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Et parfois il se passait une chose que personne n'arrivait à comprendre, même pas eux. Il y avait un silence. Pas les silences pesants où les deux personnes sont gênées de ne pas savoir quoi se dire. C'était un silence qui reflétait leur lien si unique et pendant quelques secondes, ils se regardaient droit dans les yeux, en savourant cet instant si magique qui les unissait. Ils se fixaient comme si c'était la dernière fois qu'ils pourraient se regarder. Comme si leur regard passait un message qu'ils n'arrivaient pas à exprimer avec des mots.
signal boost: Poland is in some deep shit rn
  • so, introduction first: even though we have multiparty system in Poland, Platforma Obywatelska/PO and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość/PiS became two major parties about 10 years ago. both are conservative, right-wing parties.

  • in 2010 political situation in Poland became way more complicated becuse of so called Smoleńsk catastrophy. shortly speaking: Polish Air Force plane crashed near to Smolensk (Russia), killing almost 100 Polish officials who were on board, including the president, Lech Kaczyński (PiS) and his wife. we still aren’t sure why it happened, but there are people, mostly associated with PiS, who believe it was political assassination, planned by Russian government, Polish government of that time (PO) or both.  

  • the person who’s the most convinced it was an assassination was and still is Jarosław Kaczyński, Lech Kaczyński’s twin brother who happens to be PiS leader. since 2010 PiS turned into kind of cult of personality - again, speaking shortly: if you don’t agree with J. Kaczyński or you say one negative word about him, you’re out of the party.

  • since 2010, Polish society is even more divided politically. we even have few parades on Independence Day in Warsaw instead of one because there are so many different ideologies etc. 

  • PO was winning all the elections for past 8 years, but in 2015 PiS won both presidential and parliamentary elections. for the very first time a party has parliamentary majority without coalition. current president, Andrzej Duda, is also from PiS, so the party has actual power in the country. the funny thing is, there is not a single social democratic party in our current parliament. we only have different kind of conservative and neo liberal politicians. they still like to call each other names like ‘communists’ tho

  • everyone in Poland knows that even though Andrzej Duda is the president and Beata Szydło is the prime minister, it’s Kaczyński who currently controls politics in Poland, because both Duda and Szydło are his obedient pawns. the worst thing is that it’s them, not Kaczyński, who take responsibility for all political decisions. 

  • PiS didn’t legitimate 3 Constitutional Court judges chosen (legally) earlier by PO (these judges weren’t sworn by president Andrzej Duda) and current government doesn’t respect Court’s judgement, which basically means that the institution that should supervise PiS and control legitimacy of their actions isn’t working properly.

  • PiS chose ex MP Jacek Kurski for the president of TVP (Telewizja Polska; Polish public television) and since then many good anchormen were fired for basically no reason. PiS is even low-key censoring some informations, for example: while talking about the Oscars on the news, “Spotlight” was described as “movie about pedophilia in Boston” - they didn’t even mention anything about catholic church because PiS is in such close relationship with Polish catholic church.

  • Germany should be our the most important partner in EU but apparently PiS is still mad at Germans for Nazi Germany attacking us in WW2, i guess ?? instead, Kaczyński if Viktor Orban’s fan and even met with him some time ago, at night. i mean, he claims that he doesn’t have any actual power but he’s meeting with prime minister of Hungary in his free time, to discuss politics?

  • civic organisation called Committee for the Defense of Democracy is organizing protests all over the country to show the government that they won’t get away with their actions. protestants are being called “Poles of the worst sort” and “traitors” by Kaczyński and basically every PiS member. one politician even said that the protests are probably organized by Russia. wtf ??

  • PiS reduced the budget for culture and hospices and instead wants to give these money to catholic church.

  • some child wrote “Andrzej Dupa” (”dupa” means “ass”) in a toilet in their school, now prosecutor’s office is trying to find them. if this isn’t a farce then i don’t know what it is.

  • our current Minister of National Defense is Antoni Macierewicz, delusional man who spent last few years constantly trying to prove that Lech Kaczyński was assassinated, mostly basing upon opinions of pseudo-experts. he also deeply hates Russia and is a blind follower of Jarosław Kaczyński

  • just to be clear: European Union expressed their deep concern about the state of democracy in Poland. Venice Commission (EU’s advisory body) said that current constitutional crisis “poses a danger to the rule of law, democracy and human rights”. let me quote politico.eu: it’s a battle which is turning Poland from the poster child of post-communist success — a nation whose former prime minister Donald Tusk last year became president of the European Council — into a growing problem for the European Union

  • BUT PiS doesn’t even listen to any criticism, even if it’s EU oficial or Joe Biden who criticizes them. basically, if you criticize government’s actions a) you are stupid, b) you don’t understand politics, c) you are a traitor, d) Putin pays you to talk shit. 

  • if it wasn’t enough, Polish nationalism is growing strong. Poland was supposed to accept 7k Syrian refugees and even this really small number (there are over 38 mln people living in Poland, so 7k isn’t much) seems too much for PiS and majority of Polish society. there are more and more racists and islamophoes, there are news about quite a few men of colour (not only Arabs, but also for example latinos) being beaten up on streets by nationalist on daily basis.

the ego is the crack of the whip. it wants more, what you do is never enough. and the ego is starting to dissolve in virgo, as we move toward a service oriented outlook in preparation for union in libra. leo expresses the will of the ego, and its final mode of deliverance is through virgo, this is the final place the ego generates power, and this can be why virgos can be so full of self consciousness and contempt, it’s like the ego having its final howl as it is forced to consider other people, as virgo does in labour 

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(Old) Union Station, Toronto

Top: 1908

Bottom: 1913

Toronto’s Union Station was first constructed on a site just west of York Street in 1858 and shared by the Grand Trunk Railway, the Northern Railway of Canada, and the Great Western Railway. The station quickly became outdated and inadequate a new second Union Station was built on the same site, opening in 1873. 

This second station originally faced towards Lake Ontario but as railway traffic increased and boat traffic on the lake decreased, the city constructed a new Front Street entrance and southern train shed in 1896. The station served the city until the current and third Union Station opened in 1927. Demolition began shortly after closing and by 1931, all traces of the old station were gone. The site is now home to the Skywalk and the current site of the new Union Pearson Express Train Station.

The Paratrimshika

1) Devi asks Deva; how can Tantrik powers quickly open the kingdom of Heaven with the knowledge of matrena that opens the path to heaven? Tell me of this hidden aspect of myself which shines forth largely unhidden.

2) Tell me Deva about that Tantrik power that resides in the hridaya as the ruling feminine power of the body, (and tell me) in what way can I find fulfillment?

3) The illustrious feminine power is the source of great Divine gifts in
the kingdom of Heaven.

4) By maintaining Tantrik practices, the desired world is made real,
thrust forth from the Heaven within your heart (hridaya). I am revealing to you the powers of the kingdom of Heaven.

5) Now! We Begin with: all of the reality of heaven can be found to be built on, and becomes manifest with the subtle union of the Moon and Sun.

6) The physical or manifest is in union with the creative force in the evolving world. Evolution proceeds step by step from one realm to
another, as the letter “Ka” to the letter “Ma”.

7) There are four supporting elements of reality: air, fire, flowing water, and manifested earth. From these there arises a shining forth
proceeding the developing of the expansive world.

8) Without beginning, they are the steps of bringing forth all that is known, experienced and created. Everything is truly mantra, knowledge, and glorious.

9) This yoni is filled with the ‘shining forth’ of the four illustrious elements in balance with the expansive world.

10) The third nature of Brahma or the hridayam between the thighs unites the Soul with the Divine. Those who do not have the existence as a yogini or the state of androgyny, as did the god Rudra, cannot break forth.

11) This hridayam is the dwelling place of the God of Gods and is the source of union with liberation at the same time. Ascending (beyond) is accomplished with the uniting of the great mantra and mudra.

12) At the moment of opening, the body moves expressing the union with a continuing expression and enjoyment of sensual and ecstatic up-flowing feelings associated with a mudra.

13) At that time, one attains the empirical form of the mantra-mudra, which was created in the future and became manifest in the present.

14) The thoughts can be thrust forward into time by the androgynous power of Rudra to make a clearly manifest and real spiritual shining form.

15) The thrusting forth of these three: energy of mantra and mudra with pure consciousness brings forth complete true knowledge and the higher powers of the yogi (masculine).

16) The inner great masculine power directs and sets in motion the coming together of the creative powers.

17) The inner perceptive powerful drive results in the obtaining of mantra and the power over the faultless manifest.

18) The junction of the two Tantrik powers brings forth all of the powers in the form of a flowing unseen creative fluid (soma).

19) The unseen fertile fluid moves, and thus, with this motion, reality is known, portion of his powers come into their own existence, he is a yogini (feminine), he is also initiated.

20) Being blameless and with the knowledge of matrena, knows all of the powers (shaktis). Even without the training of yoga, becomes one with the assembly of shakinis.

21) However, without knowing the rules, he brings forth worship.

22) The manifested world is first begun with matrena, then shaped with maya. The masculine force pervades the boundless created world with its three mentally created powers of spiritual creation, destruction and maintenance.

23) The inner continual process of life becomes a pure path for the one who perseveres in the rules. It quickly opens to the knowledge of the inner sovereign powers.

24) Because of the radiant fluid (soma) one is a great Soul, knowing the masculine powers of Shiva and all things, One is without sin, one’s will and exertions become pure and shining.

25) As the great banyan tree is contained within the energy of its seed, so also is the evolutionary upper 'kingdom of Heaven’ contained as a seed in the hridaya.

26) Truly, bound with the knowledge of the true state, the reaching for oblivion (nirvana) fades away, dedication comes into existence; doubts, anointings and impressive religious ceremonies are abandoned.

27) Having made the object of worship manifest and united with that seed, the goal is reached.

28) The inner seed bursts forward as the Moon becomes full, coming forth from the inner lotus of the heart meditation with soma exerting one’s own security.

29) Whatever is desired and made a dedication to, becomes reality. The power of knowing all is not reached for but rather abides within.

30) This manifested mantra bursts forth from the combined masculine and feminine powers to attain all knowledge and powers.

- Unknown, before 500 B.C.E.

Here Are 12 Ways to Destroy Anyone Who Opposes Equal Pay

During the State of the Union, President Obama expressed his support for equal pay saying, “Congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as a man for doing the same work. Really. It’s 2015. It’s time.” Surprisingly, only about half the room stood up and clapped for that idea. Even a lot of women stayed seated. So why don’t some people stand for equal pay?

Dying on the doorstep of Fortress Europe

The nightmare endured by migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean is the horrific consequence of war, austerity and draconian immigration policies.

THE DROWNING deaths of hundreds of migrants fleeing Libya for Italy’s southern coast shocked people around the globe–and prompted calls for political leaders to take action to lessen the desperation and suffering of those who seek to come to Europe each year.

The human tragedy of this latest disaster in the Mediterranean Sea is awful to contemplate: Hundreds of migrants packed tightly into a rickety vessel were unable to escape when the boat capsized. But while European Union (EU) leaders express sadness and dismay at the number of deaths, their own policies led directly to the loss of these lives–and thousands more just like them.

12 Ways To Shut Down People Who Oppose Equal Pay For Equal Work

During the State of the Union, President Obama expressed his support for equal pay saying, “Congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as a man for doing the same work. Really. It’s 2015. It’s time.” Surprisingly, only about half the room stood up and clapped for that idea. Even a lot of women stayed seated. 

So why don’t some people stand for equal pay?