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Relationship headcanons for Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Anonymous said to oh-to-imagine:Any thrawn headcanons?

I actually have’t been able to see the newest season of Rebels (IT’S TORTURE!) However, I do remember a bit of Thrawn from the old (no longer canon) SW books and from what I’ve heard the guy who wrote him for the books (Timothy Zhan) is also the one who wrote his characterization for the show, so I assume they’re pretty much the same?? Hopefully these are good enough <3

  • You’re relationship would be a secret, not only does he prefer to keep things like that private but he also doesn’t want to be perceived as “weak” in front of his peers and underlings
  • Not to mention he doesn’t want to give his enemies a reason to threaten you to get to him, he’s very protective
  • Still he can’t help himself from giving you long looks across the bridge. No one else can interpret what’s held in his scarlet gaze but you, and it can be hard to keep yourself from showing the pleasant shutter going through your body
  • A seductive soul, dates always consist of intimate, low lit dinners with wine or other suave alcohol. Sometimes said dinners are held in the forests or unique terrain of whatever ever planet he’s visiting on imperial duties.
  • Thrawn can be on the demanding side even in his intimate relationships, the things that makes up for that is the fact that he gives as good as he takes
  • He’s always picking up little gifts from the various planets he visits and presents them to you over your intimate dinners in his quarters. He takes pride in knowing that he can spoil you
  • A negative point is that he doesn’t communicate well or even argue with you. He doesn’t want to “degrade” himself by stooping to arguing and he doesn’t have much patients for talking things out like an adult who acknowledges the fact that he has emotions
  • Blow ups usually lead to a week or so were there are no private dinners, no secret looks and no calls to see him in his office with ulterior motives. Then after awhile he sends a gift to your quarters and invites you to join him for “tactical briefings” over drinks in his quarters, the blow up seemingly forgotten
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Serene, Chapter II - The Wish


Chapter II

The Wish

Disclaimer: I don’t own A Court of Thorn and Roses and all characters in the series . All of the characters and dialogues are the property of Sarah J Maas , and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

“Near the pond was a silver tree, a tree which only could be seen by those who truly needs it. Many has fallen, My Lord. For it was greed that calls for them, not humble wishes. The force refuse lust, greed and anger, and it will twist every path in the woods and let them those who unworthy lost in darkness, eaten by the beasts.”

“I’ll think about it,” he said as he walked back to his chamber.

“But it has to be tonight, My Lord!” she exclaimed, earning another annoyed glare, “the Silver Tree only glows in Fullmoon, it will be harder to find it otherwise.”

Spring Court is a home of lush forest and endless flowers. But one of the mystery was in this one wood, one wood that the High Lord himself can’t grasp what’s inside it. The Dark Wood was the only forest where the trees refuse to grow leaves. It’s dry, barren, smelt like burnt, it’s basically the wasteland in the evergreen Spring Court. The silence is deafening, almost as if you’re entering a world without sound. The only noise one could hear is their own step, that is if they’re not too focused on finding whatever lurking behind the trees, ready to eat them.

And here he was – despite of how annoyed he was getting bossed around by a frail Fae girl who happen to be his maid – walking through the Dark Wood in attempt to verify her tale. It’s not because he’s desperate, oh, no he wasn’t. It’s just that he’s wondering if there’s a strange occurances within his realm that he – the High Lord of the Spring Court – doesn’t know.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, Sire. Please, please, just try to find it. Dark Wood isn’t dangerous for a High Lord as you are. There’s nothing to lose.”

There’s nothing to lose,he repeated.

“My pride is lost already, alright, for verifying stupid thing like this…,” he muttered.

It’s been hours since he first start his exploration, but there nothing silver on sight. He even start to think that he’s been running in the same damn place, going all around the woods.

“The force refuse lust, greed and anger, and it will twist every path in the woods to let those who unworthy lost in darkness, eaten by the beasts.”

If the damned tree won’t show itself because he’s a lustful, greedy bastard then so be it. Years has passed, not even one bit of his desire to the High Lady of the Nights reduced ever since. There’s nothing like her, her deviant eyes, her bravery, her kiss…

He can feel the tree, if that even exist, trying to kick him off from the woods by drowning himself in memory of hers.

But the nightmares. Damn it all. He grew tired waking up in the middle of the night only to chase her shadow. Only to open his eyes and stare at the night sky. How did he supposed to forget her if even the night sky remind him strongly of her? Of her kingdom and that filthy bastard named Rhysand. Shouldn’t just leave him to rot and die back then, damn it.

Tamlin sighed for the umpteenth times as he stab the last Attor on sight. This is nonsense, he thought. But as he decided to turn around and shape-shift himself for faster way to go home, a soft voice whispered into his ear. Caressing his entire being with a familiar touch.

Say please.


Surrender yourself and beg.

“The hell I would…,” he retorted.

It will haunt you. Every night it will haunt you.

“I can manage.”

But I can’t. No more.

“Who are you…?” he asked, his wild eyes scanning the woods.                

Say it, Tamlin. Please.

And he felt it. The force that made him surrender to it’s every whim. He can’t reject it, no, more like he couldn’t bring himself to reject the voice. The way it calls for him…

Think of it, the one thing you want to retrieve.

One true wish.

“Men has many wishes, it’s hard to pick,” he sneered, “one of it probably for you to reveal yourself.”

That’s not a wish, that’s a promise.

“Not planning to hide yourself for so long, aren’t you?”

Remember that endless, sleepless night.

No amount of distraction can take you from it’s grasp..

He found himself recalling those nights. Every tormenting nightmares. He gritted his teeth on the memories.

Do not be angry.

Damn this, he thought. I just want to go home and be at peace. Be done with it.

Be done with this sleepless nights.

Say please.

“Please, show me the way,” he muttered.

As the last word left his lips, the tree in front of him glows in dim silver. One glow led to another, and then  to the other tree, to the one across it.

Follow the light.

And so he did.

Tamlin slowed down this speed when he realized that his surroundings had slowly changed. The dry, dying leaves he stepped on had turned into midnight blue mixed with white glowing ones. He let his eyes wandered, scanning the land before him. Some pieces of broken walls, high and short, still scattered around the forest floor, too stubborn to surrender to the passing time. Long, endless vines with midnight leaves holding the walls.

The soil was lush, every corner is filled with different shades of blue leaves, sometimes gray. The gentle colors were new to his eyes because it’s always striking colors around Spring Courts. He was mesmerized by the new occurence in the wasteland like Dark Woods. How did I missed this, he thought.

Enjoying yourself? It giggled.

He flinched.

“Stop scaring me,” he grumbled.

Night will end soon.

“Right, the pond,” he muttered as he set his eyes up above, walking further into the realm.

His steps was slowed down during his rush to find the place as he encounter the one he was looking for. It was a crystal clear pond with turquoise water, circling a miraculous sight of a tree he had ever seen.

There’s countless trees in Spring Court. From the bowing thousands years old oak trees to ones with rainbow colored trunk. Every breed was unique, nowhere to be seen in other realm. Cross bred with many specimen in every court. His men has worked hard to gather every tree specimen across the realm, making the Spring Court is the source of unique forests and trees.

He had seen exceptional specimen.

But nothing like this.

The humongous silver tree stood proud, covering the entire pond around it. The trunk is probably as thick as half of his tower back at home. It’s leaves was silver sparkling, scratching the sky as it waves to the moon above. One gentle caress of the wind and the branches sways, releasing more glows around it.

The wish, Tamlin.

“I thought I did it back there, isn’t that’s why the path opened up?” he sneered, slightly confused.

Drink the water as you plead.

The golden haired man shrugged as he knelt, he closed his eyes and he thought about his wish.

His love.

His dear Feyre.

I want her back, he thought.

The pleading man scooped the water from the pond, letting the cold liquid filled his throat.

By the time he opened his eyes, the silver sparkling lands were no more. The realm is now pitch black. He heard a vicious growl from the distance, along with white eyes in the dark, whetever it was, ready to pounce him any minute. Tamlin went into his battle stance, preparing himself to kill whoever it is on sight. But soon he felt his magic taken away. Something was ripped from him and he roared to the night, refusing to accept the second experience of being stripped from his power.

The chilling growl turned into an otherwordly voice, echoing inside his head, unlike the gentle caress that had been guiding him earlier.

I saw greed.

And the High Lord collapsed.