Today in labor history, February 13, 1913: After West Virginia Governor William E. Glasscock declares martial law to put down the coal miners’ strike in in Kanawha county, 83-year old activist and organizer Mary Harris “Mother” Jones is arrested. She was tried and convicted by a military court and sentenced to twenty years in prison. “Whatever I have done in West Virginia,” she said, “I have done it all over the United States. And when I get out, I will do it again.” She was released and pardoned after serving 85 days.  

You know when you watch a game and realise who the ref is, and have one of those ‘for fuck sake, not him!’ moments. Well that’s exactly what I done with peyper, and he proved me right.

That was a fucking disgraceful refereeing display. Cynical, off the ball hits on Sexton, high tackles, and a purposeful knock on and he awards a scrum? Me arse.
And the amount of time he wasted on the scrum at the end, when a penalty try should have been awarded sooner. What little life there was in that game he sucked from it with so many resets and penalties.

I’m not saying Ireland deserved that, because we didn’t. But I’m disappointed to see such cynacism from a French team I used to admire so much.

The only consolation is Medard scored the try, and that’s only consolation because I love him.

And that’s my summary of France V. Ireland.
I’m off to hit a boxing bag for a few because I’m pissed off.

Wales V. Scotland better be a decent game. I need it.

sayheyala asked:

What happens if there's a tie vote in the supreme court?

In a nutshell, when there’s a tie, the Lower Court’s decision stands. (This is the decision appealed to SCOTUS).

Other questions: What does this mean for [specific cases] this term (clean air, abortion rights, immigration, unions, voting, Paris Climate Convention, affirmative action, ObamaCare birth control coverage, etc.)

I’m gathering the sources as I write, so for the time being, here’s an excerpt from a Vox article (with links to Gov Docs). I’ll post the official sources later tonight.

via Vox

In the case of a tie, the lower court’s decision is upheld and no precedent is set. The court traditionally does not issue an opinion.

Here are some of the most consequential cases still pending before the court. It’s not clear that all of them were likely to result in 5-4 splits, but here’s what could happen if they end up as a 4-4 tie:

  • Whole Women’s Health v. Cole: A challenge to the Texas law that has closed about half of the state’s abortion clinics since 2013, and the first major abortion case in nearly a decade. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled largely in favor of the law, meaning a tie would leave it in place without setting a new precedent on abortion.
  • US v. Texas: The challenge to President Obama’s 2014 executive action on immigration, which would protect about 4 million people — including unauthorized immigrants who’d come to the US as children and are now older than 30, as well as some parents of US citizens or permanent residents  — from deportation. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Obama administration in November; a tie would uphold that decision.
  • Evenwel v. Abbott: A case considering whether all residents or only eligible voters should be counted when drawing state legislative districts. Counting those who are not eligible to vote — convicted felons, immigrants who are not citizens, and children, among others — generally helps Democrats; not counting those people would give a bigger voice to white and rural voters. The lower court, the US District Court for the western district of Texas, held that everyone should be counted; a tie would uphold that.
  • Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association: A case challenging whether public employees who are not members of a union can be required to pay an “agency fee” or “fair share fee” to cover the cost of collective bargaining for the contract that also applies to them. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the California nonunion teachers who argued they should not have to pay, but they did so for the case to be appealed to the Supreme Court, which would have to overturn a precedent to find in the nonunion teachers’ favor.
  • Zubik v. Burwell: A challenge to the Obama administration’s accommodation for religious nonprofits who object to being required to offer health insurance covering birth control. (The nonprofits themselves are not required to pay for the coverage, but they must submit a form so that the insurers themselves will do so.) The Third Circuit Court of Appeals found the accommodation is not a burden on religious freedom.
  • Fisher v. Texas: A challenge to Texas’ use of affirmative action in admissions that the court has already decided once before, in 2013, and sent back to a lower court. Justice Elena Kagan has recused herself because she dealt with the case as solicitor general, meaning only seven justices will be voting on the final opinion and a tie is not possible. Anthony Kennedy is the swing vote, with the decision likely to be 4-3.

Gabrielle Union turns heads in white outfit and printed coat at charity bowling bash with Dwyane Wade and kids

It was a family affair on Saturday as Dwyane Wade’s two sons Zion and Zaire and nephew Dahveon Morris supported him in Toronto, Canada.
The trio joined the NBA star for his All Star Bowling Classic fundraiser, benefiting The Sandals Foundation and Wade’s World Foundation, held at The Ballroom.
And of course, wife Gabrielle Union joined in on the fun as well, turning heads on the red carpet in a trendy, white jumpsuit.

Gabrielle wore a form-fitting white outfit, which featured a turtleneck and highlighted the star’s toned frame.
She wore the trousers cuffed at the ankle, and coupled the trendy look with a pair of high-top white sneakers.

She accessorized with a stunning, embroidered red jacket with striking detail, coordinating the showstopping piece with a red, leather handbag.
Gabrielle wore her long, brunette tresses in a center part, and styled straight for the outing, on which she also showed off a smoky eye.

The Being Mary Jane star flashed a big smile as she hit the carpet alongside husband Dwyane, sporting a shiny, mauve gloss.
The charity event’s host, Dwyane, looked sharp in a form-fitting navy blue sweater, which he sported underneath a stylish white jacket.
He coupled those with a pair of fitted khaki trousers, also donning brown, low-top sneakers to finish off the look.

The father-of-three accessorized with a chic, black hat, also sporting a gold wristwatch for the occasion.
Dwyane’s sons - Zion and Zaire,with ex-wife, high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches-Wade - dressed a bit more casually, sporting long-sleeved T-shirts and sneakers.
And nephew Dahveon - for whom Dwyane was granted custody in 2014 - looked comfortable in a loose-fitting sweatshirt and stylish sweatpants.

The family looked to be in good spirits as they arrived for the lively event, which will benefit underprivileged youth by providing access to planned sports, mentorships, healthy lifestyle education and family engagement.
Additionally, the Game Changer program will contribute to the upgrading and refurbishing of multi‐purpose sports courts in South Florida and the eight Caribbean Islands which the Sandals Foundation supports through educational, community, and environmental initiatives.
Celebrities - such as Chris Bosh - will join Gabrielle and Dwyane for the event, as part of nine sponsored bowling lanes which will each have entertainment with a live DJ, food, drink, and a silent auction to raise money for the NBA star’s charity.

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Striking PIA airline workers defy guns and killings in Pakistan

Protest over killing of Inayet Raza Rizvi (Pic: Salman Rizvi)

Two workers, ground engineer Saleem Akbar and senior manager Inayet Raza Rizvi, were killed as the military opened fire at thousands of people marching towards Karachi’s airport terminal on Tuesday.

The workers were protesting against proposed privatisation of the national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The deaths initially horrified the entire country but soon became the rallying cry for hundreds of thousands of workers across the country to take action.

There have been solidarity demonstrations in small towns as well as large ones, and vows to fight side by side with PIA workers.

Political parties, student groups, left parties, journalists, electricity workers and even some religious parties came out denouncing the killings.

The entire opposition in the National Assembly condemned the killings and Imran Khan’s PTI party, itself carrying out privatisation of hospitals in PTI-ruled province Khyber Pukhtoon, has called for a national day of action on the coming weekend.

The fightback by the airline workers has galvanised workers facing the axe of privatisation.

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif began the recent privatisation process with a bang by directly threatening PIA workers a day before the killings.


He enforced the Essential Services Act for six months, barring PIA workers from participating in any union activity. The act means strikers can be imprisoned for up to a year.

Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said, “Let me make clear that those who continue the strike will be treated as enemies of PIA and Pakistan and they will end up losing their jobs.”

The PIA struggle has woken the Pakistan working class from a deep slumber. PIA fights stand cancelled and airline workers across the country have joined the strike.

Workers and activists believe that after privatisation PIA will be handed to a strategic partner involving Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz. Shahbaz rules the Punjab province and both brothers have over the past year launched hundreds of small and large development projects involving Chinese and Turkish companies. They include the £30 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Along with the mega projects they have championed targeting “terrorists”—anyone opposing projects in the provinces of Balochistan or Sindh.

Nawaz Shareef now has full support of the military in realizing the dream of economic transformation for the capitalists in Pakistan through investments from China and loans from the West.

The fantastic struggle and sacrifices by PIA workers have transformed a huge section of the working class.

Source:- https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/42119/Striking+PIA+airline+workers+defy+guns+and+killings+in+Pakistan