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C and M for the fanfic ask?

  • C: What character do you identify with most?

Jemma Simmons

  • M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Oh god, so many. Um. I could probably tell you something about the Daisy/Rumlow Wild West AU?

Miss Daisy Johnson’s been hired to be a schoolteacher in Carter’s Crossing, a small town in Oregon. Brock Rumlow’s a cowboy with a Past, as a Union Army officer who came home and found that the life he wanted has been snatched away from him by the unscrupulous bank owner Garrett and his patsy, Sheriff Grant Ward.

There’s also a Rollins/Jemma side romance going on with Jemma as a wealthy rancher’s daughter. And there are lots and LOTS of shenanigans.

Trump’s America won’t be kind to immigrants, the country’s largest police union predicts

  • The Fraternal Order of Police, America’s largest labor union of police officers, gearing up for the Trump administration.
  • The FOP circulated an internal document outlining what its members should expect in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. 
  • The document was leaked to the public last weekend.
  • The two-page document outlined 15 actions the incoming president could take using his executive authority. 
  • They include ending Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which provides temporary relief from deportation for undocumented immigrants who arrived in America as children
  • 728,000 such immigrants, known as “dreamers,” have registered with the program since 2012, according to the federal government. 
  • The Trump administration may also expand 287(g), known as the “Secure Communities” program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law.
  • James Pasco, Jr., executive director of the FOP, said that the union was not offering suggestions for the Trump administration. 
  • Rather, it merely outlined what FOP members should prepare for based on comments Trump made on the campaign trail. Read more

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Portrait of a group of Union officers and ladies posing in front of a cottage at an unidentified location during the Civil War. Attributed to Mathew Brady.


Soviet Air Force officer Rufina Gasheva (flew 848 night missions as navigator in a U-2/Po-2) by Olga
Via Flickr:
Герой Советского Союза, штурман эскадрильи 46 гв.НЛБАП, гв. ст. лейтенант Р. С. Гашева. Лето 1945 г.

in case Jeb Stuart wasn’t already one of your favorite historical figures in existence:

“[During the war] Stuart captured a Union officer’s trunk and found touching letters from a wife, and obscene ones from a mistress, reveling in the wife’s ignorance of the affair. Stuart sent all to the officer’s wife. ‘There’ll be a fuss in that family.’


I had a request for Anakin/Padme Historical AU portraits! (from @ultracomicfan)

*turns up “Across the Stars”*

Tudor court (mid 1500s) - a princess and a young gravely injured knight? (I couldn’t figure out why it was so easy to picture Padme in this style of costume and then I remembered that The Other Boleyn Girl happened. Anakin’s attire is …er… timeless?)

American Civil War (~1865) - Union officer Anakin who grew up in the West and New England abolitionist Padme (they should probably live happily with the twins in some AU, right?)

WWI (~1918) - Of course Anakin is a pilot.  I mean.  Of course.

Welp apparently I read that prompt as “chop off Anakin’s arm throughout history,” but at least Padme is blocking the pinned up sleeve in the second pic?

see also Obi-Wan/Satine historical AUs


The Carbide & Carbon Building is a Chicago landmark located at 230 North Michigan Avenue. The Art Deco building was built in 1929. It was designed by Burnham Brothers. The Carbide and Carbon Building was originally home to the regional office of Union Carbide and Carbon Co., which later became Union Carbide Corp. The skyscraper was designated a Chicago Landmark on May 9, 1996. Built as a high-rise office tower, the Carbide & Carbon Building was transformed more recently into the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago; work on the renovation began in 1998 and was completed in 2004. The conversion was directed by Lucien Lagrange & Associates. The building has 37 floors and is 503 feet (153 m) tall. The current hotel capacity is 383 guest rooms and 13 suites.

Carte de visite portrait of an unidentified Union officer during the American Civil War probably in a photography studio on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c. 1860′s. By Broadbent and Company.

Portrait of Union soldiers of the 7th Regiment New York State Militia posing in a tent at Camp Cameron in Washington, D.C., 1861.

H50 McDanno Fic Recs

Marriage/Civil Union proposal

Steve proposes

Danny proposes




It is good to have one real American here
—  General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, when he found out that one of the high-ranking Union officers he was surrendering to was Seneca. Ely Samuel Parker – a lawyer, engineer, diplomat and one of Grant’s top aides – was not just present during the solemn meeting, he is the one who drafted the terms of surrender. Parker replied: “Sir, we are all Americans.” This was not the only notable thing about Ely Parker. He was the highest-ranking Native American officer during the American Civil War. At age fourteen, the Council of Chiefs for the Tonawanda Seneca Nation appointed him to translate dealings with the state because of his English. He studied to become a lawyer, but was not licensed to practice law because of his heritage. So Parker studied engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. He later met Grant in Galena, Ill., where Grant worked as a clerk in his father’s general store. When the Civil War broke out, Ely Parker volunteered, and because he was an engineer, he was commissioned as a captain. Parker was reunited with Grant at Vicksburg, and the following year Grant appointed Parker his official military secretary, and Parker drafted all of the general’s legal papers. Including the surrender terms at Appomattox Court House.

The Commissar (political officer) of the 20th GIAP greets Alexei Khlobystov after his successful return from a sortie during which he rammed two enemy aircraft. Note the wing damage. 8 April 1942, Murmashi airfiled, Karelian Front

  During the mission, Alexei cut off the tail assembly of one Messerschmitt in an overtaking maneuver and severed a portion of the wing of a second Messerschmitt. Both times he struck the enemy aircraft with the same right wing panel. Both Messerschmitts went down and the Tomahawk landed safely at its airfield, where it was repaired without any particular difficulty. Its pilot, who did not suffer even a scratch, was recommended for the HSU rank and received the monetary bonus of 2000 rubles for two destroyed enemy fighters.       

Concept: an episode where a ghost is haunting the site of a civil war reenactment and Sam and Dean have to cosplay as soldiers and Dean totally geeks it up as you know that goober loves to do and almost completely forgets they’re hunting a ghost in the first place

Bonus: one of the Union officers suspiciously looks like Cain

Bonus 2: Dean is doing some unauthorized fiddling with the cannon and Cas unexpectedly shows up in uniform and Dean proceeds to accidentally fire off said cannon