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If y’all ever wanna scope out some good batman fan films I’d highly recommend Riddle of the Mask and it’s sequel Truth of the Mask.

Their take on Riddler is a unique one, and the actress for Huntress is one of the best depictions I’ve seen. Plus, they have a showdown between Edward and Bruce in the sequel that really demonstrates the depth of character they designed for Bruce. In general, some really rad films and I 10/10 recommend

The Trouble With Faking It - 1

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.


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Emma Swan is having a pretty good morning. She tracked down an especially wanted criminal last night, and her cut is enough that she doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty spending more than five dollars on a fancy coffee that’s more chocolate than anything.

It’s a lie. She still feels guilty. But she tells herself she doesn’t have to, and that counts for something.

The sun is shining brightly. It isn’t too hot, the sky is clear, and the wind isn’t trying to kill people. It’s about as perfect as it gets in Los Angeles, and she’s happy to savor it. She doesn’t usually have time to sit at the wrought-iron tables outside the café, watch the traffic go by and actually enjoy her coffee, but today she does.

And. It. Is. Glorious.

She pulls a book out of her bag and settles in, getting lost in another time, another place, another world entirely. Her finger skims the rim of her coffee cup occasionally as she reads, and she’s so lost in her book she doesn’t notice at first when a woman slides into the seat across from her.

“Have you ever considered acting?”

The question startles her out of her thoughts, and she nearly spills her coffee everywhere. Sitting across from her is a rather severe looking woman in a suit. She’s staring intently at Emma, red lips pursed in expectation.

“No,” Emma answers once she manages to collect herself. This isn’t the first time someone has asked her this question. She has the blessing of being blonde, slim, and attractive in a city that prides itself on being beautiful - but she has no interest in that life. She goes back to her book without giving the woman another glance.


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Eifman Ballet in Boris Eifman's Red Giselle (Красная Жизель), Alexandrinsky Theatre

Photos by Mark Olich

“Our ballet is dedicated to Olga Spessivtseva, one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century. I was shocked to learn the details of her life: this unique actress bathed in glory, worshipped by admirers and critics later spent 20 years in a mental clinic near New York, totally alone and deprived of all her rights! And it was the deep and tragic sadness I felt when I learnt this that motivated me to produce the Red Giselle. The ballet is not an illustration for Spessivtseva’s biography, but an attempt to draw a generalized picture of her fate and of those of many talented people who were forced to leave Russia and finally came to a tragic end.

Spessivtseva was a brilliant Giselle. The ballerina was so deeply drawn into her heroine’s inner world that she eventually lacked the strength to return to real life: Giselle’s fate was to become her own one. Spessivtseva, being a prima-ballerina, was to become involved in the bloody events of revolutionary Petrograd and this was also to play a fatal role in her life: this red omen, the symbol of her fate and destiny, haunted and tormented her. Emigration was to bring disappointment both to her professional and personal life; it filled her life with even greater tragedies which led eventually to a catastrophe.

In creating this work, our goal was to pay a ballet-theatre tribute to the memory of Olga Spessivtseva – a great ballerina with a tragic fate.” 

Boris Eifman

Imagine how Rooney must feel, tho. The actress she has worshipped since she’s 13 years old saying all that to her… telling her how amazing she is as an actress, how unique she is as a person, how much she enjoyed to work with her and how grateful she is to have had that opportunity and to get to know her.

Like, I’m not Rooney, I’m sure Cate’s words don’t affect me as much as to her… and still, I’m dying with all these feelings! The love, adoration and admiration it’s mutual and so beautiful to witness :’)

What if we stop talking about sad things and we talk about her?

Melissa Mcbride

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Melissa McQueen, light of my life. The Sun of TWD. The sun of this world

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Melissa Mcbride aka the best actress of the fucking world. You can find her in every review of twd described as an outstanding actress, brilliant, unique, alien, magnificent, beautiful actress. Every person who was worked with her and every person who was seen her acting say the same

“ She an unique and beautiful talent”

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So, why don’t we just talk about her? All the season? Until Carol appears again with her future husband Daryl Dixon?

I’m not sorry.

I don’t have regrets

I just love this woman so much, she is an angel, she is my Queen.

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I could put quotes about how talented and beautiful she is from everyone of the cast etc.. but I would need like.. hundreds of posts hahaha. But still..

-”She is the greatest single actress I’ve ever work with”- Andrew Lincoln

-  “Melissa McBride shines in this week’s stellar episode of The Walking Dead (..) If any character in the show has made meaningful changes, it’s definitely Carol.”- review

- No one better in the acting game than @mcbridemelissa- Alanna Masterson

- “Melissa Mcbride shines in every episode even though it is shitty writing”- review from an Spanish magazine

-” Who does she have to kill to earn an Emmy nomination?”


Let’s love Melissa :)

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Rule 63 Hamlet Dream Cast

So I am notoriously kind of meh about Hamlet.  So much so that I almost feel like I should hand back my Shakespeare card.  I have always felt that the play seems a bit unfinished and unsettled.  There are so many different versions of the text that I can’t help but think that Shakespeare was never satisfied with it.  What’s more, I find the female characters to be frustratingly underwritten.  So. I wanted to challenge myself to come up with a Hamlet that wouldn’t make me angry.  This is the result.

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