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So really want that weird Axel keyart medal in Japanese so I’ve been running through the missions to collect jewels (behind by about 100 missions) and three things

  1. DAMN THE BOSSES HAVE A LOT OF HEALTH NOW, I mean I know it’s the power creep (which has allowed me to one shot/two shot bosses I couldn’t in the past) but still. 
  2. The Ira battle was awesome. Especially that one teleporty move. 
  3.  It’s weird being in Vulpes cause you get to watch your Union leader do a lot for the plot and get your ass kicked by her often. Admittedly I’ve felt this for a while now though. 

Carrier union leader says Trump “lied his ass off” about number of jobs he actually saved

  • President-elect Donald Trump claims to have saved “over 1,100″ Carrier jobs from being off-shored to Mexico
  • Chuck Jones, president of the United Steelworkers 1999, says it was actually 730 production positions — and 550 workers would still lose their jobs. 
  • “But he got up there,” Jones told the Washington Post, “and, for whatever reason, lied his ass off.” Read more

On Donald Trump’s 4th day as President we know:
• The Dakota Access Pipeline is approved.
• The United States and Russia have begun joint operations against the Islamic State.
• The Federal government will not fund abortions abroad or at home.
• The IRS can’t fine people for not having insurance.
• Union leaders are now backing Donald Trump.
• Congress is now voting on the United States’ withdrawal from the United Nation

Feels good man

Which side does your heart belong to?

All the union leaders together finally! Seriously though I had fun drawing them <3 The only thing I couldn’t decide was the color of their mask, since the actual trailer is different from the phone app. If you want to view them individually I placed a few links down below.






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Revels Caton, a Black, gay [Marine Cooks Stewards Union] leader, posed the argument this way, ‘If you let them red bait, they’ll race bait. If you let them race bait, they’ll queen bait. These are connected - that’s why we have to stick together.’ MSC grew in strength, numbering twenty thousand workers at its height, and was legendary for its Black, gay, militant leadership and the sign that hung in their union hall that read 'Race-baiting, Red-baiting, and Queer-bating is Anti-Union.’
—  Sherry Wolf, Sexuality and Socialism, p. 244
I’m the union leader Donald Trump attacked. I’m tired of being lied to about our jobs.
Trump swore he'd save our jobs. He didn't.

I’m a union leader in Indianapolis. I represent the Carrier workers whose jobs Donald Trump has pledged to save. And I’m tired of being lied to.

In February, corporate officials came to our plant and announced that they were closing the facility. They would move 1,300 jobs to a plant in Mexico. (Three hundred and fifty positions would remain in Indianapolis, mostly filled by research and development staff.)

Over the next several months, my team and I worked tirelessly to keep Carrier in our city. We came up with $23 million in savings, but the Carrier brass said that wasn’t enough. They could save $65 million by moving to Mexico. We couldn’t match that unless we were willing to cut wages to $5/hour and cut all benefits.

So we started to negotiate a severance package instead — one week of pay for every year of service, a $2,500 lump sum for every employee and free health care for six months.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Trump got involved. He sat down with Carrier leaders. Afterward, he announced that 1,100 jobs would be saved. When I first heard the news, I was optimistic. But I began to get nervous when we couldn’t get any details on the deal. I urged caution, but our members got their hopes up. They thought their jobs had been saved.

When I met with Carrier officials last Thursday, I realized that that wouldn’t be the case. Though Trump said he’d saved 1,100 jobs, he hadn’t. Carrier told us that 550 people would get laid off.

Trump didn’t tell people that, though. When he spoke at our plant, he acted like no one was going to lose their job. People went crazy for him. They thought, because of Trump, I’m going to be able to provide for my family.

All the while, I’m sitting there, thinking that’s not what the damn numbers say. Trump let people believe that they were going to have a livelihood in that facility. He let people breathe easy. When I told our members the next day, they were devastated.

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3.14 Labor of Love - Press Release


“Labor of Love” – When the upcoming marriage of two star-crossed lovers from Colombia is in jeopardy, Elizabeth works to reunite the son of the Colombian president and the daughter of the rebel leader, whose union is at the heart of an important peace deal after years of civil war. Also, Henry prepares to send his operative undercover, Jay deals with his tenuous marital situation, and Daisy makes a shocking discovery regarding Kevin, on MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


When Germans, Americans, French, and Slavs fought together during World War II

The Battle for Castle Itter,

On May 5th, 1945, only 5 days after Adolf Hitler’s suicide, a reconnaissance force under Capt. John “Jack” Lee was sent on a special mission to a town called Itter in Austria.  Itter was home to Itter Castle, built in the 13th century, it was a luxurious alpine prison for famous French POW’s including former French Prime Ministers, military generals, trade union leaders, resistance leaders, even a tennis star named Jean Borotra and Charles de Gaulle’s sister.  Also present at the castle were a number of Russian, Czech, Polish, and Yugoslavian prisoners who were used as maintenance workers.  The commander of the town was Major Josef Gangl, who took command when his superior shot himself after learning of the death of Hilter.  Gangl ordered most of his men to return home, sending a message to American forces that he was going to surrender the castle.  Him and 10 German soldiers stayed behind to defend the town from SS reprisals.  In the last months of the war, fanatical German SS units would often murder and execute those who surrendered, regardless if they were soldiers or civilians.

Capt. Lee arrived at Castle Itter shortly after being met by an SS recon force.  It was quite clear that the SS had learned of the surrender of Itter, sending a force of 150 SS soldiers to kill or execute everyone in the castle.  Immediately Capt. Lee set up defensive positions and radioed for reinforcements, however he was not able to raise anyone with his malfunctioning radio.  The ten German garrison troops agreed to stand and fight.  The French and Eastern European prisoners were ordered to hide, but most refused, taking up rifles from the castle’s armory and manning the defenses.  Even the wives and girlfriends of the French prisoners took up arms to fight and hold the line.  Major Gangl contacted the Austrian resistance, who sent two German soldiers who had surrendered a few days before, and a teenage Austrian resistance fighter to join the fight. Altogether, the castle was defended by a motley hodge podge group consisting of 14 American GI’s, 12 German Wehrmacht soldiers, a teenage Austrian resistance fighter, a number of French and Eastern European former prisoners, and a Sherman tank named “Begotten Jenny”.

On 11 o'clock in the morning, SS troops surrounded the castle, opening fire with machine guns, rifles, and an 88mm artillery piece.  The defenders held their ground, repulsing each and every assault.  In the midst of the battle tennis star Jean Borotra pole vaulted the castle walls, and ran as fast as he could, braving the gauntlet of enemy fire to deliver a message to Allied forces.  The battle continued.  By 4:00pm, after 5 hours of hard fighting, the defenders ran out of ammo.  Capt. Lee ordered the defenders to retreat to the castle keep, preparing to fight the SS in hallways and stairways with rifle butts and bayonets.  When the SS prepared their final assault, American reinforcements arrived and ended the battle.  Jean Borotra had survived and successfully made his way to the 142nd Infantry Division.  Around 100 German SS troops were captured.

The battle cost the lives of 7 American soldiers, 6 German soldiers, and a number of former prisoners. The tank “Begotten Jenny” was destroyed as well. Among the dead were Major Gangl, who was killed by a sniper while helping one of the former prisoners to safety. Today, he is considered an Austrian national hero.  Capt. John “Jack” Lee was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery and gallantry in defending Castle Itter.  Three days later, the war officially ended, and Europe was at peace.

The State of the Union is potentially a very dangerous situation because most of our leaders are all in the same room at one time. … (So) they pick one, what they call, ‘designated survivor’ and they keep that person, not a joke, they keep the person away from the event. … It’s kind of a weird honor. Like, you are the guy we pick to be in charge just as long as everyone, and we mean everyone, is dead.
—  Jimmy Kimmel, Punchlines
In many ways, the left has never recovered from being wrong-footed by Capital’s mobilization and metabolization of the desire for emancipation from Fordist routine. Especially in the UK, the traditional representatives of the working class – union and labor leaders – found Fordism rather too congenial; its stability of antagonism gave them a guaranteed role. But this meant that it was easy for the advocates of post-Fordist Capital to present themselves as the opponents of the status quo, bravely resisting an inertial organized labor ‘pointlessly’ invested in fruitless ideological antagonism which served the ends of union leaders and politicians, but did little to advance the hopes of the class they purportedly represented. Antagonism is not now located externally, in the face-off between class blocs, but internally, in the psychology of the worker, who, as a worker, is interested in old-style class conflict, but, as someone with a pension fund, is also interested in maximizing the yield from his or her investments. There is no longer an identifiable external enemy.
—  Capitalist Realism - Mark Fisher

Inside Stalin’s holiday home

Eerie images of former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin’s summer home show the extensive lengths he went to to hide away from the public while on holiday. Hidden deep in a forest off of Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia, an autonomous region of Georgia - the modest property is hard to find. Built in 1947, the holiday home or ‘dacha’ as it’s known in Russian was home to the communist dictator and his family during the warm summer months.

The Soviet Union leader had five holiday homes he would regularly frequent, but he reportedly would not tell officials which one he was going to stay at. All five would always be prepared for his visit. While his favorite was a villa in Gagra, Abkhazia, which overlooked the Black Sea, he often frequented the other four as well, including one near Sochi.A living testament to Stalin and his renowned paranoia, the Lake Ritsa dacha is surrounded by thick trees and is painted green to make it pretty much invisible from the air.

Stalin’s holiday home is designed in a modest fashion despite it boasting a library and games room equipped with a billiards table. Fortunately for visitors to the historic house many of the original fittings are still in place and have been well maintained by the Abkhazian government.

The location of Stalin’s dacha on Lake Ritsa was a popular holiday spot for the Soviet establishment and was regularly visited by elites within Stalin’s regime. The dacha remains one of the last remaining positive legacies left behind by the divisive leader.

Historians believe up to 20 million people perished as a result of Stalin’s actions - more than the six million killed during Hitler’s genocide of the Jews.  (x)

Leadership Lessons From Humans Of New York
Street portrait photographer Brandon Stanton, creator of the popular Humans of New York blog, near Union Square in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) If leadership is about influencing others toward a mission that matters to you, Brandon Stanton, 31, is a giant leader influencing over 15 million people every day. He is the [...]
By Henna Inam
Donald Trump’s decision to revoke The Washington Post’s press credentials is nothing less than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press. When coverage doesn’t correspond to what the candidate wants it to be, then a news organization is banished. The Post will continue to cover Donald Trump as it has all along–honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically and unflinchingly. We’re proud of our coverage, and we’re going to keep at it.

Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron

The Post joins the list of news organizations that have been temporarily banned from covering Trump’s campaign. Among others, Buzzfeed, Politico, Fusion, Univision, the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, the Des Moines Register, the Daily Beast and Huffington Post have all been denied press credentials at one point since Trump announced he was running for president in June.


Some spoilers, if you aren’t to Quest 555 yet.

Felt very inspired by the most recent story update of KHX! This is my character confronting his Union Leader about the disappearance of Ephemer.

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