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Did anyone else see Wonder Woman this weekend? We did! And we were very inspired!

We’re also excited to debut our newest collection based on the Amazon Warrior herself to the shop. You can take a piece of our collection home here, to keep inspiring you!

All designs are available as bracelets in adult and child sizes, as well as necklaces in 16″, 18″, 20.5″, and 24″ sizes.

We also ship internationally!

Use code USFREESHIP50 for free shipping in the US for orders over $50 and INTLFREESHIP100 for free shipping outside of the US for orders over $100.

Geek Galaxy Design’s Wonder Woman inspired collection is now available: here


Viking Queen jewelry set I • Torque necklace • Silver torque • Celtic toque • Viking bracelet • Celtic cuff •Viking ring • Nordic jewlery

100% handmade Viking jewelry set. The pieces included are a torque necklace, a bracelet and a ring. The pieces are handwoven from hardened aluminium wire and finished with acrylic painting for an aged look.

Make them all yours today!


etsyfindoftheday | 4.22.17

solsta | vintage stoneware necklace with terracotta rope by staygoldmaryrose

staygoldmaryrose’s etsy shop specializes in the upcycling and repurposing vintage stoneware, teacups, and more into absolutely STUNNING jewelry pieces. they sell bangles and pendants in a variety of found patterns — this deep rust, black, and gold statement necklace with small turquoise accents is my #1 fave.

Check out this pretty bling! ✨✨ I promised I’d try to have #oneofakind handmade necklaces on etsy andddd WISH GRANTED! 😄 I wanted make these available to you lovelies who couldn’t make it out to the Roma Cartoon Festival 🤗 I’ve only got 10 different pieces but I’m excited to include them in my Rainbow Release on Friday on Etsy! 😄I made these beauties by hand so they’re super special to me 😉 I hope you check them out on thecamillastore.etsy.com at 9am PST on Friday if you want to get one! ❤ Let me know what you think about them! 💎✨I’m all about wearable and unique goodies so I hope this is te kind of thing that you like too! 😙💖

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've answered something like this before, but do you have any recommendations for stim toys that are on the subtle side and can preferably be kept on the person?

It’s fine! You can always check my ask tag to see what’s been answered, but I understand if you’re not able to flip through five pages of asks (and tags are harder to access for mobile users, although I keep the tags pages linked in my user description to make it easier). You might like to look through this previous ask for ideas, as it discusses lanyard-clipable stim toys! In addition, if you’re in a classroom or desk office setting, some of the stationery items mentioned in this ask might be workable as stealth toys.

I’m not sure what kind of toy you might be after (chewable, fidget, etc) so I’ll list everything I know of that’s both on-the-person portable and subtle/stealth. Jewellery is like to be your best option. This is a little harder for people like me who prefer not to present in ways socially-coded as feminine, but, thankfully, most of these things don’t have strong associations with a binary gender.

Stimtastic really does have some of the best offerings for teenagers and adults after subtle/stealth stim jewellery.

Fidget jewellery that’s perfectly stealth: Roller Ball Bike Chain Bracelet | Extra Wide Bike Chain Bracelet | Spinner Rings (link to category, in various colours and designs) | Double Circle Earrings | Concentric Circles Necklace | Scented Vial Necklace (I have the cinnamon one and I love it - it’s small enough to be unobtrusive/merely decorative and it smells divine) | Snake Twist Necklace (a subtle Tangle alternative) | Mobius Flower Earrings (I took these off the earring backings and turned them into necklace pendants strung on a leather cord - gender neutral and nobody knows it’s stim jewellery) | Heavy Bike Chain Bracelet | Interlocking Bike Chain Bracelet | Light Bike Chain Bracelet | Wrist Coil Bracelets (like wearing a hair tie on your wrist - unremarkable) | Zipper Bracelets.

Fidget toys that can be attached to a bag or belt loop: Rolling Bead Lanyard | Large Bead Ring | Squishy Panda Charm | Jumbo Bead Ring.

(Note: how stealth these ones are depends somewhat on how eclectic you are in presentation. I can attach a bead ring or a squishy to a belt loop and have no one remark on it, but I’m the kind of person psychologists politely call “quirky”.)

Fidget toys that can fit into a pocket and hide in your hand/palm when someone comes over to your desk: Spiky Animal Fidget | Boinks Fidget | Mini Prickle/Hedge Balls.

(Note: I’ve found the animal prickle fidget toys in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Toys R Us, $4-$4.50 AUD. I’ve also found the mini prickle balls in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Big W, $3-$5 AUD.)

Chewables that are closer to stealth: Chewable Dulcimer Necklace | Chewable Trapezoid Necklace | Chewable Doughnut Necklace. (These are the smaller or plainer chewable pendants, and I assure you, I’ve seen folks wearing non-silicone versions of these. I’ve also walked around various cities, stores and markets wearing the Braid Pendant and nobody has once thought anything of it if they don’t see it in my mouth. Oversized jewellery, especially for femme-leaning folks, is pretty fashionable.)

DIYs: If you want to make your own roller bead lanyards, here’s the tutorial. If you want to make your own bead rings and make them even more stealth, here’s my tutorial on making bead ring necklaces. Nobody has ever treated these as anything more than funky necklaces, and I wear these everywhere, every day.

@caseydickdanger​, if you’re located in the US, makes some seriously unique handcrafted pieces. Most things have textures if you’re just after a necklace pendant to touch and handle. The really stimmy in-stock items include the Nautical Bottle Necklace, Mocha Tubez Bracelet and the Mermaid Sand Tubez Bracelet.

@spacerobotstudio has a phenomenal selection of funky, unique fidget necklaces: Spirit Level Necklace in Red | Spinner Pendant Necklace in Copper and Teal | Bronze Double-Sided Compass Necklace | Pink and Blue Saturn Spinner Necklace (oh, god, want) | Dots and Brown Spinner Pendant Necklace | Blue Glitter Globe Necklace.

Banggood or ebay also sell tiny squishies. Mochi squishies are perfect for holding and hiding in one’s hand (links to many individual ones in this post) but most of the cheap squishy assortments include smaller bun and cake squishies as well (and these have strap attachments for adding to bags).

(If you’re after more bag or lanyard-attachment fidget toys, here’s the ultimate post on where to find edamame poppers!)

Etsy has a wealth of spinner rings. There’s a wide variety running from affordable to bespoke.

You can also find the wrist coil/telephone cord bracelets in cheap multipacks in every dollar store - look in the hair accessory section. Also available on ebay! If you’re not the kind of person who wears bracelets, I’ve seen them as lanyard clips in many dollar shops (link to listing on Banggood).

Chubuddy and Amazon also have chewable telephone cord bracelets, if you want something unremarkable that’s chewable and a fidget.

Chewigem has several silicone raindrop pendant chewables that look just like oversized funky pendants.

In short, there’s a lot of options, especially jewellery-wise. However, most of these sellers are based in the US, so if you’re an international stimmer, be prepared for international shipping rates and conversion fees. While there are therapy-focused stim toy stores internationally, most of them don’t offer a lot in the way of subtlety!

Good luck. If this doesn’t help you enough, please let me know. If there’s something I should have included and didn’t, please also let me know!


etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 6.9.17

raw stones necklace by sanktoleonojewelry

sanktoleonojewelry’s matte raw gemstone necklaces are unique, long statement pieces that vary in shape and color — there are so many special stones to choose from, like lepidolite and asvestite and fuchsite and fluorite! love love.


I hand make weird bone jewelry. It is all cruelty free, I find the bones myself, or they get donated from an already deceased animal. I clean and sometimes stain them different colors. Visit my etsy for coyote, raccoon, Seahorse, mouse, bird, &other bone jewelry! Etsy.com/shop/lovecraftoddities Or go on etsy and search my shop!!!! Love Craft Oddities :)


Wire wrapped Viking knit leather necklace

Handmade, simple and elegant, this is a piece inspired by viking folk art :) 

Item description:

  • * Approximate weight: 10 g (0.01 lbs)
  • * Approximate cord length: adjustable

Visit my shop @ Loitsu Crafts Etsy and take a closer look! 

Spock Imagine- Injury

You know that moment when a person stars to feel sick, a light fuzzy feeling taking over their body. The become sluggish over time, everything around them going in slow motion. Being around the same person for a long time, you start to acquaint yourself with their various moods. The minute you start to feel sick or upset, Spock could immediately sense a change in you as if a light switch has flipped. Spock on the other hand has a whole different way of dealing with his physical feelings, and you aren’t always able to catch on right away. 

It started with him not talking as much as he normally does. Your normal banter with the Science Commander has diminished to light conversation. Something felt off but you couldn’t quite put your tongue on it. You silently observe him from the opposite side of the bridge. He zones out for a few seconds, eyes unfocusing from the screen they were so attached to moments ago. It’s as if his mind as escaped him for a brief moment. After he has returned to himself, you walk over to him. 

“Commander, may I have a word with you in private?” you ask. 

He nods and the two of you tread out of the room. A few people raise their eyebrow as you pass, but you were focused on Spock. Exiting the main room, you peer around the hallway for anyone around. Once the coast is clear you know you can be real with him for a brief moment. 

“Spock is everything okay?” you ask, your hand grazing his. 

“Why wouldn’t it be?” he says with bright eyes. 

“You just seem a little off today. You sure you are feeling well?” 

“I am well, just a lot to get done. Now if there isn’t anything further, I would like to return to the lab.” 

You send him a sly smile and allow him to go his own way. Not entirely convinced, you head off in search of Spock’s long time best friend Captain Kirk. Generally you are a well put together person, but when something goes on your mind you can’t focus. Checking every room for the winsome Captain, you can’t help but let your mind wander. Why is Spock being so weird?

“(y/n)?” you hear before crashing into a figure ahead of you. 

As you pull away out of embarrassment you feel two strong hands clamp around your upper arms. Your gaze meets the captain’s and he can immediately  sense that something is bothering you. 

“Is everything okay?” he asks trying to decipher your worries. 

“Yes and no. I’m fine, Spock on the other hand. He’s just not acting like himself. I’m sure everything is fine, I just worry. Have you been out with him lately?” you ask. 

“We went out a few days ago trying to find some samples. I don’t remember anything going wrong though.” 

“Alright. Well I’ll just keep a close eye on him. Thanks Captain.” 

“Anything (y/n).” he gives your arms a squeeze and a slight wink before he walks off. 

Returning to your spot in the lab, you examine your boyfriend’s behavior once again. This time his face seems a little more sunken in, and his actions are a bit lethargic. The pointed tips of his ears are a slight shade of green. Knowing that something is up, you walk over to him once again. 

“Commander Spock.” you approach him, sliding a gentle hand on his lower back. 

He slightly winces and you know you have found your problem. Not caring what everyone else would think, you pull him by the hand back into the hallway. He looks at you with wide eyes unable to process his thoughts. 

“Spock what is going on with your back?” you question.

“(y/n) it is not as bad as you think. If you would please give me a moment to explain.” he says defensively. 

Not allowing him to explain, you drag him once again only to sickbay where you are able to get a closer look. Pulling the curtain, you allow for some privacy despite the doctor’s curious inquiries about what was happening behind the curtain. Spock has given in that this point, knowing that he won’t be able to win this battle. You lift up the shirt of his uniform only to reveal a deep purple and green bruise on his side. A deep gash stretches across his fragile skin. 

“Spock.” you breath, running your finger lightly over the bruising. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“I didn’t deem it necessary.” 

“This is something that needs to be tended to. This could have gotten infected. I think you need some stitches. Doc come here.” 

The doctor peeks behind the curtain with a cocked eyebrow. His expression drains when he sees the wound on his friend’s torso. 

“This is going to need stitches, wouldn’t you agree?” 

“Yeah I’d say so. How did this happen?” 

“That is classified information.” 

“Classified or not, you are still going to need stitches. Can you grab me a kit doc?” 

“You sure you want to do them?”

“Yes doctor. I am more than capable.”

The doctor hands you a sterile kit to stitch up your boyfriend’s wound. Occasionally you look up at him to see how he is tolerating the pain. Going back to the wound, you place a few stitches to hold the broken skin together. He pulls away slightly when you poke the needle through the deepest part. 

“Hey hold still!” you warn, wiggling the needle in your hands. 

once the stitches are done, you peel off your gloves and look at the sutures. Some of the color has drained from Spock’s face, that light green flushing his face. You sit next to him, grabbing onto his hand. 

“You need to tell me when you get hurt hun.” 

“Well (y/n), you are known for over reacting now and then. I did not want to draw attention.” 

“Spock. You goofball. That could have been serious.” 

“Lucky for you Spock, you have a smart girl on your hands who can take care of you.” Bones adds. 

You plant a light kiss on his cheek, showing him you aren’t mad at him. 

“From now on, you tell me when you get hurt. Okay?” 

“I was going to wait to give this to you, but now seems like a logical time to present this.” 

He digs in his pocket and pulls out a chain with a small blue gem on the end of it. The dazzling gem is encased by some metal wires, making it entirely unique. He places the necklace around you neck. 

“Spock it is beautiful!” you gasp. 

“I found the gem while out in the field. I thought you might enjoy it, so I had it made into a necklace for you.” 

“Thank you, I love it! But that doesn’t mean you aren’t in trouble!” 

You give him a slight wink before grabbing his hand again. You relationship is based off of trust and reliance, and you love him for that. Both of you need each other and think of each other in desperate times. 

This unique necklace is made with a small atlas bone and two pieces of purple fluorite. From the bottom hangs a small chain accent. This piece comes on an 18 inch soldered rhodium curb chain (lead and nickel free, tarnish resistant).

Purple fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness, and can open the third eye. In this area it assists in accessing the spiritual planes, clairvoyance, and visions. It is used to aid concentration and memory, partly by emparting an inner peace and emotional stability.

Buy it now at www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByWolves

Seed Bead Necklace - Beaded Tribal Necklace - Pastel Necklace - Tribal Pendant - Boho Necklace - Beach Jewelry -Ethnic Necklace
A little bit tribal, and a little bit boho queen, this necklace is the ultimate statement necklace. With a design of apricot pink , blue, white, golden and cooper brown seed beads this necklace is perfect for brightening up any outfit. This beautiful pendant measures approx: 4cm x 19cm (7,5) including tassels The length when dropping down - 53 cm ( 21 ) with pendant Made by high quality gorgeous acrylic seed beads. All my pieces are made from the heart and carefully handcrafted with attention to detail from start to finish in a smoke free environment.