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I generally like your blog but I find it despicable and hypocritical that you won't allow even vague talk about Emilie's child v father ideas as "speculation on her personal life" but you're fine suggesting that Jmo speaks like a woman in an abusive relationship who's unaware of it. So it's okay judging a real-life woman's opinion of healthy relationships (based on lived experience,each relationship being unique) if your hate goggles for her fictional ship have a strong enough prescription?

Dude, no offense, but I think you need to brush up on the difference between fiction and reality.

I don’t want to discuss Emilie’s actual relationship with the real-life father of her living child. To my knowledge, JMo isn’t even dating anyone now and has never (I hope) been in an abusive relationship. I was speculating on the psychological/intellectualizing process by which a woman who otherwise presents as smart and feminist completely misses the unhealthy aspects of a relationship in which the man has literally lied to the woman constantly from the day they met and has attempted suicide in order to get her attention (among so many other things).

Edit: Also, I’ve in fact received quite a few asks about JMo (and other actors playing characters I’m vocal about) that I’ve chosen not to publish because I feel like they veer over the line between personal and professional criticism.

But I am definitely a hypocrite in one area, because I have no intention of letting respect for real people get in the way of my armchair analysis of Eddy Kitsis’s grotesque, squirming little brain and the reasons he makes Rumple his whipping boy.