union wells high school

  • Baby boomers: Your generation is always on your damn phones!
  • Millenials: Your generation is literally addicted to television
  • Baby Boomers: Your generation is so entitled!
  • Millenials: Your generation benefited from a stable economy and an abundance of well paying jobs. A lot of you were able to get a stable well paying union job right out of high school. College was more or less a luxury for you whereas for us it's more or less a requirement, and even with a college education there aren't many jobs for us, since your generation outsourced most manufacturing jobs to foreign countries with cheap labor and little to no oversight. You allowed wall street to play god with the economy and gave tax breaks to the top 1%. Your generation saw owning a home as a right and for a lot of us that prospect is just a dream. Plus none of you will actually retire and let us take over and enter the workforce.
  • Baby Boomers: But... The Kardashians!
  • Millenials: ...