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Forgotten World War II — The Battle of Lake Khasan

Technically the Battle of Lake Khasan was not a World War II battle, rather one of the many events leading up to WWII in the 1930’s, what I would call part of the World War II era.  After the Japanese occupation of Manchura and parts of China, tensions between the Empire of Japan and Soviet Union began to rise.  One major bone of contention had to do with border disputes. Small skirmishes and incidents between border guards and soldiers became common, and it was clear that a conflict was brewing.  In early 1938 the Japanese Government began to accuse the Soviet Union of tampering with border  markers along the border between China and the Khasansky District.  Fearing that the Japanese were up to no good, the Soviet Red Army began fortifying the high ground west of Lake Khasan, located around 130 km southwest of Vladivostok.  Unfortunately for them, the Japanese intercepted and decoded Soviet messages, and decided to respond in force.

Only July 29th, 1938 around 7,000 troops of the Japanese 19th Division crossed the border and engaged Soviet forces, at one point successfully surrounding and annihilating 300 Soviet soldiers and repelling 300 others.  At first the Soviet defenders were forced to fall back under the onslaught.  However by August 2nd, Soviet reinforcements would begin pouring into the region.  Over the next week around 23,000 Soviet soldiers, 350 tanks, 230 artillery, and 250 aircraft.  With overwhelming force, the Soviets answered with a massive and powerful counterattack.  The Japanese were especially at a disadvantage, with only 37 artillery pieces, no tanks, and no aircraft.  One Japanese artillery officer noted that the Soviets fired more shells in a day than what the Japanese did during the entire battle. 

By August 9th, Japanese forces began to break under the Soviet counterattack.  On August 10th, the Japanese sued for peace, and the fighting stopped on August 11th.  Japanese forces lost 526 men, with another 1,000 wounded.  While the Soviets were victorious, they suffered terrible casualties, with 792 killed, over 3,000 wounded, and 46 tanks destroyed.  Because of the high casualties, the Soviet commander, Vasily Blyukher, was tortured and executed by the NKVD during Stalin’s purges.

The Battle of Lake Khasan would not be the last incident between the Soviets and Japanese. A year later, the Japanese Kwantung Army would attempt a massive full scale invasion of Soviet allied Mongolia.  During the Battle of Khalkin Gol, at least 100,000 men total took part in the battle.  In the end the Soviet Army dealt the Japanese Army a devastating thumping, convincing the Japanese that they should steer clear of further conflict with the Soviet Union.



The Prospector, Denver Union Station, October 1966.


❝ Welcome to Major League Soccer. We’re messing with the big boys now. ❞

Alright folks, its that time of the year again. You guessed it, its time for the US Open Cup. MLS teams enter the competition in the 4th round and because the 3rd round ties have not been played yet, MLS teams have been draw against 2 teams; the winner of the tie will become their opponent in the 4th round. MLS teams are highlighted in bold. 

US Open Cup 4th round draw for MLS teams is as follows:

  • NERevolution will host RochesterRhinos / GPS Omens
  • NewYorkRedBulls will host NYCFC
  • Philadelphia Union will host Reading United / City Islanders 
  • DC United will host Christos FC / FC United
  • FC Cincinnati / Louisville City FC will host Columbus Crew
  • Atlanta United will host Jax Armada FC / Charleston Battery
  • Orlando City SC will host The Miami FC / Tampa Bay Rowdies
  • Michigan Bucks / Saint Louis FC will host Chicago Fire
  • North Carolina FC / CLT Independence will host Houston Dynamo
  • Sporting KC will host Minnesota United
  • Colorado Rapids will host Switchbacks FC / Energy FC
  • Reno1868 FC / SacRepublic FC will host Real Salt Lake
  • LA Galaxy will host L.A. WOLVES FC / Orange County SC winner
  • SJ Earthquakes will host San Francisco Deltas / Phoenix Rising FC
  •  Seattle Sounders will host Portland Timbers
  • SanAntonio FC will host FCDallas -OR- FCDallas will host Roughnecks FC

Some rivals have been draw together (Clint is about to rip up another book), which tie are you most excited for?! Let us know!


Simpson Timber Railroad Centennial Part 2

Headcanons/Fan Canon Regarding the PNWS Podcasts, the Black Tapes and Tanis, from a real life Seattlite.

The PNWS Studios are located in South Lake Union, near Westlake Ave. When they were on the radio, Alex and Nick would walk over on their breaks to the Jones Soda HQ on free drink day.

Nic has short blonde hair, and is fairly lean. His face is a little weathered like someone who goes out in the wind a lot because he he is often hiking or biking. He is always clean shaven. He is a nutrition nut, he only eats organic and shops at the whole foods on Westlake, sometimes the Trader Joe’s in the u village. He wears an orange REI windbreaker and those hiking shoes with elastic bungies instead of laces. (I think they are like Columbia sports wear?) He makes out like he’s going to bike work but he only manages once a month or so. He’s got an apartment in the basement of a house in Wallingford so he’s super close to the Burke Gilman trail but he really only takes his bike out on the weekends.

Alex has short dark hair, pin straight. She’s about 5 foot even. She wears a northface hoodie and carries a messenger bag instead of a purse. She’s got a crummy apartment on Capitol Hill that she’s been at since she was in college at Seattle U, it’s an old brick building and her radiator doesn’t work, it just spills hot air all winter long and she can’t shut it off so she leaves the window open. When she was in college, she shared the 1 bedroom with three other students but they’ve all moved out and it’s affordable with her job. Nick tells her she should move, but she’s doesn’t want to pay higher rents. She buys food at whole foods but she never cooks and mostly eats fast food. (Taco del Mar is her favorite, but she also loves poke)

MK is somewhat heavy, apple shaped with a large bust. Prefers to wear tank tops and comfy pants and combat boots if she has to go out. she has dark hair that’s prone to frizz or get stringy. She has a septum piercing and an eyebrow piercing. She lives in Redmond, near where she grew up. Not because she likes it but because it’s practical. She wants to move to SeaTac though cause it’s close to the airport. She loves mountain dew. Doesn’t own a cat, but feeds a stray from her patio.

Geoff’s left leg was amputated after an injury in the war. He lives in Lynnwood in his and Karl’s parents’ old house, goes running a lot. Usually has some stubble. He hates driving in the city so he’s always inviting nic to shitty bars in Lynnwood and Everett. His favorite beer is Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Starts asking Nic for pics of MK when he’s drunk.

Nic had a pic of MK on his phone once but she deleted it remotely.

Richard Strand has dark skin, keeps his hair and goatee trimmed short. Has very stern eyes and forward set brow. Hes much taller than the other PNWS crew, easily 6'2" or so. He wears a black formal looking peacoat and carries a black umbrella for the rain. He has his clothes dry cleaned and prefers his pants pleated. His father’s old house is in Columbia City, craftsman looking kind of, but very updated over the years. Has a view of Lake Washington from the attic windows. He uses a Motorola razr still. His diet consists largley of coffee. Misses deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Alex took him to Taco del Mar once and he hated it.