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The “BED” Economy of Breath of the Wild.

So far, each region has offered a “unique bed experience” meant to serve as an added perk to enhance Link’s abilities in some way. More stamina, more hearts, more whatever. 

Now, this two-tiered pricing system is already problematic because it feeds in to the ‘attainable luxury’ market that drives people to spend more on something they likely cannot afford, but do so to reach some level of social standing deemed ‘acceptable’ by those in power or by their peers who are also striving. In addition, it immediately stratifies society, creating class differences and pushing elitism as an ideal. 

It shows an ugly side of the world of BotW, one driven by highly competitive tourism industries that favor the ultra-rich, and an economy that ensures that the rich continue to get richer. Two words. Late Capitalism.   

Before getting back to the bed situation, let’s look at an example of how the Zelda economy is one entrenched in late capitalism. I bust my butt searching the world for gems as a freelancer, because this is a sharing economy after all, using my own labor power to procure diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. I have no job security, everything I do is at my own risk. Despite the lack of work safety, as luck would have it, I find a diamond! Hallelujah! I take it to the gem dealer and he offers me 500 rupees for it. Seems like a good deal, except that he immediately turns around and tries to sell me the same diamond for 2000 rupees. A 400% markup on an item that was not given any additional labor input to enhance its use value. This is so absurd, yet it provides an example of how this world is out of balance and will only lead to greater inequality. The labor of the working classes is exploited so the rich can continue to profit by selling us the fruits of our own labor for an exorbitant price. Maybe this is the evil Calamity Ganon has unleashed upon the land, unfettered capitalism.

OK, so back to the bed situation…  Every region offers a luxury option to its customers. Some involve massages (Goron) or spa treatments (Gerudo) which make sense in that they are added labor, and as such cost more, though to reiterate, these services are being added to appeal to an upper-class clientele or for those who wish to be. The perk of feeling more refreshed, having more energy, whatever is irrelevant. It is a service that people don’t need, but it is being advertised to them in such a way that it becomes desirable.  The strangest luxury sleeping option of them all though is without doubt the Rito Village Inn, which offers a Rito-feather bed. In order to stay competitive and meet the demands of customers in this late capital nightmare, the Rito are using their own bodies to offer a perk to tourists. Stripping feathers off of their bodies to provide customers with a good night’s sleep. I feel like PETA would have something to say about this…

It’s interesting that Cecili the Innkeeper says that if I don’t have the best sleep of my life, she will eat her own tailfeathers.  Yet, in this statement, the true nature of late capitalism is laid bare… The Ouroboros of late capitalism has wound itself around and is now literally eating it’s own tail to satiate itself. She says she “will eat her own tailfeathers, GUARANTEED” but the reality is, she has already done so, and she will only continue to do so to serve the customer and the market. Soon, it will be an arms race between the different bedding options in Hyrule, where all of the regions will be sacrificing themselves for the sake of the customer, to the detriment of their own well-being. The Rito are just the first to do so. Which is why I’ve dubbed this phase of the Hyrule economy the “BED” economy:

Functioning as both an acronym -the Bird-people Exploitation-Driven economy- and more obviously, using the word ‘bed’ as it was in the offered sleeping experiences I found my first hints that something was amiss in Hyrule’s economy.

Soon the effects of the BED economy will spread, until it reaches an untenable tipping point, where either the system collapses (revolution. adopting a new financial system), or society collapses (wealth disparity reaches catastrophic levels leading to rich and poor completely separated). I wonder how this will play out here…

As a final aside, I find it interesting that the Koroks are the only ones who do not even deal with the concept of money for their lodging. They recognize that as “the Great Mr. Hero” I am putting forth my labor for the betterment of society and as such, the little Korok who runs the inn made a bed for me (and others) as a trade for the somewhat intangibility of the product of my labor efforts. Soo… C’mon rest of Hyrule. Get on board with these socialist Koroks. They are definitely the most left-wing outfit in Hyrule.      

sometimes it’s weird to think about rp writing because you’re not a “ professional writer “ ( aka officially & legally published to be sold to bookstores / online etc )  but we’re not submitting any of our work to literary journals or magazines ,  but we’re not really fucking around in chatrooms either :  it’s this weird mix of hyper passionate fanfiction that’s a daily thing where worlds & fandoms crossover & then it’s lowkey professional because some of our work is with 100% literary effort put into it & if we were writing our original characters our work might be considered publish worthy & we’re building connections & literary networks & sharing passions & hobbies & it’s amazing !!! we’re all amazing. you’re blogs are amazing .  everything is rad — keep up the good & rarely recognized work my buds!

Crush - Chapter 13. No Control

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: Things start to get a little hectic. 

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.5.17

furniture finds by tealandgold

these unique wooden home finds by canadian maker tealandgold are beautiful — they’d look stunning in your house or apartment! the record player storage table has a retro vibe, and the walnut ‘captain’s bed’ combines several shades of wood for a striking finish.

The hourglass symbolises the eternal passage of time, the sand slipping away until there is no more, and therefore a continual reminder that life is finite, and that therefore we should make the most of it while we can. If no action is taken, the sand can only flow one way. This symbolises our need to reverse, at times, our attitudes and actions for continuity, or we shall always be drawn to one side - the base. One part of the hour glass is always full, the other empty and this cycle of emptiness and fullness follow each other - just like in life, where joy and sadness for example often follow each other in cycles.

Listen, my whole life, - I grew up in the Bronx, I’m from New York -  everyone always told me I wasn’t pretty enough; that I needed to get a nose job, you know. I wasn’t pretty enough to be the pretty girl but a little too pretty to play the awkward friend. I just really feel like Hollywood has changed; beauty has changed and I’m embracing, always, my uniqueness with naked bed pictures.

request |  Do you think you could do a fic with OakXReader or DaveedXReader based of the song All I Want by Kodaline? I adore your writing by the way!! You’re very talented.

requested by anonymous

pairing | oak x reader

words | 1480

warnings | ANGST. 

The ceiling fan whirled, and the a/c vent whirred softly, yet Oak was still too hot. His blankets were strewn about his bed, wrapping just over his pelvis and right leg, and leaving his whole torso and other leg bare. It didn’t feel right, here in this bed. Not without his other half, not without you.

The bed was nearly too comfortable to get out of, too inviting with the other person. He could feel you breathing, hear the air leave your nose when you sighed in your sleep. Although he couldn’t seem to drift off once more, he still kept his eyes closed, just so he could feel the heightened sense of your hand on his chest, and your head nuzzling against his shoulder.

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The Ahool is a gigantic bat-like creature that resides in Java, Indonesia. The Ahool is named for the sound it makes, a loud “AhoOOOOOool” as told by natives to the area. It was first sighted in 1925 and is commonly described as being the size of an infant with a wingspan of 12 feet. Naturalist Dr. Ernest Bartels was the first to see this creature and report it. He claimed that he was searching around a waterfall in the Salek Mountains when the Ahool flew right over his head. He encountered it again in 1927 when he heard its unique cry from his bed at night.