union square


“You guys are going to get me in trouble with the shippers.” -Dante Basco

Last Saturday, some friends and I were heading to Union Square to film for D-Piddy’s “Happy” Parody. Two days prior to the date, we were notified that Dante Basco was in town for Awesome Asian Bad Guys, and was planning to grab some coffee on the day we were filming! Be it serendipitous happenstance or some spirit world shenanigans, we had chosen Avatar to be our cosplay theme. Dante met up with us in Union Square, where we had coffee and talked with other local and non-local artists and aspiring artists, and he talked about his career and experiences. He was a really awesome and down to earth guy, which made it even more amazing because he has been someone I’ve admired from a young age. I pulled an all-nighter making my Katara cosplay, and in the end forgot to dye my wig into the right color and style which left me super stressed, but meeting Dante Basco and just hanging out with similar souls made my day all the better. So thank you to all for a simply awesome weekend.

-R&R of Almost Legit Cosplay

Photos by Spambots (except for that last one with Dante as Melon Lord. That was found somewhere on tumblr and I forgot the person’s url.)