It's Florida Derby/DWC Day!

I’m awake early today for the Dubai card!

I am so impressed with you guys supporting the retired ponies thus far, now having sold 6 Derby hopeful tees. I was a Girl Scout for about a week (thanks Mom and Dad) and I was fired from my first retail job when I was 17, so just being a teensy sales savvy makes me feel good, especially because it’s for a good cause. If you haven’t bought yours already, now is an awesome time to jump on the bandwagon. So far I’m 25% to the fundraising goal of $100 for New Vocations through shirt sales alone! Buy one or two or five!

To the Derby Handicap Contest-ers: Don’t forget to send me your Florida Derby (I) picks by 4:40pm EST today! I have a feeling this will be a good make-or-break day and hey, maybe we’ll even get a TRIFECTA picked today for the first time!

And Hansenforpresident, I got your message!


Facebook has been doing that weird memory thing and is reminding me that my last trip to Kentucky was 3 years ago today! We went at the beginning of 2013 for all the farm tours, it was amazing! I’m glad I put these all on facebook because my hard drive with all the photos broke recently D: I really want to go back to Lexington soon to visit some of the recent retirees and some of the old guys that have returned, like Silver Charm.

Photos above include: Curlin, Big Brown, Afleet Alex, Bernardini, Union Rags, Tapit, Hansen, Scat Daddy, and Wilburn.