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Art Nouveau Multi-Gem and Enamel ‘Glycines’ Tour-de-Cou (Collar) by Philippe Wolfers, 1900.

Designed as five alternating carved watermelon tourmaline and opal wisterias, between purple and green plique-à-jour enamel scrolling leaf clusters, enhanced by scrolling garnet-set accents and ruby details, 34.0 cm, mounted in gold
With maker’s mark for Philippe Wolfers, signed Ex-Unique for ‘Exemplaire unique’.


Resin Jewelry Design & More

New #Etsyshop open for #business featuring #unique resin jewelry designs and small accessories. Stop by and let me know what you think! My stock is currently limited with many more items on the way. My vision is to have things both glamorous and geeky.


“My inspiration is different for each collection; regardless of the season, what really gets my creativity flowing is the search for the perfect balance between minimal, clean cuts and feminine, playful touches. I collaborate with my friend Paule T.B. to come up with most of the illustrations that are printed or embroidered on my pieces. Creating printed fabrics together is one of my favorite parts of the whole process — the possibilities are endless.” — Noémie Vaillancourt, the designer behind the Montréal-based label Noémiah. Learn how she progressed from making whimsical feathered jewelry pieces to launching a full-blown fashion line in our studio tour on the Etsy Blog

“I love working with natural crystals – I find them truly magical, and I believe in the properties that each one holds. I most often use sparkly Herkimer diamonds, white quartz, amethyst, onyx, and fluorite. My other favorite material is metal. Even though it’s the most basic material I work with, it gives me certainty that a piece is going to last forever and accompany its owner everyday, everywhere.” — Agglika, designer of Break A Stone. Click to read our exclusive interview on the Etsy Blog.