union reservoir


Moonlit kayaking
on Union Reservoir lake
between tiny granite islands
striped with vintage tidemarks
grey leafless trees grown from boulders
fishmouths emerge hunting insects
beneath thin rippled green black.

All along the banks
deep darkness familiar to scary films
but not tonight
three then five silver backs of salmon
investigate once paddles are removed
where for an hour I just float freely
only calm tiny waves audible.
Fire glow flickers from distant campsight
dig the right hand paddle in deeper
escape potential company & light
opposite direction into unexplored bend.

I smile
far from shore
paddling gently into late August water
cloudless medium cool breeze
feeling soft peaceful
as I speak the only words out here:
You Would Have Loved This…


Took Dakota to the “doggy beach” at Union Reservoir, and this osprey came around towards the end of our visit. There was a pair, but I never saw the other one hunting. They circled for a while, talking to each other, then the other one left.