unique nails


Yay! My first Post. =] lol well this is some thing I made up but its kind of classic for a “safari” post. Okay so what I did here was I applied a base coat, I used Nail Envy by OPI just because my nails are a bit on the thin side. Second I applied a Layer of OPI’s French Quarter For your Thoughts to every single nail, even the ring finger (this was so the glitter would show up better in two coats.) After That I applied OPI’s Crown Me Already to both of my ring fingers (two Layers) and another coat of French Quarter for your thoughts on the rest. I originally just applied a top coat there and left it like that but I felt it to be to plain and Jazzed it up with some animal print. I used Kiss Nail Art Polish to make the lines and prints first for all my nails (I may make a video or step by step pictures for this if you would like). After I made my lines I took Crown Me Already by OPI and put a drop of it on a zip-lock bag (just so I can throw it out easily after) and used a pencil to dab it in the droplet and place it into the center of my cheetah prints. (you may have to use several droplets since they will dry and clean off the pencil tip from time to time due to sparkles building up). After all that I applied Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal it all in! I hope you enjoy it and send me any pictures of your take on it! =]