unique guard

have you ever noticed how in the Lord of the Rings films...

Throughout the Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir wears unique leather bracers (forearm-guards) adorned with the symbol of the White Tower and the Seven Stars…

After Boromir’s death, Aragorn takes up his bracers. He takes them as a reminder that Boromir’s kingdom is now his kingdom, that Boromir’s burden now falls on his shoulders….or just as something to remember his friend by…

 Aragorn wears them throughout the Two Towers…

And Return of the King….

And when we’re shown a “flash-forward” to Aragorn’s death, many long decades after The War of the Ring, he isn’t laid to rest in a king’s priceless silver armor. Instead, we find out…

...Aragorn keeps Boromir’s bracers all his life, and is buried in them

Star Wars Legends vs. Canon

1) Who were the sons Han Solo and Leia Organa who fell to the Dark Side?

  • CANON: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
  • LEGENDS: Darth Caedus/Jacen Solo

2) Who were the Y-Wing pilots who survived the Battle of Yavin?

  • CANON: Evaan Verlaine
  • LEGENDS: Keyan Farlander

3) Who were the reluctant cowboy Jedi who wear unique shoulder guards, had goggles-wearing Rebel girlfriends, and fought evil Inquisitors?

  • CANON: Kanan Jarrus
  • LEGENDS: Kyle Katarn

4) Who were the Rebel agents responsible for stealing the Death Star plans?

  • CANON: Jyn Erso and the Rogue One team
  • LEGENDS: Kyle Katarn, Rianna Saren, Bria Tharen, Havet Storm, etc.

5) Who were the rare honorable Imperial admirals who weren’t as vicvious or cruel as other officers in the Galactic Empire?

  • CANON: Rae Sloane
  • LEGENDS: Gilad Pellaeon

6) What battles marked the first significant victories for the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire?

  • CANON: Battle of Scarif
  • LEGENDS: Battle of Toprawa

7) Who were the apprentices of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker who became a founding member of the Rebel Alliance?

  • CANON: Fulcrum/Ahsoka Tano
  • LEGENDS: Starkiller/Galen Marek

8) Who were the dark-skinned women with past relationships to Han Solo who also claims to possess starships superior than the Millennium Falcon?

  • CANON: Sana Starros
  • LEGENDS: Salla Zend

9) Who were the high-ranking Imperial officers who were instrumental in the creation of the first Death Star?

  • CANON: Orson Krennic
  • LEGENDS: Bevel Lemelisk

10)  Who were the Imperial scientists who were forced/manipulated to help create the first Death Star?

  • CANON: Galen Erso
  • LEGENDS: Qwi Xux

11) Who were Princess Leia’s best friends from Alderaan who are also members of the Rebel Alliance?

  • CANON: Evaan Verlaine
  • LEGENDS: Winter Celchu

12) What happened to Jar Jar Binks after the rise of the Galactic Empire?

  • CANON: Became an outcast, is now a street-performing clown.
  • LEGENDS: Sent to an undisclosed location by Emperor Palpatine.

13) Who served as the Queens of Naboo during the Galactic Civil War?

  • CANON: Sosha Soruna
  • LEGENDS: Kylantha

14) Who were the Rebel pilots who flew as Green Four during the Battle of Endor?

  • CANON: Shara Bey
  • LEGENDS: Jake Farrell

15) Who were the designers who came up with the B-Wing starfighter?

  • CANON: Quarrie
  • LEGENDS: Admiral Ackbar, with assistance from the Verpines

16) Who were the Mandalorian Protectors who aided the Rebel Alliance and who shares the first name Fenn?

  • CANON: Fenn Rau
  • LEGENDS: Fenn Shysa

17) Who were the Jedi Knights who were blinded in a lightsaber duel by a character voiced by Sam Witwer?

  • CANON: Kanan Jarrus, blinded by Darth Maul
  • LEGENDS: Rahm Kota, blinded by Galen Marek

18) Who were the female Rebels who led a team during a major battle in an effort to transmit the stolen Death Star plans to the Tantive IV?

  • CANON: Jyn Erso and the Rogue One team
  • LEGENDS: Bria Tharen and the Red Hand Squadron
Kill Your Darlings

Rating: T-M; for graphic violent content

Pairing: Platonic Levi and Mikasa

Summary:  X-Men/Mutant AU. Mutants Levi and Mikasa cross paths, both seeking to escape dark forces.  (wolverine!Levi, x-23!Mikasa)

Word Count: 1682

A/N:  (Also posted on Archive of Our Own!) Originally intended for this to be a drabble of less than 500 words but I just had to expand on it a little more! Got carried away with the violence, but *shrugs*, ain’t like we’re not used to this kind of stuff. If you’ve seen Logan, you won’t be shocked like at all lol.
I’ve seen Logan too many times already and it inspired me to write this piece featuring my faves; Humanity’s Strongest Pair.
Hope you enjoy this random-as-hell crossover/x-men fusion one-shot!

“She’s like you… very much like you…”

The first time he sees her, she has just ripped a man’s head off, dual claws protruding from her fists.

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Indian Cavalry Trooper’s Sword, 19th Century

This sword is similar to many Indian cavalry swords, however the hinged section of the guard is unique and more commonly found on infantry officers’ swords from the period 1822-60.

This example is stamped A.D.F.I & Co Sialkot (in present day Pakistan). The blade is 30 3/4″ long, and the overall length is 36″.

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I have only played DA Origins and never played Inquisition but I am very concerned about the tiny creampuff going to fight big monsters and evil people. I have to protect him. *wraps Eremes in bubblewrap*

it’s okay anon he’s small but he’ll manage :D


Nurgle’s Invasion of Ultramar in 8th Edition (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

I was able to glean some info from the fluff segments regarding Mortarian and the Death Guard’s invasion of Ultramar. HEAVY spoilers below. I’ll basically be summarizing the main points.

-Three systems to the galactic north of Ultramar are fully corrupted by Nurgle, becoming the Scourge Stars which will serve as the staging area for the invasion of Ultramar by the forces of Nurgle. Note that these systems are NOT part of Ultramar but are simply to the north of it. This will be an important distinction later in the story.

-The Invasion is led by Mortarian and Typhus who leads the entire Plague Fleet on this offensive as well. There is a Great Unclean one named Ka'Gash who joins their forces as well.

-Initially the forces of Mortarian grind down the Ultramarines and their auxilia, making progress in their invasion. They even launch swift, probing, hit and run attacks against Maccrage as well.

-However, Guilliman returns with his Primaris Marines and the Ultramarines regain the initiative, bringing the invasion to a grinding halt and allowing the fronts to stabilize.

-Several Ultramarine successors also arrive, defending the shipping lanes of Ultramar against the attacks from the Plague Fleet.

-A huge battle takes place on the world of Parmenio, where there is the largest armored clash between the traitor and loyalist forces. The Ultramarines space fort Galatan tries to provide support but gets boarded by the Plague fleet and the Chapter Master of the Novamarines is killed. Eventually the loyalists gain the upper hand with Roboute Guilliman killing Ka'gashs’ lieutenant and shattering his Plague Guard (unique formation?).

-Guilliman leads a relief force to Iax which was being invaded by the Death Guard. The final battle takes place here and the Primarchs fight each other to a standstill.

-After this battle, the Death Guard withdraw from Ultramar as their Scourge Stars (mentioned earlier) had become threatened by the “War in the Rift” (no idea what that is).

There is a short blurb in the Primaris Marines datasheet, where Captain Acheron of the Ultramarines proclaims that the forces of Nurgle were “driven off” from Ultramar and has him saying that they would beat them several times over if they desired to return. By his upbeat tone, I’m guessing the whole affair ended in a loyalist/Imperium victory.

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[Translation] Kurobas Cup 2015 Pamphlet: Midorima & Takao Pair

As promised, here’s MidoTaka’s Q&A from the pamphlet. Enjoy (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Next pair will be coming soon….!

Disclaimer: Not for profit. Fan for fans. Please do not use my scans or translation without permission.



Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
Q4. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!!
Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.


Ono Daisuke: Voice of Midorima Shintarou

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. I couldn’t help crying when I saw the last ever episode on air. I thought, even if I get old, I can still experience the feeling of ‘youth’.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. If I ever get to go to Shuutoku High, I would like to tease Coach Nakatani by calling him ‘Ma-bou’.

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. ’Kuroko no Basuke’ was only able to get this far thanks to the passionate support from everyone. As Ootsubo-senpai said, ’(Let’s) bow to everyone who has supported us!’, and I think I would very much like to return these passionate feelings (to everyone).

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes -Zu’
It’s because I want to keep taking three-pointers.
[Note: Sakurai Ryou - a reserve player]


Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Voice of Takao Kazunari

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. Even though I still really want to continue performing as Takao, but right now I strongly feel a sense of relief that ‘the series has reached conclusion without any problems’.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. I think I would be a normal student who makes normal friends like any other, doesn’t cause much drama or stand out too much, and possibly get excited (with friends) about idols or drama series.

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. Thank you very much for coming today. I have been lucky enough to play Takao for this considerably long-running series. Same as everyone, I love this series, I love Shuutoku and I love basketball. So today, I would very much like to convey these feelings to everyone, together with my partner (Midorima) from this series. So please certainly enjoy this till the very end.

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Phantasmagoric Triple PG Team’
With PG (point guards) with unique play styles like Akashi, Kuroko and Takao, (we can) do tricky passes and low-profile dribble-play (to fool opponents), together with in-(bound) and out-(bound) assisted play from both Aomine and Midorima, and with the addition of their combined shooting power, we can easily trifle with the opponent team (for victory). We’re a team full of cunning tricks, who will find any gaps in the opponents’ play even if it’s an in-air rebound battle.


Guide: Shuutoku High School

One of the ‘Three Immovable Kings’ of Tokyo, they’re also called ‘Kings of the East’. Their motto is ‘Relentless & Tenacity’, and their prominent characteristic is their ability to show unwavering force-of-will in any situation. They have acquired the 3-point shooter, Midorima Shintarou, from the ‘Generation of Miracles’. Together with the control tower, Takao Kazunari, their perfect coordination has greatly increased the team’s ability to score points. Moreover, the team has a great balance in abilities due to the presence of the three 3rd years, including Ootsubo Taisuke, supporting the inside (of court).


Phew, that’s over. Takao (or Tattsun) gave me some headache (ó﹏ò。) , his answers are difficult to translate in a way that makes sense in English.

I do have a bone to pick with the staffs, couldn’t they have chosen a better picture for Tattsun (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅)  ??!!? Like come on, that’s such an old profile pic….it doesn’t do Tattsun any  justice at all T.T
He was sooooo cool with his new short buzz-cut during the event (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

Anyway, you can check out other Q&A’s I’ve translated from the pamphlet here at my {Translation Master List}.


Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Dog Dean Days

Summary: Imagine having to deal with a puppy!Dean after a witch jinxed him.

Requested by the faaaaantabulous coastalqueen96 <3

Word Count: 2,292

You’d hated dogs since you realized you were allergic to them at the ripe age of 12, and since then have avoided them like the plague.  It wasn’t even until a hunt brought you and your mom to an animal shelter that you actually had full-on contact with the beasts, but it didn’t take long before your eyes were itchy and swollen, before your throat got scratchy and your skin patchy.

So naturally when Dean was turned into a dog–of all things–you weren’t certain whether the witch was trying to get back at him or you.  Sure, Dean wasn’t entirely a fan of the four-legged-mongrels but he didn’t have to deal with them; he didn’t have to feed the damned things, he didn’t have to damn-near overdose on antihistamines to keep from dying of allergies. He just had to… be. Wag his tail and shit on things and let his tongue hang out of his mouth while slobber went everywhere.

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Two unusual kaskara with curved blades.

The example on top is mounted with a curved European blade, just not sure from where, so any input would be most appreciated. It carries a cylindrical brass hilt pommel, as well as a unique brass guard. The scabbard is of classic form.

The second example is mounted with a wide Ethiopian blade that was likely made in Great Britain. The hilt is quite plain, classic and simple in design. The scabbard strikes me as more akin to Chadian work.

Day Fifteen: Technology

Tools on Onbulos are primarily made of wood and stone, with experimentation in metalworking beginning in several places around the globe. There are still some cases of bone being used, though this is likely due to the unique practicality of certain remains rather than an inability to use other materials. This can be seen in the use of the especially strong teeth of large tree felling creatures in axes and the sharp teeth of various large carnivorous creatures.

The different culture groups are credited with innovations and proclivities in certain technological areas. Some techniques are kept to themselves though many have been spread through trade and scholarly interactions. Hurids, for example, pioneered the use of small bioluminescent creatures for lighting. Spilusips, who are known for their unique and guarded glassblowing skills, helped create special vessels for this form of lighting. The skobblgy are known for their advanced skill with stone working and carving, Udals are believed to have been the first to invent paper, the Derelict are considered the most adept at farming, and Thup-Thups are admired for their contributions to art.

What I learned from OITNB

I call myself an “aspiring writer”, not because I’m that kind of writer that writes a lot, but isn’t published yet. I don’t write that often anymore, but I do think about writing. After all, how can I not when I’m constantly watching what was once written on paper?

Every now and then, I pick up some things. From other writers, real ones or aspiring ones. But I’ve learned a lot from Orange Is The New Black. However, what I have learned is something that I haven’t succeeded in doing yet. And my fear is that I’ll never be able to.

Orange Is The New Black stands for diversity and representation - the recent Season 4 finale and the controversy on it aside. 

All though, let’s give credit to where credit is due, OITNB isn’t alone. There are other shows that represent women, races, sexuality and gender particulary well. Look at Grey’s Anatomy (here I go again with that damn show). Even from the start. While most of the interns were white, most of the attendings and residents were black, with the exception of Derek. And throughout the 12 seasons, we’ve seen numerous human stories about race, sexuality and gender.

But let’s face it - OITNB does it a little better. Partially, because on Grey’s, most of the actors, whatever skin tone they have, are more likely to be models than doctors in real life. #JesseFuckingWilliams

Originally posted by jessehimself

But as a writer, you often analyze things differently. And sure, Grey’s Anatomy (actually, all Shonda Rhimes shows) has done a good job. But OITNB goes a little further. Why? Because it’s addressed. People actually talk about it.

When I watch Grey’s Anatomy and go back to the seasons when Callie and Arizona are a thing, I often wonder why everyone is okay with it. Imagine the world, right?! Where two educated women, who are in love with each other can practice medicine together and kiss each other on their own hospital floor witout stares, looks and judgement. From co-workers, probably from patients. I know, we’ve got a few episodes. Callie has a religious father. A neo-nazi patient didn’t want Bailey to operate on him. But OITNB? Orange Is The New Black is on the subject matter 24/7.
I can imagine a women’s prison being a more hostile environment than a hospital, but that’s not the only thing.

It’s also about the fact that no matter the race, all women are different. All women talk differently. Dress differently, wear different make-up. I know, they’re all in uniforms. But Nicky wears her uniform a lot differently than, say, Piper. Red, oh, she often wears sweats, if she’s not in her cooking uniform.

Let’s talk about Lorna, for example. She obviously has an Italian background. She’s married to an Italian guy. She values her roots. And when she’s talking, some of the girls wish they’d get subtitles sometimes. Heck, I’m lucky I have subtitles. You get the point and I’ve only talked about the white girls.

Not to mention the different backstories. Oh, do they have different backstories.

And it fascinates me. Because that is how real life is. And the writers have been able to capture real life for four seasons now, and they’ve wrapped it up nice, funny and entertaining blanket. Every inmate, every guard is unique. Just like life and it’s great. And not every episode ends with a happy ending. Callie reconcilled with her father and the neo-nazi had a big fat scar on his tattoo. But not in OITNB. The bad people sometimes win. Just like in real life, right?

The Stereotype trap

But it’s also a challenge. Why? The stereotype trap, for one. If I would’ve written Lorna’s backstory, who knows, maybe her father would’ve been Tony Soprano. Poussey wouldn’t be able to speak German, let alone have lived in Germany. My unexperienced version would probably also include lesbians, but they’d look more like Boo, less like Alex.

Am I exaggerating? I really hope so.

But writing Orange Is The New Black must be a really big task. Because every. single. character. is. their. own. And their background, their character development, it all fits like a fiddle.

The research that comes with writing that many characters the way they’re written… it takes time. Dedication. Accurate information.

Every dialogue, action or scene is a different page. And there are a lot of different stories to tell. A lot of different perspectives. And they’re telling them. The kind of writing in Orange Is The New Black goes beyond the careful exploration and representation of all kinds of races and sexualities.
And the most impressive part is the amount of characters this show has. The characters and their storylines, their intentions, their reservations and their thoughts.

Take Dayanara. That season finale did not end well for her. She’s about to pull the trigger. And we barely got any time with her this season. So what’s up Daya? Well, maybe, it’s because just a few months ago, her boyfriend had left her. She had to give away her baby. And now, her mother left her as well. She’s heartbroken, hormonal and had the sudden realization that she’s all alone. But who would’ve thought it would’ve been her to hold that gun? Not me. She wasn’t even on my mind.

It would’ve been easier for the writers to make Brook do it. Or Tastee do it. It’s Poussey that was carried away in the ambulance. Dayanara and Poussey weren’t even acquainted. But it’s Daya that held that gun. And all the pieces fell together for her character. And no one saw it coming. 

Bottomline is;

This show is flawed. As are all shows. But at least, I learn something from it. Mostly, humanity.

Originally posted by oitnb

Catch You

So I took on a challenge here.  I wanted to write something that could be either platonic or romantic.  Not only that, I wanted to work on developing detail and giving better, more in-depth descriptions.  In this one-shot, I want you to see what Taylor and Karlie each experience as Taylor showers in her Nashville home after the awards show tonight.  It’s a glimpse into Taylor’s feelings (my mom had cancer, the news sucked and I honed in on that), it is a glimpse into having someone there to catch you during that time.  I had a similar experience to this story.  This is completely FICTION.  I do not know where the ladies are really at tonight.  I would rate this PG.  Enjoy!

Karlie slowly walked up the old oak stairs; her duffle bag in hand.  She hadn’t figured she would need much in the way of belongings for Coachella, and she had been correct.  Two outfits and some makeup would do.  The boys wanted to keep whatever alcohol had been purchased.  Josh, her “boyfriend”, had decided he would do his own thing afterward.  What’s new? She asked herself inwardly.  

She gently dropped her bag outside the condo door and fumbled around for her set of keys in her pocket.  She had been given them almost a year ago exactly, along with keys to each of Taylor’s residences.  This place was unique because her guards weren’t directly outside the door.  They often sat down in their car waiting in case Taylor was in any sort of distress.  It wasn’t like New York, life moved slower here.  


Taylor had crumpled to her piano after the awards show. She slowly stroked each key; her crystal blue eyes focused on each one.  She was trying to clear her mind.  She had just been on a stage in front of the world, receiving an award from none other than her mother.  

Her mother; she was still the brightest shining star in Taylor’s life on so many levels.  Sure, she had found someone else to fill other parts of her, but her mom would always be someone of great importance.  

“All done miss.  My apologies,” The maid, an older woman with a long braid down her back stated. It stirred Taylor from her thoughts. Until now, she had thought she had been completely alone.  The maid set her key on the counter, as all the house-keeping service did while Taylor was away, and exited quietly.  The guards let them in first, and should they need any supplies from their truck, the key served to let them come and go somewhat freely.  

Taylor just nodded her direction silently and then slowly, elegantly, stood up and walked to the stairs.  She wasn’t afraid to use the railing tonight; she needed to lean on it for a little support.  All she could think about was getting in the shower.  

What exactly was she trying to wash off?  Overall, the night had gone perfectly.  She shouldn’t be desiring a shower so badly; but she was.

She took off her shoes and felt the marble in the bathroom beneath her feet.  She turned the cold, metal faucet to warm, slowly removing her dress and hanging it. She hung up a towel on the hanger by the shower, and climbed into the shower once the water felt like it was a good temperature.  

As soon as the warm water cascaded onto her, she felt the tears begin to well up.  But for what? She had spent time in sadness with her family over her mother’s condition.  She had talked it out for an hour with a therapist earlier this week, while Karlie had been at a shoot in NYC.  She had done all the things one was supposed to do when they were faced with such a crisis.  

And yet, she hadn’t really taken it all in.  She hadn’t really fully grasped what the coming months might end up being like.  She hadn’t wrapped all of her brain around it, and she hadn’t been allowed the silence to do so until this very second.  

There was no one around; just herself and the shower and the walls.  Tree was in her hotel room, taking her much needed and deserved quiet time.  It was finally okay for Taylor to cry.  For the first time in months, she was fully alone.

She did.  She let the water cleanse her of everything.  She looked at the white marble and watched as her mascara slid down her cheeks and made tiny black streaks across its perfectly white surface. She massaged her scalp, and washed out every bit of hair product in her hair.  She reached for her scented body wash, lavender, and let its scent relax her and make her skin feel smooth, watching the bubbles slide down her arms.

She felt clean, and the entire time, she had been crying.  She had been crying the tears she needed to cry for the last weeks, but couldn’t because of her status.  


Karlie quietly walked in, setting her bag down in the living room next to the staircase.  She wasn’t sure if Taylor was home, but she wouldn’t have a key if Taylor didn’t trust her completely.  

She slowly walked up the staircase and heard the shower running.  That must be where Taylor was.  The door was wide open, but since it wasn’t facing any windows, it was fine for it to be. Taylor didn’t like too much steam after her shower, but the fan made the room too cold.  

Karlie heard sniffling; it was as if Taylor was crying. She had known that Taylor was under a lot of stress both professionally and personally, but she had never, in their entire time of knowing one another, heard Taylor cry.  

She had always been so strong; a pillar.  No one questioned her.  No one doubted her.  Somewhere, beneath all that strength, she was human too, and in that humanity, she was beginning to crumble.  Not fully, not to the point of a complete meltdown, but little by little.  

Karlie reached for the hanging towel and held it open wide so that when Taylor got out of the shower, she could wrap her in it and hold her tightly.  


Taylor opened the curtain and saw Karlie standing there, towel open for her to walk right into.  She did.  She walked into it, allowing Karlie to envelope her in a tight hug.  She leaned against her, still smelling of the dusty Coachella festival.  Karlie rubbed her back from the bottom of Taylor’s spine up.  She felt Taylor clinging to her, trying not to cry again.

Taylor longed to be the kind of person that could just attend something like Coachella, and once upon a time, she could have been, but now, the kind of security she would need for it, no.  She was stuck.  She had to live it through Karlie’s stories.  

“Are you doing okay?” Karlie asked, as Taylor took a step back and tightened the towel around her, grabbing a slightly smaller hair towel and wrapping it around her head.  

“I will be,” Taylor replied with a half grin, reaching out to lace her fingers with Karlie’s.  “I wasn’t expecting you,” she smiled and walked over for another hug.  “But you are a nice surprise.” She confided to her in the embrace.  

“Good.” Karlie smiled at her.  Taylor took her into the bedroom where she picked out a pair of pink pajamas and handed Karlie a green pair.  

“Did you need to shower too?” Taylor asked.  

“Yeah,” Karlie nodded.  “But I can use the guest one.”

“Either or, but I want you to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with me tonight in my bed.” Taylor sprawled herself out over the giant bed and propped herself up on her left arm to face Karlie.  “You know where everything is,” she reached a long leg out to gently tap her big toe on Karlie’s waist.  “Hurry back,” she winked at her, gently tapping her ass with the top of her foot as the taller girl smirked and walked to the bathroom.  

She came back rather quickly, ready to big spoon Taylor while watching the Audrey Hepburn classic.  She hadn’t realized how exhausted Coachella had made her, and between the scent of Taylor’s lavender and the scenes she had seen hundreds of times over the years (she did have three sisters who were all romantics), she fell into a slumber.  

Taylor rotated in her arms and looked at her peaceful face.  She stared at her adorable nose, the moles on her cheek, her perfectly arched eyebrows; she put her to memory.  Whatever they were, this was her sunshine, her gift from the universe or whatever it was during this hard time.  

“I love you Karlie Kloss,” she whispered, tucking herself in under Karlie’s chin.  

“I love you too,” Karlie mumbled, pulling Taylor in tighter.