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Okay so Japanese chi has these quests which are quizzes. Basically they give you a question with three options and each option corresponds to a portal. You enter the portal that corresponds to the right answer you find the boss. You enter the wrong portal a giant Darkside one shots you. 

The main reason I bring this up is…it’s weird getting these wrong. Like they’re in Japanese so I have to guess (cause more effort than it’s worth to translate) but I know if they were in English I would ace every one. 


Much attention has been paid in recent years to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. But Ukraine is not the only place where Russia has exploited ethnic conflicts and disputed territories along its borders.

In the foothills of the Caucasus mountains, 2,500 feet up, Russia is steadily building what it says is a new international border. It’s marked by a hodgepodge of barbed wire fences, large green signs, hastily dug trenches and well-manned checkpoints. Villages are divided by it and people are regularly thrown in jail for crossing it.

But according to most of the world, this border doesn’t exist, and neither does the land it defines — the Republic of South Ossetia

The region had its own government, but no enforced border. That changed in 2008.

Along A Shifting Border, Georgia And Russia Maintain An Uneasy Peace

Photos: Claire Harbage/NPR

A huge crowd turns out to celebrate the opening of Union Station, Los Angeles, May 4, 1939. 

“Stirring awake memories that had slumbered for more than a century, railroad officials yesterday staged a colorful pageant of transportation that thrilled thousands of Angelenos for two hours. Gayly costumed ladies of the Gay Nineties – and the years before – rode stage coaches and horse cars and stuttering, slow-moving trains of another era. Derby-hatted, mustachioed gentlemen in tight coats pumped high-wheeled bicycles – ‘bone-crushers’ they were known as in those days – all to celebrate formal opening of the new Union Station, pictured in background as oldest Union Pacific train approaches the city’s newest in beautiful architecture.” – The Los Angeles Examiner 

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Do you ship Gula/Ava? If so, do you have any headcanons for them?

I think they’d be ADORABLE together!!!! I definitely ship them, but given that we have so little canon to work with, I have yet to really formulate my thoughts for it and how they’d get together.  But I do have headcanons!  Could be platonic or romantic but i just love them

  • Gula: “I don’t have the energy for this” Ava: “For what?” Gula: /gestures vaguely/
    • the response: “Yes you do, we’re going,” and Ava drags him with minimal effort out of his study
  • The Short Team™.  Have probably sat on Aced’s shoulders more than once to gloat at the other.
    • I bet they teamed up once or twice to take down Ira or Aced in sparring, just for the sake of beating the Talls™.  Vicious attacks to the knees are very effective.
  • Gula isn’t openly affectionate in public, but he doesn’t have a concept of personal space when they’re alone so the amount of times Ira has walked in on them reading together with Gula on Ava’s lap is in double digits.
  • So Gula gets stressed out really easily by deadlines and there’s been more than one night where he’s been up even later than Invi in the library, studying for some test, and Ava sometimes drags a blanket in there to sleep near him (she does this often, actually, because the best armchairs are in the library) but just having her in the room makes him relax 
  • Ava probably checks on her Keykids a lot on their missions–Union Mom–and Gula often joins her to spy on the kids.  She just gushes about how well they’re doing.  He listens.
    • “His form has gotten better.” “Oh I know! He’s been practicing so much, and when he started he could barely cast Fire and now look!  His friend helped him.” “Mhm.” “And the other day, they went to the store and helped the owner and got a moogle seed but didn’t keep it because Liria needed one–” “Mhm.” “–and they were sharing tips!  And maps!  Orin made a map of the mines and made copies!  None of my kids have gotten lost down there since.” “Nice.” “Oh and–”
  • I’ve heard it’s a pretty popular headcanon that Gula was an orphan and grew up on the streets and I. LOVE. this idea.  I can SO see that in his character, in how he could distance himself from the others during Back Cover in order to obey MoM’s orders… but i’m getting off track
  • So when Master first brought him to Daybreak Town, he was really distrustful of everyone and didn’t open up to anyone.  He was just there to learn to swing a Keyblade, he wasn’t going to trust any of them.  
  • but Ava was the first one to break through his shell and kind of get him to open up, just because her smile was so wide and sweet 
  • and he kind of learned how to relate to people in a nice way by watching her (not that he always does, but he just didn’t have any friends before this, so… He got sucked into her friendliness and learned how to trust because of her)
  • No, Gula doesn’t /approve/ of Ava’s habit of picking up strays everywhere, but… if he /happens/ to catch sight of a poor, bedraggled-looking little cat somewhere on a mission he… /might/ just pick it up and drop it off with her because she knows how to take care of them really well and it’s not like I could just /leave/ it there, Master, stop laughing.
  • Related to this, if Ava manages to sneak a pet onto the castle grounds she always hides it in Gula’s room because he doesn’t have the heart to throw it out and no one will dare go in there.  He secretly likes finding random puppies sitting on his bed and will hide them for as long as he can.
  • Ava is the only person who can ask to have one of Gula’s secret stash of chocolates and actually get one.
  • They like holding hands.  Not even necessarily romantically.  Gula just likes knowing someone’s there, and Ava is a very physical person so sometimes when Gula gets on edge during a meeting Ava just takes his hand, and sometimes when Ava doubts herself Gula sneaks up beside her and grabs her hand
  • Gula, during a pep talk to the Keykids: “Someone is going to die.” Ava, subtly elbowing him offstage: “Of fun!”
  • She is the only one he goes to after he gets into a scrape (not a frequent occurrence, but he does anger people a lot and sometimes that bites him back), even though Invi is better with Cure magic.  Ava has a special stash of potions just for those days.
  • “Hey Ava, Master’s kind of mad at me, could you go ask him about his new project or something before he comes out here he always cheers up after you talk to him.” (it works)

anon, thank you SOOOOO much for your ask!! it is super encouraging that people like my headcanons and I lovE talking about the foretellers and shipping them even though I really don’t write romance that well or that often.

Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles
When homelessness is unexpectedly beautiful.
Women and children can be in a serious state, with nowhere to go for reasons that range far and wide….common law husbands throwing families out of a home, poor decisions, eviction, job loss, no family to step in and at the very least help out temporarily for the safety and wellbeing of young children. This family caught me off guard one day after I left Skid Row to eat gelato on Spring Street. They were a shiny, healthy little family, soft and fresh and completely out of place in downtown Los Angeles. After speaking with them I learned that they were from Lancaster, just outside LA and had nowhere to sleep. I can’t elaborate on all of the reasons why the decision to bring these girls to DTLA was not ideal, except to say that the whole story is impossible to understand in a few minutes of conversation. There was no place for them in Lancaster and the mother was, at this point, considering spending the night with her girls in the metro station nearby. A friend walked with us that night to San Julian Street, to the back entrance of The Union Rescue Mission, where children are never turned away. This is a harrowing walk for girls, aged 8 and 11, who have never been on Skid Row, smelled the smells, seen the tents, watched grown ups in a state of severe mental illness meander past us as we made our way. I don’t remember anyone’s name, it happened fast it seemed….I had a long conversation with the older girl, who told me how much she missed school, and her best friend Maria, and how boring life is without her friends and her school. She walked with great self possession, and told me that no matter what, and no matter where she finds herself, that she will always make new friends. That was her outlook and it was impressive in those moments, her refusal to allow her present circumstances to spell defeat. Her younger sister was not as unaffected, and was reacting to the traumatic situation with more emotion and withdrawal. I don’t know what the future holds, and I’ve never seen them since. Once we reached San Julian Street, we stumbled on another homeless mother and children, who were experienced with the systems in place in the area, and hugely contrasting with and far harder in demeanor and mannerisms than the family I was escorting. In a heartbeat, they left us, and fell in with the others. We said a quick goodbye, and exchanged hugs all around….and then they were gone, literally swept along in the current of San Julian Street at night. It was a strange sight, to watch them slowly disappear as I stood still in the middle of the craziness, watching them get sucked into a vacuum.

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oh! Thanks for the answer! I didn't even notice you could buy the winter coat! Hopefully I can get enough medals for it until it ends....

there was a thing just yesterday i think that gave players 15k jewels, i completely forgot to think of posting about it oh no. D:

i wish you luck in getting the jewels you need! i suggest doing union missions and then spending those points on the union boards to get yourself some.


Soviet Night Witches

The Night Witches (from the German Nachtexen) were a regiment of female military aviators, formally the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Forces.

In the summer of 1941, Col. Marina Raskova was called upon to organize a regiment of women pilots to fly night combat missions of harassment bombing. From mechanics to navigators, pilots and officers, the 588th regiment was composed entirely of women; it became the most highly decorated female unit in the Soviet Air Force, each pilot having flown over 800 missions by the end of the war and twenty-three having been awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title.

Missions were carried out against the German military from 1942 to the end of the war. The Night Witches flew in wood and canvas Polikarpov Po-2 planes; despite being obsolete and slow, the basic materials allowed for daring maneuvers and exceedingly quiet entrances. An attack technique of the night bombers was to idle the engine near the target and glide to the bomb release point, with only wind noise to reveal their location; German soldiers likened the sound to broomsticks, giving rise to the nickname. (Incidentally, the Nazis also feared and loathed them: any pilot who shot down a witch was awarded an Iron Cross.)

The Night Witches overcame challenges from within the Soviet Air Force to fly combat missions, and over time became an important force against the Nazis, flying over 23,000 sorties and said to have dropped 3,000 tons of bombs. And they did all this while decorating their planes with flowers and using their navigation pencils as lip color. [x]


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Yevgeniya Zhigulenko, Hero of the Soviet Union by Olga
Via Flickr:
Yevgeniya Zhigulenko (01.12.1920 - 27.02.1994), Hero of the Soviet Union, flew 968 night missions as pilot in a U-2/Po-2 Жигуленко Евгения Андреевна, Герой Советского Союза, за годы войны совершила 968 боевых вылетов.


After A Simple Haircut, Homeless Remind Us Why Judging Others Is Just Plain Wrong

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to judge people based on their appearances.Tyler Bridges knows this, and he used it as a springboard for “What’s The Difference,” a video he helped publish last month with the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles.

Assisted by hairstylist Tim Doma, Bridges and a crew of filmmakers offered haircuts to men who could use a little trim – and proved there isn’t much that separates the homeless from everyone else.

See more moving homeless haircut transformations here.

M. Vasiliev, В вехи космической эпохи (The Milestones of the Space Epoch), Moscow, 1967.