yeah, suffice to say that I’m pretty excited to ride with @wolfmanslim @buttermilk_bitch @mynameiscalleddisturbance @heyitsraf @donnersupplyco & @aaron_brizzo across the desert with @mrsamericanpie on the back of my scoot. LA Douches, salty sea air, California tacos, shitty traffic and full on tourist shit. hopefully @natas13 gets his ass over here to ride with!! #BornFree7 #UninvitedBuilder


Cut it up! #uninvitedbuilder #BF7 (at Landspeed Motorcycle Shop)

My friend @meenzwell BF6 #uninvitedbuilder first time he started it today. Bought it, not running. 1978 shovelhead. @haifleybros hardtail we installed. Two kids, stinking bills up the ass, full time job, family man… Basically the real deal. Congrats on your build buddy! (at Landspeed Motorcycle Shop)