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OMG, It’s done!
This was a lot of work, but worth every second! :D

I present to you: The Dungeon Master’s Mimic!
The idea behind this project was to make one single container that a GM, or well prepared player can store all their RPG needs in and easily carry them from game to game.
And what other way to make a chest more roleplaying game related than making it a mimic? :3

It’s made from solid pine that I stained with a nice walnut stain and finished with briwax.
All the hardware is steel and brass. It has a soft, 100% wool felt lining to protect the books it’s carrying
The main compartment comfortably holds around 5-6 large rule books and a smaller secondary compartment holds an insert that can safely store all your dice, miniatures, tokens and pencils!
It measures 14 inches across, 9 inches deep and 10 inches tall. The main internal compartment measures 12 x 6 x 10 inches.
The teeth are solid wood, too and have been dulled for safety. (I’d still not joke around and slam it shut on your friend’s hand, though…)

This project was loads of fun, even though throughout the built I came across some rather annoying stumbling blocks. Making it would have been a lot easier if I had a table saw :P
Still, I’m so happy that it’s finally done and am very proud of how it turned out.

I won’t sell this as usual through my Etsy store. It is a unique item that I put a lot of my heart and soul into and I don’t feel that Etsy’s “first come, first serve” policy on purchases would do it justice.
Instead I have listed it on Ebay in a one week auction. I thought that way instead of whoever happens to see it the quickest, it will go to whoever wants it the most ^__^

Here’s the listing:

Love you all <3


Beautiful (Pagan, Wiccan, Celtic, Renaissance, Bellydance, Woodland, Gothic, Egyptian, Victorian, Bohemian, Goddess, Medieval, etc.) inspired headdresses by Etsy shop, The Charmed Maiden.


Some more previews of child units I’m editing right now.


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stained glass ring styles by artkvarta

monday monday doesn’t have to be depressing and grey — add a one of a kind color pop to your week with one of artkvarta’s cool stained glass rings in your favorite color :)

For sure! @riatstars

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Good Hair/eye synergy++

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Small face draws eyes to hair and eyes++

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Switches hairstyles but maintains same character feel ++

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Consistent use of same elements unifies character and makes easier to notice and quickly identify in frame++

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Unique hair accessory (?) (can you call Tippy a hair accessory???????) ++

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Volume of hair excellent for framing a scene ++

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Overall excellent 10/10 

Send me a character and I’ll rate their hair

hey everyone, i’m back with another trend guide, this time for rompers!

rompers are a piece that stumps a lot of people, not only because of their shape and how hard it is to find one that fits–especially if you’re plus sized or exceptionally shorter/taller. however, i think a lot of the intimidation stems from the fact that they’re just a weird piece rather than them being hard to coordinate. rompers are weird one pieces and a HORRIBLE BATHROOM TRAP, but i think that’s their only downside. once you start treating them similar to how you would coordinate a dress or any matching two piece, they become fairly simple.

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Wire wrapped Viking knit leather necklace

Handmade, simple and elegant, this is a piece inspired by viking folk art :) 

Item description:

  • * Approximate weight: 10 g (0.01 lbs)
  • * Approximate cord length: adjustable

Visit my shop @ Loitsu Crafts Etsy and take a closer look! 

to be honest, im not a huge fan of the “club members must all look similar” thing. isn’t that what the occult club’s choker, gaming and music club’s clip, art and cooking club’s hair wear are for?

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