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The same idiots who are protesting the removal of the statues of Confederate leaders by saying that “those are important monuments depicting our history and have nothing to do with slavery or racism” were also the ones who popped all of their blood vessels when the Treasury proposed replacing Andrew Jackson’s image on the $20 bill with that of Harriet Tubman’s. Is Harriet Tubman not an important part of American history? If you think the civil war is such a significant aspect of history than surely a Union spy should be heralded everywhere. But because she was a Black woman abolitionist and feminist, the same people who are pissing their pants over the removal and vandalism of these Confederate statues also pissed their paints and claimed “this is pandering to diversity” when the Harriet Tubman decision was announced.

So this London-based inquiry into the death of goddamn traitor Alexander Litvinenko says I personally ordered his assassination? Maybe I did. Maybe I did not. How the fuck am I even supposed to remember? Look, this morning alone I had already ordered the death of, like, four or five personal enemies before I finished breakfast.


Hey y'all! Back with another westallen fic rec. The first two I made are here, and here. This is a lengthy list but I actually had more than this, just got a new phone. Just like the last two, they are in no particular order! I also don’t know everyone’s tumblr handles, but none of these are mine. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I did!

Take A Picture (it’ll last longer) by @sophisticatedloserchick: The first time Barry and Iris finally sleep together only to have their friends “accidentally” take photographic evidence of it. 

Soon As You See The Text (Reply Me): S1 | Desperate for someone to talk to after fighting with Eddie, Iris leaves a pre-paid phone for the Flash. If none of her friends will talk to her, maybe he will, and maybe together, they can make some changes in Central City. Text!fic.

O Lord, O Lord, What Have I Done? I’ve Fallen in Love With A Man On The Run: Barry Allen never intended to be a criminal. It just seemed to happen that way. (Catch Me If You Can!au, featuring Barry Allen as the con man who everyone believes and no one can catch, Joe West as the detective determined to bring him to justice and Iris West as the reporter who thinks he’s a bit too clever for his own good.) 

Stars On The Ceiling by @iriswestthings: For the anon who asked for a roommates in college story, I hope there’s enough UST for you.

Save A Room For Me by @withaflashofloveIris has been having a busy week at work. After a talk with Joe in attempts to figure out her whereabouts, Barry visits her at CCPN. Lots of fluff.

A Star On The Side of The Road: Keep your eyes on the road Barry Allen and do not run over America’s sweetheart Iris West!

Westallen Kisses by @malariamonstres: A series of different Westallen kisses. 

Less Words, More Kisses by @withaflashofloveBased on a tumblr prompt request: Iris’s feelings when she and Barry kiss.

Beautiful Dresses and Beautiful Men by @gnimaerd: Iris has to attend an award ceremony, Barry has to fight a bad guy. When it’s clear that he’s not actually dead, there is celebratory sex in potentially inappropriate places. And dresses.

It Gets To Friday and I’ll Give You A Call by @journalistiriswestnote: AU. When texting, Iris is bold, Barry is italic, and Cisco is underlined. 

Who’ll Be The First To Kiss The New Kid by @journalistiriswesthi hi hi I don’t know if you take prompts but can we have a westallen “placing bets on who’ll be the first to kiss the new kid au,” where Barry is the new kid. 

But I Won’t Lie To You by @mmmtionWhen Iris thought about how she’d spend this weekend, she certainly did not imagine: a) infiltrating a couple’s retreat to save her fellow super-villain colleagues; or b) doing so with her brother’s best friend whom she recently slept with. It’s all rather stressful, really.

I’ve Been Dying To Tell You Anything You Want To Hear: Iris finds out that Barry is The Flash and she doesn’t talk to him and Joe for weeks. Or if she has to, she gives short and snappy replies. Not only is she hurt that he didn’t tell her but she was starting to fall in love with both Barry and The Flash and now she’s confused. They eventually sort things out and end up together.

Central City By Way Of Georgia by @grittyrebootAU: In the bloody wake of the American Civil War, 1st lieutenant Bartholemew H. Allen returns to the South to search for his lost love, a union spy turned ghost writer with a traumatic past. Can they reassemble the pieces of their broken lives? Or are there too many years and too many heartaches standing between them now?

Hanging By A Moment Here With You: Barry gets a little beat up after going up against a meta human and finds himself at Iris’ apartment and she makes it all better.

It’s Just One Kiss (And Then It’ll All Crash Down): “I can’t do this anymore.”“Do what?” she asks though she already knows the answer. She tries to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, the fear clawing at her.“This,” he gestures between them. “Us. You.” Following the singularity and Eddie’s death Barry and Iris stop speaking, they avoid each other at all costs. Only Iris wants to know why, why Barry won’t look at her. A confrontation leads to sex, and they begin a friends with benefits situation, only they aren’t really friends at this point, they are just using each other for sex and they both know it can’t last. Three parts (Then, Now, and After).

Where There’s A Will by @4ever-the-nme: It’s a battle of wills when Iris proposes something to Barry that he absolutely does not want to do.  Whose will is stronger?

Love Is A Downpour of Shelter by @withaflashofloveBased on a tumblr prompt request: Barry gets really mad and “breaks up” with Iris over a misunderstanding and they both react to not being together anymore.

All Consuming by @wanderer765The depth of Barry and Iris’ love for one another.

Echo by @trufflemoresIn one universe, on August 25, 2024, Barry vanishes. Ever wonder what happened to the Iris he left behind? Answer: The Flash visits her. Angst, romance, Barry vs. The Flash meta exploration fic.

Blue Hydrangeas by @iriswestthings (part 2): For the anon who asked: “If you’re still taking prompts could you do “We broke up, but I never changed my emergency contact info and you dropped everything when they called” for westallen. Thanks.”

Five Terrible Places to Get it On in Star Labs (and One That Might Actually Work Out) by @mosylufanficIn which these four goobers should probably hang a sock on every door in Star Labs.

Us Against The World: There’s something sinister going on in Central City, starting with the strange disappearance of meta-humans almost as soon as they appear. Iris West is about to find out first-hand, but she’ll soon realize she’s not quite as alone as she thinks.

Gonna Get My Honey Back, Sometime: Barry wanted to make it abundantly clear that this was not how he intended to break up with Becky Cooper. But the relationship was getting worse and worse and Cisco and Caitlin basically staged an intervention to talk to him about it. And apparently, they had both come to the same conclusion: stage an incredibly public, melodramatic break up with some help from Barry’s oldest friend (and the girl he’s been in love with since he was a kid), Iris West. (“my current partner is a huge asshole and i need a reason to break up with them so will you pretend to be my possessive and violent ex”)

Decency’s Overrated by @withaflashofloveA reunion between two lovers who had a summer fling…

Coming Home: After returning from an Earth where he and Iris are already married, Barry is, to put it nicely, completely and utterly fucked.

A Change of Heart by @inksmudge (part 2): This is meant to be a continuation of a brief headcanon/prequel about Iris’s bridal shower which is linked at the top of the story text and can be read for context. I received a request to write about when Iris comes home after the party, and Barry sees her in her dress. A while back, @iriswestallens offered to deliver something for me at Comic Con, so I wanted to write a drabble as a thank you. She requested a continuation of this bridal shower headcanon (to be read first for context). The official prompt was “What about writing about when Iris comes home after the party, and Barry sees her in her gown anyways? And he’s always amazed at her beauty and they talk about impatiently waiting to be married already.”

Electric Flutter by @iriswestthingsFor @withaflashoflove who asked for “long, slow kisses in the afterglow, fingers woven through hair and hearts beating in unison.”

One Look by @withaflashofloveFor the anon who asked: This is a very vague prompt..but something about westallen eye contact - from across the room, in an intimate moment, as the flash and reporter iris west, etc. 

Like Ballet: “Kissing’s – kissing, no big deal,” Iris moderates, stating it as more fact than fiction. “Okay then ..” Linda says, evil smirk already taking precedence and Iris knows she’s goaded herself into serious trouble. “I dare you to kiss that guy over there.”

Waking Up In Vegas: He didn’t even ask her name when he awkwardly got onto one knee and suggested they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

Flashpoint by @backtothestart02Post-s2. When Barry’s rash move to save his mother drastically affects the timeline he wakes up to, will he accept the changes or try once more to change the past? Barry/Iris. Multi-chap.

Check Your Facts, West: Nobody has the gall, natural curiosity and passion to go after a story like Iris West - she’s at the top of her game. A journalist on the rise, Iris’ stories have been picked up not only by the national press but by the foreign press. So when he boss assigns her a story to expose STAR Labs she is met with conflict: her friends work there, her dad has been a frequent visitor since after the Particle Accelerator and if that weren’t enough, her boyfriend, Barry Allen aka The Flash, is pretty much the reason for its existence.How will Iris approach this? Will she risk her career in order to protect the people she loves? Or will she uphold her journalistic integrity and deliver what the world deserves to know?

Waiting For You To Make The Move by @mmmtionPrompt: ‘We were each other’s first and it’s been years but I just ran into you and you’re still great and I kinda want to show you how much better I am now.’

Although I Wish You’d Stayed by @mmmtionSince being dumped by Eddie, Iris does not have time for any romantic complications in her life. So it seems a perfect solution to start a casual, no-strings-attached thing with Barry Allen, secret sex god from high school, especially since everyone knows he’s in love with another girl on campus. Seriously, there’s no way this is going to get complicated.

All I Need Is To Be Struck By Your Electric Love: “Have I ever told you just how much I love that giggle?” Iris froze inside the entrance of the safe, the familiar feeling of anger and excitement washing over her at hearing that sound.“Have I ever told you just how much I hate your everything?” (or the BatCat AU)

That concludes this list! Note: Some of these fics are still updating, and they aren’t all one-shots. Also, there have been plenty of fics by these authors that I forgot to save, so check out all of their fics! Don’t forget to check out the first two fic rec lists I made at the top.

I say it all the time but fandom wouldn’t be the same without fic writers. I applaud your creativity, skill, and your patience for always fulfilling prompts. Thank you for making my days better. I love reading them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Hope everyone enjoys this list. I will always make master lists like these in the future! 


My review of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I went into this movie not expecting much but getting more then I could ever dream for. The characters were perfectly developed with the right pacing. The music and filmography was fantastic as well. I absolutely loved the plot and it left me wanting more. I haven’t seen anything like this in awhile and it made me so happy.


Loki just plain told him he wanted the sword for himself, Nat. Brian is just being a smartypants here. I think he’s gonna be like that a lot actually.

US Used Nazis As Cold War Spies

October 28th, 2014

Declassified US records reveal the nation’s intelligence chiefs used hundreds of Nazis as spies and informants after World War Two.

Central Intelligence Agency officials are said to have turned to the country’s former enemies to help beat the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Academics studying the documents say America used at least 1,000 ex-Nazis.

Some had served at the highest levels of the Nazi Party, and were recruited to work as spies for the US in Europe.

Former SS officer Otto von Bolschwing reportedly wrote policy papers on how to terrorise Jews, but was hired by the CIA to spy in Europe after World War Two.

The agency is said to have relocated him and his family to New York in the 1950s as a reward for loyal service.

Nazi collaborator Aleksandras Lileikis - linked to the massacres of tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania - was recruited by the US as a spy in East Germany and later brought over to Boston.

There is evidence the CIA even tried to intervene when Mr Lileikis became the subject of a war crimes investigation.

The recruitment of Nazi assets occurred against the backdrop of Cold War paranoia and panic.

But records indicate long-time FBI director J Edgar Hoover not only approved of the use of ex-Nazis as spies, he also dismissed the horrific acts they had been involved in during the war as Soviet propaganda.

The revelations come one week after an Associated Press investigation found the US government had paid dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals millions of dollars in Social Security benefits after forcing them to leave the US.

The payments were made through a legal loophole. The US justice department later said benefits are paid to individuals who renounce US citizenship and leave voluntarily.

Related: Nazi War Criminals Who Left U.S. Still Receive Millions in Social Security

J O K E R G A M E (2015)

Setting on the eve of the World War II, in an international city in a certain Asian country, the story revolves around a fictitious spy training organization called “D Organization” that was established within the army. The spies from various countries like Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union, develop an ultimate spy game using several stratagems with their transcendental brains


Harriet Tubman: Union spy, Conductor on the Underground Railroad, Suffragists, Humanitarian, and now the new face of the $20 bill! 

Congratulations Ms. Tubman!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

girls just want to be on TV

With the new Peggy Carter show happening and the release list of the Fall lineup (lackluster!) I’m putting out a nice wishlist of awesome female-centered ideas that would make awesome TV shows.

  • Lois Lane (Clark can come later as a supporting character) mostly the adventures of an awesome, independent reporter who does whatever she needs to do to get her stories, even better if it’s set in the 70s or 80s.

  • Betty & Veronica - the plot revolves that they both decide that Archie wasn’t worth their time and they develop their own stories, their own interest.
  • Red Sonya - with the popularity of Game of Thrones I think it’s a great time to bring back that Xena-esque show that has been lacking on TV. Badass fantasy heroine kicking ass and taking names and since we’re never getting that movie might as well make it a TV show.

  • Nurse & Spy - the story of Sarah Edmonds who if you’ve never heard of her, you should because she was amazing. During the Civil War, Sarah disguised herself as a male nurse to help out since she was not allowed to enlist and later became a union spy, she wrote all this in a memoir. How awesome would this show be? I can’t tell you how much I’d watch the shit out of this show.

  • Marlene - Maybe I’m a bit biased but the story of how Marlene Dietrich ditched all the Hollywood glamour and spent 4 years in the trenches with soldiers, dressed like them, eating with them and providing them support and a distraction in a world that was falling apart would make an amazing show. She had a lover, Jean Gabin, also a soldier and their reunion after years apart was witness by hundreds as they ran towards each other on the field while everyone cheered, stuff right out of TV magic why hasn’t this happened yet? 
  • Gypsy - The story of Gypsy Rose Lee would be incredible if done right. Gypsy was a fabulous Burlesque Entertainer and she wrote her memoir that was made into the film Gypsy starring Natalie Wood. I think, this would make an amazing story and just imagine the costumes!
  • Nancy Drew - this needs to be done right BUT if done right this could be the new Sherlock. It would be modern, sarcastic and nonsense. Nancy was way ahead of her time and I think she would translate very well to modern audiences. I think we desperately need a female teen Detective - look amazing Veronica Mars was!
  • Melba Beals “Warriors Don’t Cry” - we’ve all seen the photos of Melba walking in with her chin held high into a crowd that basically wanted her gone but this story can be fleshed out in an awesome way. Many people don’t know this but Melba went to become a journalist and I think that with the right actress this can be incredible.
  • Anne of Green Gables - please do not misunderstand, I love the 80s version but I think it would be great for Anne to get a bit of a face lift and be exposed to modern young audiences. There’s plenty of material to make a series and I think many people would be into this.
  • Little Women or the Story of Jo - it may just veer from the book, making it more detailed, but still keeping the feeling of it. All of us are still bitter that Jo didn’t end up with Laurie maybe the series can fix this? (wishful thinking nobody touch me)
  • Lucy Pevensie - NEEDS HER OWN SHOW, I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. We end up with Lucy being a teen can you imagine how amazing the continuation of her story would be once they’re in Narnia permanently? Her story was left half-told.
  • The Queen of Sheeba - one of my favorite stories as a kid was of this badass here. She was not only a monarch and a diplomat who ran her empire into Legend, she was also a mother, a lover, and a warrior. There’s so much to flesh out for her because our accounts are limited which can really let the writers take off with her personality and story.
  • Calamity Jane - I know I’m focusing a lot on historical stuff but it’s my favorite genre so… still Jane’s story would be awesome if it’s focused entirely on her, her adventures, her life in Wild Bill’s show.
  • Medusa - I know, I know she dies, Perseus cut off her head… but she’s a mythical creature… what if she gets it BACK?! What if someone actually portrays her ENTIRE story? How she was born beautiful, how Poseidon raped her in Athena’s temple, how Athena turned her into a monster out of jealousy and (and this is when a great season finale happens) how she gets her revenge? YEAH, I’d watch that.
  • Carmen Sandiego - How has this not been made into a live-action movie is beyond me. BUT it would also make an amazing TV show. It would have to be told from the perspective of Carmen, of course. ACME can be like bad, and Carmen becomes a complex character not just a caricature of a mastermind criminal villain. Oh, and she’d have to be played by a latina, this is a must.
  • Witch Hunter Robin - this. would. be. amazing. The animated series is one of my favorites but portraying Robin, a 15 year old who joins the Witch Hunter Squad who carries the memories of witches inside of her that enable her to be able to fight them persecute them only to find out it’s not all bad and there’s gray-zones would be like Buffy or Nikita and it would be great.
  • Cathy - this comic strip featuring a single woman who is a mess is so relatable now days that i think it would really find an audience with modern viewers. This comic was written since 1976 so I’m thinking there’s TONS of materials for episodes.
  • Lydia - one of the best things to come out of Beetlejuice was the Beetlejuice cartoons but also Lydia’s Gothic style that launched the 90s Gothic looks. A typical teen, Lydia’s life gets turned upside down when she can suddenly see and communicate with the ghosts living in her house. Her adventures would be helping them out of helping them disappear (as we know there’s good ghosts and bad ghosts) and peppered with Beetlejuice because he’s awesome - to flirt and throw innuendos her way and cause more mischief than anything.

I think I’ve done enough damage for one morning :) Any you’d watch? Any you’d suggest?

“The favorite Republican word is ‘freedom’, but theyre not referring to YOUR freedom. They mean the freedom of corporations to do what they want to do; pay low wages, bust unions, spy on employees, pollute the atmosphere, collude with one another, and monopolize markets.” - Economist Robert Reich

anonymous asked:

Are you ready for people to bitch about Harriet Tubman being the new $20 bill? Or even better, claim that racism is now over because there is a black woman on our currency? Because I'm already hearing dumb asses like Andrew Brietbart say they'll refuse new $20 bills because "Andrew Jackson defeated the British and saved the union. He put more on the line in one battle than ANY black did in their entire life." Save our Trail of Tears President's legacy on a piece of paper!

Fuck Brietbart, Harriet Tubman was fucking badass. They might tell you about the underground railroad in school, but they always leave out the part about how she became a motherfucking Union spy during the Civil War.

Also let’s be honest, putting aside Jackson’s horrendously shameful legacy against the Indians, nobody – NOBODY – gives two shits about Andrew Jackson.  Americans remember and care about exactly FIVE presidents: the four guys on Mt. Rushmore and whoever happens to be currently president when they’re asked the question about which presidents they care about. Oh but now we’re going to pretend that Andrew Jackson is part of some rich heritage that must be protected? Bullshit. People are like a fucking baby with a toy that they don’t care about until someone tries to take it away.

The spy photo that fooled us: Historian unravels mystery over picture said to be of an elusive slave turned Union spy during civil war 

by Jessica Jerreat  

For years a blurry picture of a woman posing with a parasol was believed to be Mary Bowser, the slave turned Union spy during the civil war. 

But after several years of researching the elusive spy, who worked undercover as a slave in the Confederate White House, a historian and novelist has revealed the truth behind the picture. 

As Lois Leveen researched her historical novel The Secrets of Mary Bowser, she was intrigued by the only image said to be of the Union spy. 

Few details are known about the African American woman, who was freed by the Van Lew family in Richmond, Virginia, who sent her to the North to be educated. 

The Civil War era diary of the Union spy Elizabeth Van Lew recalls how an African American named Mary had been a vital source of information. 

About 50 years after the war, which ran between 1861 and 1865, Van Lew’s niece identified the woman as Bowser.  [Continue reading.]