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is there some kind of an inside joke about printing bills in us?? I've never seen anyone checking bills in my country and I would never even think to joke about paying with counterfeit bills. wtf?? I'm honestly wondering, because it seems so wild to me. Is there anything that prompts the ""joke"" during a transaction?

Quick answer: It seems customers all hate uncomfortable silence and will break out the book of “dad jokes” (you know the ones that are not funny but you laugh to make dad happy.) And since we handle cash it seems to be everyone’s go to joke when we pull out the Iodine pen or hold the bill up to check for the watermark. 

Long answer: US currency is to be bluntly honest, not that hard to fake. It is so rampant that most stores will check the security features on any bill $20 and up. Either using an Iodine pen and if the mark turns black it’s fake (real money doesn’t have starch and paper does. Iodine turns black in the presence of starch). There is an embedded face “watermarked” in the bill (good fakes will bleach a lower bill to a higher one so when you hold it up to the light to look for the watermark you might see Lincoln’s face on a $20 note) I have seen bad fakes where it looks like there is a watermark but is just remnants from the copier used to fake the bill so please people LOOK FOR THE FACE FROM THE BACK OF THE BILL as most people don’t put that much effort into the back and put more into the front. 

I have been yelled at by the store manager when I turned away a exotic dancer (that found him and made him an offer to take the money) saying no one would put the effort to fake a $1 bill so she traded 50 of them only for us to get a charge back from the bank and a advisory sent to all stores warning of fake singles. (which I put up in the cash office and it’s still there 15 years later.)

Newer money 90′s forward has a security thread that will glow a different color for each denomination under black light (UV light). The $1 doesn’t currently have a security thread but the $5 glows blue, the $10 glows orange, the $20 glows green, the $50 glows yellow, and the $100 glows purple. I have an inexpensive UV flashlight on my keys so it’s always on me. There is several websites that explain all the security features but those are the ones you will use 99% of the time in retail. But always when in doubt call a manager. If you are the manager I have actually called the police to verify bills. (my store sends Western Union money transfers and some of the customers get persistent that their money is real. but be warned if you do have a cop verify and it’s fake they will keep it and you will have a pissed off customer.) 

Sorry for the long rant about bill security in the US but if you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them (sometimes long winded) I like to make sure that you all do your jobs confidently. (I am a district trainer for cashiers, baggers and all new hires to learn our company and policies. I was also a Mouse Trainer so it just kind of comes out as a lesson) sorry. :)


Dear World: You are being manipulated by all of this “World War III” talk in the mainstream media. North Korea is not the USSR or Red China under Mao. It has only a few tiny nukes which it does not have the capability to deliver. Placing a nuclear device on a warhead and having it detonate is a far cry from detonating one in a controlled test. 

Russia and China are on our side when it comes to Kim’s threats. He has cut his own throat. He went too far. Much, much farther than his father and grandfather ever did. He is a doomed man and his own people will take him out.

So, are you scared folks? Quaking in your Nikes? Americans, maybe Trump’s idea about cutting social services and paying that money to Union Carbide, Raytheon and the other dealers in death is less objectionable to you now? Europeans, maybe you need to elect strong nationalist right-wing leaders to protect you?


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It is a combination of different things. I love the area of Nice & my lifestyle here is nearly ideal, but I wouldn’t choose to stay here again if I renew my French visa.

Italian is the most common 2nd language here so unless you have strong verbal skills in French or Italian, it’s a bit harder to make friends with locals. This also is not a young person’s area, the majority of people are pensioners from Paris or UK. Nice is also a socially & politically conservative city, French nationalism is stronger here than other areas & it leads to some weariness about foreigners / foreigners living very segregated lives in the city.

There is also a lot of local aggravation towards the European Union & UK / English speakers in the area that is relatively recent. European Union poured money to build meteorology & tech hubs in the area, nearly all UK expats have been hired for positions over French [I am sure it has to do with qualifications, but it doesn’t foster good relations with the neighbors]. The area is really suffering from French unemployment / under-employment. It is rare to get a regular wage here as a local, they either make commission off summer leases as realtors or seasonal workers in the tourism industry because Nice is not a working port city like Marseille so there is no other industry here. It’s been really interesting hearing locals discuss this issue, all I can do is sympathize for them.

I have a few acquaintances, but only one is under the age of 45 so everyone has just been in very different places in their lives. There also are not a lot of resources to actually learn French here so I would probably have to move to a larger city because I would like to become more proficient in the language.

So that is my very long-winded answer haha @msparanoia


Deadly clash between Mexican police and protesting teachers

Violent clashes between police and members of a radical teachers union who had blockaded roads in southern Mexico on Sunday left six people dead and more than 100 injured, officials said.

The teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers, or CNTE, are opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico’s sweeping education reform and are also protesting the arrest of union leaders on money laundering and other charges.

In Sunday’s clashes in the southern state of Oaxaca, protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails, and burned vehicles, while Associated Press journalists saw riot police firing on protesters. Clashes took place in several municipalities in Oaxaca, but the most violent were in Nochixtlan, north of the state capital also called Oaxaca.

In a late-night press conference, Oaxaca state Gov. Gabino Cue, accompanied by Federal Police chief Enrique Galindo, raised the death toll from the clashes in Nochixtlan to six. They said 53 civilians, 41 federal police agents and 14 state police agents were injured. (AP)

Photos: (from top) AP Photo/Luis Alberto Cruz Hernandez, REUTERS/Jorge Luis Plata, 2, P Photo/Luis Alberto Cruz Hernandez

See more images from Mexico on Yahoo News

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A$AP Rocky is one of those artists that I’m extremely conflicted on. Rocky is a black man in a world that hates black men and he injects emotion and a simultaneous insecurity and bravado into everything he does and details his upbringing in his own particular rhetoric, in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “From a peasant to a prince to a motherfucking king.” But at the same time, as a young woman, I feel uncomfortable with the rampant misogyny in both his music and in his interviews, which is why I believe he is the perfect costar for the music video to “National Anthem.” It’s controversial, it’s dramatic, it’s contrite in its lauding of classic Americana; in other words, it’s Lana del Rey at her most Lana del Rey.

The video doesn’t make much sense if you objectively consider it because Lana is living not in the past per se, but in almost an alternate universe. She casts herself as Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to the president but the president is black and wearing a backwards baseball cap and she is his wife rather than only his mistress. Our president is currently black but the possibility of such an event is presented as a fantasy because the world of Lana is abjectly detached from the reality we live in. It’s idyllic and masks a dangerous underbelly that will come out to destroy everybody who lives in it.

In the video, Lana imagines a life with Rocky as her husband, never taking off his cap, with beautiful, obviously mixed race children and a white picket fence. “Red, white, blue is in the sky/Summer’s in the air and/Baby, heaven’s in your eyes/I’m your National Anthem” Everything in the first act of the video is symbolic of the American Dream, a beautiful couple madly in love, lots of family and friends, with nothing on the horizon threatening the tranquility. The children are the symbol of what America could be, the union of the old money white girl, Elizabeth Grant, and the black man who made his own respectability, becoming what he once scorned. But this fantasy doesn’t last. They enact the tragedy of the Kennedys, with Rocky dying in a car crash with Lana herself relating the entire tale not through historical discourse but through the song itself.

It isn’t the political machinations and underground dealings of the Kennedys that drive their music video contemporaries to their deaths but their own hedonism. “Wining and dining/Drinking and driving/Excessive buying/Overdose and dyin’” It’s the personification of the American Dream in a more sinister way than the perfect family with the yellow cake for the cute little girl; it’s the raw ambition and wild ruthlessness that also characterize America that aid in actively ruining what could have been great. The America in the video is terrifying because the hazy veneer of serenity is so thin and the dark underbelly is so easily exposed. The song and the video doesn’t make me want to drive off into the Hamptons and do a line of coke while sipping my gin and tonic; it makes me want to become even more of a teetotaler than I already am and send the people in the video proper psychiatric references because God knows they need it. And I have them in any case.

“National Anthem” is pure Americana, “National Anthem” is pure Lana and that’s the way the cookie crumbles, even when there’s nothing left but dust.

“State of the Union (Excerpt)”

We’re living in excess, we’re living in greed.
I don’t like dirt, but I do love green.
Inject my veins with propylene,
I’m a suped-up money making machine.

The whole world is melting,
But we don’t know what to do.
The whole world is melting,
And we’ll never know what to do.

March 13, 2013