal?!?!”

I pulled the phone away from my ear because all that screaming she was doing, I was not here for it, at all.

“Ashton Marie, that’s a big fuckin deal. Like you know Chris Brown, do you know how many girls would kill to say they know Chris Brown? A whole fuckin lot.”

“Okay that’s nice and all but how you know that I know Chris?”

Her ass got real quiet. Now anybody who knows Marlee knows that her ass is one of those people who is never quiet. She always got something to say, so her being quiet was shocking.


“Don’t worry about how I know, just know that I got my sources.”

“Who are your sources?” I really wanted to know, we wasn’t about to skate around this conversation. I needed to know who knew my business and how the hell did it make it to Philly in less than 4 hours. Like come on, that’s some serious gossiping right there.

“Ash don’t fuckin worry about it. Just tell me how you know him?”

“Wait a minute, so you mean to tell me home boy had another chick but yet he was all up in your face, in your bed, tryna get my cookies??? Oh hell naw, his light bright ass got it all fucked up.”

“Shut the fuck up with that gay shit, between you and Charlie, I don’t know what I’ma do.”

“I’m serious. You know I don’t play when it comes to that but enough about his yellow behind, let’s talk about what we gonna do when I get out there next week.”

“Oh you already know, we finna turn up bitch!”

My boo coming out here, oh yeah we finna turn up.


Chris’s POV

“Nigga where the fuck are we going?”

My cousin Austin asked. Aunt K finally let him come out here and we were tryna turn up. Of course we could have simply partied out in L.A but I had other things on my mind. It’s been a week since I last seen shorty and I was tryna see her, spend a little time. This taking things slow was bothering me but if that’s what she wanted then that’s what it was gonna be. I was really tryna make things work this go around.

Only person who knew we were going out to Vegas was Mijo, and then again this nigga only agreed because his youngin Marlee was out here on these parts of town. Its a shame what this girl had my nigga doin, and to be honest I don’t think he even hit it yet. Let me stop cause Marlee is the homie, she a straight, especially for a little white girl. She seemed like a good catch for my nigga.

“Cuh, don’t worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

With that I turned the radio up, ain’t nobody got time to listen to that nigga complain about this ride, cause I already knew that once he saw the Welcome to Las Vegas sign he was gonna be happy.

It didn’t take long for us to get there and like I predicted, nigga was geeked. I’m talkin his ass was hype as fuck for no reason. On some real shit he looked like some freshman loser who was about to get some pussy from the baddest bitch in the senior class.

Mijo and Keeis was cracking jokes and I just laughed and kept driving down the familiar streets until I pulled up into her apartment complex.

“Chris, who live here?” Keeis asked me.

“This better not be one of your girl’s houses?” Austin chimed in.

“Son you mean to tell me you dragged us all the way out here so you can get some pussy? That’s fucked up.”

I gave them the Kanye shrug and got out the car.

“Mijo, you see how this nigga do us. Drive us out here just to leave us so he can get some free pussy that he could have got back at home from Kam. We all know her hoe ass don’t turn down the dick.”

“That’s what I’m sayin. All I know is whoever this girl better have some friends for a fine nigga like me.”

“Austin don’t nobody want your young ass!”

They was laughing and joking and I would have laughed too had they not brought up Kam. See here’s the thing. I told Ash I was single, which I am. I don’t consider myself to be in a relationship but I haven’t exactly told Kam. Shit I don’t even speak to shorty after she left me that night. I gotta text her and see what’s up.

“Right, Austin. Your young ass gon make somebody catch a case.” I chimed in while knocking on the door.

“CHRISSYPHA!!!!!!” Ashton screamed at me as she pulled me into a hug.

“What’s good ma? And what I tell you about calling me that gay ass name?” She shrugged her shoulders as we walked in. I just shook my head. She better stop frontin like she don’t know wassup.


Marlee’s POV

So I finished up taking care of all the business I needed to handle about opening the new shop. Everything was going good; it looked like we would be able to open within the next month or two. Now that business was all done, it was time for me to have fun.

There’s no way that I would come out on the west coast and not stop and see my boo’s so I hopped in the rental car and drove all the way to Ash n Charlies place.

I pulled up and was beyond pissed to see someone else in my parking space. Now I know y'all probably wondering like how the hell this bitch got a parking space but see the way it works at their complex is that each unit gets a guest parking space in front of the building. So now that someone parked in my damn spot, I gotta park in the front and walk all the way to the back of the complex, yeah them bitches gonna hear it. I mean who the fuck they know and are cool with that’s driving some expensive ass car. Like let me meet em. Shit, I need a come up too.

I didn’t even knock on their door like I normally do, I just used my key. I had questions and these hoes had the answers.

“Ashton, Charlie!!! Why is there some fancy ass car in my space, now y'all know I hate parking all the way in the front!”

I followed the sound of the voices to Ashton’s room to see her, Charlie, some fine dark skin guy, two niggas I didn’t know, Chris, and my boo Barry.

“Oh so this is what it is now, I go back home for a couple of weeks and you guys replace me with these dudes? Like damn, its like that?”

“Barbie stop bitchin and come give a nigga a hug shawdee. I ain’t seen your ass in a minute.” Chris said and got up and pulled me into a tight hug. Once he let me go, I gave everyone else a hug before walking over to my boo and giving him a big ass hug.

“I missed you boo.”

“Miss you too girl!” We kissed nothing serious, just something slight.

“So what the fuck is up with y'all?” I asked as i got comfortable in  my babe’s lap.

“Un Uh! You not about to sit here and act like you ain’t just kiss that nigga. Who the fuck is he?” Charlie called out, leave it to her to put someone on blast.

“Right, you callin me yelling, what about you Marlee? How you know Chris n them. Mhmm go ahead get to explainin.”

Chapter 6

Chris’s POV

“Damn, what time is it?” I groaned.

I looked over at the clock, to see that it was going on 12:30.  I woke up alone, so that meant Kam was gone.

“Thank God.”

I really didn’t want to deal with her shit today, especially not after that stunt she pulled at the club. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what happened just that Kam was arguing with the girl Ashton and then bottles started flying.

I climbed out the bed, took a piss and went to the kitchen. A nigga was hungry as fuck.

“Damn it’s dark,” I commented. A nigga felt like he was blind trying to maneuver around this hotel room.  I mean Kam could have at least left some lights on when she left, shit. I went over to the blinds on the balcony to at least let some light in this bitch.

This is a lot better. Now time to make me a bowl of cereal and wait for room service to bring a nigga some real food.

“What the fu-” I swear to you right now that I did not see Tina’s ass when I walked in. What the hell was her ass doing sitting in the dark like a creep?

“Yo, Tina what you doing here?”

“I been calling you Chris, and calling, and calling. I know your yellow ass seen it, so why you ain’t pick up the phone?”

Here she goes with this dumb shit. I rubbed my face and sat down in the chair.

“I didn’t hear it.”

“Oh, you didn’t hear it, well let me try again.” I rolled my eyes at Tina pulling her phone out and actually calling me.

“Man chill.” She was doing the most right now and I was not here for it.

“What did you want?”

“Oh nothing, just wanted to know what happened last night?”

“What happened, shit? I don’t even remember.” Last night was a blur forreal. I don’t remember all that happened but whatever it was it must have been bad, if it got Tina sitting here in front of me.

“Oh, you don’t remember? Well let me remind you.” She cleared her throat before pulling out a piece of paper and reading from it.

“R&B singer Chris Brown was involved in a club brawl that ended in one serious injury and damage to the nightclub. Sounds familiar?”

“Tina I swear to you right now, I had nothing to do with that.”

“Is this not you right here?” She pointed to a picture of me leaving the club with Kamryn right behind me.

“That’s me, but I’m telling you I had nothing to do with it.”

“Look Chris, I told you, you cannot be fucking up. You have a career, a reputation. You can’t-”

She was caught off by her phone ringing and I couldn’t be happier. I really ain’t want to hear her mouth about this shit. I know I have a career, and a reputation to think about but shit I’m 23 I gotta live too, besides all that shit went down because of Kam.

“Chris we will finish talking about this later.” She grabbed her things and walked out, still talking to whoever it was that was on the phone.

I put this on everything, I was going to kill Kam if she fucked up my career over this dumb shit.


Ashton’s POV

It’s been three days since my whole birthday party and I really didn’t want to bring my light skin ass in today but I had a job that needed to be done. Drama and Chanel kept talking about some news they had about Chris Brown that they were going to announce at 2.

Honestly I really didn’t care to hear what they had to say about the nigga, I just wanted to crawl back into my bed and go back to sleep. I had a real chill day, really didn’t have to do much work. So when 12 rolled around I took my ass to Canyon Ranch Grill to have lunch with my boo Omari.

“Hey boo!” I greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey hunny. How are you girl?”

“I’m good, just ready to take my ass back in the house and go to sleep. How are you though?”

We placed our orders and gave the menus back to the waitress, and just caught up with each other. I missed his gay ass. Omari lived in Los Angeles and only came out to Vegas whenever he wanted to get away, so any time spent with him was greatly appreciated.

“So boo, um what happened after I left on Friday?” He had a smirk on his face as if I was about to spill some tea, and I didn’t know why.

“What you talking about?”

“Bitch, don’t play dumb. I know you seen the articles.”

“Umm, no.” What articles was he talking about because I had no clue.

He pulled out his phone and started searching through it as I racked my brain on what the hell he was talking about because a bitch was lost.

“R&B singer Chris Brown involved in altercation at PURE nightclub Friday night. Sources close to the star say it stemmed from his girlfriend catching him with an unidentified female, seen in the pictures below, looking to be more than friendly. It goes on to say that Chris’s girl Kamryn approached the girl and from there an altercation between the two parties broke out leaving one seriously injured and tons of damage to the club. Now what the hell happened after I left? And why do they have pictures of you and Chris Brown together? Someone got some explaining to do.”

I just shook my head and laughed as everything that went down at the club came rushing back to me.

“This gon be a long story boo. Hope you ready?”

Omari smiled and grabbed his cup of water as he mimicked sipping on a mug of tea.

Chapter 5.2

Chris’s POV

After talking to Ashton I went back to my niggas.

“Fuck you cheesin for nigga?” Keeis asked.

“Knowing him, he prolly got his dick wet” Mijo chimed in.

“My man Breezy! You got the pussy??”

I just gave them the Kanye shrug and they started wildin. My niggas were a damn trip. I grabbed the bottle of Ace of Spades and brought to my lips as I thought about the conversation I had with Ashton.

It was brief but I enjoyed it. She didn’t throw herself at me just because I was Chris Brown. Like the whole number situation blew me to be honest. If I could remember then I could hit her up. I wanted to be like bitch, do you know who I am. I scanned the floor just checking the scene out when my eyes landed on her.

“What the fuck Chris?” Kamryn stood in front of me with her arms folded. She had the meanest mug and I already knew she was mad about something. What about, I had no fuckin idea. To be honest she shouldn’t be mad, I was the one who was mad. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to see my baby and the way that dress was fitting to her body had me ready to take her back to the room and give her the business, but she been swerving a nigga and I was gonna find out why.

“No, what the fuck Kamryn? You can’t answer your phone or something.” She just gave me this dumb look as if I was speaking another language.

“Kam, I know you hear me. Why you ain’t been answering your phone? Matter of fact, what the fuck you doin here?”

“Babe, I just wanted to come out here and surprise you, let you know I wasn’t mad about the whole hanging up on me thing.”

“But that still don’t explain the whole not answering the phone thing. So what’s good with that?” She better have a damn good excuse and I wasn’t playing with her.

“Because babe..” I gave her a look as to continue.

“You know how I’m not good at lying or keeping secrets and I felt like if I talked to you I would have ended up spilling the beans.”

“Damn Kam, you could have let a nigga know something though. Had me out here looking like a little bitch.”

We both laughed as I reached out and pulled her into a hug, putting my head in her neck.

“I missed you babe.” I placed some light kisses on her neck. She smelt good, just like vanilla.

“I missed you too. But what was all of that before I got over here.”

“What you talking bout?”

“That thick light skin chick that was all in your face.”

Ashton. I smirked just thinking about her. She was different and I liked it.

“Nobody important babe. Don’t worry about her.”

Okay I was lying, but Kam didn’t need to know that. Ashton wasn’t a nobody but she wasn’t somebody that was important to me, at least not yet.

“Oh okay.”

I was glad Kam wasn’t about to bitch or cause a scene because that’s not what I was on right now.

“I’ll be right back.” Kam gave me a kiss before she walked over to what I assumed to be the bar. I stopped paying attention when I saw Ashton dancing with that nigga from earlier.

Charlie’s POV

Here I was on the plane going back to Vegas, I was still numb and hurt by everything that went down at home. That shit had me feeling some type of way, like I couldn’t even stay there with my family. They had some explaining to do but I wasn’t ready to listen. Just thinking about that shit had me ready to tear up.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Las Vegas.” The pilot said once we landed. I got all my shit from baggage and hopped into the cab going to the hotel I was staying at for the night.

It never felt so good to be back on Vegas soil.

“Yes, a bitch is back home and it feels good.” I said to myself as the taxi pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. Instead of going straight home, I had other things planned. The first meant getting my ass dressed and ready to go to the club. It was 10:30 and I knew that Ashton and everyone were out at club PURE celebrating for her birthday, and the last thing she was expecting would be to see me.

I made sure my hair and make-up was done right. I was on a mission to go out surprise my boo, possibly find me a guy to entertain me the whole night. After I was satisfied with my look, I called a cab and headed over to club PURE.

To be honest, PURE was never this hype, even on a good day, so all these people were unexplainable. It was shocking to me at first but after asking a few questions the answer was that Chris Brown was in the building and all the thirsty hoes brought their asses out, hoping to get a sip if they were lucky.

I ordered me a drink from the bar and headed on up to VIP to surprise my girl.

Kamryn’s POV

Chris is not slick at all. I saw him smirk when I brought that stupid bitch up! Like what the fuck, you claiming that you miss me, and that you love me but yet the moment I’m not around you up in some other bitch face. Nah bruh, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

It didn’t take me long before I found that girl he was talking to. She was laughing with some other bitch, whole time she wasn’t even cute. She looked real basic. I looked better than her, even on my worse day.

“Umm, excuse me.” I tapped the girl on her shoulder.

“Yeah, hi, we don’t know each other but I don’t appreciate you throwing yourself at my man. I understand that females like you are looking for your next come up but you won’t get it from him.”

She really didn’t have any words to say but she looked from me to her friend and then back to me like she wanted to pop off, but that bitch don’t want none of this.

Chapter 8

Charlie’s POV

I had come to the conclusion that staying in my room and avoiding the world was not the answer to my problems. I had to be the bigger person in this situation, I needed the truth but the truth could wait until the weekend. Right now, a bitch needed to get the fuck out of this house! The best thing about living in Vegas was that no matter the day or time, you could find something to get into and that’s just what I planned to do.

I had just got out the shower when I heard someone knocking on the door.

“Just a minute.” I wrapped my green fluffy towel around my body and headed to the door. I peeked through the peep hole but only got the back of someone’s head. Whoever this mysterious person is was obviously a man, I could tell by the hair cut and height.

“Can I help you?” I asked the person as I opened the door slightly not really wanting to expose myself to this stranger. Turns out this was no stranger at all, it was B, the cutie Ash was dancing with that night at the club.

I bit my bottom lip as I looked him over; he was looking good in just some jeans and a white tee.

“Yeah, Ash called and said she had something for me to pick up.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I had no idea about a package Ash left for him.

“Umm, she didn’t say anything about you coming to pick up anything.” I opened the door enough so that he could come in.

“But you’re more than welcome to come in and wait for her.”

 “Iight bet.”

“You know when she’ll be back?”

I shrugged my shoulders as I locked the door and headed into the living room where he was seated.

“No, why you got somewhere you need to be?”

At this moment, the wheels in my head were turning and I was looking for a perfect way to spend some time with this cutie. I mean I wanted to go out and going out by yourself is never any fun. I mean if God really wanted me to go out by myself, he wouldn’t have brought this sexy specimen of a man to my door at this exact moment when I was getting ready to go out.

“I mean nah, not really. But it looks like you getting ready to head out.”

The way he licked his lips and looked at me, had me feeling some type of way. I looked down and blushed. For the record, I Charlese Elizabeth have never blushed ever! Not even when the cutest guy in my high school tried to holla. Like what the fuck.

“I planned on it, just wanted to get out the house for a while.”

He nodded his head and licked his lips again. God please bless me.

“True, I hear you. Well I don’t want to hold you up or anything. So you can just tell Ash, I stopped by and that I’ll come back a little bit later.”

He began to stand up and I did the first thing that came to my mind.

“Wait,” I grabbed his arm before he got to the door.

“I don’t really wanna go out by myself and I mean you said it yourself you didn’t have anywhere to be.”

“So let me get this straight, are you asking me on a date?” His tone was full of mockery.

“No! I mean like not a date or anything. I see it as two people who have nothing to do hanging out.”

He chuckled. I felt stupid. He didn’t even know me and yet here I was making a fool out of myself. I was just about to say fuck it and that I’ll go out by myself.

“Call it what you want Charlie.”

“So does that mean you’re going to come?” I looked at him with hopeful eyes. I really didn’t’ want to go by myself.

“Yes Charlie, I’ll go on this date with you.”

I smiled hard as fuck and gave him a quick hug.

“Thank you. And it’s not a date!”

I called out as I ran back to my room and got ready for my date, umm I mean this outing I was having.  I tore my closet apart looking for the perfect outfit, I wanted to look good but not over the top. I didn’t want to seem desperate, but I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t care.

I took one last look in the mirror, admiring my final look. I was happy and that was all that matter. I grabbed my bags and keys and headed back into the living room to see that B was watching the basketball game.

“You ready?” I asked as I checked the score, I was hoping that the Lakers would lose. I had money on this game and I really needed them to lose.

“Yeah, you ready?”

I nodded as I made sure I had everything before we left out and got in his all black camaro.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for coming out with me tonight.”

“No problem ma, I’m here if ya need me.”

I just smiled and let the sounds of Rihanna and Future Love Song fill the car as we drove off into the Vegas night.


Ashton’s POV

After texting Chris, I was in one of the best moods ever. Like a bitch was on cloud 9, not even Drama ignorant ass and Chanel stuck up ass could bring me down. I still couldn’t believe that he remembered my number.

On everything I loved, I think I made it home in like 15 minutes. Normally it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get home but tonight no sir. I was taking all the back roads and side streets.

“Charlieeeeee!!!” I called out as I walked in the house. I saw her car so I knew her hoe ass was home.

“Where you at bitch?” I threw all my bag and coat on the couch and headed to her room.

“You would not believe who text me today!”

Why the fuck was her ass not answering me. When I see this bitch I’ma beat her ass.

“Charlie I know your bum-” Her room had clothes everywhere and she was nowhere to be found.

Where the fuck was she?

I frowned and headed back into the living room and pulled out my phone.

            TO: MY LOVER

                        Umm where the fuck are you?

I turned on the TV and began to watch Law & Order. It was a marathon and nothing else was on so I settled, until Charlie text me back or Chris called me for face time.


The sound of my phone ringing woke me up out of my sleep.

“Hello…” I mumbled into the phone.

“Hey ma, did I wake you?”

I pulled the phone away from my face as I looked at the number and saw that it was Chris.

“Nah, I was just laying here watching TV. Wasssup?” I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair.

“Nothing just wanted to talk to you for a quick second. I got a free moment and thought I should hit up my boo.”

“Your boo?” I saw that it was 10:30 and Charlie ass was still not here and she didn’t reply to my text. What the fuck?

“Yeah, you my boo. You ain’t know?”

“Nah, I didn’t know we was giving each other titles now.” I laughed.

“Yeah girl. I gotta put my claim on it before somebody else do. Ey hold on for a minute. Yeah Tina, I know. Man ain’t nobody gonna get in no trouble.

Yeah, I know Tina….Okay. Damn.”

While Chris had me on hold I pulled my phone out and sent a text to B. He was suppose to come and pick up these clothes and shoes for his sister.

            TO B.HUGHES:

                        You still coming to get this stuff.

            TO MY LOVER:

                        Charlieeee, why you no reply to my text. I need you! It’s an emergency! LOL text me back hoe!


“Yeah, my bad bae. My manager blowing the shit out of me.”

“Why, what she doing?”

“Treating me like I’m a kid. I’m a grown ass man. I can do what the fuck I want.”

We both laughed. He was a damn fool.

“Ey I really want to talk to you some more but I gotta go run and do this club appearance, I’ma call you when I get back from the club. Your ass better be up.”

“You ain’t my daddy.”

“I can be if you want me to.”

I just blushed. “Whatever Christopher. Talk to you later.”

He chuckled. “Iight ma, I’ma hit you up when I get back in the house.”

We exchanged our byes and hung up the phone. I looked at my phone to see that I had a text from B.

            FROM B.HUGHES:

                        My bad Ash, I’ll stop by tomorrow and get it.

I replied back saying okay, and laid back on the couch and waited for Charlie to bring her ass home, cause she was going to hear my mouth. I don’t know who she thought she was, not answering my texts and on top of that, she didn’t even bring her ass home!

Yeah she was going to hear it.

Chapter 5.1

Ashton’s POV

“Its your birthday, its your birthday. Bad bitch contest you in first place!” Everybody screamed at me, which made me smile. I had some of the best friends in the world.  It was my birthday and I was ready to get turn’t up. Marlee and her cousin Christina made sure that before I even hit the club, I would have some type of buzz. We were taking shot after shot, just throwing them back. Charlie called me on face time to wish me a happy birthday; damn I wished she was here. I poured myself and everyone else a shot.

“This one right here is for my girl Charlie. Wish you were here to celebrate with us.”

Everybody cheered and we threw our shots back. It was time to hit up club PURE with the crew.

*30 minutes later*

I was dancing with Marlee and Omari when I heard B’s voice echo throughout the club.

“Alright I wanna shout out my girl Ashton. Happy Birthday ma, this song is for you.”

I smiled hard and blew B a kiss as 2 Chainz Birthday song blared through the club speakers. Everybody in VIP got hype and started dancing and acting a fool. I was just enjoying myself and waiting for B to get a free moment so we could go and dance. I had to dance with my best friend at least once this night.

“We got to stop meeting like this ma, it’s not healthy.” Somebody said in my ear. I felt them when they came up and danced with me but I just assumed it was one of my niggas but I was wrong. All I knew that whoever this nigga was he was about to get cursed the fuck out, invading my personal space like we cool. Uhh no bitch!

“I don’t know you but I do know that you better back the fu-”

My words got caught in my throat. The anger and irritation I was feeling at that moment flew out the motherfuckin door. Chris Brown was here standing in front of me with a goofy ass smile on his face. I remember them talking about it down at the station on Monday but it completely slipped my mind that he would be at club PURE tonight.

“I’m starting to think you stalking me Mr. Brown.” I said with a smile.

“Nah, never that. Just came to wish you a happy birthday.”

“Yeah okay, but thank you!”

“It’s all good, thought I would make your birthday better by coming over and gracing you with my presence.”

I rolled my eyes and gave him the straight face. Arrogance was not cute.

“Well that’s nice, but your presence wasn’t needed.”

I didn’t even bother to hear what Chris had to say because my nigga B was coming over. At this point all I wanted to do was take some shots, dance with my best friend and celebrate the rest of my night.

“Look it was a joke ma, chill out.” Chris called out to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me close to him.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Okay, th-”

“Ey Ash, come on. You owe me a dance; don’t think I forgot lil nigga!” I laughed at B’s antics.

“Well Chris, thanks for the happy birthday but I gotta go.” I pulled my arm away but he grabbed me and pulled me back.



“Can I get your number? I mean you seem chill and cool. I just wanna get to know you.”

Now I was no idiot. This was Chris Brown; I knew that he was probably looking for a one night stand, something I wasn’t going to give him, but what could go wrong with me giving him my number. The worst that could happen would be is he wouldn’t call.

“Ashton, let’s go!” B said coming over to me. I knew he had only a little bit of time left before he had to go back up to the booth. So I did the first thing that came to mind.

“947-2122. if you can remember it, then hit me up.” I said it in Chris’s ear, so he could hear me loud and clearly.

I took B’s awaiting hand and followed him out on the floor, making good on my promise.


Brandon’s POV

I saw Ashton over there talking to that nigga Chris Brown and it made me laugh. I saw the way he looked at her at the station that day and I saw the way he was looking at her tonight. He wasn’t slick, I peeped his game and I’m pretty sure Ash did too. The one thing I loved most about her was that she was no dummy. Beyond all the beauty, there was some smartness. I let Ash talk to that nigga for a bit before I snatched her up.

“So what was that?”

“What you talking about B?”

“Don’t play dumb with me girl. I saw you, let me find out you and Chris Brown got something going on.”

She laughed which made me smile.

“Nah bruh, he just wanted the digits.”

“You give it to him?”

“Yeah but he gotta remember them.”

We both laughed. That was Ashton for you. If you wanted her, you hat to work for her. She never made things easy, which is one of the reasons why I loved her so much.


Kamryn’s POV

Chris been blowing my phone up non-stop, but did I care, nope. No fucks were given. Okay, let me stop, I’m lying but I wasn’t going to give in that easily. I was missing him and I wanted to pick up the phone but every time I started to, Kayla reminded me about all those times he would swerve me and how this was pay back for all the times he did me wrong.

“Girl, that nigga stay calling!” Lana told me as she gave me my now ringing phone, that I had no intentions on answering.

“He can call all he wants, I ain’t thinking about him.” Another lie rolled off my tongue. We was about to hit up club PURE and enjoy our last night in Vegas.

I flipped my hair to the side as this guy sat here talking my ear off. I had no intentions what so ever to give him my number or leave with him, he was just here for my entertainment. Don’t get me wrong he was cute and all, but I was taken; unlike Chris I could stay faithful. I had been ignoring him these last couple of days but I was ready to give in. I was missing him like crazy, this whole ignoring him thing was immature.

“Kamryn, Kamryn, hello!” The guy snapped his fingers in my face trying to get my attention.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

“Yeah, I asked what you were drinking.”

“Oh, I’ll just take two shots of patron.” I told him flatly.

I wasn’t feeling the whole club scene but I could hear Lana’s annoying ass voice in my head. ‘That nigga do you dirty all the damn time, so why can’t you go out and have some fun. Ignore him for once. Make him want you. Cause it’s clear he ain’t thinking or worrying about you when he with them girls.’ Truth be told, part of me believed what Lana was saying but the other half was like if he ain’t care then I wouldn’t be here. I’m the one he calls at night before he goes to sleep, I’m the one.

“You alright? You seemed to be spaced out a little.” Adam the guy who had been occupying my time at this club asked me with concern.

I gave him a genuine smile. “Yeah I’m fine.”

The two shots he paid for, I threw them back. I needed to just let Chris go for now and enjoy my last night in Vegas. Shit what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

“Let’s dance.”

The DJ began to play Bandz Make her Dance as I twerked on Adam. Them shots had me feeling good and I was ready to have some fun.

“Alright, Alright, Ladies we got a special guest here for you tonight. PURE nightclub make some noise for Chris Breezy!!!!”

Chris was here. My whole mood dropped. Out of all the damn clubs in Vegas, he would bring his yellow ass to this one tonight.

“I’ll be back.”

I had to get away from Adam; I needed some air and space to think of my next move. I couldn’t let Chris see that I was here in Vegas let alone that I’m with some other nigga. I knew if he did, this thing we had would go from bad to worst.

“God, why me!” I mumbled to myself.

I had to find Lana and Kayla and get the fuck out of here. I got myself together and headed back to the bar. I knew he would be in VIP so I glanced up there, just needing to see him. What I saw was enough to break my heart, or at least it felt like that. There he was, all up in some bitch face.

Now before y’all go and say anything, let me just say I put up with a lot of shit from Chris. From all his cheating, the constant girls calling his phone, the late nights, I deal with that shit because I love him. But this chick he was up there with didn’t look like the other girls, she didn’t throw herself at him, it looked like she wanted to leave. It was frustrating and irritating to see him chase her down. I could feel myself getting mad, I was pissed the fuck off.

What would you do if you saw your man up there hollering at some chick? Fuck this, Chris was about to hear my motherfuckin mouth. I don’t know who he thought he was fuckin with but he had the wrong one!

Chapter 7

Chris’s POV


“ Look I don’t want to hear it, I didn’t even ask you to come cause I knew this shit would happen and now it’s all up in the media and guess who they blaming it on!”

I had been arguing on the phone with Kam for about an hour and a half. She called me an hour after Tina left talking bout I miss you babe. She shouldn’t have called ‘cause I’m still not over that shit and the fact that Tina came  in screaming at me didn’t make it any better for her.

“Chris I said I was sorry, I mean what’s done is done what the fuck you want me to do about it now!” I took the phone from my ear and just stared at it because that couldn’t have been base in her voice.

“Ok one take that fuckin base  out of ya damn voice and two you shoulda stayed in LA, aint nobody tell you to come down there tryna surprise me n shit.” She sucked her teeth.

“ Oh my gosh it has been three days since that incident, I mean what you mad for cause I fucked up a possible smash and dash with the girl you was all up on.”

“The fuck, I told you that she was nobody, she wasn’t even givin me the time of day… I don’t even have her number. So I know you feelin mighty stupid.” I was lyin through my teeth but I couldn’t let her know that.

“Oh what the fuck ever Chris, I’m done arguing with your ass. I honestly just called to tell you that I’m gonna be gone for about a week with the girls, ya know to do some girl stuff, seeing as how I’m always stuck in your big ass house by myself.” I sat up in the chair.

“Well good just as long as you aint coming to mess with me I’m fine with that, oh and do me a favor don’t call and ask for no money cause you aint getting any from me.” She gasped.

“UGH WHY!?!”

“Cause how you think you gon start shit and get rewarded for it, where they do that at?”

“Chris you get on my fuckin nerves still fuckin mad over some petty shit-“

“Yea petty shit that you started, now go talk about that to the girls.”

With that I hung up on her. I don’t have time for her shit; it was giving me a headache. I honestly just need some time to myself. I looked up at the ceiling thinking about all the shit that just happened last week. I got everybody on my back can’t even walk out this hotel room without people screaming at me.

While I was thinkin something made me smile, out of all the shit that happened I almost forgot somebody. I got my phone and decided to text them instead just in case I had the wrong number.

Me: hey remember me


Ashton’s POV


“Damn boo all that happened… I shoulda stayed a little longer cause you know I aint dragged a bitch in a minute.”

“Yesss, I know you would’ve but to be honest Omari I aint even trippin off it. She just betta hope I don’t see her ass again or it will be a round 2.”

“Wha- yess gurrrll and I will be right there next to you just in case any other bitches get brave.”

“Omari you a fuckin fool.” My phone interrupted our conversation I had a text.

Unknown: Hey remember me

I looked at my phone with some confusion; I didn’t recognize the area code.


“Somebody just text me from an unknown number talkin bout you remember me?” Omari grabbed the phone and read the text.

“I don’t know who that is but that’s a LA number.”

“How you know?”

“I mean I would know seeing as how I’m from Cali gurl. Now the question you need to be asking yourself is who the hell do you know that live in Cali besides me?”

“True.” I shrugged my shoulders as in to say I didn’t know.

“What you mean you don’t know. Is it one of your late night booty calls, I mean did you get dick down while you was in LA with me and not tell me.” I damn near spit out my drink.

“UH no bitch!” he just looked away.

“I mean I’m just saying. But whoever it was must have not been that memorable if you can’t remember hunny.”

“Boy shut thee fuck up, I did not get dick down .The fuck I look like.” He started laughing

“Oh ok just checking.  Anyway I gotta go, see you later tonight?”

We hugged and went our separate ways. I decided to bring my attention back to the text; it was obviously somebody I knew because I don’t just give my number to anybody.

Me: Not really to be honest 

I replied as I hopped in my car and made my way back to the station. Whoever it was text back in record time.

Unknown: Oh so you tryna play me huh? It’s Chris

Me: Chris who?

Unknown:  -_- Chris Brown

Me: Oh my bad, didn’t think you would remember. But hold up, did you handle that situation tho.

Chris: yea, but enough about her I wanna see u

Me: I mean I guess, where u at?

Chris: right now I’m in Dallas for my promo run.

Me: oh well how we gonna see each other then

Chris: skype or facetime me later tonight

Me: okay

Chris: alright don’t be actin shy either  

Me: boy whatever you aint nobody special.

Chris: lol but seriously imma talk to you later, have a good day beautiful

Me: u too

I rolled my eyes this nigga was a fuckin character. But seriously I can’t believe he remembered, like no bullshit I didn’t think he would. Im kinda excited to talk to him tonight, I’m not gonna lie. Shit its Chris motherfuckin Brown, who wouldn’t be excited to talk to him. I could feel myself smiling hard as shit. OMG!!!! Wait, no am I blushing, no I couldn’t be, he just a celeb looking for another side chick. But the more I think about it why would he be tryin this hard to talk to someone he barely knew. I gotta stop thinking about him, because if Friday night was any indication of what would happen if we got together then it would never work, or could it.


Kamryn’s POV


I can’t believe Chris just hung up on me like that. I can’t believe he still salty over that shit. Like get the fuck over it already. He stays working my nerves, and on top of that he aint even tryna give me no spending money what type of fuckery is that. But that’s ok tho I lied anyway. I’m not going nowhere with the girls. My ass is staying in LA and hanging out with a friend.

I’ve been talking to Adam ever since I got back from Vegas. He was a cool guy and I enjoy his company, it’s something different about him. He was flying into LA for business and he has been begging me to go out with him.

I was a little hesitant at first but then I thought about it, Chris gets to go out with his little groupie’s well I can do that too.  Anyway Adam said he wants to spend some time with me. So he is booking a hotel in West Hollywood and we plan on spending the week together when he’s free. This should be interesting, I just hope we don’t get spotted by no paparazzi or anyone close to Chris.


Charlie‘s POV

I had been sitting in this bed staring at the ceiling for two hours now. I called in sick to work even though I’m not sick, I just don’t feel like being bothered. I was supposed to go to lunch with Ash and Omari but I lied and said I was busy with work and wouldn’t be able to make it. I mean it’s been three days since I came back from New York and I still can’t believe what I found out. I’m just not here right now, I mean physically I am but mentally I’m gone. Like this shit was crazy. My ‘parents’ have a lot of explaining to do. My whole life has been nothing but a lie.

What the fuck am I gonna do?

I asked myself as I lit and took pull of the blunt I just got finished rolling. It seems like this and the bottle was the only thing that could ease my mind and pain right now.

“What the fuck am I going to do.”

Chapter 4


Kamryn’s POV

Two days and a half I haven’t heard from this nigga for a day and a half. The last time I heard from him was when he called me from the casino drunk as fuck.


“Hello.” I groaned.

“Baybeee!” he giggled.

“What you want Chris, its 3:00 in the morning?”

“Any other time you be begging to talk to a nigga-”

“Well yeah babe, but not when I’m sleeping.”

“Oh my bad ma,” I heard laughter in the background which caused me to sit up in the bed and become more alert.

“Chris what is going over there? Why y’all so loud?”

“Nothing babe. Don’t worry about it.”

“What you mean don’t worry about it? It better not be one of your groupies Christopher!”

He sucked his teeth. “Man I can’t with your ass right now…you know what I’ll hit you up later.”

“Whyyy.” I whined.

“Cause Kam, you finna blow my high, so I’m just ‘bout to get off the phone-”

‘Chris bro, come on…we about to make it rain!’ I heard Chris and whoever he was with laugh which began to get me heated.

“Really Chris? I know you not about to go where the fuck I think you goin!”

I heard him sigh before replying. “I can do what I want Kam.” I could hear Mijo and them in the back telling him to come on.

“See I knew that’s why you didn’t want me to go, so you can fuck around with them nasty ass Vegas hoes huh?”

“Bye Kam. We’ll talk when I get back, don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

“Wait, Chr-” All I got in my ear was the damn dial tone. I threw the phone and climbed my ass back in the bed.

End of flashback.

I still couldn’t believe that nigga had hung up on me; after he was the one he called and woke me up out of my sleep. All I asked was a simple question and his ass couldn’t even be upfront with me about it with his cheating ass. I don’t even know why I put up with his shit but I do. One day he was gonna realize what it was like to lose me.

It’s going on Thursday and he still hasn’t called or text, but I wasn’t tripping too much. My girls, Lana and Kayla, and I were heading up to Vegas for a little mini vacation. Chris wanted to play games and so could I. Fuck him, this weekend was about me.

Chris’s POV

Thursday Noon


“Chris man, get up!”


“What the fuck yo.” I groaned walking to the door.

“Chris wake-”

“Mijo why you banging on the door like the police!”

“Nigga I am the police and you are later for your meet and greet. Did you not get my messages?”

“Oh shit,” I mumbled as I grabbed my phone off the night stand and saw all the missed calls and messages from my manager Tina and Mijo. “I overslept.” I rushed into the bathroom.

“Hurry up, we already an hour late nigga.” Mijo said walking into the room.

*30 minutes later*

I was finally making my way out of the hotel. I took a quick shower and threw on a black pyramid tee, some jeans, and my concords. Big Pat escorted me to the car. I signed a couple and slid in the car. I wasn’t even in there for long before I felt someone staring a hole in my face, so I turned and looked to see Tina, my manager staring a hole on my face. She had the meanest grill and I knew I was just about to hear it.

“Oh so we just forget that we got things to do, that’s nice.” I rolled my eyes at her comment. I was just going to let her rant before I said anything.

“Chris I told you we had stuff to do and this always happens…I mean you are twenty three years old. You need to start taking a responsibility and grow up.”

“I’m sorry Tina; we went to the strip club last night and I oversl-” She raised her hand to stop me.

“No, I don’t want to know, just know we are gonna be on the move all day and I don’t want you complaining. You brought this on yourself.”

“Okayyy Tina. I hear you.” I whined, tired of hearing Tina going on. I pulled out my phone and checked my twitter, instagram, and the unread text messages. I had 5 from Mijo, 2 from Keeis, and 3 from Tina. Usually I hear my phone but I was knocked the fuck out.

I saw that Kam didn’t text or call me, and that struck me as odd. I had thought that since I ain’t talk to her in a couple days, she would have at least talked or called me. It may not seem like it, but I had genuine feelings for Kam. She was my boo and I was missing her, so I scrolled through my phone, pressed her name and preceded to text her.

Me: Hey ma, what’s up, what you doin?

It’s been 5 minutes and there was still no reply. Now this is Kam we are talking about, when I text her she usually text me back within minutes of me sending it, so this was weird.

Me: I misss you!!!!!

It’s been overall 7 minutes and I still had no reply from Kam. I guess she was busy or something. “Chris bring your ass!” I heard Tina yelled. I put my phone in my pocket and put on a smile, time to go and kick it with my fans.

When I come out this meet and greet I betta have about 5 texts from Kam cause right now she looking a little sketch to me.

Ashton’s POV

“Girl come on, they got a sale over here!” Marlee said grabbing my arm.

“Okay, Mars. Hold up, these shoes nice!”

Mars and I was at Saks Fifth Ave. for about an hour now just buying all types of clothes. She just insisted that I turn heads for my birthday on Friday at PURE and of course I agreed. Mars is another fried from college. I met her freshman year at UNLV but she ended up leaving and going back home to Philly to work with her brother in his car shop. She was so smart but you could never tell by looking at her. Most people assumed that Marley was all about her looks but they couldn’t be more wrong, she was so much deeper than what people credited her for, but besides all of that I loved Mars ride or die personality. When you called, she came, no questions asked. In all honesty she was just Charlie and I mixed together.

“Ash girl, look at this dress. Girl you would look thick as fuck in this. Lord knows you already thick but everybody’s man will be on you with this. The thirst will be real!”

I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at her. She is too fuckin much. “Yeah that is cute, I’ma get that and these two black dresses, cause a bitch can never have too many options!” We both laughed as we made our way into the register.

We were just laughing and talking before we were cut off by some girls and screaming and running out the store into the mall.

“Alright, what the fuck was that?” I asked and Marlee shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, but you know my nosey ass bout to go and find out.” I shook my head at her.

Out of the three us, I would say that Marlee was the nosiest but she always gave us the best gossip and filled us in on anything that was going on. If I ever needed to know anything, Mars was the one with all the answers.

I was texting Charlie while I waited. She was going through it with her parents and I felt bad for her. I told her things were going to get better, it just takes time. After sending the message I looked up and saw Mars walk back in panting as if she had been running.

“So tell me who it was Lassie. Come on boy! Who was it??” I laughed as she gave me the straight face.

“Real funny Ashton Kutcher but I think it was a celebrity. I couldn’t really see cause some big girl almost knocked me over to get to whoever it was. I could hear her fat ass wheezing as she pushed through the crowd!” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at her comment.

“She was wheezing huh?” I asked once she got up to the register.

“Yeah she was, I should have tripped her ass.”

We checked out and walked out the store. We got out into the mall and I could finally see what all the commotion was about. I guess it was some kind of meet or greet or something for somebody famous.

“Damn, all these bitches are thirsty as fuck…see that’s why I don’t be chasin after no celeb. The dick is never that good and I’m independent. I don’t need any man.” Marlee said clapping her hands.

“Mars you can’t get a man, that’s why you don’t have one.”

“Nooooo, I just choose not mess with Philly boys anymore.”

“Got tired of the baby mommas chasin you down, huh?”

“Ughh, just shut up hoe. Let’s go eat.”

I playfully shoved her before linking arms and heading to my car.

Chris’s POV

“Tinaaaaaa, We been here for about 2 hours now, can we go?”

“Yeah, almost just a couple more pictures and autographs and then you done.”

“Ok,” I mumbled.

Its nice to be with team breezy but a nigga is and hungry and we gotta move to the next event. I pulled out my phone while they brought the next group of girls in. Hold up why Kam ain’t text me back. Its been damn near 2 and half damn hours since I text her and I still aint have no reply, so I decided to call her. I waited and it rung twice before going straight to voicemail.

Damn I knew she was mad but it was usually her wanting to talk to me and me swerving her ass, not the other way around. Now she got me sitting here looking like a bitch cause I want to talk to her ass. When I’m done here I’ma blow her shit up. She playin and thinking this a game by not answering her phone and shit. She must not know I run this shit over here.

“Alright, Chris they bringing the last group in now and then you can go eat.”

“Alright leggooo!!!!” I got a sudden burst of energy. She said food and I started hugging random people and taking pictures. I looked at my phone one last time, no nothing what the hell is Kam doing?

Chapter 9

Chris’s POV

“Alright, lets take a break y’all.” I said getting up from the chair.

I decided to go to the studio in Houston while I’m still in town before I head out to the next city. I just honestly wanted to get away from Tina’s sarcastic ass. She was screaming at me every 5 minutes about everything and on top of that she is still pressing the issue about the whole club incident. I mean I asked her to pass me a water bottle this morning and her ass talking bout some “Uh Oh should I duck, I don’t want you to throw it at me Mr. Brown.” What type of shit is that, I aint never been so annoyed by nobody ever. I just needed to let off some steam, so I called up Kirko and we been at it in the studio for about an hour and a half now.

“A yo Chris, you don’t here ya phone ringing bruh?” Kirko said. I looked down it was lightin up and everything.

“Oh shit good lookin cuz, I wasn’t even payin attention.” All I know is it bet not be Tina’s ass. I looked down and it said Tyga.

“What up nigga?”

“Nothin, this my second time callin you what or should I say who are you doin?” I laughed.

“Nigga nobody, I’m in the studio with Kirko we just takin a lil break right now.”

“Oh yeah I forgot you was in Texas, when you plan on coming back to LA?”

“Shit, probably not for another couple of weeks, promo don’t stop until I get to New York.”

“ Damn, aye Kam with you right?”

“Naw, some shit popped off in Vegas, so I sent her ass home.”

“Oh, Interesting.” I sat up straight… what the fuck he talkin bout.

“What happened now?”

“ I mean I just wanted to know cause Honey and Heather said they seen her at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood and they said she was all up on some nigga.” I was heated as fuck I know her ass aint lie to me.

“She told me she was goin somewhere with them two birds Kayla and Lana this week.”

“Naw speakin of them I just seen them two last night at Supper club, Kam was nowhere in sight.” Oh so she wanna play games huh.

“Ight imma call hit you after I leave this studio.”

“Ight cuz.”

Kam just don’t know she testing a nigga, let me even see her with a another nigga. Matter of fact imma just give her a little call.


Kamryn’s POV

Adam and I have been together all day. It was cool hanging with him. I mean he aint have no crazy obsessed fans following him or nothing. It was relaxing to know that I could live a normal life for once, don’t get me wrong I love the life I live with Chris but it was good to know that I didn’t have to run to the car every time we came out of the hotel and that I could actually shop in peace without people watching us through the window. We even went to millions of milkshakes and had a normal conversation and no one interrupted us asking for an autograph or nothing.

“So where do you wanna eat at for dinner tonight?” he asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Um, I don’t kno-, hold on.” My phone started ringing. I grabbed it outta my purse and “Baby” popped up on the screen.

“Shit” I mumbled.

“Is everything Ok Kam.”

“Uh, yeah… I just gotta take this call can you look up some places to eat, imma go outside real quick.”

“Ight hurry back.” He leaned in for what looked like a kiss but I swerved his ass and he ended up kissing my cheek. He gon have to slow that all the way down.

As soon as I was outside I answered the phone with the phoniest voice ever.

“Heyyy baby, I miss you, what you doin?” I said in a high pitched voice.

“Nothin but I should be asking you that.”

“huh, what you talkin bout babe?” I answered.

“Don’t huh me Kam, How was them Milkshakes tho?” I started looking around. Is this nigga watchin me. You know what I aint even bout to trip instead imma just fuck with him real quick.

“Oh real good boo, you should’ve had some.” I knew he was mad now.

“oh really so it’s true, who the nigga you with?” Damn how he know all this shit. I had to think fast.

“Oh that my friend Ad-… Alonzo yeah Alonzo. He came into town today and needed to talk, him and his BOYFRIEND are goin through some things.” I’m too good.

“So he wasn’t all up on you…”

“No I just told you he had a boyfriend.”

“oh well I just called to check on you I will talk to you later k.”

“wait, that’s all you called me for to see if I was sneaking around on you… well aint that bout a bitch.”

“Well yeah and I just wanted to hear ya voice… but I gotta go back to the studio , I will call you later.”

I sighed “Fine, talk to you later.” I mean I had to at least sound like I wanted to talk to him a little bit longer.

“Love you Kam.”

“Love you too Chris.” Damn I almost got caught, I forgot this nigga had eyes all over LA.

I walked back into the store and stood next to Adam.Hearing Chris say he loved me had me feeling kind of guilty for being here with Adam but I quickly hid it with a smile. “Ight where we goin to eat.”

“umm, I changed my mind let’s do a movie then dinner.” I grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Ok that fine lets go.”

I could really get use to this.


Ashton’s POV

“ Never had much faith in love or miracles
  Never wanna put my heart on the line.
  But swimming in your world is something spiritual
  I’m born again every time you spend the night”

 I was sittin here singing while I was cleaning since nobody wanted to text a bitch back got me lonely as shit right now. So Bruno mars was keepin me in good company right now. Shit im by myself I mind as well go all out and just start dancing so I started doin the carlton dance. I was into it to.

“Cause your sex takes me to paradise
Yeah your sex takes me to paradise
And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause you make feel like, I’ve been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long
Yeah you make feel like, I’ve been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long”

I was now out in the living room sliding all over the wood floors, I was so into it that I didn’t hear the front door open.

“OH SHIT!!!!!!!! The fuck bitch, make yourself known next time.”

Charlie was standing there staring at me laughing. I don’t know what the fuck she laughing for I don’t think my singing and dancing is that funny.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to interrupt, you was puttin on a nice little show for the audience over there.”

“Shut the fuck up.” I looked at her and she started walking to her room.

“hold up, where the fuck you been I know you seen my text bitch.”

“oh my bad my phone went dead, but what did you need?”

“No the better question is what were you doing, what I have to say can wait.”

“ugh Ash come on now, I don’t feel like goin through this with you… I just needed time for myself so I went and walked around the park.”

“THE PARK… bitch you can barely walk around the house without getting tired so- hold on.” Somebody was ringing the door bell, now company want to show up.

“Who is it” I said looking through the peep hole I know that head anywhere I opened the door with a quickness.

“Aye what up B” he looked hella nervous.

“What up why you look all nervous, and you didn’t answer yo phone neither, you obviously don’t want this stuff.”

“man I aint nervous but where is at.” He was still lookin around.

“Right here.” I said pointing to the couch.

“Oh ight thanks Ash I appreciate it.”

“no problem.” Charlie came walking out her room to the kitchen B damn near snapped his neck lookin at her.

“What up Charlie.” She looked down.

“Hey B.” He turned and looked back at me and I got a clear view of his neck.

“DAMN!!!! What the hell happened to ya neck B, which one of your hoes did that.”

“huh?!?” he quickly tried to cover it up.

“That hickey on your neck bruh it is big as shit.”Charlie dropped a bowl in the sink and started coughing.

“Oh that nothing.” He started looking back and forth between me and Charlie.

“Man why y’all acting so weird, all I asked was a ques- hold the fuck up… Charlie girl are the hoe that put that hickey on my nigga neck tho.” B started cougin, yep they messin around.

“Uh Uh I can explain.” Caught her.

“no need but damn B you just gon take my wifey huh, I mean is it like that”

“ok ash we just went out on one date.”

“oh and you bout sucked his neck off charlie.” She sucked her teeth.

“look its not like that ash we not even together yet, we just talking.” B said.

“I mean I aint mad or nothing but damn I fyou wanted to share her B you coulda just asked me… but go head and take her she need the D anyway, cause lawd knows she aint had it in a minute.”

“uh no bitch you aint had it in bout a year and a half boo.” I just stood there with the Kevin Harrt you aint gon do shit face. No this bitch aint go there.

“you know what imma go back and listen to my Bruno Mars… and if y’all decide to get it in take that shit to his house cause this is a no fuckin zone in this house, at least not until I get some… and strap up my nigga I don’t need no lil peanut head ass babies runnin round here.” I shut my room door and could hear them laughing.

I’m actually happy for them. My too closest friends together that’s not that bad. He bet not do her dirty or I will fuck him up nut I’m pretty sure he know that. I can’t believe it though maybe she can stop acting all depressed now.


Brandon’s POV

Shit I’m happy Ash knows but we only went out on one date, then we went back to my place. Yeah we started kissing and shit but I swear it aint go no further than that. I actually want to get to know her. From our date I could tell me and her had a lot in common and she hella chill. That’s the type of girl I need in my life. Shit any dude would fuckin go after her so imma make her mines sooner than later.

“well since she knows now you wanna watch a movie with me B?”

“yeah you pick.”

She just might be the one for me.

Chapter 2

*2 months after graduation (July)

Ashton’s POV

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This job is everything to me, for the first couple of weeks all they had me do was file paper work and answer the phones, you know boring shit. After a while I finally got tired of waiting and went up to my boss and told him that I really love working in radio and that i would love to gain more experience so maybe people can hear my voice on the radio one day. Of course it took some time to convince him but he finally gave in and for the past two weeks he has let me attend radio station events, I even assist the host and DJ’s from time to time. I really knew he was taking me serious when he would occasionally let me escort artist into the studio to be interviewed. I met a few of them but I really wasn’t star struck or anything, well with the exception of me possibly drooling over Trey Songz but that only because he was a gentleman and wasn’t breathing down my neck like the rest of the thirsty rappers. I guess I’m just not fazed like every other girl that works here; I honestly see them as normal folk just with a bomb ass payday.

“Ash, Ash!, Ashton!”


“Snap out of it girl, I asked you what you thought of my mixes… you all staring at the ceiling and shit.” B said

B. Hughes is one of the up and coming DJ’s at the station he is a real cool dude, me and him can have conversations for days from a range of things from his girlfriend problems to ambitions for the future. But on top of all that he is hella talented, I told him to just become a producer but he said we all have to start somewhere and this is where he wants to start.          

“My bad B” I laughed.  “These are dope B, I mean we listening to them here just imagine what they would sound like in the club… so tell me why they haven’t put you on yet?”

We both laughed. “Shit, I don’t know bu-“

We were cut off by the flashing of the “On-Air” sign. Meaning the host Drama was about to start the show. 

Everyone calls him Drama because no matter where he goes it is always Drama. I honestly don’t know how they allow him to even participate in any type of radio station events. It’s always a problem surrounding him whether it is the  ex-baby mama, his main chick, or his side chicks it always something.

That’s why when he ask me to do events with him I make sure I am nowhere near him ‘cause his bitches stay lurking in the shadow and I am not here for it. I would literally have to take them bitches down cause I don’t play when it comes to dudes and their sideline hoes. Keep em in check.  

  “You are now listening to Power 88 in the afternoon, I am your host Drama and beside me is my lovely co-host Chanel B… Tell‘em what we got in store for them Chanel.”

“Okay so ladies! Attention all my ladies! Next week we have a special guest for you… now we are not going to give away the surprise of who it is but you will love this one and I’m actually excited for him to stop by he hasn’t been out here on power 88 in a minute so get ready.” She said clapping her hands.

“HaHa, I would get excited Chanel but I’m a dude so this is out of my league … but all you ladies heard her the special guest will be here on power 88 on Monday and we will have a little chit chat with him .”

“But of course until them we just gonna hop into this countdown, here is my dude Lil Wayne with No Worries power 88 stay locked.”

Everybody went back to talking as I sat there trying to figure out who could possibly be talking about, I mean for them to be hyping him up it must be somebody big. Whatever its probably just one of those conceited rappers again.

“B I’m Hungry and its break time lets go get something ‘cause a bitch is starving.”


Chris’s POV

“Damn it’s bright as hell in this room” I groaned.

“Chris” ugh here she comes.

 “Baby” Kam said. “I made you breakfast.”

 I sat up and took one bite and my eyes got wide.

“ UH what is this Kam?”

“Babe it is pancakes” she laughed.

“girl more like burnt toast this is hard as a rock” I tapped it on the nightstand next to me it damn near chipped the paint.

“Ugh you never appreciate anything I do” she said crossing her arms.

“I’m sorry babe I’m not even that hungry anyway” I lied.

 Still had a crazy ass hangover from being at the club all night last night. As much as I be drinking you’d think I was an alcoholic.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle water. When I closed the fridge door Kamryn was standing there smiling looking like a straight up fucking creep.


“Nothing” she sung.

“Whatever, I know you want something you cooked… well burnt me breakfast in bed and you standing here smiling, you look a little to sketch to not want something.”

“Well” she said “you know how you go on promo tours, I was wonderin-“


“Why, Mijo, Keeis, and them get to go why can’t I?”

“Because I don’t want nor do I need the drama… besides last time I took you on a promo tour you got a little beside yourself and TRIED to fight the co-host for hugging me goodbye too long, plus I always roll with them and you know you and Mijo don’t get along.”

“Ugh, fine I know the real reason you don’t want me to go but whatever I guess I will have to sit in this big ass house all by my lonesome” she said pouting her bottom lip.

“YEP!” I pinched her cheek and walked out the kitchen laughing. She mad and I don’t care I don’t care how much she beg it aint happening.

I got a text from my manger saying that after the promo funs this week in LA I will start a promo run in Vegas. I rarely go to this one radio station I think the name is power 88, they just messy but I gotta do it for team breezy. I just don’t feel like dealing with the thirsty ass workers but I guess I will have to wait and see.

Kamryn’s POV

Chris gets on my nerves he always pushing me away I want to spend time with him but he aint having that.  I know the only reason he don’t want me with him so he can be all up on them groupies.

I walked in the bedroom to see Chris hopping in the shower. “Oop, he left his phone” I whispered.

I scrolled though his schedule and saw that he would be in vegas next week for radio shows and club appaerances.

“Mmhm” he may not want me to go with him but he never said I couldn’t go with my girls.  I text Lana and Kayla told them to get ready for a little vacation. Chris isn’t bout to play me for a fool anymore.

“Babe pass me a towel” Chris yelled Knocking me out of my thoughts. I got up to hand him the towel to see him standing there soaking wet, which made me bite down on my bottom lip.

“What you staring at?”

“Oh nothing you look good though.” I chuckled and threw him the towel. With that I went downstairs and popped “Bridesmaids” in the DVD player. I figured I should relax before my trip to Vegas.