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CJ Blossom Park in Seoul

A new world-class research and development headquarters for CJ Corporation, designed by CannonDesign, repositions the company’s operations into a new interdisciplinary format that will increase efficiency, create a culture of integrated innovation, and accelerate speed to market. Conceived as “The Only One,” this unique 1.2 million sf building consolidates CJ Corporation’s previously disparate pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food products businesses into a single location, enabling it to create industry-defining product strategies and increase its global competitiveness.

capitalists, people get fucking bored if they do nothing, believe me we don’t need death as a motivation to entertain ourselves with inventing new technology, creating art, making music, building unique homes, creating better infrastructure. 

Believe it or not, people have interests, and people would love to do what they have interests in, they just get burnt out having to do it to fucking survive, or never having the opportunity to interact with their interest because they were never given the means or the support to curate their interest.

People don’t stagnate. It’s literally a mental illness when all you can do is lie in bed doing nothing, and if we had better medical assistance for all even more people could find joy in life doing what they love. Doing what entertains themselves.

tbh I’m starting to get sorta iffy about Allura piloting a lion because it seems like Shiro’s gonna come back and pilot again and like I feel like I’d be more pissed if they put Allura in a lion and then took her out?? I think I’d rather the castle get an update via Slav and Allura get a bunch of cool magical weapons and kick ass and run the alliance and be the commander without being in a lion instead of having her pilot and then taking it away when Shiro comes back


Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester

Chetham’s School of Music is the largest and premier Music School in the UK and is unique to the region as the only Music School based in the North of England. Stephenson ISA Studio’s brief was to create a unique contemporary new building for the musical and academic teaching facilities, providing a state-of-the-art environment which will be a fitting platform for the students.  The new building will comprise a 350 seat Concert Hall, a 100 seat Recital Hall, a full academic schoo and a plethora of music teaching and practice spaces.  The building itself will, alongside ongoing regeneration in Central Manchester, provide an iconic opportunity for the educational and cultural standing of Manchester to consolidate its position on the international scene.

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I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 


The Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago (MCC) is a federal prison located in Chicago, Illinois. The facility holds both male and female inmates and holds inmates at all security levels, including those who are awaiting trial or engaged in court proceedings. The building was designed by Harry Weese, and the unique design of the building sets it apart from other federal prisons and correctional facilities nationwide. The building is a right triangle shape with 28 floors, and each cell has a window that is 5 inches wide and 7 feet long. The outdoor recreation area is on the roof of the building, where male inmates are allowed two hours every other day. Female prisoners are allowed access to an indoor exercise room and law library once a week, and are not allowed to have jobs working in the kitchen.

Inmates successfully escaped from MCC in 1985, 2009 and 2012, but all were recaptured, although the inmates in the ’85 escape were on the run for months before they were found. Piper Kerman spent the last few months of her sentence at MCC.

Ravenclaw Seasonal Aesthetics

Spring: Staying in during the rain, playing board games and reading books. Letting the gentle, or even loud thrumming of rain drops on the tower lulling the students to sleep.

Summer: Sitting in a sandy patch by the lake in the sun, watching the shimmering water lap on the shore, memorized by the fluent movements of merpeople swimming, dark, intriguing, turquoise shadows beneath the lake.

Fall: Cuddling by the fire with tea late at night when no one else is up, or if they are you stay and cuddle in silence as you do your own things, letting the flames be your only light until the sun rises and you inevitably fall asleep under piles of soft blankets.

Winter: Building unique snowmen with friends while the snow still falls, putting on it lost house scarves, dotting the frozen canvas with subtle color that from the top of the Ravenclaw tower look like smudges of paint.

Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge - Negan’s Birthday Prompt 

Summary: It’s Negan’s birthday and you’ve worked hard to make it the most memorable night of his life.
Word Count: 2,267
Pairing: Negan/Female Reader
Warning: High detailed description of sex and swearing
Rating: Explicit
Chapters: One-shot
Tags: @negans-dirty-girl | @negans-network | @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash | @lucifers-trash-stash | @flissworld 
Archive of Our Own: A Gift Fit for a King
Authors Note: This is a one-shot for Ash’s 2k Writing Challange. First ever one-shot full of hot, hotness. Hope you enjoy, feedback is as always appreciated. Thank you to my lovely beta reader @lucifers-trash-stash for being just awesome and being tremendious help with my writing. 

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I decided to hop on the Pokemon variations because I’m biology and Pokemon trash and headcanons for subspecies and species variations of Pokemon are both those things.

But really, I haven’t seen too many Pokemon variations for Joltik. Which is sad because guys, c’mon, spiders. I mean think of how diverse spiders are in appearance and behavior. imagine the possibilities. 

I’m not much of an artist but I chose five different spiders (their name written under) as subspecies of the standard (cave Joltik) to draw with the habitat their suited for written below them and i also wrote some headcanons to go along with them. 

Pink Fairy Joltik (Garden): A variation of the standard Joltik that was discovered only very recently, this subspecies is slightly smaller than the rest of its cousins and has adapted camouflage to disguise itself as a part of a flowering plant. As humans encroached on their natural habitat they quickly adapted to live alongside and were discovered soon after. Part of their diet consists of parasitic insects and pest, making them a welcome guest in any garden. This subspecies is popular among Pokemon Breeders and Pokemon Competition Trainers for its gentle demeanor and attractive colors and markings. 

Bridge-Builder Joltik (Forest): One of the most common subspecies of Joltik that’s versatility allows it to live in almost any wooded environment. An orb-weaver bug type that builds some on the largest webs in the world, it exhibits a unique behavior of building bridge-like web structures to get across bodies of water. The silk of the Forest Joltiks is one of the toughest biological materials found. The threads of silk are ten times tougher than similar sized pieces of Kevlar, the man made material used in bullet proof vests and is currently being studied by engineers and biologists for the possibility of being harvested and used by humans. 

Boulder Joltik (Mountains): The largest of all subspecies of Joltik. Known as the “Rock Climber Pokemon” it can scale any type of surface, even glass. They possess an extra set of legs used for scaling rocks and jumping on to high ledges. The texture of its hair its bristly, course, and tough and acts as an extra layer of protection adapted for harsh environments. Because of its strength and size it is popular with Pokemon Battle trainers. 

Clown Joltik (Tropical Climates): The tropical Climates Joltik, or Clown Joltik as they are better known. Live in tropical climate zones in habitats such as wetlands and rain-forests. They live beneath the leaves of plants and the markings on their backs are to frighten potential predators away. To humans, their markings appear to be a grinning face. popular legend says if someone comes across this Pokemon, it means that joy and good fortune will come your way soon.

Golden Joltik (Safari Zone): Golden Joltik are a critically endangered subspecies of Joltik, driven to near extinction by deforestation and black market trade for their silk, the can only be found in Safari Zones today. The webs they spin have a shimmering reflective color and almost appear to be spun out of pure gold. They are increasingly shy and as a protected species it is illegal to disturb their webs or capture them. 

Bonus: Trapdoor Joltik