Vintage Avirex A2 Leather Bomber Jacket. Strong distressed feel, looks like a real pilot jacket in combat! More shots available www.facebook.com/uniondrygoods

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“Arctic Standard” vintage 2-Tone B3 Leather Bomber Jacket by Scooter USA. Available at www.facebook.com/uniondrygoods

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Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket by Tass Finder, now available at www.uniondrygoods.com

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Julius Cesar just doesn’t look right without his purple toga on. Real man just can’t go without the right pair of jeans. What makes our own pair appealing? Well go through some of the important features today.

Fabric is the soul of a pair of jeans. Over decades Japanese companies have been so devoted in developing it’s fabric industry by introducing advanced ways to improve the dyeing and manufacturing process. Lovely brands set up demonstrated how good the Japanese quality was. The author however has personal reservation in recent releases from Japan since the tsunami tragedy. Afterall, water is in heavy use during the manufacturing stages and we never know if the water has been contaminated! Heard of Xinjiang made selvedge was introduced in some developing oriental brands lately but the author remains a die-hard for pure US construction.

What else? Hardware talks now. Classic interpreters demand their jeans be button fly, like the originals. Fair enough, zipper fly does not relief much of the men’s headache but post certain threat. Our viewpoint is in favor of button fly since it’s still the best way so far to pay homage to denim’s hard-laboring heritage. Suspenders buttons and cinch buckles were used before 1930’s and most replicas include them for the sack of being “vintage” and most important “profitable”. For daily use, however, it’s the belt loops which bring “life” to your pair of denim with the pairing up of carefully selected belts.

Leg Shape also counts. There should not be any major variation in the upper thigh in the world of men’s denim. Anything under the knee would decide what kind of guy you are. Straight cut or baggy design? Boot-cut or bell-bottom? Miner or painter? James Dean or Elvis Presley? Well, ancient baggy cuts tend to cover shortcoming of body built like “out knee” while straight leg fits quite well those big & tall.

For cuffs, Union Dry Goods holds the view that your jeans be with the right length for your legs. They could hang long provided the leg is wide enough, but definitely not so long as to flip them up. Remember, denim is invention of human beings. Don’t let them control over you!

Speak enough today and we leave the discussion of weathering next time.


Treomen is never a political person. Seeing the dispute between Japan and my motherland, China, is by no means a pleasant experience to every citizen of both countries. During this twin holidays of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, may I wish for world peace and let me express my wish in a traditional Chinese saying “祝人月兩團圓,中秋節愉快!”