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It’s important to talk about and recognize the fact that PhD students are young professionals in the early stages of their career and not just ~students because by the time you get your PhD you are literally an expert in your field

I’m sick of the “millennials are going to grad school to put off starting their life” thing because like, it makes people not take me seriously when I talk about what I do. I shouldn’t have to explain to literally everyone who isn’t also in grad school that getting a PhD is literally a full time job.

Anyways we should exclusively refer to PhD students as “early career scientists/academics” instead of grad students because until professional students (med/law students etc.) our training consists of actively contributing to our field. And maybe then more than just the STEM folks can get paid a living wage.


#VerizonStrike #StandUpToVerizon: Thousands of Verizon workers have gone on strike after failing to reach a new labor agreement with the CWA Union. The union members argue that Verizon has outsourced thousands of jobs and continue to cut costs, while executives reward themselves with big bonuses and payouts. Strikes are happening all over the City of New York – these photos were taken in Financial District outside 100 Wall Street. 


#StandUpToVerizon #VerizonStrike: Thousands of Verizon workers on strike marched on Wall Street and demanded better pay and fair labor practices. Executives have continued to cut costs and ship jobs overseas, which has hurt working families and destroyed middle class jobs. More than 400 protests were held nationwide, at Verizon Wireless stores and other locations in dozens of cities. This is the third continuous week of the Verizon strike. 


Shocking title.

Anyway, as soon as I posted that previous picture BBC news delivered May’s message after visiting Nicola Sturgeon in Bute house.

“As far as I am concerned, the people of Scotland had their vote.”

I would like to point out that most of those who voted No in 2014 did so because they wanted the status quo. That status quo has now been completely destroyed with England dragging us out the EU.

You’ll hear a lot of rhetoric about pulling together as a union but it’s fair to say that Scotland’s decision to remain is not going to be respected. Scotland is clearly not an equal partner in this kingdom of nations.

With the trident vote on Monday and brexit being triggered potentially on the 9th of September, it is truly time to take the gloves off.

I’m itching for an indyref. Give me a yes stall to go to and I’d definitely consider flying home to volunteer at it. It’s game on.

How many slave deaths for the Qatar World Cup can Fifa put up with? by Marina Hyde
Fifa’s president Sepp Blatter could change lives of World Cup labourers at a stroke by threatening to deprive Qatar of 2022 tournament
By Marina Hyde

Clearly there must be a magic number of slave deaths in the world’s richest country that would render the Qatar World Cup a moral and political no-no. But what is that number? What is the ballpark figure where deaths in the construction of ballparks become unacceptable?

The question is not believed to be keeping Sepp Blatter awake at night. Something tells me the Fifa president sleeps the bewilderingly untroubled sleep that only a certain stripe of western leader enjoys. (Do recall that Tony Blair actually had to be woken up to be told the bombing of Baghdad he had co-ordered was soon to begin.)

Fifa’s sponsors, though, are deemed more reachable. This week has seen the launch of a campaign by the International Trade Union Confederation, Play Fair Qatar and the NewFifaNow group to shame them with the appalling conditions endured by labourers building tournament infrastructure for 2022. “As things stand,” declares Play Fair Qatar, “more than 62 workers will die for each game played during the 2022 tournament.”

To repeat: more than 62 per game. Perhaps players in every match could each wear 62 black armbands. Then again, that would probably contravene Fifa’s strict rules on what constitutes official kit, infringements of which it punishes ferociously. On infringements such as mass slave death, however, the evidence suggests it is more relaxed.

And here we have another issue that the “human rights” advocates can’t be bothered about. It doesn’t fit their obsession.