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Loitering was usually not something Gradeus was allowed to do, given his tendencies to cause trouble. Lagus Tradio, that insufferable old noble, usually had a tight leash around his neck, though Gradeus hated to admit it. It was rare that he managed to escape Lagus’ eyes, much less wander very far from the Union base… tonight, however, seemed to be one of those special occasions. Naturally, he was hungry for battle. A worthy opponent, or at least something interesting enough that could be prodded to violence, should be around here somewhere. It was a quiet enough area, on the outskirts where there were no homes and busy tourist attractions to be disturbed by any trouble Gradeus might stir up. Prowling about here might turn up something, though he hardly expected very much. What were the chances of finding a real duel when he was trying to avoid Lagus’ eyes and ears and to stay on the Union’s good side?

He paused halfway though his second round of the city’s borders. There was something off here — an aura that was obvious to one of their own kind, a traitor that had lurked among them for centuries.

A… noble?  Though, Gradeus couldn’t pinpoint exactly which noble. He may have been alive for over twenty-three hundred years, but memories of the past faded quickly. Of course, nothing was the same anymore, either. While he still had a vague recollection of the feeling of the old family leaders’ presences, the new generation of nobles were different — enough to throw him off.

Hm, should he play dumb? Try to draw the little one out first? It was a tempting thought, to pretend that he hadn’t heard a thing… and when the noble followed, he would ambush. Hah! That would be something, wouldn’t it? He should try it… 

This he decided as he resumed his stroll, striding along lazily, waiting for the movement that was bound to follow.

A Union Between Two Kingdoms


“It’s not fair! How could you do this to me? Shouldn’t I be allowed to have a choice in who I want to be with for the rest of my life? A chance to fall in love?” Emma questioned angrily, her face turning red with her internal rage, as well as he vocal rage.

Not that anyone could blame her. I mean, who wants to be told that they’re to have an arranged marriage, and have absolutely no say in the matter?Absolutely no one. 

“How could you guys do this to me?!”


            ❛ —- You’ve responsibilities to attend to, but as far as I can tell you are still UNWED. How long do you intend to maintain this? ❜ He asks, raising his brows and tilting his head. He had no AUTHORITY over her other than that she was his capital, but he had a say in how she ought to conduct herself in court. ❛ —- You don’t wish to appear unseemly when we come to Windsor, do you?