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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - Gambit System Trailer

SQUARE ENIX released a new FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE trailer that focuses on the Gambit System, the ground-breaking combat system which utilizes customizable AI “gambits” to let players to adapt to any situation during battle. Players can also freely develop their characters and tactics with the all-new Zodiac Job System, which allows each character to battle as two of 12 unique and beloved jobs.



Finally! You’ve asked for it, you’ve begged for it, you attacked a group of nuns butt-naked screaming about it, and I have heard your prayers and lazed about but eventually made it.
That’s right, keep your clothes on this time because it’s TRAIN POWER ARMOR.

-A new set of power armor: TRAIN POWER ARMOR, which comes with its own unique paint jobs, over 30 new mods, lights, new sound effects and its own special mechanics
-The ability to build “steam” while walking in TRAIN POWER ARMOR. Steam can be used in place of AP when sprinting, and can be used for a variety of other actions and bonuses.
-A new UI element while in the armor that displays the user’s current steam.
-A new bossfight, puzzle, dungeon, AND quest to retrieve the armor.
-Full voice acting for all dialogue in the mod.

-The mod can begin by entering the old locomotive at the very very south end of the map, at the end of the railroad tracks. Enter it and flip the switch, and your TRAIN POWER ARMOR adventure will begin.
-Figure out the puzzle yourself.
-This armor, due to its SHEER GIRTH and size of the armor, is best played in third person. Some of the mods only work in third person as well, and most of the effects are only visible in that.
-Some users report the steam meter not showing up, this is due to some outside issue with DEF_UI, but god knows I don’t know what it is.


-registrator2000 for their help with testing and logging
-All the testers
-Kos for the initial models
-Niero for the light models and projectiles
-Buffscale for the ghoul hats

Imagine Vehicons/Eradicons

Imagine Eradicons supporting their comrades after a fight. Spilling their sparks after a particularly unjust death by the hands of their leaders.

Imagine Eradicons spark bonding with their brethren for comfort. Some in pairs, others in groups. Some, bitterly choosing not to, due to their general short life expectancy.

Imagine Eradicons detailing the insides of their spark chambers in ways that identify them. Their external look having to stay to military code, but inside, each having a unique paint job or scratched in quotes/motivations/bondmates names.

Imagine Eradicons adopting names outside their identification number. Some insisting that other Eradicons use it within the privacy of the barracks. Others, scratching it into the hidden edges of their plating.

Imagine Eradicons building a rather secretive friendship with their superiors. Breakdown or possibly Dreadwing. The cons very carefully supporting their efforts, offering encouragement or a hand on the shoulder in the mines.

Imagine Eradicons thinking about functionalism and how, regardless of the decepticon cause, they still remain in a position of oppression. Letting it trickle into their thoughts at night, feeling helpless, hoping the end of the war will finally change their position.

Imagine an Eradicon whos initial data transfer and designation had corrupted. Leaving him questioning his position in the cause. Other squad members becoming protective and hiding him away.

Imagine Eradicons very carefully collecting trinkets from planet earth. Shells, leaves, crystals, human jewelry. Hiding it in their spark chamber and adding it to small hidden collections in the linings of their berth.

Imagine Eradicons creating a ‘currency’ amongst themselves. Like prisoners in jail. Trading energon rations in return for recharge time. Or trading personal items found on other planets.

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A Study in Pink

The other night my entire life changed, I think for the better, and I want to tell you about it. So this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that’s the thing with him. It’s no use trying to hide who you are (or what you are, which scares me more) because Sherlock sees right through everyone and everything in seconds. It’s remarkable but terrifying. What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Last week he seemed to genuinely not know the Earth goes round the Sun. Seriously. He didn’t know. He didn’t think the Sun went round the Earth or anything. He just didn’t care. I still can’t quite believe it, and he’s not taken kindly to me spontaneously laughing about it. In so many ways, he’s the cleverest, most incredible person I’ve ever met but there are these blank spots that partly worry me and partly brighten my day (knowing something that Sherlock doesn’t brings a sort of thrill). At least I’ve got used to him now. Well, I say that, I suspect I’ll never really get used to him. He is like no one else I’ve ever met. It’s just, on that first night, I literally had no idea of what was to come. I mean, how could I? I’ve come to learn that when you’re with Sherlock Holmes, everything is an adventure.

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Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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hmm so i know a lot of things are signs of fake system but some of the stuff y’all are saying are impossible for people with DID/OSDD aren’t actually impossible, just somewhat uncommon and calling them impossible rather than stating that they are unlikely is very damaging. things like:

  • recent media fictives. DID/OSDD has to form in early childhood but alters can form after you have it at any age. If you developed DID at age 6 you could get a new alter at 16 or 20 or 35. Therefor recent media fictives aren’t impossible even if having lots of them is suspicious.
  • controlling who fronts. I don’t know any systems that can always control who’s out but it’s not completely fake to have an alter who somewhat controls who is out and when nor is it impossible to switch on purpose. 
  • in-system death. while this is technically, yeah, impossible, it can defintely look like it’s happening. if someone in a system thinks another alter is dead or saw them “die” it can just mean that they are now dormant and that their brain’s interpretation of that is to make it look like death.
  • new alters forming without new trauma. while a truly new alter isn’t going to just split for no reason (if it seems that happened they may be an alter who’s been around a while) you don’t necessarily have to have something severely traumatic happen. it can happen simply from high stress rather than trauma (although i know the line can be quite blurry). some people with DID/OSDD are more prone to splitting. Also the whole “you’ll only get a new alter with new trauma AND when the other alters don’t fill a roll to handle it” is just… purely made up. It’s especially an insult to large or polyfragmented systems. i doubt that all of my like 150ish alters were created to have a unique job that no other alter could possibly fill.

there are others but really those are ones i see really often and it’s… it’s not good. It’s always good to be aware of what about systems is something made up by tumblr (system hopping, endo systems) but its also good to know which things are being said to be impossible when they aren’t.

Story Time! Pt.1

Today’s celebrity crush; Tom Hiddleston

Series Tittle: Interviews

Imagine: You are good working with camera’s amd known for your job. So you get called for a job with a publicity chain. They are going to interview Tom Hiddleston and they want you to make it perfect. There is ofcourse a photoshoot wich will get you a lot more than money.


After several hours of work for the interview yesterday you were ready for today’s photoshoot wearing a black long sleeve shirt and a loose skirt. When you got to the place almost everything was ready so you just needed to get some good shots of the man and then you would get paid and go home. You took the liberty to personalize the place a little and added some of the things that made your job unique.

When Mr. Hiddleston arrived to the place you went over to greet him and get ready to roll, but seeing him enter the room left you breathless. He was wearing formal clothes and his hair was styled so perfectly I just wanted to run my hands thru it and mess it up. I swallowed and smiled when his eyes fell on me, he walked to me with his manager following closely and a bodyguard. “Miss Y/N, pleased to see you again.” He smiled as you shaked hands. “It’s good to see you again too Mr.Hiddleston.” you smiled back and aimed for him to walk with you. “Shall we get started?” You suggested and he nodded with a soft smirk. He walked over to the centerof the white background and you placed yourself behind the camera. “Okay so let’s start off serious. Give me a business man look.” You talked loudly and put on some music to hype up the mood, he smiled liking it. You had asked around what was his taste in music, after all your job was to get his good side. He did as you said and that’s how work started. ■■■■■■■■ Several minutes later you were leaving the seriousness behind so you walked up to him and looked at him in the eye. “May I ?” You pointed at his hair and he smiled nodding. Tom secretly loved getting his hair played with. You timidly ran your fingers thru it, trying not to get any fantasize about it righ there. He closed his eyes to the contact and you chuckled softly. You messed it a bit more and took your hands to his jacket, opening all the buttons and then your hands went to the tie loosening it just enough. He opened his eyes looking at you and you walked back just a bit. You put an eye behind the camera. “Mister, what do you think about that makes you smile?” you ask ready to take a picture, he smiles and you take it. “Pretty ladies like yourself Miss Y/N” he responds putting his hand inside his pockets and you freeze for a second, you take the picture and look at him narrowing your eyes. You recompose yourself and turn to the crew. “Okay I need the fan here right next to me pointing at his hips.” You signal and the crew starts to get to it, you heard a loud thud and then your skirt began to move showing more than you would’ve liked. The fan had fallen next to you. You felt Tom grab your waist and move you behind him so that no one would see anymore than they already had. Your cheeks turned bright red and you looked down fixing your skirt as they got the fan up and fixed whatever was wrong with it. “I’m so sorry Mr. Hiddleston.” you said ashamed and looked up at him. “It was not your mistake Miss” he smiles politely.

“Thank you anyways” you say sheepishly and he nods with a smile. “Please call me Tom” he says and you nod getting back in place, the crew started apologizing and you simply shook your head. “It was a mistake just… don’t let it happen again” they all agree and you continue your work.

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𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟𝕒/ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕄𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕠 𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣…

Barack Obama Shares His Lessons Learned on Leadership and Power

The power and responsibilities of the U.S. presidency are unique and unmatched—only 44 people have ever had the job. On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama offered a glimpse inside the world’s most powerful office. Obama was discussing food policy and climate change at Seeds&Chips, a global food and innovation summit in Milan, but he also offered up some of the lessons he learned inside the White House on leadership, power, and effecting change. It was his first speech to an international audience since his term ended.

Failing publicly can be liberating. Obama said that the people who know him say he did not change much during his presidency, and “I’m happy about that.” Obama said that rather than starting to believe his own hype, “I actually found I became more humble the longer I was in office.” He also became less fearful. He said that as president of the United States, you make a mistake every day, everyone has seen you fail, and “large portions of the country think you’re an idiot.” But he said it was “a liberating feeling” when you realize it’s okay, you’re still here, and you have the chance to do some good. As time went on, he said he got rid some of those anxieties.

Empower others. So often we think of leadership “as someone at the top who is ordering other people around,” Obama said. He learned that leadership was teaching people who thought they didn’t have a voice to speak up about the things impacting their lives.

Power is isolating. Obama said that one of the hardest things about being the U.S. president is the way the job is “unique in its isolation.” While the burdens of leadership are real in any country, he said because of the security apparatus around the U.S. president, you live in a bubble—“a very nice prison.” You don’t have the freedom to take a walk or sit at a café, he said. “I don’t miss that. Now I’m only captive to selfies, which is almost as bad. I can walk anywhere as long as I’m willing to take a selfie every two steps.”

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It’s not enough to be the squeaky wheel. Obama said that politicians and governments respond to people making noise and demands. But the biggest mistake made by activists “is one you’ve gotten the attention of people in power then you have to engage them and have sensible ideas.” Obama added that you have to do you homework, have your facts straight, and be willing to compromise. He is addressing this issue head on with the Obama Presidential Center, which is designed to help the next generation of activist leadership.

Know how to shape public opinion in the internet age. Obama said that his campaign’s use of social media was advanced at the time, but technology moves so quickly that today it already seems outdated. Shaping public opinion in the internet age means finding and keeping up with ways to speak to young people who are getting all of their information off their phone, he said, and won’t read a lengthy report. He paraphrased Abraham Lincoln, saying, “With public opinion there’s nothing I cannot do, and without public opinion there’s nothing I can get done,” adding: “I learned that firsthand myself,”

A job application just asked me to “In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique. Try to be creative and say something that will catch our eye!” I may have broken down and oh-so-briefly described how my creative writing process involves spreadsheets and, uh, the nice way of saying I’m hella picky about betas because I’m obsessed with CMOS. Will report back if I ever have to dance around my fic writing in an interview.

Monday Respite - Thieves Tools

Rogues are of an important caste of adventurer. Born in danger. only to live amongst it for the remainder of their lives. Often knee-deep in strenuous terror, the Rogue’s skill-set is one befitting of a fellow willing and able to do anything to succeed: the very essence of professional, with no-matter how debased and violent that profession is. There are no retired thieves; only patient ones.

And if you ever find yourself brought into one’s close acquaintance, value the opportunity like a miser would a shining coin in the dirt. But remember, a gift from a thief is a favour you will owe ‘til called upon. Some timid folk even claim that the most dastardly of Rogues take ownership of the recipients of their presents, claiming their souls until the debt is balanced.

Here are a selection of knick-knacks and doo-hickeys that’ll perplex any fumble-thumbed brute to disinterested in the art to recognise a Tri-Iambic Pentameter from a Two-Tick, sheathe hold, Witherman-Oak lock.

Crippler’s Palm

A single, polished-leather glove with a small, silver buckle strapped tight on the wrist is the implement of death that was supposedly dealt to several members of the established aristocracy at the regal feast in the capital. According to a witnessing guard upon the balcony, over seeing the busying commotion within the gardens nearing sundown, a lone figure, neither male nor female, parted the crowds in a hurry. Like a red-cloaked salmon striding up-stream, they passed dozens on the way to the orchard. For each one they passed, they caught their attention of with a gentle hand onto the shoulder, or a tap on the back, perhaps a tug on the arm. And for each one he touched with that glove, a few seconds later, we had a corpse. Some have several cracked ribs with no sign of external injury. A couple have crooked necks or spines, twisted like tinder. All is known for certain, is that the suspect darted across the hedge line into the obscuring treeline as soon as the first crunch of bone and collapsing body broke the ambiance, tossing the implement behind them with a dainty bow.

Retorting Headband of Limitless Wit

This elegant band of glimmering platinum is decorated with gleaming studs of colourful, aquatic gems across the front. It sits atop the wearer’s ears and snugly wraps around their scalp, regardless of whether there is hair or not to grip. Whomever dons such an item finds that, when diplomacy turns from negotiation to interrogation, they know exactly what their opposition’s reaction to their own words will be. With this knowledge, they can quickly jump through several options, weighing in the information, to eventually dismantle their defences and leave them astounded and utterly defeated.

Countess’ Ebony Shoulder Cloak

Misery followed the fabled Countess in the south like a bad joke. Every man, woman, and child ‘tween the callous hills and the gravel coastline had heard of’t. She rode from village to village; her knightly entourage bullied taxation out of everyone who was caught in their passage. Doors broken open, windows smashed, barns burned. Eventually, the oppressed victims of these pillaging aristocrats gathered enough coin to convince a seasoned highwayman to put a knife into her neck. True enough, the professional picked off her clumsy protectorate whilst they braved a barren forest road. His perch amongst the pines offered the perfect advantage against the helpless soldiers. Her carriage was trapped stuck in place as a trip wire let a tree topple onto the horses leading it, crushing them and her escape in an almighty thump. Satisfied, he danced down from his branch on-high and unsheathed his skinning knife - a gift from his uncle and teacher -and wrenched the side door off its hinges with an almighty roll of his shoulder. Inside, the Countess sat silently on her silken seat. Her gilded shoulder cloak shined like Crow feather in the sunset knifing through the treeline and into the carriage, her smile broke through her lips like gold within an opened purse. She met the assassin’s glare with a bow of the head: an appreciation of true talent. He leveled his knife at her neck. She responded by pulling her shoulder cloak across her torso, and in a flurry of blood and bites, became a storm of bats, black as ink, sharp as glass. The highwayman didn’t even have time to recoil away before he had his clothing torn at from every angle as the swarm overcame him, lifting his writhing, screaming form into the air. And with a snap, the flailing ceased, and the bloodied tatters of flesh, with the coin that bought him, hit the road. The Countess reformed at the side of a horse baring a slumped knight, reaching down to collect the taxes from the thief’s corpse, wiping a drip of deep red from her chin.

Decoy Rings

Sold in pairs, entirely inseparable through misfortune or conscious effort, these simple wooden rings of polished maple always find eachother, somehow. When both are fitted on both hands of a humanoid creature, that being becomes subconsciously aware that their arms, from the shoulder down to the nail, are false. These magical recreations function just as effectively as the previous, organic pair, and can be shedded like a lizard losing its tail to escape a predator. Once the falsities are detached, the true pair of hands appear, seemingly out of nowhere in particular. Often used by condemned prisoners to escape binds, or by greedy spelunkers who become trapped by their hands in traps or mechanisms.

Tinkerer’s Whistle

This brass whistle is slender, and narrow. It is attached to a loop of red string and is engraved with minute etchings of tools, instruments, and implements of delicate craft. Once blown, it emits a piercing whine which makes the ears of young children and small animals itch with unease. After a short while, no more time than it takes for the pain of the sound to disappear, a cantankerous machine of gears and steam jumps into view through a dinner plate sized portal which closes behind it as he exits. It stands 1 and a half feet tall at the shoulder, and resembles a crudely engineered impish creature in thick goggles and a leather apron. Once the summoner is ready, she can direct the machine at a troublesome lock, an impenetrable security system, or a dangerous trap mechanism. From here, the machine will split his hands into several dozen spider-like limbs, each holding a unique and bizarre widget or gadget for bizarre and unique jobs, starting their work on the machine. Once complete, it hops back into the port fro whence it came with a leap.


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Love the mature discussion guys. I'm a singer songwriter stan but can appreciate great pop. CITC falls short for me because the songs it parallels do a better job being unique. Cheap Thrills, Shape of You and Genie are all stronger. Don't get me wrong CITC is catchy, it's just not a strong debut moment. It's too Sia/early Rih. It will be a bop but doesn't necessarily introduce Camila. IHQ introduces Camila superbly but won't be a smash. I have a feeling the biggest track is still unreleased.🙌🏼

This is so well articulated and I agree whole heartedly. ☝☝☝☝☝☝

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I am a 22 year old female and I am wanting to get my CDL's. However the research I am finding on false truck drivers isn't so poistive. They speak about harrasment and things a bit darker. What is your experience with female truckers?

Okay. Truck driving is a bit of a unique job in that your co-workers you encounter while working are from EVERYWHERE. Even if you don’t work long haul, you will encounter people not just from every state, but from around the world. Meaning it’s impossible to generalize with any accuracy the average driver. That being said, it’s a blue collar job that is still largely male dominated, but not as much as even just twenty years ago. The thing is, truck driving isn’t a single job category. Local, regional, long haul, dedicated, specialized. There are lots of sub categories. In each, the working conditions vary. Who you encounter and how will also vary. For most of us, your skill, confidence and knowledge are what we see first. It’s a difficult job, and the ability to do it is what counts. Unfortunately, as in everything, a female has to face concerns a man doesn’t, including rudeness, inappropriate remarks and condescending attitudes. You shouldn’t have to deal with such things, but it seems to be seen as more acceptable because of blue collar stereotypes.
There are female owned companies, and companies that are more female friendly in that they acknowledge and address the different aspects women encounter and are more supportive. The bottom line is, if you aren’t driving team, you are working on your own amongst strangers on a regular basis. Job wise and socially you’re sort of on your own in dealing with most situations. As I said, there are many different ways to drive professionally. And like with the rest of society, things are changing and getting better. If you really want to drive, give it a try. Most of the people I encounter are good people. And, as a caveat, every driver you meet is a professional. If necessary you tell someone that you’ll call their company on them if their behavior is out of line.

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What sort of characteristics or observations would you look out for to identify people if they're an Si dom/have Si Auxiliary without having to directly ask them?

Those things I will mention are obviously not an “only strong Si-users do this and nobody else” or a “strong Si-users will 100% always show this” thing but they seem to be pretty common traits:

I’ve observed that strong Si-users (that includes INxPs too though) somehow always end up staying in the area they grew up in. No matter how trashy, expensive or far away from work that area is.
If they have to move to another city to study there, they are the kind of people that visit their parents every other weekend and move back into their hometown once they got their degree. The only reasons that ultimately seem to be able to force them out of their hometowns are a) moving to a loved one that lives far away, b) a unique job opportunity that they know they will never have again or c) war (this one is pretty drastic i know). But even with those reasons they often can’t fully appreciate the new place and homesickness is often a really strong feeling for them.
I haven’t met a strong Si-user yet that moved to a completely new country “just because they felt like it” or “because they wanted to have new experiences” or other “frivolous” reasons.

the ways they describe food / weird eating habits
while strong Se-users describe their food neutrally and weak Se/Si-users have trouble describing food at all, strong Si-users get reaaally specific about certain things. like “I hate like mushrooms, not all mushrooms though, mostly only shiitake and chanterelle when someone boils them instead of frying them so that they get all soggy and have this weird furry and slimy taste to them”.
and you can’t fool them. if they hate onions they will taste the onions even if they were grated into powder and you add dozens of spices on top of them, they will taste it. don’t try to fool them just to convince them that “they were wrong and onions do taste great after all!”, they will only feel betrayed and hate them even more afterwards.

a “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” mentality

needing clear instructions for tasks that will be graded
this goes in hand with a weak Ne and being overwhelmed by all the possibilities that open tasks offer.
that becomes irrelevant when there is nothing at risk though

and… that’s actually it?
all of this are things that you can only experience irl or know if they talk a lot about themselves.
when you only know the person online you have no distinct way of telling if they use Si or not.

things that are not Si-traits:
- never breaking rules (esp. ESTJs are among the biggest rule breakers you will meet)
- great memory (strong Si-users often know a lot of trivia but it’s completely arbitrary and often useless)
- traditionalism (Si doesn’t care for society’s rules since Si is personal and, again, very arbitrary and irrational)
- being afraid of new things (we will immediately adopt new things if they prove to be superior to old methods.)

Moar Vore

{“You’re not… really gonna hurt me, right?”

He grinned, flashing sharp teeth. “That depends how hungry I’m feeling,” he drawled, narrowed eyes level with his newest client, who seemed more than a little nervous. And certainly very pitiful- oh how pitifully small they were! Barely as big as his hand, and he was known to have rather delicate little mitts. They wouldn’t even make a dent in his sleek figure at that size. A chuckle escaped him as he continued his silent examination.

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oMG MY DREAM IS TO BE AN ASTRONAUT TOO!!!!!!!!!! im studying engineering and everyone always doubted about my capacity bc im not the kind of person who loves studying but i know what i want and i know what it takes to get that. everybody got surprised when i got into college and everybody will be surprised when i become an astronaut too. im sending love and hoping that you dont give up of your dreams if that is what you really want~ <3 take risks without worring about the gravity \o/

GIVE ME SOME HIGH FIVE!! I REALLY LOVE TO BECOME AN ASTRONAUT!!! At first I was really down about thinking that this dream of mine is not going to happen, that its impossible, maybe I should give up. My family was really surprised when I told them I want to become an astronaut. I really love the entire universe. I really love its beauty. MAJESTIC.   My dream job is to be an astronaut. It is a unique and wonderful job. I want to contribute something beautiful in this world. THANK YOU FOR THIS MESSAGE, I learned that if some people are doubting your abilities, just don’t mind them!! The important thing here is that you know your passion and JUST DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!! JUST KEEP MOVING BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO MARS!! IM AN ENGINEERING STUDENT TOO!!!


“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.” – Marcus Aurelius

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What did you think of tonight's episode? I loved that Connie's relationship with her dad got some focus but I also fear for Onion's safety. I must admit the suspense is keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I liked that part too! I guess I was surprised that Mr. Maheswaran is a goofy guy who works as a security guard. I felt like he was always portrayed as serious before now? XD I like that they gave him a unique job and that he and Connie get along (and that he gave her a nickname based on her sword fighting skills). I’m also happy that, while I personally feel like the episode was just okay, they ended it with a cliffhanger. I hope Onion will be okay. I feel bad that he’s like, “No, I didn’t open this gate!” and he was obviously running away from something, but Mr. Maheswaran didn’t let him finish DX I feel like the synopsis for tomorrow’s episode means we’ll have to wait another day before we see who made those shadows.

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Hiya! I asked scriptsoldier about this, but they couldn't suggest anything and recommended I bring it to you. Can you tell me anything about being a military veterinarian, (particularly army)? I want my character to have a unique veterinarian job. (If you have other suggestions those are cool too!)

Veterinarians in the military, working in a military capacity, are not nearly as common now as they were in the days of cavalry.

There have been veterinary corps, but their purpose was to support the light horse divisions before vehicles and mechanisation. Some armies maintain a handful of veterinary staff for dogs, but this is rarely in the field. My understanding is that they mostly undertake preventative work - vaccines, parasite control, dentistry, gastropexy etc. Generally speaking if a dog is injured in the field, it receives first aid there before being sent to the army vet.

Veterinarians are such a small part of the modern army as animals are now used to little. Some vets to sign up for the army, but not in a veterinary capacity. I think Australia has about two army veterinarians. Perhaps other followers will offer more information about their relative countries?

Other areas that are similar but where more veterinarians are employed would be working with police dogs, or customs/quarantine detector dogs. Large service organisations, like guide dogs for the blind, also employ their own veterinarian or two to oversee all the preventative health side and the breeding of their own dogs.

As for unique veterinarian jobs, where to start? With a veterinary degree you could do anything from work on salmon farms in the Atlantic, to teaching locals how to vaccinate chickens for more efficient egg production in Africa, to doing welfare work at remove locations. They may take government work to model disease outbreaks, real or hypothetical, or produce vaccines, or work in meat safety or live animal export. They may anaesthetise pigs to train human surgeons on, or test biomedical implants on animals, or provide technical assistance to working vets about drug interactions or side effects. They could reside in a lab and spend all their days researching a fungus that’s wiping out frog populations, or avian influenza, or testing flea control products.

They may also do none of that at all and only review pet insurance claims.

There are so many things a vet can do with their degree other than dogs and cats, horses and cattle.