unique lingerie

This is one of my most unique and treasured vintage lingerie items – a late 1940s Barbizon Taffeta slip in a grey-blue shade.   The features are sublime – side zipper, ornate lace bodice, lace shoulder straps.  Taffeta is a fabric with no stretch whatsoever, so you have to get the size just right.  I lusted after this slip for years once I saw it in the advertisement on the right.  I thought I hit true pay dirt when I saw it listed online for not much at all.  But I’ve also seen quite a few others like it over the past few years, so they’re still available.   

For those who can’t see what the advertisement is saying, here it is:  Barbizon’s New Taffeta is nylon and orlon that will rustle, rustle, and rustle forever– that never needs an iron!   Lovely miracle fabric that makes you feel so pampered and pretty – that underlines your Fall wools without static or cling.   Famous Body-Contour slips and petticoats from $5.95 to $10.95.   

Sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet that really gets into these vintage lingerie items.  I guess on the one hand that makes it easier to acquire them, but makes it harder to share the joy and satisfaction about them.   

London is getting a new fashion extravaganza - the Victoria’s Secret Show, which will take place for the first time in the British capital this year. The annual show, known for its unique lingerie and live performances by top entertainers, will be held at Earls Court on December 2nd.