union square art

The 4 current (new) Union Leaders in KHUX! From left to right: Skuld, Ephemer(a), Ventus and Blaine (not listed Chirithy :v). Can’t wait for the reveal of the 5th soon! :D


Since the Kingdom Hearts X plot has revealed that Ventus in his past was one of the leders of the new unions, I think i would be cool to see him in some official concepts with Ephemer, Skuld and the other leaders which are still to be shown, so I made an edit on my own adding Ven in Nomura’s artwork! ^^

- Ephemerale -

Watercolor botanical illustration work in progress - Huernia zebrina. I found this wonderful and weird plant at the Union Square Greenmarket. Sometimes known as a Life Saver flower, it is part of an interesting group of South African succulents known as Stapeliads.