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me: i am fine

also me: jeff was the purest character in the series, he wanted to help clay with his crush, he was a responsible boy who wouldn’t drive after drinking alcohol, he was a senior and had a whole life ahead of him, jeff was so unique and deserved better

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what type of shader do you use for fightknight? and where can I learn more about it?

It’s a very simple one that I made myself! basically, it takes the 3 separate rgb channels and converts each range of values to a specific color on a palette. the dithering is created by making every other pixel use one of two slightly different ranges.

a lot of the look of the game is from how the graphics are set up to take advantage of the shader. this is how the game looks with the shader disabled:

as you can see, each asset is using either the Red, Green or Blue color channel. the bars on the left demonstrate the value range, 0-255 for each channel. what the shader does is convert those values to…

something that looks like this! the three channels have been converted to 5 colors each, for a total of 13 unique colors (the same darkest shade is shared by all channels)

the final variable in how the graphics are set up is the fog. it can change colors too! for example, here I changed the fog to green:

and that makes the same palette look like this:

a pretty different look for just one change!

the nice thing about all this is that just through changing these variables I can make a given area look completely different

that’s it! thanks for the question :)

HTTYD ask meme
  • Making this ‘cause why not. Spread and share as you like!
  • 1. How would you handle living on Berk?
  • 2. How do you think you'd be different if you grew up on Berk?
  • 3. Yaks, chicken, or sheep?
  • 4. The chicken is not amused. What did you do wrong?
  • 5. Favorite dragon species?
  • 6. What type of dragon would you like to ride? Is that different from the dragon you'd most likely ride?
  • 7. How would your first flight on a dragon turn out?
  • 8. On a scale of Snotlout to Hiccup, how are your dragon riding skills?
  • 9. Would you get into trouble on Berk?
  • 10. Would you try Astrid's yaknog?
  • 11. Coolest dragon?
  • 12. Scariest dragon?
  • 13. Most unique dragon?
  • 14. Favorite dragon class?
  • 15. Suggest a new dragon species. What does it look like? What are its powers? etc.
  • 16. If YOU were a dragon, what would you be?
  • 17. Any underappreciated dragon species you want to give a callout to?
  • 18. What do you think Stoick does with all his wooden duck carvings?
  • 19. The dragon riders can visit anywhere in the world, any place in history. Where would you suggest they go?
  • 20. You, Hiccup, Snotlout, and Tuffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 21. You, Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 22. What do you think the dragon riders are like as old women and men?
  • 23. Which character do you relate the most to?
  • 24. How well do your know your dragon stats?
  • 25. Who would you want to spend a day with? Who would be your best friend?
  • 26. How would you handle the twins' pranks? Loki'd!
  • 27. You and Snotlout are on patrol together. What happens?
  • 28. Which character would you get along with the least?
  • 29. Anyone on Berk you'd date? I hear Bucket is single...
  • 30. Axes, swords, hammers, bows and arrows, or maces?
  • 31. What would your house look like on Dragon's Edge?
  • 32. What is your favorite house on Dragon's Edge?
  • 33. What's your favorite island? (outside of Berk)
  • 34. Favorite villain?
  • 35. How would you handle being kidnapped by the Outcasts?
  • 36. Give the dragon riders superpowers. What can each of them do?
  • 37. Favorite track in the HTTYD or HTTYD 2 OST?
  • 38. Favorite ship?
  • 39. Favorite friendship?
  • 40. Favorite dragon-rider duo?
  • 41. Favorite secondary or background character?
  • 42. Suggest a new pairing. Why would it work?
  • 43. I want these two characters to spend more time together...
  • 44. Come up with a crack pairing.
  • 45. Have any HTTYD OCs?
  • 46. Suggest a new AU (or mention an AU you like).
  • 47. Suggest a new crossover (or mention one you like).
  • 48. List off your top three fandoms. Now combine them with HTTYD. What would the crossover be like?
  • 49. List off any three of your fandoms and combine them with HTTYD for the weirdest crossover you can think of.
  • 50. Do you think any of the dragon riders have children? Have any headcanons about the next generation?
  • 51. Favorite thing about your favorite character?
  • 52. Tell me a character and I'll give you a headcanon.
  • 53. Tell me a character and I'll give you a favorite quote.
  • 54. Tell me a show, movie, or movie short and I'll tell you a favorite scene.
  • 55. Have you read the books? If so, which book is your favorite?
  • 56. Suggest a DreamWorks Dragons episode plot.
  • 57. Who's an underappreciated character and why do you appreciate them?
  • 58. You have to give each of the dragon riders awards. What awards do you give everyone?
  • 59. Who has the best hairstyle?
  • 60. Should Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut grow beards?
  • 61. Who has the best outfit?
  • 62. How would you react if Snotlout started hitting on you?
  • 63. How would you react if Ruffnut started hitting on you?
  • 64. Do you know all the lyrics in "For the Dancing and the Dreaming?"
  • 65. Let's be mean. How do you think each of the dragon riders will die?
  • 66. How did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 67. When did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 68. What made you fall in love with How to Train Your Dragon?
  • 69. What is something you didn't initially think about but grew to love about HTTYD?
  • 70. What is the BEST thing (to you) about HTTYD and its franchise?
Personal Bill of Rights

1. I have the right to ask for what I want.
2. I have the right to say no to requests or demands I can’t meet.
3. I have the right to express all my feelings, positive or negative.
4. I have the right to change my mind.
5. I have the right to make mistakes and not have to be perfect.
6. I have the right to follow my own values and standards.
7. I have the right to say no to anything when I feel I am not ready,
it is unsafe, or it violates my values.
8. I have the right to determine my own priorities.
9. I have the right to NOT to be responsible for others’ behavior,
actions, feelings, or problems.
10. I have the right to expect honesty from others.
11. I have the right to be angry at someone I love.
12. I have the right to be uniquely myself.
13. I have the right to say “I’m afraid”
14. I have the right to say “I don’t know”
15. I have the right not to give excuses or reasons for my behavior.
16. I have the right to make decisions based on my feelings.
17. I have the right to my own needs for personal space and time.
18. I have the right to be playful and frivolous.
19. I have the right to be healthier than those around me.
20. I have the right to be in a non abusive environment.
21. I have the right to make friends and be comfortable around people.
22. I have the right to change and grow.
23. I have the right to have my needs and wants respected by others.
24. I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
25. I have the right to be happy.

-from “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D.

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For the unique asks: 2, 6, 13, 17, 19, 23, 40, 43, 47, 50 & 53 (it's a lot, ik but I like those questions in particular). Enjoy!

Damn, girl, you made me work!

2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?


6) Do you have any strange phobias?

I am a little nutty about the number 13. Like, I not only avoid it, but I will avoid numbers that add up to it or can be arranged in an equation to produce it. I won’t get up at 7:13, but I also won’t get up at 7:06 or 7:24. (Even typing out those numbers, I don’t like it.) 7:23 is also not great because 7 + (2 x 3). I like the number 7 so I also sometimes avoid the number 6, even if a 7 isn’t there, because that makes 13. And I like 8s because an 8 with a 7 is a nice safe 15 (and 8 generally is just a nice number). (Although, 8:15, for example, could break down to 8 + (1 x 5) = 13. Safer to wait til 8:17.) I don’t like multiples of 13, like 26 or 39. I also get bogged down in how something COULD be interpreted as 13; like, I eat a handful of almonds for breakfast at work most mornings, and I try to get at least 14 whole ones, and there are also little bits of ones that I will eat too because if I don’t that’ll be all that’s left in the bag eventually, but then sometimes one of the ones I thought was whole will turn out to be more squished, and then I hope another one is also squished, or a few more, so I don’t have 13 “whole” ones in any definition of the term, LIKE SOMEONE IS KEEPING TRACK. So then sometimes I will eat a couple more just to be safe. I like to go well over 13 to allow for such errors. I truly do this all day long and it’s very stupid. I don’t even think it’s THAT serious of a thing, because if a 13 is unavoidable I don’t worry about it overmuch, really, but it’s habit habit habit.

The only exception I make is 10:13, because I have good vibes from that number for obvious reasons, even though, looking at it objectively, that number has caused me more grief in my life than all the other 13s combined lolol.

I guess that’s more of a superstition than a phobia really. I have some phobias – confined spaces, like crawling through a long tight tunnel especially (just thinking about that gives me cold sweats), but I don’t think any of them are STRANGE really. I’m not afraid of like, cows or something.

Oh! I am a little afraid of the house falling in or of falling through the floor, especially when I’m in the shower. I think about that a lot. I just am always worried that the floor and/or ceiling will collapse.

Dear me: It is not necessary to write 5-paragraph answers for these

13) What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?

My greatest weakness is passivity and avoidance (which is often anxiety-based but sometimes is just me-based). Also the ability to keep track of/manage time.

My greatest strength might be that I’m good at thinking things through and foreseeing consequences. This means that I get very easily annoyed when people can’t or won’t do this, as I watch things escalate in ways that seem to me to be completely preventable, I guess particularly as regards personal interactions. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN is something I think a lot. (On the other hand, I have plenty of blind spots as far as stuff that *I* am in the habit of doing/not doing and the easily foreseeable consequences.) It can be tiring though when I CAN’T STOP trying to think everything through and foresee all the consequences before I do anything. Also, I learn things pretty quickly, for the most part, and I have a good memory. 

17) Are you happy with the person you’ve become?

Pretty happy. I like myself now better than I like my younger self, in most ways. I’m more self-aware and I think I’m a lot more secure in myself and I think (hope) I’m more thoughtful and less selfish. I do miss some things about how I used to be, including that I used to be a lot more creative and less lazy. But in general I think I’ve come out OK. I still have plenty of stuff to work on, as we all do.

19) What’s your biggest “what if”?

I tend to live my life, generally, in a state of feeling that I have narrowly escaped disaster and that anything could go wrong at any moment and that I am JUST squeaking acceptably by right now and thank god I managed to scam my way to this point but something terrible could be around any corner. So it’s hard for me to look at a “what if” situation in the way of, like, “what other adventures could I have had if I’d taken a different path?” Instead I tend to be more like “thank god the winds of fate chanced to allow me to make it to this point where I’m relatively safe and secure even if I’m perpetually teetering on a precipice of potential disaster.” It’s hard for me to muse on a different kind of life because it’s too full of UNCERTAINTY.

That said…I wonder all the time what it would be like to just pick up and move to a different city, or a different country, or like, to a remote mountain somewhere. There is a lot of appeal in that for me, maybe BECAUSE I tend to feel so trapped and just-made-it-y, and the idea of chucking it all is very freeing. Who knows, someday I may still do that.

Or, I guess more obviously, if I had gotten married and had kids. That would be different all right. I suppose the getting married thing could still happen. I’m pretty set in my ways at this point though, heh.

23) What’s the worst place you have ever been to?

This is a weird answer but once coming back from a trip (I forget where) I had a layover in the Atlanta airport. They were doing some kind of HVAC work and it was hot in there and a bunch of the ceiling panels were gone and there were like, trash bags (black ones) along the ceiling in some places, and it was super crowded and generally a mess (at least partially due to whatever maintenance/construction was happening), and I remember thinking, “The Atlanta airport is the most depressing place on earth.” I’m QUITE SURE that’s not true, but I don’t have a lot of fondness for the Atlanta airport, haha. It was kind of what I would imagine purgatory to be like. A hot, stressful, ugly, depressing mess. (I’m sure I caught it on a bad day!)

40) Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?

I think I would be fine with having me for a friend, but if I were someone very unlike me I don’t know if having me for a friend would always be that great because I sometimes am kind of inconsistent and hands-off. I try to listen and to sympathize and to give (sincere) compliments, but I also need a lot of me time and sometimes I am Not Up For It. And I know I tend to go on and on sometimes and use my friends as a sounding board for my navel-gazing. (Sorry, friends.) If I were the kind of person who needed to be able to call my friend in the middle of the night and ask them to come over because I was lonely, I would not want me for a friend. Or, I would, but I would need other friends too. (I think I have answered this question, or one like it, once before.)

43) What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

I just looked on my Happy playlist, helpfully enough. I can’t pick just one, so I’m going with Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by the Police, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, A Simple Formality by Komeda, and Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys.

47) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?


50) Basic question; what’s your favorite color/colors?

I’m a big fan of novelty when it comes to colors – if I wore red one day I’ll be sick of red the next day – but it always comes back to green. (Currently, I’m planning to paint my kitchen green, but also debating whether I will get too sick of green.)

53) What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?

Hmmm… What percentage of time I have spent, over my life, thinking about my various obsessions.

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wait, did lucy vallely win teen bd when she was at the bottom of the division?? that's super impressive but not a shock tbh her dancing is so unique

yup 13

ellivia replied to your post: For the unique asks: 2, 6, 13, 17, 19, 23, 40, 43,…

Dude. The numbers thing. It’s 5 (and multiples) for me. And if I’m feeling really neurotic that day, it’s also 7. I don’t think I’ve ever “met” anyone else who did this.

No way!! That is so funny. Of course, I’m sitting here thinking “5?! What’s objectionable about 5? Or 7? Of course, if you put 5 and 7 together, it makes 12, which is almost 13 so danger danger will robinson” It’s ALMOST as if…it doesn’t actually mean anything. Heehee. DON’T TELL OUR BRAINS. *high five*

Weekend Poll 1 Results

What is your favorite Glee friendship (non-romantic pairings)?

First of all, I just want to say how cool it was to see everyone’s responses! And that pretty much all the friendships combinations got at least one vote, including Sue/Becky and Puck/Beiste.  Yay Glee friendships!  

However, only one other person picked Kurt/Brittany with me.  And that’s okay.  We’ll be fine in our own little unicorn club.  (I’m kidding…) 

Just FYI, about half of you voted for multiple people, so I’d hardly call this the most accurate poll ever devised.  ;) 

Honorable Mentions:

Blaine/Rachel and Blaine/Mike with 4 votes each.


Tenth Place: Quinn/Mercedes (Quinncedes) 5 votes

Ninth Place: Kurt/Finn (Furt) 5 votes

Eighth Place: Rachel/Mercedes (Rachcedes) 5 votes

Seventh Place: Kurt/Elliott (Kelliott) 9 votes

Sixth Place: Blaine/Tina (Blina) 11 votes

Fifth Place: Blaine/Tina/Sam (Blamtina) 12 votes

Fourth Place: Marley/Unique (Marlique) 13 votes

Third Place: Kurt/Rachel (Hummelberry) 24 votes

Second Place: Kurt/Mercedes (Kurtcedes) 28 votes

First Place: Blaine/Sam (Blam) 38 votes


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You've told some Anons that Sasha's success was the result of her being generously scored all the time, despite her weak apparatus handling. I've been wondering why she got these scores at all. Today, the handling is still her weakness and she receives lower scores. Was/is it simply bc she's Russian? Or the old CoP? And why were the Averina twins only in the background back then although they're so talented?

Sasha’s success is not just the result of her being overscored. She is a great athlete with unique body condition.

The 13/16 CoP was based more on body elements and that’s where Sasha is better, no one beside her can do 6 penché rotations. The current CoP however is based more on handling (now with the AD category) and Sasha is the girl with the weakest handling in the current russian A team.

She already benefited from generous scoring in the previous quad (for example her 2 silver medals in hoop and clubs AF at 2015 worlds that should imo have gone to Rizatdinova, or her gold at WC Espoo in 2016). Judges tend to be a bit lenient with her execution wise, but that’s always the case when you’re russian. To me, the Averinas and Bravikova are more complete athletes, but there are elements only Soldatova can perform.

As for the Averinas being a bit overshadowed previously, the previous CoP didn’t really favour their style. In 2014-15, they mostly performed at International Tournaments of GP or smaller competitions, but it was also a choice from the fed and the coaching staff.They started getting more bigger international assignments in 2016 because there were open spots to take at the beginning of the season and they took advantage of that