UNIQSO Cicle Lens (uniqso.com)

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Today I am going to be  introducing you a fantastic site…
Uniqso.com  who sells Big Eye Cicle lenses, big eye contact lenses and also many other beauty products. 

[UPDATE: Since UNIQSO’s site upgrade, you can buy by pairs! You can still buy just one contact lens if you need it, but it’s now cheaper to buy by pairs]

They are selling by per piece, instead of per pair… isn’t it awesome??


Uniqso.com is a Malaysian based online store which is selling unique circle lenses and nail polishes imported from Korea. What is so unique about our color lens?
  • 1. Quality Manufacturer Our color lens is made by Korean manufacturer who does not compromise on the quality of the products. Every single step from producing to packaging is handled carefully by them.
  • 2. Fitting design
  • Our lens is comfortable to wear on as the thickness of 0.025mm and Base Curve of 8.6mm is similar to our eye structure. This will “lock” the lens on the eye ball to prevent it moving around.
  • 3. Comfortable to wear on
  • One of the prominent features of our color lens is its high water content. It allows our eye to “breathe” through the contact lens; the higher water content, the more oxygen permeable, our eyes won’t get dry easily
  • 4. Big Eye Effect
  • Under IFAIRY series, it’s bigger (>16mm) diameter makes your eyes look even bigger and charming. Of course we have 14mm diameter to cater for you if you prefer a smaller one.
  • 5. Variety PatternsWe have variety of special designs such as Hello Kitty, flower, star, diamond and etc which you may not find it in the market.

  • 6. Meets regulatory body testing Dolly Eye color lens is manufactured by EOS while Beuberry & IFAIRY color lens is manufactured by SUNnBON. Both company meet KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration) testing and don’t worry that our color lens comes from somewhere

For more details you can also find UNIQSO on Facebook.

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makeup I wore the night of project Roole I helped photograph :D . my ombre eyebrows are to match my purple Mohawk, the lavender eyelashes are to go along with the purple coord. Lenses from UNIQSO.com, check out my affiliate link to enter “UNIQ” for a 10% discount <3 . thanks for viewing!