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Needle Felting Class coming! Would you like to learn how to make this cute kitty magnet? Or bring your favorite cat’s photo and make one just like your cat. A 3-hour beginner class (materials included) will be held soon in Seattle area. Stay tuned for more information.

Let me know if you would be interested!


Planet Comicon: John Barrowman

Mr. Barrowman was quite fetching last weekend wearing an adorable tardis dress and legging ensemble from doctorwhostore.com…

This man is a gift.

An outrageously funny, priceless, almost completely nsfw gift to our fandom, and to all of humanity.

Someone asked him, “What is your creepiest fan encounter?”  Of course, it’s tricky for the celebs to answer that kind of question without alienating fans.  But his response was a treasure, because it sounded very sincere and was in keeping with John’s own uniqueness, I think!  He said:

“You say that like it’s awful.  I don’t think they’re creepy, okay?  I think they’re unique.  Because I love that in our family [here he gestured out at the crowd], in our world, we allow each other to do and say and be things that we will never really do or say or be outside.  And it’s building up the confidence that one day we will be able to, right?  So when someone comes up with a rather unique gift or a unique idea, I love it!”

I believe this may have been (though it could’ve been earlier - can’t remember) when he launched into the story of being given a gift (I think by someone he knew in some way) involving a re-inventing of the publicity photo of Jack riding a bomb (circa The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which would be appropriate).  Apparently, instead of the bomb, he was riding, as he put it, a ….“marital aid.”


On a related nsfw-ish note (which really a lot of the panel involved, heh): There were sign language interpreters there, and he thought the sign for, ahem… “hung like a donkey” was so amusing he just threw it in randomly throughout.  It did involve a rather distinctive gesture. ;)

At some point, after he’d said something else a bit nsfw, he turned around and said “Good luck explaining that to your five year old on the way home!”  Really, they scheduled his panel at noon.  Did they know him??!?  Heh.

And yep, this was the panel where the stage had a large issue.  I have no clue why it happened.  The press said the stage collapsed, but that’s not true.  as you can see from the photo below.  The stage was fine, but it’s set came down.  It was like watching really large slow-motion dominos.  I was so glad John wasn’t sitting in the chair provided for him, or it would’ve hit him!!!  As it was, no one was seriously hurt, though one person did hurt their hand(s?) (I don’t know how badly, but I don’t think it was serious).

Immediately after the thing fell, he hopped off the stage and told the volunteers to get away from it because it was “above your pay grade.”  He was really awesome about the whole thing.

He continued the rest of his hour, then afterwards they rescheduled Summer Glau’s panel, and Catherine Tate’s was a half hour late.  It was all handled pretty well.

And again, John Barrowman = Gift To Us All.

Boyfriend Series: Oikawa Tooru

  • A relationship with Oikawa comes with its ups and downs, yet it’s worth it. If you’re one that gets easily bored without some sort of challenge,, a relationship with him would be ideal for you. If you aren’t willing to make some sacrifices, it won’t end well. If you’re willing to be devoted to him,however, then he will pay you back tenfold with loyalty, some material things (if you’re into that), and lots of love.
  • He’s generally very good in a relationship. While Oikawa enjoys the status and perks being in a relationship, he enjoys the smaller things as well. Having someone to hold hands with, hang out with,kiss. Small intimate things make him very giddy, it’s almost like he’s never been in a relationship before.  He doesn’t always make a huge show of your relationship either. He may do it as a joke in front of friends, but he really prefers to be serious when he’s alone with you. In the beginning of your relationship, he pays a lot of attention to you and maintaining your relationship. As time goes on, he loosens the reins and gives you more space, but he doesn’t ever completely ignore you.
  • The only exception being when he’s focused on volleyball. Usually Oikawa can handle himself, but as we all know, he has the tendency to overdo it. Oikawa is very focused on school and volleyball, and he will neglect his own needs and your relationship’s needs. If you’re not willing to accept this provocation, this can easily lead to a few fights and a potential break up. If you are willing to fix this, it’s up to you to let him know when enough is enough and talk to him about it. Iwaizumi can only do so much, and Oikawa needs your second opinion to realize when he’s overworking himself and stressing your relationship. Oikawa may be a little defensive at first, depending on how stressed he is, but he will eventually come around and apologize to you. This will definitely be a huge milestone in your relationship and bring the two of you closer together.  
  • Oikawa will put up a personality for you at first during a relationship. He’s very insecure about you finding his weak points and negative aspects, he just wants you to think he’s perfect in every way out of fear of you leaving him. This persona drops once he starts getting comfortable in your relationship and he no longer feels vulnerable in your presence. He’ll joke around more, be more childish (in a good way, like being very curious about random things and unafraid to share his interests).
  • Intimacy with him really just depends on his mood. Generally, he is a pretty affectionate person and enjoys being touched or touching you. But sometimes he really just isn’t in the mood for cuddling, but will hold your hand or lean against you if you are really in the mood for cuddling.
  • Oikawa is very, very good at remembering important moments and dates. He has a whole Pinterest folder of unique date and gift ideas to surprise you with. His favorite would be one he surprised you with a picnic! It was pretty late at night and in the middle of nowhere, so you were pretty scared he was going to kill you or something. To your relief, he just had a regular date planned. However, he had found out about a recent meteor shower happening where you two were at. It was truly a memorable moment to see all of them shooting across the sky on a warm spring night with your equally as gorgeous boyfriend.
  • However, dates between you two don’t always need to be elaborate. Oftentimes the best moments are spent when you guys make dinner together after a long day and just listen to chill/relaxing music and just enjoying each other’s company. Oikawa WILL throw flour at you, you’ll respond by flicking some potatoes at him, and things just escalate from there. At least he will help you clean up, too.
  • He will talk your ears off about space, conspiracies, and everything in between. Once you’ve been dating for a while, his real personality shines through and he becomes unhinged. It’s actually quite adorable, and he has such a childlike wonder or intense seriousness in his eyes depending on the topic. If you ever add something to the conversation, he is thrilled.
  • He thinks it is very important he gets the team’s, but mainly Iwaizumi’s, approval of you once things start getting pretty serious. You’ll know when he’s serious about your relationship if he nervously introduces you to them. They are all pretty easygoing and think you’re a good person though, so he didn’t have much to worry about in the first place.There’s a likely chance you’ll become good friends with Hanamaki and Matsukawa, making Oikawa jealous (but also he’s super happy they like you). Iwaizumi is pretty easy to get along with as well, and he will thank you for making his best friend so happy.
  • He will still be friendly to fangirls when in a relationship, but he never flirts with them or even implies anything romantic. If they bully, harass, or hurt you in any way, he will not be afraid to step in and tell them off. You likely won’t run into that issue, though. Most of them are either surprisingly friendly to you (Oikawa has just been in such a good mood since beginning dating you and they have to thank you for it) or avoid you.

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etsyfindoftheday | happy bday dave! | 7.20.17

darth vader gifts

does your significant other love star wars? dave and i are both huge space movie nerds, and etsy has all kinds of creative themed finds that are eclectic and super-unique gift ideas, too.


Tritium Power

Yes, another Tritium piece!  I like the look of exposed vintage screws (originally used in glasses) with the smallest hexagonal nuts I’ve ever seen.  The vial is wrapped in fine copper wire and sealed in a glass tube with vintage copper “acorn” end caps and tiny round finials. The curved vintage brass arms are secured to two gold tone brackets and secured with the screws.  The side pins have a tiny brass round “dangle” drop ball and are threaded with copper tubing and tri-ridged brass tube.  The brass knurled beads contain a tiny grub screw that secures it all.  

The Tritium tube will glow continuously for 12 to 15 years and doesn’t require “charging” like conventional glow in the dark.  It is currently used in high end watches, keyring fobs and military weapon sights.  


The whole pendant section is just under 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.  It is on a brass facet cut brass cable link chain.  It drop (from the clasp to the pendant is 9 inches including the lobster claw clasp.  It is designed to be worn high on the decolletage but I’m happy to alter it for you.

This piece transcends the steampunk genre and would be an intriguing, unique addition to costume or contemporary clothing.  It’s US$195 including tracking postage and would be covered under Paypal buyer protection.  Just send me a PM if you are interested.   

anonymous asked:

This may be a bit of a strange request, but could you please post pictures of all the rings you wear on a regular basis, with where you got them from? I'm looking for some unique, goth gift ideas for my girlfriends birthday.

The only ring missing from these photos is the giant moonstone that I got while we were in the UK in October.

The majority of my rings came from Crazy Pig Designs in London. In the first photo, they made the Jack Skellington and giant bio-mechanical claw ring; in the second photo, the bird skull and the linked bones ring that’s on my pinky.

The ring with the skull and ruby is my engagement ring, and it was custom-designed for us.

The garnet coffin is from Mordaunte’s Coffin Gems.

There are a host of wonderful jewelry designers out there making gorgeous dark jewelry. The folks I particularly covet things from, in no particular order:


Buy your long distance lover a card that you can really relate to! I’m starting to sell cards on Etsy as a hobby of mine, and I think a few of my cards really appeal to the LDR community. You can buy personalized cards in my Etsy store for prices similar (maybe even cheaper) than convenience stores! Cards can be bought in my Etsy store, HeatherGetsCrafty!

Is This What Regular People Do? - Rafe x Reader

(Bonus fic for this week! Holidays inspire me, haha.)

Description: After Rafe’s parents pass away, you take him along with you to do some Black Friday shopping. However, he has never gone before and the entire thing turns out to be somewhat of a disaster…

Warnings: Mild language and violence.

Word count: 3,018 total - one shot

Read at AO3 here or below:

               “This is repellent.”

               You look over your shoulder. Rafe is holding up a t-shirt by the tips of his fingers as if the very fabric is going to burn him. The t-shirt itself is a faded brown colour with a cartoon octopus on it.

               “Why is an octopus on it?” He demands to know, as if you have designed the shirt yourself.

               “It’s just cute, Rafe.”

               He shakes his head impatiently, “No, it’s hideous. That’s why it’s on sale.”

               “Everything is on sale. It’s Black Friday.” You remind him.

               He scowls and turns away to another rack of clothes. This is Rafe’s first time dealing with Black Friday and it has been going about as well as you expected – terribly. You go every year. After you moved away from your family, it made sense to spend the day scoping out the best deals. There was no one to spend Thanksgiving with, after all, so you might as well buy some great stuff to mail to everyone.

               This is your third year. You have a schedule you usually follow once you get to the mall. By the end of the day, you are exhausted but content with your purchases.

               All of that, however, has changed this year.

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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the winter lover | 12.6.16

mountain rings by cliveroddy

these beautiful rings make me think of my sister-in-law kaia who lives in the snowy mountains of colorado. miss you, KP! gift a set of wooden stackers to your favorite mountain lady or winter lover this christmas.