Marvel Hopes to Release a New Netflix Series Every 6 Months - Including ‘Luke Cage’ & 'The Defenders’ of Course

By Tambay A. Obenson

“Marvel characters here! Marvel characters there! Marvel characters everywhere!

Netflix announced at the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer gathering earlier today, that it will be releasing a new Marvel superhero series every six months (in addition to the dozen or so Marvel movies that are scheduled to be released over the next 5 years; and let’s not the other dozen that will come from the Warner Bros/DC Comics union)…”

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Comic Time 10 eComic!

Comic Time Volume 10 is finally out! Featuring work from Lance Orr, Dan Perlstein, Chelsea Shaw, Abby Gurn, PF Flyer, Jason Gastrow and Sam Szymborski. And for all of you who say, “UGH, hardcopy…”, Comic Time 10 is now an eComic you can download for free!

Here is the link to the comic–it’s a .cbz file:

The .cbz is a file that is for comic reader apps. If you already read digital comics, you know what to do. If you are on ipad/iphone or an Android device, go to the app store and download an app called “Comic Rack”. It is free.

If you would rather read on a Windows computer, download the “Comic Rack” app here:

If you would rather read on a Mac, download the “Simple Comic” app here:

Once you have the app, just put the .cbz in the /comics folder and enjoy.

Thanks for downloading!

Kickstarter Spotlight: Red Lance. Heroes with gender equality

Kickstarter Spotlight: Red Lance. Heroes with gender equality #comics

by Gary Bloom What’s Red Lance? New heroes for a new generation? A brand new comic book that doesn’t have footprints in the early 20th century? New world, new stories and new characters from Olympus Union creator Gary Bloom? I’ll take “All of the Above for $1000 Alex!” Red Lance was initially inspired by the #wheresnatasha campaign, which begged the question: why is Black Widow so left out? That…

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The Dark Tales of The Dark Knight #23 (Nowhere Man)

The Dark Tales of The Dark Knight #23 (Nowhere Man)

  By Will Barber – Taylor Following the last edition of The Dark Tales of The Dark Knight in which we looked at Batman journey to Soviet Russia in the 1980s to battle NVKDemon, this time we see Batman battle a threat in the modern day that results in Bruce Wayne becoming a man on the run in Nowhere Man (Batman Vol 2: 19 – 20) Nowhere Man is a nice contrast to the previous tale, The Day The Earth…

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meeting avengers cast by brol-fashion featuring a lace dress ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Ep 130 - Fangirls Night 2: Return to the She-vil Lair

Ep 130 - Undies of Wondy in “Fangirls Night 2: Return to the She-vil Lair”!

Hey hey, Evil Geeks! While the Evil Geek guys are away, Undies of Wondy takes over this weeks’ episode. Undies attended Fangirls night at Earthworld Comics back in March and interviewed a bunch of the all female crowd that showed up that night. It’s time for the ladies to geek out on this episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair! https://thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/fa…

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Chase Ackerman witnesses the Russia’s ban on Spectral. Other news sources also witnesses the ban.

During the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Ant-Man star Chase Ackerman recently appeared in the press conference about the Russia’s ban on Spectral: A Game of Obscurity, and its influence.

On the such websites, such as the Brazilian Portuguese language AdoroCinema, many Brazilian fans reacted to the first screening via livestream in the Warner Bros Brazil’s website and their own YouTube channel.

Take a look in their news:

Rússia e Argentina para proibir Guillermo del Toro produziu filme “ Spectral - Um Jogo de Obscuridade” , para evitar os efeitos negativos sobre a cultura da sociedade destes dois países . Rússia proibiu o filme , devido ao retrato negativo da cultura russa e da sociedade, se o russo eo Exército da União Soviética são tornou-se desertou para o Exército dos Estados Unidos e seus aliados, a Alemanha eo Reino Unido. Argentina também proibiu o filme, devido a União Soviética aliada com a Argentina com a versão ficcionada da Guerra das Malvinas . Thomas Vanstone desempenha o papel de Ilya , o jovem Russo e ex- soldado Soviético , que se tornou desertou e aliado com o Chase Ackerman e da United States Marine Corps, depois de abatidos pela Casper Vikberg durante a missão na fronteira Húngara .

In the other news sources, such as SVT.se and the German language website of Deutsche Welle, said the film was very offensive to its viewers across the European countries.

Deutsche Welle explains the article in German:

“Am 3. Juli, besuchte viele Deutsche Fans besuchten 2015 das Karlovy Vary Filmfestival, für seine erste Vorführung von “Das Spectral - Ein Spiel der Dunkelheit”. Während des Kalten Krieges eingestellt zwischen 1978 bis 1985 , es erzählt von Jerome (Graham Quarella), ein junger britischer Junge, der mit den Royal Marines verbindet , um gegen die Sowjetunion und ihre Alien-Invasion zu kämpfen, während des bewaffneten Konflikts in der Tschechoslowakei und in Deutschland. Sie schlossen sich mit der United States Marine Corps , die Elliot (Chase Ackerman), Connor (Jason Bassler) und Harriet (Danya Rose) enthalten, die Krieg agains die Sowjetunion beizutreten. Das United States Marine Corps wurden während der Mission in der Tschechoslowakei inmitten einer Alien-Invasion im Einsatz , wurde von Master Sergeant Benson (Jeffrey Jackson Welch), der auch führte das 1. Bataillon 1. Marine Division für die Rettungsmission in Jugoslawien für die Helfer von der Jugoslawischen Volksarmee in gekidnappt geführt November 1979 .

SVT explains the article:

“Den 3 juli, Många Svenska fans besökte 2015 Karlovy Vary filmfestival för sin allra första screening av “Spectral - En Omgång Dunkel”.
Ställ mellan 1978 genom 1985 under det kalla kriget, berättar det om Jerome (Quarella), en ung Brittisk pojke som går med Royal Marines för att bekämpa Sovjetunionen och dess utomjordisk invasion, under väpnade konflikten i Tjeckoslovakien och Tyskland. De slog sig ihop med USA: s marinkår, som inkluderade Elliot (Ackerman), Connor (Bassler) och Harriet (Rose), att ansluta sig till krigs agains Sovjetunionen. USA: s marinkår utplacerades under uppdraget i Tjeckoslovakien mitt i en utomjordisk invasion, leddes av fanjunkare Benson (Welch), som även ledde den 1 Bataljonen 1 Marin-Uppdelningen för räddningsuppdrag i Jugoslavien för biståndsarbetare kidnappats av den Jugoslaviska folkarmén i November 1979. Casper Vikberg, spelar rollen av ledare för den Tjeckoslovakiska armén som heter löjtnant Tomas Benes, som ledde Sovjetunionens stöd för en utomjordisk invasion under slutet av 1970-talet till början av 1980-talet. Benjamin Mitkus spelar äldre bror som heter Sergeant Ladislav Benes.”

Therefore, producer Guillermo del Toro asked author Thomas Kerner Hoffman to launch a campaign for the film, for the vote against the Czech and Slovak ban during the press conference at the Comic Con.