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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the winter lover | 12.6.16

mountain rings by cliveroddy

these beautiful rings make me think of my sister-in-law kaia who lives in the snowy mountains of colorado. miss you, KP! gift a set of wooden stackers to your favorite mountain lady or winter lover this christmas.

anonymous asked:

This may be a bit of a strange request, but could you please post pictures of all the rings you wear on a regular basis, with where you got them from? I'm looking for some unique, goth gift ideas for my girlfriends birthday.

The only ring missing from these photos is the giant moonstone that I got while we were in the UK in October.

The majority of my rings came from Crazy Pig Designs in London. In the first photo, they made the Jack Skellington and giant bio-mechanical claw ring; in the second photo, the bird skull and the linked bones ring that’s on my pinky.

The ring with the skull and ruby is my engagement ring, and it was custom-designed for us.

The garnet coffin is from Mordaunte’s Coffin Gems.

There are a host of wonderful jewelry designers out there making gorgeous dark jewelry. The folks I particularly covet things from, in no particular order:


Cacoon Hanging Tent

With Cacoon hanging tent, your inner child can play hide and seek all day and wherever they like best, because this unique hanging tent can be used outdoors and indoors alike.


I’m selling personalized drawings inspired by Bob’s Burgers characters!! This is a great gift idea (especially for Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for something more personal to you and your sweetie)!!! Pricing varies depending on the line drawing, color, and full body vs. waist up! Message me if you’re interested!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Just working on some really awesome crystal cluster styles! Both paintings are available in my shop

They are 4x6″ Postcard size, and I will be taking custom coloured requests! 


Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set - By XD Design

Amazing design should not be limited to furniture or larger household items, which is why the guys at XD Design offer innovation with items of smaller scale. Nevertheless, the stuff they design make the best gifts for the people you love. One such exquisite item is the Orbit, an oil and vinegar set made in a one piece bottle.

Pet Safety Harness

If your dog loves to ride in the car then you need this pet safety harness for them! It features a zip line to install in the car and a harness to go on your dog. By attaching them to the line your dog will be safe from hard braking and unable to jump into the front seat during driving. When you open the car door they won’t be able to jump out until you unclip them. Can also be used on boats as seen in the picture. 


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The next set of special “LoscheDay” Gifts - 6th of July


I combined the skybox and backdrop together so now it’s easier to cut background out of landscape screenshots with photoshop (use sintiklia “How to cut sim with quality" tutorial)

1. LOT VERSION: as recolors of my “The Great Sky of Totalitarianism”-skybox mesh! There are absolute black and absolute white recolors + mesh package.
P.S. original mesh FIXED for SimNopke SkyFix, the dome was enlarged + now it has no shadow with high settings of graphics. All archives are updated. Feel free to contact me if you want the old (small) dome.

This skybox has an animated texture: it’s black, then white, then black again, and so on.
If you pause your game - you can make a screenshot with completely white sky. Then you unpause your game amd quickly pause it again to get the wxact same screenshot but with black skies. After that you can easily photoshop in any sky you want!
You can find it in Effects section. Just look for preview pictures with swans (the Great Sky of Absolute Nothing).
Place them somewhere in the middle of your map.

DOWNLOAD (updating….)



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