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Most Memorable Dresses: Geri Halliwell’s itsy-bitsy “Union Jack Flag” Dress paired with platform red boots, worn while performing with the Spice Girls at The BRIT Awards in 1997. Halliwell originally was given a mini black Gucci dress to perform in but she thought it was too boring and wanted to celebrate being British. She asked her sister to stitch on a Union Jack tea towel to the front as a patriotic gesture. A peace sign was sewed behind the dress. It has since become one of the most iconic dresses in the last 50 years, beating the likes of Marilyn Monroe (Seven Year Itch Dress) and Princess Diana (Wedding Dress).

We’ve already deduced the location and the time of this: BBC building, at around 8:35 in the morning.

But where does this put us timeline wise?

Well, according to the Regents Street Twitter, those flags are not there any more. This was taken on the 19th of Feb:

So now we have evidence that not only are these original images, but they’re not current, which points towards what I originally thought - setlock took these photos in advance. The Union flags were up in June or July during 2016 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. 

Since it’s kind of hard to see, here’s another shot taken from the Regents street twitter on the 29th of January (lol):

The flags aren’t there. I don’t know how anyone can possibly believe that these Twitters aren’t legit, because this points to meticulous planning at least one year in advance

So, where else do we see those flags? Quite notably during TLD:

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We’ve had Jim reference T6T:

Followed by this, no less:

Y’know, hinting that T6T is a lie- and then we have Sherlock referencing the union flags possibly hinting towards towards TLD but I suspect it’s hinting towards the beginning of ‘s4′ content for the Twitters. Which means we’re getting somewhere. Which means there’s a story, here.

It’s not a trick, it’s a plan.

Isak hates speaking English.

Even, the bastard, has never had any trouble with English. He soars through phrases and compound-fucking-sentences with ease. 

But Isak hates it. He hates it and he’s not good at it and the only thing that he willingly do in English is rap dumb lyrics or throw in an American phrase for sarcastic effect. But he hates fucking speaking it and trying to understand it. He hates that while science and balancing equations and measurements comes so easy, the fucking English grammar structure alludes him.

And yet, when Even sits him down for dinner one day (grilled chicken and pasta, followed by strawberry shortcake– Isak’s favorite) and tells him that he got into a film school in London, Isak hardly blinks.

“Okay,” Isak says, “When are we leaving?”

Even is quiet for so long, eyes unblinkingly, unrelenting blue before he surges forward and envelopes Isak in the tightest hug he thinks he has ever felt. Even whispers, “I love you. I love you so much, Isak.”

And Isak realizes that Even hadn’t been expecting Isak to follow him. Which is ridiculous, but Even can sometimes be ridiculous.

Later that night, Isak insists that they watch a movie in English with no subtitles. He only really gets half of it, because they were speaking so quickly, but it’s a start right? And he comforts himself with the memory of Even lowly explaining the parts he missed in his ear in Norwegian.

(He also comes home the next afternoon to no less than six English language help guides, a new bottle of lube, and a chocolate cupcake with a Union Jack Flag firmly planted in the middle of it.)

(Isak hates English, but he loves Even.)