Scenes from India’s massive general strike on September 2, 2015

Yesterday 150 million workers and millions of students in India went on strike against austerity and privatization, led by a united front of communist organizations.

Why is the U.S. media censoring it? Because they don’t want workers and students here to take up this great idea.

Photos: SUCI-C and AIDSO comrades (Special thanks to  Sarwan Kumar Gupta for helping to compile photos from different cities and regions)

The Alternate Universe of Soviet Arcade Games
When you walk into the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games in St. Petersburg, the first thing you’ll see is a series of gray, hard-edged soda machines from the...

Unlike machines in the West, every single machine that was produced during Soviet-era Russia had to align with Marxist ideology.

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, to put it simply: it means no Pac-Man. It means no fantasies. It means presenting work as physical labor, promoting Communist patriotism, and glorifying habits of mind that were appropriate to Marxist thinking. Fantasy and role-playing games featuring treasure-hunting, princesses, and invented creatures had no home in the USSR.

Instead, the most popular games were created to teach hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and logical, focused thinking. Not unlike many American games, these games were influenced by military training, crafted to teach and instill patriotism for the state by making the human body better, stronger, and more willful.It also means no high scores, no adrenaline rushes, or self-serving feather-fluffing as you add your hard-earned initials to the list of the best. In Communist Russia, there was no overt competition.