union thugs

i would give my kingdom for journos to stop acting like some revolutionary shit’s happening every time shorten gets accused of being a union thug and turnbull is called a boujee pig in question time

In an odd turn of events, my alcoholic halfling bard is attempting to unionize a gang of thugs. I made a poster.
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One of my players made this campaign banner in lieu of the upcoming session and possible boss fight. The breakdown of our story was posted here, so feel free to take a look at that if you’d like context. It’s great either way.


So it’s okay for the union trash of America destroy a Conservatives tent down, as well as violently beat them? Yet it’s not okay for the Tea Party to peacefully protest at the capitol? Then again this is Michigan, and most everyone living there is trash. Minus the civil people… not many of them there. 


The hypocrisy of the Left.


Elizabeth Warren Freaks Out When Questioned About Union Fines

Of course Ted Cruz would say “union boss thugs” instead of…I don’t know… skeevy multibillionaires who spend inane amounts of money to domineer politics at federal, state, and local levels peddling an agenda aimed at abusing workers, financially crippling the middle class, and promoting bigoted ‘traditional’ values.