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Is it just me or has Camila seemed more and more gay as time passes? It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but in 2012 - 2015, she definitely seemed interested in girls, but she could have still maybe passed off as straight. She seemed bi to me. But in 2016 and 2017, she just seems completely uninterested in guys. In 2017 especially, I just get this HUGE gay vibe from her that I didn't get that much in like 2014/2015. Do you think so too? 🤔

Well it’s called growing up and accepting yourself - our baby took the time and she figured herself out 

How am I supposed to get a new boyfriend after you? Don’t flatter yourself, it’s not because you’re ‘irreplaceable’ or whatever, it’s because you have taken away all my confidence. I actually want a new boyfriend, but I’m too scared to talk to guys. I feel like I’m uninteresting/ugly. And that’s all because of you.
—  I hope you have it worse. Prick.
Hitched (2/10)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: ff.net // ao3 // ch. 1 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

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She awoke disoriented, breathing heavily and scrabbling for her pocket to make sure the cash and phone were still there. But her hand got caught up in cloth, and she sat up quickly, banging her elbow painfully against the door.

Emma took a deep breath, gritting her teeth against a curse. She’d been covered with a blanket, and the cab was dark and silent, the truck’s motor off. Rubbing her elbow, she threw off the blanket and looked around, fingering her money nervously.

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Confession: So, I’ve never been in a relationship before, and I’m 23 years old, but that’s not the problem (actually it is kind of a problem, but that’s for another confession). I don’t have a problem talking to guys, but I can never read the situation. Guys have to be straight forward with me or else I’m just oblivious of the person’s feelings. So, I’m trying my best to read the situation which then causes me to misinterpret uninterested guys’ intentions…if that make sense. Basically, there’s this guy that I work with and I can never read him. He flirts with me and etc, but it stops when this girl is around (assuming she’s his girlfriend, but it’s not clear). But the moment she leaves then he’s back at it (flirting) again. Now, I do tend to flirt back, but in a playful matter as he is 4 years younger than I am (and quite honestly work is fun when I do that) so I need help understanding this situation. Is there something there so that I can cut that off or am I misinterpreting the situation?

My Girl (Staurt Twombly One Shot)

I sighed heavily as I gripped at the manila folder in hand, the anger boiling deep inside me while Graham, yet again as per usual, made an asshole comment toward Zach, our overweight group member.

“You’re so fat, man,” he muttered, making a face in disgust. “So fat…”

I pressed my lips together as I tried to hold back my own snarky comment, but bit my tongue instead. With that he finally dismissed our team for the day.

As I collected the rest of my things and began heading out, I could feel myself deeply regretting the decision to ever come in for an internship at Google for the summer before my graduating year from Stanford. Well, more like I regretted ever agreeing to team up with Graham.

I rolled my eyes as he eyed me up and down the minute I began making my way toward the exit. From the get go, I knew he hadn’t bothered to pick me for his team based on my merit, but merely because of my looks. He made that extremely clear.

“Will I be seeing you later then, beautiful?” he smirked.

“Nope,” I stated simply, slamming the folder right into his chest and making my way out. He huffed out in slight annoyance, but desire.

“Always playing hard to get,” he said through his accent, not bothering to hide his smirk. “I love it.”

Ignoring the comment, I immediately reached down for my purse in attempt to pull out my phone and distract myself a little further while I continued to walk. I huffed out in annoyance as I continued to dig, but couldn’t find it. An audible gasp and small shriek escaped my lips as I ran into someone.

“Whoa, whoa,” an unfamiliar voice cried out, reaching out for my arms and quickly grounding me. “I’m so sorry about that!”

I quickly turned over to look directly into a wrinkled smile and kind blue eyes. Instantly, I was able to recognize one of the older interns Graham was so set on destroying.

“You’re fine,” I breathed out before finally gripping the familiar lump and pulling out my phone from my purse. “Thank you.” With that I lowered my gaze onto the screen and attempted to maneuver my way past the old man.

“Whoa, whoa, hang on there,” he began, his hands pulling me back by the arms. “You’re (Y/N), right? Part of Graham’s team?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking up to him, my brows furrowing slightly.

“I’m Nick,” he smiled, dropping his hold on me and extending a hand for me to take.

“Pleasure,” I responded rather curtly as I looked back down to my phone screen.

“Look at you,” he seemed to chuckle. “You remind me of a certain team member of my own. Nose always stuck to that small four-inch screen. Uh, maybe you’ve met him.” He made a gesture and I barely glanced in time to watch him point over to someone in the distance. My eyes followed. “Stuart. Stuart Twombly.”

The minute my gaze landed on the boy, I felt my throat constrict and my cheeks burn up. Of course I knew who Stuart Twombly was. We both had gone to the same high school, graduated the same year, hung around the same crowd of people. He was the same boy I had been crushing on since my freshman year. However, he never knew I even existed.

It was a huge surprise when I came to find out that he had joined the Google internship program as well. That first day, when we were split up into groups, I had hoped to join him, but Graham beat me before I could even approach the boy.

During the first challenge, I would steal glances toward him every now and then. Watch as him and his team mates would frantically write against the clear board trying to figure out the bug in the code. However, the minute he’d take notice that someone was watching, I’d instantly look away. It wasn’t until the second challenge that I tried to interact with him, but as usual, he was glued to his phone. During the second half of Quidditch, I purposely dropped the quaffle in order for Stuart to get a hold of it and score for his own team, earning them the big win. For a brief moment we exchanged smiles that day, but it never went past that.

“I take that as in you do know him?” Nick gave a laugh, snapping me back into reality.

“I—I might have been acquainted with him,” I stammered, lowering my gaze yet again as my face only grew hotter.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” his expression seemed to twist into that of sneaking suspicion. “Do I detect a little something for our little Stewie?”

“N—No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I cleared my throat and held my head high, straightening my composure as if to seem uninterested. “You guys are the enemy, according to Graham. The competition. And besides, Google policy is: say no to love. Even if I was interested—which I’m not—it’s not going to happen.”

“Now, now,” he shook his head and chuckled. “I can see straight through the act. There’s no need to pretend you’re even on that asshole’s side. I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl. Maybe a current student attending UCLA or something—”

“Stanford,” I corrected.

“Even better,” Nick shrugged. “You know that following Graham will only take you so far. And policy or not… You gotta live a little sometimes. I mean take me for instance; I was told I’m not allowed to go after a certain sexy Australian in management, but yet I took a chance and asked her out to dinner some time.” He paused as he looked down to me, pointing a finger. “Now I saw that glint in your eye. It was just enough to tell me everything I need to know.”

“Which is?” I gulped slightly.

“You care about Stu. You’re interested,” he smirked slightly. “And a little birdy once told me… He seems to be pretty interested in you too. Do with that what you will.” He seemed to shrug before walking off. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

I squinted my gaze as I watched him walk off toward his group, clapping his hand with Stuart in greeting before getting back to their own work. The boy’s eyes flickered over to me briefly, a small awkward smile creeping upon his lips before tentatively waving toward me with two fingers. Could the bump in have been on purpose?


Later that day, I sighed heavily as I slammed the empty tray over the bar counter, my calves burning and my feet throbbing with regret. Much like every other night I took up a shift at the bar, my body begged me to stop wearing heels. However, that seemed to be nearly impossible with the kind of job I had.

Even though Google provided me with a lot of things, I still had bills to pay, and the internship was just that… An internship. Meaning, I had no money whatsoever. With that being said, I took up a part time job as a waitress slash bartender at a local strip club.

Sure, I could have easily taken up a waitressing job at any other restaurant or bar, but Brass Rail was known for its huge tips. In one shift, I could easily pay for my car and phone bill. And the best part about it all, I didn’t have to take my clothes off for the money either. However, policy did state that my appearance had to be presentable. And by presentable, I mean I had to wear promiscuous outfits, especially if I wanted to make great tips for the night.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” Patty, the bartender for the night, asked as she wiped the bar counter clean. The woman was a few years older, but she had become a really close friend of mine and she most definitely looked out for me. “You’ve been working hard for the past couple of days. And besides, shouldn’t you be back at home working with your team to create that new app or whatever?”

“No, Graham got it all covered,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Either way, I think we’ve got it covered. The night’s still young, maybe you should go out and have some fun!” Patty encouraged as her lips curved into a playful smile. “Maybe find yourself a cute boy or something. You’re always too busy with your internship and here that you never have any time for yourself. Find yourself a cutie.” It took me a minute to realize she was nodding toward the entrance. “Kinda like that one.”

My eyes flew over to the door, quickly landing on the familiar boy that stood at the front of his group, nose buried deep into his phone. Instantly, I felt my eyes go wide as I caught sight of his friend and team mate, Nick. He quickly grinned as he noticed me and began reaching out for Stuart, who didn’t bother to acknowledge him.

“Oh no,” I gasped, quickly spinning around and gripping at the counter behind me.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s the matter, sugar?”

“I—I know him,” I stammered.

The music continued to blare throughout the club, the bass bouncing, while Patty took a moment to herself and gasping.

“Ahhh! I see where this is going!” she shouted over the sound. “You like the boy, don’t cha?”

“Kinda,” I admitted guiltily as I turned back to her feeling myself wanting to panic. “But he’s never noticed me.”

“Then make him notice you,” Patty smirked. I gasped as she suddenly reached over the counter and toward my already see-through romper, ripping at the buttons in order to reveal more of my black laced bralette and stopping just an inch before my belly button. She ran her hands through my hair, adjusting it before turning me back to face the group. “Now grow some ovaries and go to him!”

I stared at the boy with wide eyes for a moment before sucking in a deep breath and starting my way over to them. You could do this. You got this, (Y/N). “By the way! You’re officially off the clock! So whatever you do from here on out won’t be held against you!” Patty shouted after me.

“Show you to your table?” One of the topless girls asked as she approached the group. Her eyes landed on Stuart, about to make a move before I stopped her in her tracks.

“I’ll take care of this one,” I assured her with a small smile. He hadn’t bothered to tear his gaze away from his phone.

“Great big world out there, my friend,” Nick said, his fingers making their way under the boy’s chin. “Just three inches up, I beg you.”

His eyes slowly lifted, growing slightly as he finally noticed who stood before him. I bit my lower lip as I felt a surge of confidence grow from within me.

“Hey,” I greeted simply.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly.


“(Y/N),” he nodded, seeming dazed. “I know.”

Nick’s lips curved into a huge grin as he pushed him toward me.

“Experience the world, Stewie,” he encouraged. “There’s a whole lot more outside that phone screen.” I looked over to Nick, nodding in appreciating before turning back to the dazed boy that stood before me.

“What—what are you doing here?” Stuart asked.

“I work here,” I responded, taking his hand and leading them to their table.

“You’re not—”

“I’m not a stripper,” I laughed as I turned over my shoulder to look at him. “I’m a waitress slash bartender. I needed something to pay the bills while I’m doing this internship at Google.”

“In that case, you can hook us up right?” Nick asked as he rushed his way forward. I grinned and nodded.

“Shots on me, guys,” I said, coming to a stop and turning over to Stuart. “But only if this one dances with me after.”

He pushed on his glasses and opened his mouth as he turned to his friends, unsure of what to say before Nick and the others nodded in encouragement.

“O—Okay,” Stuart agreed.


Everybody cheered as I made my way over to the table, carrying the large tray containing the fourteen shots of tequila.

“Before we do this, (Y/N), meet Billy, Lyle, Neha, Yo-Yo, and of course you know Stuart,” Nick quickly tried to introduce as he clapped his two hands together. “Now we can all indulge into some good ol’ shots knowing each other’s names! Let’s go!”

“It’s about time this group had a night,” the other man, known as Billy said.

“Let the good times roll!” Nick shouted.

“Bingo!” Billy agreed.

“There’s two for everyone,” I grinned as I placed the tray down and my way over in order to sit next to Stuart.

“Alright, here we go!” Nick cheered, picking up a shot and handing it over to the boy known as Yo-Yo. “Bottoms up, bud!”

“Oh, I—I can’t,” he stammered.

“What? You’re twenty-one right?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but my mom says alcohol numbs the brain,” Yo-Yo shook his head.

“Look, I’m not saying a shot of tequila’s the first step on the journey to self-respect, but goddamn, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe?” Nick finished off, handing him the shot as we all took one in our hands. “Your call.”

The boy hesitated for a moment.

“One shot!” Yo-Yo finally said, holding up a finger rather sternly.

“You’re gonna want that other one, dude,” I grinned as I edged myself closer to the table, holding out my shot.

“Anyways, CHEERS!” Billy shouted as we all brought our shot glasses and clanged them together before taking the swig of alcohol.

“To the night you’ll never remember!” Nick cheered.

We all turned to Yo-Yo as he was the last to take his shot. He hesitated for a moment before forcing the liquid down and shutting his eyes tightly. We all waited for a moment as he shot up out of his seat and began screaming.

“YEAH!” He shouted.

“All right!” Everyone cheered.

“One more!” Yo-Yo cried out, reaching out for his other shot glass.

I gripped at Stuart’s hand and intertwined our fingers the minute we finished our last shot and began leading him to a clear opening. Whether it was the new found confidence that began blossoming after Patty or maybe it was the tequila taking over, I felt myself growing comfortable enough to dance.

“Holy shit,” Stuart breathed out as I turned my back to him and wrapped his hands around my waist, moving my hips along with the rhythm. I gave a satisfied smirk as I pressed myself against him, allowing him to move along with me.

We had gotten halfway through the song, grinding against one another before he stopped. Stuart quickly turned me around, keeping his hands over my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the closeness.

“Can we talk?” He finally asked, gulping slightly.

My smile faded as I looked up to him, letting my hands slide down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Yeah sure,” I nodded. He took up my hand and lead me back to the table, where the rest of the interns had cleared up in order to have their own fun. We both sat down, Stuart instantly dropping his hold on my hand before wiping it against his jeans and looking down.

“Uh. I—I have to confess something,” he stammered.

“What is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing slightly, attempting to scoot closer to him.

He hesitated for a moment, noticing the closing space between us.

“Is it horrible timing to say I’ve liked you since freshman year of high school?” He asked. My smile faded slightly as my eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the tequila talking…”

“N—No. I—I mean, you have?”

He simply nodded.

“I just never thought I’d even get the chance to do this with you,” he admitted, finally finding the courage within himself to turn to me and motioning between the two of us. “I always figured you didn’t know I even existed. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest person ever. I don’t like people and I hide behind snarky comments, so I come off as an asshole, but…” His eyes softened. “I like you. You’ve been the only person I’ve ever really liked.”

I kept my silence as my expression lifted in awe.

“When I saw that you took this internship at Google, you were the only person I wanted to team up with. Especially knowing your background. I mean, you were Valedictorian in high school, so obviously you’re really smart—like, really smart. So, when I saw you walk in through those doors, I thought… maybe this is my second chance, my time to grow some balls and actually talk to you and work with you, but then I saw Graham beat me to it, so I gave up,” he lowered his gaze again as he shrugged. “I grew bitter. Became more of an asshole… I just didn’t want to team up with anybody else.” I pressed my lips together as I felt myself smile.

“I like you too, Stuart,” I finally said, taking up his hand. He looked up to me, surprise lining his features. “If I’m being honest, I’ve liked you since freshman year too. I just didn’t have the courage to talk to you and get to know you better back then.”

His lips curved into a small smirk as looked to me from the corner of his eye, a new sort of confidence about him showing.

“Well, in that case… wanna start over?”

I chuckled and felt my smile turn into a grin.

“I’d like that,” I nodded.

“Drinks?!” I heard a familiar voice shout over the booming music. Quickly turning over, I finally noticed Patty standing around with a tray full of shots, a smirk plastered over her face.

“YEAH!” Yo-Yo cheered as the others came swarming in for their drinks.


After a few more shots and other various drinks, both Stuart and I began to loosen up. Talking and laughing the night away. Just a few feet ahead of us Neha began bouncing up and down, before running up and taking me by the hands and leading me to the dancefloor. I quickly turned back and grabbed a hold of Stuart’s hand, bringing him along.

The beat began to pick up and I moved my body to the rhythm while Neha tried to grind against me. I laughed as Stuart stood back, dancing about rather awkwardly. An idea suddenly sparked as Neha was dragged away by one of the various strippers in order to receive a lap dance. The tequila was definitely taking over this time.

I led Stuart back to the table before tossing him back into the comfortable chairs. His glasses fumbled a bit before he pushed them back with a laugh. I smirked before quickly climbing over him, straddling him and giving into the music. My first official lap dance over the guy I had been crushing on for six years.

My hands ran through his dark hair, his glasses messing up along the process as I drew closer to his face. His own hands made their way down to my hips, moving me along his lap. I smirked as I lowered myself just inches away from his lips.

“Look at what we got cooking here!” Billy laughed as we both continued to move along. “Ready?” I snorted and moved in order to rest my head over Stuart’s shoulder as the giggling took over the minute a flash of light spotted over us and Billy finished taking our picture.

“Exchangeagram moment, bitches!” he cried out, while the two guys high fived.

I threw my head back and laughed as I continued to grind against the boy once Billy left us to our private moment. The tequila was definitely talking for me as I lowered myself once again, my body not bothering to stop. My hands gripped at Stuart’s face as he watched in amazement, slowly lowering them down to his shoulders. I bit the corner of my lip for a moment as I drew closer to him. He stopped, having caught on as one of his hands made their way over to the crook of my neck. Our breaths slowed down as they came out in low shallow huffs. Without further hesitation, we both collided, our lips finally connecting. Whether it was the alcohol or something more, my head swirled and for a moment I could have sworn that sparks flew from all around. The whole place seemed to grow quiet for a moment. It was just the two of us and from deep inside, I felt a surge of emotions begin to pour out into the long awaited kiss. The moment I had been anticipating was finally happening and it completely surpassed any fantasy I had ever had. He was an amazing kisser and the chemistry was beyond what I had ever imagined. The make out session ensued the minute we began to move our lips against one another.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar voice called out from behind. I quickly pulled away with a gasp, my whole body tensing up. “What the hell are you doing with these losers?!”

“Graham,” I muttered, turning my attention to the boy.

“I’ve been calling you fifty thousand times,” he held out his phone, his brows merging. “Zach said you’d be at work, but I see you’ve been doing far more than just work.”

I quickly climbed off of Stuart and looked down in shame. Even though I hated the guy, I didn’t want to be kicked off the team. It was still a great opportunity to work at Google, even if that meant I had to deal with Graham the entire time. If I was kicked out, there went my chances.

“You’re coming back with me,” he demanded, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him. “We have work to do!” I tried to yank myself away, but it was useless. Turning back, I noticed the anger flicker over Stuart’s face as I stared back apologetically, stumbling behind Graham. It was bound to happen, being a part of his team, I wasn’t allowed to interact with the competition. Especially Stuart.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Nick held out his hands in the air as he stepped between the exit and Graham. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“It’s not any of your business, old geezers,” he spat out, attempting to maneuver past the two.

“Come on take it easy,” Nick grinned as a few other guys began approaching the scene. Graham’s posse no doubt. “Is this the Jets and the Sharks all of a sudden? Montague and Capulets?” Stuart pushed his way through, finally facing Graham and his grip suddenly tightened around my wrist. He smirked as he pulled my body closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cringed and tried to push away from him as he lowered his face to mine.

“(Y/N) is part of my team. She’s my girl, isn’t that right, sweetheart?” He drawled out as he tried to kiss my cheek. My brows furrowed and I pushed him back, the anger I felt obvious by now.

“I’m not your girl!” I spat back. This seemed to please him as he gave a laugh.

“She sure loves to play hard to get,” Graham smirked, turning to the others. “Now, if you’ll excuse us. We need to get back on track to beating you guys.” He turned to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Come on beautiful.”

I made a face and tried to push away his arm.

“Get off of me—”

“Don’t touch her,” Stuart grumbled, stepping before the two grown men that tried to hold him back, his hands shaking as he balled them into fists. Yo-Yo, Neha, and Lyle soon appeared just behind.

“Oh yeah?” Graham huffed, seeming amused. “What are you going to do about it?”

I gasped as the strobe lights suddenly turned on and the fighting began. Stuart was the first to throw a punch and lock against Graham’s jaw. Indistinct shouts began to echo throughout the place as the others joined in.

“Stop!” I cried out, trying to pull Stuart away from Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Yo-Yo ferociously yelled as he climbed over a table and jumped on someone’s back. I shrieked and stepped back as Graham fell over on his back, Stuart punching furiously.

“STOP!” I shouted again.

“Stay away from MY girl!” Stuart cried out, his hands gripping at Graham’s collar before raising him for a second and slamming him right back down. My eyes widened slightly as I stared in both shock and awe. He had called me his girl.

“My mother hits harder than you!” Yo-Yo shouted, instantly snapping me back into reality.

“YEAH! Down goes Frazier! Whoo!” Neha cheered as she kicked someone’s groin. “What’s up—oh, shit!”

My eyes widened as the security guards all began rushing in, picking up the girl and attempting to escort her out.

“See you again! I’ll kill you!” she shouted as she struggled against them. “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!”

One of the bigger ones finally managed to yank Stuart away from Graham.

“That’s how you party!” Stuart shouted in pride before being escorted out. I pressed my lips together as I fought back my laugh before attempting to follow after.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” The boy cried out, his body still laid out as he tried to raise himself on his elbows. “Get back here!”

I stopped and turned to him, my expression hardening. Maybe I would regret my decision later, but I had had enough of Graham for one night.

“No,” I responded. “Find yourself another team member. I quit!”

“You can’t quit! You’re mine!”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m Stuart’s now.”

Just a few steps ahead, the boy stopped and looked to me in awe as I turned to him with a smile. Stuart suddenly grunted as the security guard kneed him and pushed on to get them out. My eyes widened and I quickly rushed over to help.

“We’re too hot to party!” Yo-Yo shouted as a security guard yanked on his collar. “That’s why they got to kick us out! Cause they’re gonna call the fire department! Why don’t you bring it outside the party?!”

“WHOOO!” Lyle cheered on.

“No more fun, c’mon,” Nick sighed as he grabbed a hold of the two boys and led them out.


Stuart and I sat back on one of the picnic tables by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the few spots made to take in the beauty of it all. The boy groaned slightly as I lightly tried to clean up his wounds. I made a face and chuckled as he lightly pushed my hand away, not being able to stand the pain.

“You really took a beating back there,” I muttered.

“Well, I couldn’t stand around and let that asshole disrespect you like that,” he grumbled, his eyes glued onto the bridge.

“Would you look at that view?” Nick sighed out as he made his way closer to us, clapping a hand on Stuart’s back and causing him to wince in pain. “Buddy, you were an animal out there tonight!”

“Right,” Stuart scoffed, resting his elbows over his knees and looking down.

“No, you were!” Nick shook his head. “I’m sure (Y/N) agrees with me!”

I simply nodded.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” I smiled, keeping my gaze on him. Reaching out for his hand, he turned to me for a moment as we intertwined our fingers and I scoot my way closer to him, resting my head over his shoulder.

“Awe, would you look at that? Looks like you two really hit it off,” Nick grinned. “Glad my plan worked!”

“You set this whole thing up?” Stuart asked, his eyes squinted as he turned to the man in disbelief. He gave a shrug as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

“I had a hunch you two had a little somethin’ somethin’ so I thought why not?” Nick chuckled. “It sure got you to loosen up, Stewie. Plus, I figured it’d give me some brownie points so you’d warm up to me.” Stuart fought back a smile before turning to me as I nuzzled myself closer to him.

“Thanks man,” he said, turning back to Nick.

“What up with it, hot thing,” Lyle continued to sing along, making his way over to us as he texted away. “Hot thing, hot thing…”

“Lyle!” Nick called out. “Looks like you also hit it off tonight. Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, I’m texting her that I love her and I’m sending her this picture I just took of little Lyle when he made pee in the bushes,” he slurred. “Look, he’s winking!”

“No, Lyle. Lyle, Lyle, that’s a horrible idea,” Nick shook his head. “Please don’t do that. You’re drunk off your ass.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m flying, baby,” Lyle responded with a high pitched chuckle.

“Okay, Lyle, you’re not flying,” Billy joined in, shaking his head. “What’s seventeen squared?”

“Two eighty-nine. Why?” Lyle asked.

“Give me a harder question that that,” Billy sighed as he turned to us. “You know where I’m driving with this.”

“Try, uh, maybe square root of seventeen,” Stuart suggested.

“Like, four point twenty-three? Maybe?” Lyle answered uncertainly, his expression becoming puzzled for a moment.

“That’s the app,” Nick gasped. “That’s the app we should do right there!”

“What?” Billy asked. My brows furrowed slightly as I sat up straighter, not bothering to drop my hold on Stuart.

“Some quiz questions you gotta answer before you can send a drunk text or a drunk email or phone call. Something to protect you from yourself,” Nick continued.

“Wait, you guys still haven’t come up with an app yet?” I asked.

“No,” Stuart shook his head.

“Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea,” I nodded.

“Can we do that?” Billy asked.

“Hells yeah, we could do that,” Neha scoffed out with a nod.

“Are you shitting me? I could program the shit out of that bitch on the bus ride home,” Yo-Yo slurred as he kept his laid down position.

“I could help with the customization and settings,” I suggested, my eyes landing on the drunk boy. “Considering the condition of the main operator.”

“Wait… You’re going to help us?” Billy asked, his expression twisting into that of confusion. “I thought you were with Graham.”

I grimaced as I looked down and tried to force a smile.

“Actually, I don’t belong to any team now, so there goes my internship,” I shrugged. “Which means you guys aren’t the competition anymore, so I could definitely help.”

Nick and Billy turned to one another while the others looked amongst each other. Their expressions lit up as they finally looked to me.

“(Y/N), how would you like to be one of our fellow Nooglers?” Nick offered. My eyes widened and I felt myself grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, can’t leave Stewie’s girlfriend behind now, can we?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m in!” I huffed out in excitement.

“C’mon then!” Billy began standing up.

“Let’s roll!” Nick announced. “Let’s get back to HQ!”

“Hey, wait, wait,” Stuart stopped everyone. “Let’s—let’s stay, like, five minutes, you know?” His eyes flickered over to me. “Just enjoy the view a little more.”

“Yeah, all right,” Nick agreed.

“Okay!” Billy sighed out and sat back.

Stuart hesitated for a moment as he looked directly into my eyes, his face slowly inching closer to mine. Before I knew it, he took up the crook of my neck and our lips gently met for a moment. From all around, I could hear the rest of the group start to cheer, causing us to laugh through the kiss and ultimately break away. I rested my head over Stuart’s shoulder as he pulled me closer, our eyes landing back to the rising sun over the ocean. What a way to end the night.

(A/N Crystal): Okay I know this blog is supposed to be Teen Wolf related but omg I had to because Stuart is just ugh. Beautiful. Anyways. I’m so sorry for the quality. I’ve been locked out from my computer so had to post through phone. Sorry for any mistakes! Hope you guys enjoyed!


There he is! Artsy drew the prodigal son. Meet Jade, Guy and Satin’s treasure. Their wonderful, accidental treasure. He’s beautiful, he’s self confident and as Artsy mentioned he’s CONSTANTLY wearing leggings. He’s really proud of his legs and likes to flaunt them, okay? Leave him alone.

Time for a headcanon shitstorm. (All of these are pretty flexible btw. Jade’s still under construction and can change at any time.)

Jade has a rather Satin-like exterior and is usually more subdued than his father. However, dramatics are in his blood, which he has no control over, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear him going on a rant over something as simple as eyebrow hair out of place. Presentation is everything, goddammit.

Being an only child and a bit spoiled, he’s rather vain but is a good kid overall. Jade is not nearly as observant as Guy, due to his self centred-ness so if something is wrong with a friend, it might take him a while to notice. Please be patient with him. He’s kinda dumb in that regard. But once he actually realizes, he’s….well, he tries. Jade is not good with the emotional stuff. Doesn’t know how to comfort people. Not good at articulating deeper feelings. He’s very high and mighty about himself until he’s forced to confront emotions. Very awkward there so he avoids it when he can. But you know he’s gotta try his hardest to make that friend feel better. Satin and Guy raised him better than to just walk away. It’s done very clumsily though. Lots of stiff back patting. You tried, Jade, you tried.

I imagine him as being a pretty smart student. He did inherit Satin’s brain after all and it’s not like she’d tolerate that cleverness going to waste. The problem is, he’s not too good at concentration when he’s uninterested, another curse from Guy. So Jade does pretty damn good in school, but there is that barrier that keeps him from being labelled a genius.

He’s mama’s boy. Him and Satin have a very close relationship and he spends a lot of time in her study, giving her suggestions on her designs. She also dresses him head to toe too. Jade’s very exclusive about the clothes he wears and a good majority of the time, it’s from his mom’s line. You don’t talk shit about those clothes either. They also talk regularly after school and as mentioned before, Jade isn’t very good with admitting feelings but luckily, Satin’s a sharp woman and can read her boy exceptionally well and can help him through struggles, without even being explained the problem.

Okay, Jade loves Guy and Guy loves Jade. They really do love each other very very much but good God, this father son relationship is a mess. They bicker all the time but it’s never anything remotely offensive. Pretty sure their biggest argument was just.

“Glitter is tacky!”

*Gasp* “You take that back, you little brat!”

It’s just how they communicate. It’s usually his dad that brings out the more melodramatic side to Jade. I’m taking reference from my own father here but Guy Diamond seems like the type of man to lovingly pester his child. And it’s not like Jade can’t be equally as much as brat. This kid once ran over Guy’s sunglasses with his bike, out of pure spite (and because they were ugly) These are both petty children. But even in their arguing, like, they’re still doing it over ice cream. Because Guy took Jade out for ice cream. They’re eating ice cream together. Because they love each other. Y’know?

But listen, you would never hear him admit it in his life, but Jade is Guy Diamond’s biggest fan. Programmes from productions he’s in, posters, DVDs of his movies, interviews. Jade has all of them stashed in his room. He has an almost frightening knowledge on movie trivia of all the films Guy’s been in. He aspires to be just like him. Guy knows damn well just how much his son looks up to him but Jade’s probably the one person that he doesn’t prod to stroke his ego. He annoys him about enough things. Leave him be.

Jade can’t act. Like at all. He wants to. Good God, he wants to. He adores the lights, the stage, the makeup, the costumes but the boy is the worst actor you will ever see in your life. For the longest time, Jade was under the assumption that he was incredible. I mean, Guy and Satin try their hardest to be supportive so of course, they’re not gonna tell him that he sucks. He’ll get better with some practise, they insist. Guy actually sets up some acting lessons “just for fun” hopefully to get Jade to improve before someone else can tell him he’s terrible. Guy would rather die than let his boy get his spirit crushed. But nah, the lessons were useless. Jade is just not an actor.

He figures this out eventually after sneaking into the school’s theatre with some friends. (what a hOODLUM) Jade finds a box of audition tapes and of course his first thought is to pop in his own to show off for his friends. What they saw…well….let’s just say Jade’s never been more embarrassed in his life.

He reluctantly gives up his acting dream and pursues something else. Something where he’ll receive an equal amount of attention. Like he adores his mom’s clothes but he doesn’t really want to be a designer. He’s more of a critic of clothes more than a maker of them. Tbh I like the idea of him becoming a youtube beauty guru or something like that.

Welp, I probably have more but this is all I got off the top of my head. I hope Jade is appreciated for the second generation deity that he is.

anonymous asked:

Ok so. What are your headcanons on Otabek & Viktor interactions implying a stablished Otayuri relationship? (Not so much ina father-son way towards Viktor and Yura)

Hello, anon dear! Sorry for replying this late, I had a day off and went outside to do all stuff I’ve been putting off haha

I gave this some thought and before dwelling on your main question, I wanted to address their relationship pre-stablished Otayuri relationship

  • First, I don’t think last Worlds’ were Otabek’s first, but they were definitely the first time he medals. And he medals next to Christophe Giacometti and Viktor Nikiforov, no less. The impact of this is HUGE for Otabek, because getting closer to Viktor means he’s getting closer to Yuri’s level. He respects Yuri the most, so of course he respects Viktor as well, already knowing they share the rink and having seen them at competitions together. In Otabek’s case, Viktor is a goal: Once in Viktor’s level, he’s not only becoming the skater he and his country aspire him to be; but he’s also closer to be worth of Yuri. Still, that’s it. A guarded respect from afar, just like with Yuri’s, but more motivation-oriented than anything else.
  • In Viktor’s case, he finally pays attention to Otabek. Viktor is too focused on goals/objects/people at a time to care about his surroundings (therefore, him noticing Yuuri’s attention on him pre-banquet but not caring about it), so of course he pays attention to Otabek once he medals. This, although, doesn’t mean anything else coming from Viktor because it’s just another competitor he must pay attention from time to time to not lose to them. Otabek still isn’t important enough for him to care.

Now, after Otabek and Yuri become friends:

  • Otabek is very careful around Viktor and not because he’s intimidated or something (he respects the man, but he doesn’t look at him as something out of the world since he’s gotten close once to his level), but because Yuri makes it really clear his distaste of Viktor’s antics. At the beggining of their friendship, Otabek might have still felt the need to have Yuri’s approval, so he must of have avoided interacting with Viktor and Yuuri unless Yuri wanted to have them around. This leads for a kind of awkward relationship as in “I actually like you and you’re an important referent in my life, but I’ve been way to distant and cold to you earlier in our relationship to do anything to reverse it without forcing it”
  • At first, Viktor becomes really curious of Otabek because he’s never seen this softer side of Yuri unless he was around his grandfather. Add to the mix that Otabek didn’t make a big impression on him the first time he paid attention and you have a very curious Viktor that doesn’t understand how could he have let something important pass up like this. BUT, Otabek’s interactions with him have been by far very short-lived and the guy seems uninterested on Viktor, so that kind of puts him off.
  • I think that in the early frienship stage of Otabek and Yuri’s relationship, Viktor wanted to get to know Otabek, but the boy didn’t let him out of not wanting Yuri to become angry. Viktor eventually gives up on getting closer and just avoids interacting with him outside when hanging with Yuri (which makes Otabek feel even worse but alas, Otabek is very stoic and out of touch with his feelings).


  • Quickly, Otabek gets more comfortable with his relationship with Yuri and realizes Yuri won’t disappear or stop being his friend for anything. He gets way more comfortable in his skin as he and Yuri become a pairing and this takes a lot of weight off his shoulders. It’s not like Otabek stopped hanging with people or anything because he was antsy about Yuri (if anything, he’s a really honest person), but he was more careful about doing that than usual. He wouldn’t lie to Yuri or his friends, so he’s just careful about finding a balance. This is how, now that Otabek feels more free to be himself, he starts talking more to Yuuri and discovers through him (to his dismay) that Viktor believes he dislikes him. Re: “I actually like you and you’re an important referent in my life, but I’ve been way to distant and cold to you earlier in our relationship to do anything to reverse it without forcing it” all over again
  • Viktor is still put off when he discovers they are in a relationship. He’s been by Yuri’s side for many years and by this point he believes Otabek doesn’t even like him, so he gets a little scared that Yuri might drift away from him (if anything, more than a father-son relationship, I prefer to see Viktor and Yuri’s relationship as brothers). He might start acting somehow in a selfish way, invinting Yuri without Otabek to places and asking him to hang around after practice with Yuuri. Poor Otabek doesn’t even know what to do and just accepts it because it’s partly his responsibility.
  • It takes them a while to finally warm to each other. Yuri realizes there’s some discomfort and confronts Viktor about it (Otabek is flawless in his mind and would never be the source of the problem). Viktor gets angry and says he won’t further any relationship with someone who dislikes him, but both Yuris scream at him Otabek doesn’t. It takes Yuri to scream “VITYA, HE BOUGHT THAT BOOK THEY DID ABOUT YOUR CAREER BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU FUCKING INSPIRE HIM YOU STUPID ASSHOLE” to make Viktor more open to the idea of engaging in a conversation with Otabek.
  • Next, Yuri confronts Otabek “YOU STUPID IMBECILE HOW COULD YOU HAVE THOUGHT IT WAS A FINE IDEA TO MAKE THE KING OF DRAMA HIMSELF BELIEVE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT EVERY BREATH HE TAKES”. This leads to a whole conversation where a very awkward Otabek explains himself “I thought you’d get angry if I talked more to him. You might have felt yourself shadowed again by him” and although Otabek is 100% accurate, Yuri still screams to him because 1) Otabek was plain stupid to do that and 2) He doesn’t want Otabek to know of course that’s how he would have felt
  • So now that everything’s cleared off, at the next practice (idk man, let’s say the four of them are practicing at the same rink for the purposes of this post) Otabek breaks the ice asking for forgiveness, straight to the point, and explains himself. Viktor would smirk and ask if he wanted him to autograph his book. Otabek glares at Yuri.
  • From then on, Viktor it’s the one to make a concious effort to talk to him, hang with him and even starts helping him at practice. The thing is that, although Otabek is glad about this new development, he’s an introverted person and so much attention drains him. It’s still kind of rocky at the start because Otabek NEEDS his space whereas Viktor doesn’t know what that word means. This keeps leading to some minor misunderstandings, but Otabek is very frank and always tells Viktor it’s not his doing but rather how Otabek is as a person.
  • Otabek’s frankness with him is what really makes Viktor like him in the end and also what he gets to understand was what Yuri liked about him. He likes how open and honest Otabek is with Yuri and knows that’s something the boy needed: Someone’s honest opinions coming from someone who loved him like no one. And whom Yuri respected the most, as well.
  • Finally, I see their relationship as something quite unique because Otabek earns Viktor’s respect through sweat and blood and that’s something Viktor likes: to be surprised. Otabek surprised him quite pleasantly and he’s really glad Yuri has someone like that in his life. I see Otabek asking him for help from time to time at the rink and Viktor being delighted with such a good student. Otabek would become more comfortable in his skin around Viktor and would show how blunt he can be “are you going to help me with my sloppy leg or do you plan kissing Yuuri all day?” which endears Viktor, since he isn’t really used to people behaving normally around him. 
  • Also, Otabek is really glad to finally be let into Yuri and Viktor’s relationship. He loves getting to know all aspects of Yuri, so he’s really glad he gets to see him behaving like a damn spoiled kid who would rather kill himself than admitting how much he loves, respects and cares about this person
  • One time, while drunk, Viktor cried that if Otabek and Yuri were ever to break up, he wanted to stay with Otabek

im so sorry i didnt mean this to become a bible i will see myself out orz but hopefully that’s what you wanted, anon dear!

We're More Than Just Friends, and You Know it

You’ve known Shawn since 6th grade but you’ve started growing feelings a month ago. You would flirt back and fourth but you’ve convinced yourself that it was just platonic. But lately, he’s been distant.

“Hey, Shawn!” You cheerfully greeted.

“Oh hey, Y/N.” Shawn muttered.

“What’s up with you?” You asked, chuckling a bit.

“Nothing. I, uh, I have class. I’ll see you later.” He said before walking away.

You were confused. There was clearly something wrong with him and you were usually the first he would talk to. It kinda made you feel bad, how he was so uninterested. You guys were best friends for gods sake.

During every class you had together, he ignored you. At lunch your friends noticed you were distracted.

“Dude, what have you been daydreaming about?” Your friend, Riley asks.

“She’s probably fantasizing about Shawn.” Another one of your friends, Sara answers for you.

“Have anyone of you talked to him today?” You asked, disregarding their teasing

“No. Why do you ask, though?”

“ Shawn’s been ghosting me.” You reply

“Damn, I’m sorry.” Riley said.

“Its whatever. I’m gonna go ask his friends.” You say before getting up to go to where he normally sits.

“Hey Y/N!” Brian says.“

“Hey Brian. Have any of you noticed a difference in Shawn?”

They all said they hadn’t noticed any change in Shawn. This was how you know it was you.

You went to his locker at the end of the day where you guys would meet to go home together but he wasn’t there. You has assumed he went home and you did the same.

You decided to stop by Shawn’s for some answers and you weren’t taking no for an answer.

You knocked on the door and Karen answered.

“Oh, Hello, Y/N! How are you?” She asked cheerfully.

“I’m well, thank you for asking.” You responded.

“Shawn’s upstairs, come right in.” She said, opening the door wider.

You rushed up the stairs and opened Shawn’s room door. He stared at you wide eyed.

“Ok, Shawn. What the actual fuck is up with you. You’ve ignored me all day at school, I asked all your friends what was wrong with you at lunch, which you were missing from, and they looked at me like I had 5 fucking heads, and then I go to
your locker so that we could walk home together, like we’ve been doing everyday since 7th grade and you already left!” You yelled in frustration.

“Did you think that it could be you?” He asked.

“What the hell could I have done?”

“You’re so touchy and literally nothing about us says friends. We’re not just friends and you know it. And you just- you’re just so clueless and you don’t know how much I wanna grab your face and kiss you sometime or hug you or I don’t know. It’s just so frustrating. You’re just so frustrating.“ He shouted in response.

“Then kiss me Shawn! Just do it!” You yelled

He grabbed your cheeks and kissed you. His lips were soft. They moved in sync with yours. It was amazing.

“Wow… that was-wow.” You said, speechless.

“I swear to god, if you still consider us “just friends.” Shawn jokingly stated

“After this? I don’t think I can.”


here’s your daily fix of high school Shawn. This one goes out to @mendescutie

Spiders- Hank x Reader

Request//@eindeutig: Can I get a one-shot with precious lil Hank where we find out hes terrified of spiders after one sneaks up on him in his lab and he’s saved by one of the other mutants?

A/N:  I decided to make the reader the other mutant that comes to Hank’s rescue, just so we could get some reader action in this one shot! :) I hope you all enjoy!

“NOOOOO!” You heard the scream and then loud crashing sound from the other side of the mansion. Your head snapped up from your book you were reading, unsure what had happened, but for that much commotion, well, it must of been bad. You turned to look at Peter, Scott, and Kurt, who all happened to be sitting in the room with you, gaging their reactions, they all however seemed completely uninterested.

“Really guys?” You sighed, flipped your novel shut, it looked like you were going to have to handle this one.

“Hey, it’s not our problem.” Peter shrugged. You groaned, reluctantly pushing yourself off the comfy couch and plodding down the hall, towards Hank’s lab, which seemed to be the source of the outburst. Hank always seemed to have a problem going wrong, with experiments or tests, or something, and someone almost always had to come to his aid. 

You begrudgingly pushed open the door to his workroom,

“What is it this time-” You paused mid speech and burst out laughing. Hank, still wearing his white coat, was cowering on top a metal stool, fly swatter in hand, eyes trained on a small black spider skirting along the floor.

“OH.” Hank exclaimed at the sight of you, clearly embarrassed. He nervously adjusted your glasses. “(Y/N), I was just-” 

“Wait,” you suddenly paused, “don’t tell me you created a radioactive spider or some cool mutant spider.” You waited for his answer, excited at the possibility.

“Well,” Hank’s expression was instantly painted with concern as the small black bug moved a little closer to his chair, “not exactly,” he finally finished when he was confident the spider wouldn’t move again, at least not for now.

“No, this can’t be.” you laughed, but immediately covered your hand with your mouth trying to hide your amusement. “You mean to tell me, that Hank Mccoy is scared of itsy bitsy spiders?!” You couldn’t contain your laughter.

“Hey.” Hank’s eyebrows knit at your reaction, he clearly didn’t find the situation as funny as you did.

“Sorry, sorry,” you clutched your stomach, trying to get a hold of your self, “it’s just that you would never guess someone who could turn into a blue monster, and has the ability to throw cars would be sacred of something, something so small.” 

“Come on, they’re creepy, with all those legs and stuff.” He tried to defend himself. “Also, some spiders can be deadly, they can kill you with one bite.” He added when he saw he had yet to convince you of the tiny spider’s possibly horrific nature.

“MmHm.” You nodded, pretending you whole heartedly agreed with him, while biting your lip to keep from laughing. 

“C-can you at least just get it.” He finally said, sounding desperate as the spider advanced yet again. “PLEASE.” He added when you didn’t move right away.

“Fine.” You said, still smiling. You grabbed a cup, a sheet of paper, and quickly scooped the spider into the glass using both. Hank sighed in relief when the bug was finally contained and relaxed on the stool, allowing his legs to dangle over the edge. 

“Thanks I owe you.” He said, sounding extremely grateful, even offering a tiny smile. You eyed him for a moment before suddenly thrusting the glass holding the spider forward towards his face.

“Stop!” Hank exclaimed, quickly jerking away in fear and ended up falling backwards completely, off the stool and onto the floor. You cracked up, yet again, and Hank shot you a that was not funny, I actually hate you kind of look. He fixed his glasses were askew. You returned an innocent smile and made your way to exit his lab.

“Oh and (Y/N),” he called, just as you were about to leave, “could you maybe not tell anyone about this? The last thing I need is Peter filling my bed with Tarantulas he stole from the pet store.” 

“Maybe.” You called back at him, wiggling your eyebrows with a smirk. You now knew Hank Mccoy’s biggest fear, a secret you probably wouldn’t keep. Don’t get me wrong, Hank was a great guy, you’d do anything for him, well except keep his secret that he was afraid of spiders, but come on, this was too good not to tell.

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Russel was starting his first day as a breeder. He walked over to one of the cow girls and soon grinned as he did so. "Well hey there~♡ You've been a good cow I assume?" (Russnut6969)

The cowgirl looked at him with an uninterested gaze. “new guy?”


a TOP scenario, where you’re in ‘some’ relationship with TOP you got tired f it and started dating other guys until he finds out about it from his friend, requested by Anon.

Originally posted by kuunkajo

You sighed secretly while guy # 5 kept talking about himself. Why is there such a guy anyway? Why does he love himself so much to the extent that the only person he want to talk about is himself? He is not even that handsome like TOP and he’s not even that funny like TOP and he’s not even that cute like TOP as Tabi and he’s not even… 

He just stopped your train of thoughts when he asked your a question, which you only noticed because he stopped talking. 

You smiled sheepishly and asked. “I’m sorry, can you repeat your question?” 

He grinned. “Sure. I asked you if you have any sports?” 

“Oh.” You muttered and smiled. “In fact I do, I play badminton sometimes.” 

“Oh, I play basketball and volleyball. I was actually the MVP of…” And it goes on and on. 

You secretly checked the time and looked at him as he count his achievements in basketball and volleyball starting when he was in middle school. Purposely, you stood up immediately and the water on the table poured on to him. 

“Shit!” He muttered and kept trying to wipe his shirt with his hands, as if it’ll make it dry. 

You hid your smile. “Aigooo. I’m such a cluts! I’m really sorry! Wait, I have an extra shirt in my car, wait a minute here.” 

You turned your back on him and made your way towards the door. He was so full of himself that he actually forgot that you mentioned that you took a cab on the way there so that means your don’t have a car. 

“What an idiot.” You muttered as your settled yourself on a bench three blocks away from the restaurant and took out your phone. You dialed your friend’s number and waited for her to answer before shouting “I hate you!” 

She laughed a bit on the phone. “And I love you too. How was the date?” 

“With Mr. I love myself? Hell! I told you never to do that to me again, it was like the fifth time you asked me to meet you and I ended up in a blind date. It’s getting really annoying.” You said with fully annoyance so she would feel how annoyed you are. 

“Don’t tell me you pulled that water and car stunt again?” She muttered on the line. 

“Oh come on, you don’t have to ask me.” You muttered and stood up when you saw a cab, you raised your hand and the cab stopped in front of you. 

“Damn it, girl. Stop doing that, you won’t get a boyfriend with that attitude.” 

You told the driver your address and settled yourself inside before talking on the phone again. “I don’t need a boyfriend.” 

“Agh. Because of TOP? Dude, give it a rest! You’re not even really together! You’re just flirting with each other! He’s a superstar, when he gets tired of you, he’ll just dump your ass!” She said almost shouting. 

You rolled your eyes and felt really hurt with what she said, even though it wasn’t really the first time she said that. “Come on. You know he’s not like that.” 

“I don’t.” She said almost immediately. “The boy can’t even find time to meet your best friend, how would I know? The only thing that’s making me believe that there’s something going on between the two of you, whatever that is, is because I believe you. Other than that? I would call it a total bull!” 

“I promise you,” You glanced at the cab driver before whispering. “You’ll meet him soon.”

She sighed on the other line. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” 

You pretended you didn’t hear that. You repeated, “You’ll meet him soon.”

“Well, until that day comes, I won’t stop trying to find the perfect guy for you.” 

And like every other convo with her, it ended like that. You sighed all the way to your house and then stared at the only message he sent you today. 

I’ll be home soon. Take care of yourself always, okay? 

You typed your reply. 

I’ll be waiting. You take care of yourself too, oppa. Bogoshipoyo (I miss you) 

You don’t expect any reply from him today so you got shocked when your phone rang his personal message tone. You quickly looked at his message. 

Do you really miss me?

You cringed at how odd his message was. Usually, he would just say he misses you too. You tried typing a reply when he sent you a photo message and it was a picture of you, actually pictures of you put into one. You with guy #2, #4, and #5. There were only two things in common with each picture, you looked extremely bored and uninterested, and the guys are usually the one talking. 

It took you a while, because you were surprised, to type him a reply. But, you just don’t know what to say. That’s the hard part of this kind of relationship, you just don’t know which are the right things to say and do, especially in these kind of situation. 

Oppa, where did those come from? 

And that was all you could reply. It was a safe reply. It doesn’t sound too girlfriend-ish and it doesn’t also sound like friend-ish. 

The reply came real quick and you almost dropped your phone trying to open it as fast as you could. 

See you tomorrow. 

And that’s all he said. You didn’t know what to say so you chose not to reply but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in your head the whole night. 

When the morning came you woke up with a text from him. It was really surprising because usually you’re the first one to text in the morning and his reply would come hours later.

Good morning. Dinner at 7? Will pick you up at 6. Be ready. See you :)

And what’s even more surprising is that… You have a date… With TOP. Tonight. At 7pm. 

“Oh shit.” You quickly stood up when you realized it was already two in the afternoon. Apparently someone didn’t get to sleep well last night because of something. 

You tried dressing yourself up appropriately and you’re actually not sure how to dress yourself. Are you even supposed to wear a dress? Is it even a very formal dinner or just a picnic type of dinner? Are you supposed to wear make up? Do something with your hair? Oh, the list is endless. You’re just not sure what to do with yourself today, so you decided to go with the safe decision. You wore a semi-formal dress and flats. You wore a little make up, just enough to make your face glow. And let your hair down, you can tie it anytime anyway. 

You opened the door immediately when the doorbell rang at exactly 6pm. You almost drooled at how dashing he looked. He was wearing an almost fit black long sleeves and black pants. His white skin glowed even more. You scanned his whole appearance and the last thing you noticed was his face, his jawline was even more defined with his… Pursed lips. 

You blinked a couple of times remembering the pictures he sent you. Before you could open the topic, he offered his arms. “Shall we go?” 

“O-Oh, y-yeah.” You closed the door behind you and gripped his arm. You followed him to his car. You were glancing around, scared of the reporters and actually surprised that he’s now the calm one. Usually, he was the one trying to hide from everyone. 

While he was driving, you chose it as the perfect time to… Explain. 

“Oppa, the pictures…” 

He glanced at you for a second. “Don’t explain.” 

“What?” You asked immediately taken a back of his reaction. “Oh, okay.” 

So he doesn’t want an explanation. But, why? Maybe because he doesn’t want to hear it or… Whatever’s going on between the two of you is just that… Nothing more. 

“You ready?” He asked while escorting you out of the car. Feeling a little off, you went off the car and once again grabbed his arm. You avoided his gaze when he looked straight at your eyes. 

You just don’t know what to feel. Can you really keep up with this kind of relationship? Was your bestfriend right? Will he just really get rid of you once he gets tired of you? 

He was almost dragging you towards wherever because your mind was full of worries. And decision-making, whether you should just stop whatever this is or see where it’ll lead you.

You snapped out of it when you heard him whisper. “Surprise.” 

You glanced up and literally stepped back out of surprise. He chuckled when you ended up leaning against him when you did. 

The venue was not that big but it was surrounded with christmas lights. There was a huge pool and at the middle of it was a floating dining table. A very elegant dining table. He quickly grabbed your hand as you turn your attention to him. “W-What’s this?” 

“It’s my surprise.” He chuckled at your reaction. “Didn’t you say you missed me?” 

You nodded as he pull you at the middle of the pool, using bridge and made you sit down. 

Your favorite foods was on the table, he chuckled once again at your reaction. He grabbed a piece of strawberry and popped it in his mouth. “It was really hard to find everything you ever wanted to eat. I had to take note everytime you crave for something.” 

He actually pays attention. “T-Thank you.” 

He grinned and then grabbed your hand, squeezed it lightly. “I’m sorry but this couldn’t wait.” 

Behind him, lit star-shaped bulbs… That formed.. “Will you be officially mine?” 

You covered your mouth of shock, and actually because you felt like you’re gonna throw up your heart. “A-Are you serious??”

He laughed a little bit and then smirked. “Answer me first.” 

“YES!” You answered too immediately. 

He laughed and then stood up. He pulled you up and hugged you so tight. “Thank you.” 

“Thank you.” You said to him too. “This is beyond what I expected.” 

“Well,” He muttered then laughed. “Your bestfriend was good at provoking people.” 

“What? H-How?” You asked, trying to fight the urge to call her right now. 

He showed you the picture he sent you. “Turns out she planned everything to provoke me to make it official. She was impatient, unlike you. I was provoked, really. But then, I know you’re not interested with these guys.” 

“And how is that?” 

“I compared how you look at them, and how you look at me. They got nothing on me.” He laughed really hard this time. “Damn, everybody got nothing on you. I love you too much to let you go.”


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So how is Alice doing does she avoid Jokey at lot?Why does Jokey like Alice?Does Alice like Jokey? So MANY questions I have but in the time I have this now (anon alert) #whysomanyquestions

Alice HATES Jokey, she thinks he’s annoying and stupid and dare I say, too OTT and toony. Jokey, being an OTT toon, flirts with Alice as best he can.

And thus the overused cartoon enthusiastic guy and uninterested girl trope lives on.

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I'm sorry if this is personal, but how did you know you were gay and not bisexual? I've been questioning.

Hi! Sorry this is a bit late.

Quick Disclaimer: Just because I feel these things, doesn’t mean that they are true for everyone or necessarily good things. These are just honestly what I have felt as lesbian. 

I knew I was gay because I started realizing a few things:

1.) I only really liked guys that were out of my reach and uninterested. Fictional guys, seminarians, celebrities, people like that.

2.) While I thought I did like guys, it’s just that imagining a future married to a man was scary, foreboding, and “trapped” seeming. 

3.) The thought of having sex with men was vague, terrifying, and disgusting.


1.) I had found myself actively seeking out the attention of women and had devolved “friend crushes” on several real-life and unattainable women. 

2.) A future in which I was living with my best female friend as grown adults in our own home that we both owned sounded comforting and exciting

3.) The thought of having sex with women was detailed, interesting, and somewhat beautiful.

Here are some posts that may help you if you’re questioning. They had really good points and they have helped me before:

Post 1

Post 2

God Bless!

starteas replied to your post: Snotgirl is terrible but I’m still gonna stan…

what’s wrong w it?

Well for starters it’s terribly written and they focus on all the bad parts (not enough on Lottie’s career, unanswered cliffhangers EVERYWHERE, that stuff with the police guy?????????????, the uninteresting plot w/ Sunny’s GF, ect ect) and they take WAY too long to explain things and get the plot rolling. 

It’s all story-based badness but the art and characters are 100% brilliant and gorgeous and i’d die for leslie’s art style

anonymous asked:

Y do u hate stydia they're better than stalia and sterek combined for a Kol stan I would have thought better of u

well ….. I have never been a fan of “girl says no, completely uninterested in the guy romantically, but they look together so let’s shove down everyone’s throats that she “secretly likes him” and “hides her feelings”” type of ship, everyone has different taste and it’s ok to RESPECT THEM

Kindred chapter 2

Since this was already finished, why keep you guys waiting any longer? :)

Here is chapter 2, still pretty heavy on the feels I’m afraid, we get to meet Rae’s sister and Tom is proving himself a bit of a stalker 

Fluff and feels, no smut (for now)

Chapter 1


Kindred chapter 2

I hid in my apartment for the next few days, I just came out to go to work, hide behind my desk all day and then go back home, watch tv and go to sleep, I didn’t hear from Wyatt either who was probably busy with work too.

But keeping busy helped me take my mind off Tom, I blocked him from my mind and went back to my life as it was before, or I tried at least.

So this was my Saturday night, X factor on an empty couch, but I really couldn’t be bothered to dress up and go out to meet another uninteresting guy that was only looking for a hot one night stand, or another boring guy that would fall in love with me and want marriage and kids as soon as possible.
I wasn’t sure which of those scared me the most.

I was quite happy being on my own generally, I enjoyed time alone and being free to do whatever I wanted to do without having to consider another person and their needs.
But there were times when it did get a little bit lonely.

As if to answer my thoughts there was a knock on the door, expecting no one else but Wyatt I ignored that I was wearing my comfortable lounge pants and a big sweater and answered the door.

‘Hi sis!’ she said with a big smile.

Clara was my height but her heels were so high I actually had to look up to meet her eyes, she was wearing a short and classy black dress and a little brown jacket, her blonde hair was perfectly cut and just touched her shoulders, her smile reached her gorgeous dark eyes as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

‘Um…hi,’ I smiled, trying to hide my shock at seeing her on my doorstep unexpectedly,’ why are you here?’

‘Can I ask you one more huge favour?’ she said, immediately raising her hands,’ I know, I’m asking a lot but…I just dropped mum and dad off at aunt Jane’s. Rae, they are driving me crazy already, I can’t handle being in the same house with them for more than 1 day let alone more than a week’

Oh no, I could already guess where this was going.

‘Please tell me you have a spare room for your sister’ she begged as she showed me her sweetest smile.

I realised I was still blocking the doorway and not letting her into my apartment and I noticed her small suitcase standing next to her on the ground, she was not here to ask me to let her stay, she was here to stay.

I took a deep sigh, knowing she wouldn’t give up and knowing my sister’s stubbornness, I might as well just let her in right now.

‘Alright, come in’ I said as I stepped aside, adjusting my sweater, seeing her so dressed up made me feel even more like the slob that I was.

She dropped her suitcase in the corner and took a seat on the couch.
‘So how is mum and dad?’ I asked.
‘Ohh they’re great,’ she smiled,’ they can’t wait to go play tourist in London, you need to go see them Rae’

‘I will’ I sighed.
I knew I would have to but it was something I wasn’t looking forward to.

‘Okay so tell me!’ she said with a big enthusiastic smile on her face,’ what do you think? About Tom?’
I tried not to look directly at her as I was trying to think of an acceptable answer.

What did I think about Tom? I think he’s the sexiest most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in years, but that was probably not what she would want to hear about her fiancé.

‘He’s great Clara’ I said, trying to sound as neutral as I possibly could.
‘I know,’ she smiled,’ I feel like the luckiest girl in the world’

I had no doubt that was true.

‘So how is your love life?’ she asked.
I let out a little chuckle.

‘Let’s get you settled into your room’ I said as I stood up and avoided her question.

My love life, well I could be very short about that, it was non-existent.
It’s not that I hadn’t tried, I had been on dates during the past years but most of them just bored me and the others were assholes, so I had just given up on dating for now.

‘Now’ was going on for 2 years, but I didn’t want to complain, as I said I kind of liked my life the way it was, I liked my freedom and I didn’t want to be pinned down, I liked the idea of possibility, my life could still go either way, of course right now it was going nowhere at all…

This month I was a waitress, last month I worked as a receptionist in a hotel, last year I sold tickets in a museum and before that I worked in H&M for a few months.

Being a waitress wasn’t my dream job but I enjoyed it for now, I worked in a small cosy coffee house, close to my flat and I adored my colleague Kym, who only took this job so she could chat up all the single men in the shop.

I was cleaning tables and bringing empty cups to the kitchen that afternoon when I noticed him, his long legs were struggling to fit into the booth and he sat leaned back against the seat studying the menu, wearing a jeans and black shirt.

What is he doing here? There’s a fucking Starbucks on every corner, why would he pick this place?!

I turned the corner and hoped he hadn’t seen me yet, Kym saw my reaction and came closer.
‘Who are we hiding from?’ she asked with an amused look on her face.

‘Can you take my costumer for table 7?’ I asked.
She put her head around the corner to see who was sitting there and looked back at me with a big grin.

‘Damn!’ she said,’ Why wouldn’t you want him?’

‘Can you take him?’ I asked again,’ please?’
‘Oh honey I’ll take him any way he lets me!’ she answered with a wink and she was already on her way to his table.

I leaned back against the wall and let out a sigh of relief, I knew I couldn’t run from him forever but maybe I could at least avoid him for a few days. I took a few dirty plates with me and made my way to the kitchen.

But as I wanted to go through the kitchen door Kym tapped on my shoulder.
‘Sorry darling,’ she said,’ my powers don’t seem to work on him, he wants you’

I walked up to his table hesitantly, seeing a smile appear on his face as soon as he saw me.

‘Hi Rae,’ he said,’ Clara told me you work here and I was in the neighbourhood looking for some good coffee. I believe I’m in the right place, I have to admit I never pictured you for a waitress’

‘It’s temporary,’ I said with a sigh,’ like everything else in my life, what can I get you?’

I realised I sounded distant and cold and gave him a smile, hoping to soften the tone in my voice but I could see that worried look on his face again.
‘I’m sorry,’ I said as I waved it away,’ I’m having a bad day’

‘Why don’t you sit down with me for a bit?’ he suggested,’ it’s calm in here anyway’
I couldn’t find a reason to protest and took a seat in front of him.

‘So how’s your day?’ I asked.
‘I met your mother’ he said, the distorted look of fear on his face immediately put a smile to mine.

‘And does she hate you?’ I asked.
‘Yes!’ he said,’ I was so shocked, I was so nice to her but everything I said just seemed to come out wrong and make her hate me more’
He looked genuinely surprised.

‘Don’t worry, she hates everyone’ I tried to reassure him.
‘I think it’s the whole 5 months is way too soon thing’ he sighed.

‘What did you expect?’ I said,’ you’re marrying her precious daughter’
‘She has 2 precious daughters’ he threw back.
‘Trust me, I’m not the precious one’ I said which put a smile on his face.

‘I think you’re selling yourself short,’ he spoke softly, his eyes were resting on me a little bit too long for comfort, I noticed he did that a lot,’ from where I’m sitting you have everything going for you. You’re smart, funny, independent, … beautiful’

The way his voice dropped with that last word made me shiver and I could feel the blush creeping up on my cheeks as I tried to avoid his eyes.

I shook my head and when I looked up again I found his eyes were still on me and his lips curled, he could have every woman he wanted eating out of his hand with that charming smile.

I looked away and tried to find something else to talk about.

‘I’m also very stubborn, awkward, impatient, according to some a bit of a bitch and usually very hard to impress’ I then said.

‘Usually?’ he asked as he raised his eyebrow.
The amused look on his face made me believe he knew exactly what I was talking about and that he was the exception to my rule, I was not imagining this…was I?

I tried to stir the conversation away from his question by just ignoring it.

‘Yes well, don’t take it personal,’ I said,’ but in my experience most men are assholes Tom’

‘Ouch’ he said as he put his hand on his heart and pretended to be hurt, ‘Well as much as I feel obliged to step in here and defend my fellow assholes, I kind of also feel the need to apologise to you’

Now I was the one raising my eyebrow at him.
‘What for?’ I asked surprised.

‘I’m sorry that you met those guys who made you believe that,’ he continued, his voice was soft and filled with genuine sympathy and it made my heart melt,’ they are the worst of us, and I don’t wish to be associated with any of them if they did anything to upset you or hurt you…so I apologise for being part of the asshole tribe’

I couldn’t hide the smile on my face, it was also all I could muster at this point because my words were suddenly completely gone.
How did he manage to almost bring tears to my eyes and then make me laugh in one sentence?

‘You deserve to meet the best of us Rae’ he added.

‘Well it looks like I already did…’ my voice was barely more than a whisper but I could tell by the way his eyes twitched he had heard me.

We were both quiet for a moment.

‘I’m sorry,’ I then said softly,’ I shouldn’t have called you an asshole, I should go back to work’ 

I couldn’t think of anything more to say and suddenly all I wanted was to be out of this conversation.

‘You’re always running from me’ he said as he shook his head, I tried to urge myself to get up from the booth and out of his presence.

‘Yeah well, I’m a busy girl Tom,’ I said as I got up and looked him right in the eyes, trying my best to look confident and unaffected by his words and charm,’ and I’m needed in the kitchen, I’ll have Kym take your order’

‘See you later Rae’ he smiled.
‘I’m sure you will’ I sighed as I had already turned my back to him.

I tried not to look back at him as I walked away from his table, Kym was waiting for me behind the corner and gave me a big smile.

‘You’ve been holding out on me big time!’ she said,’ spill Rae, who is he?
‘He’s my sisters fiancee’ I sighed.
‘No he’s not!’ she said in complete disbelief,’ He’s not is he? Are you serious?’
I nodded my head.

‘Oh your poor sister’ she said with a little smile.
‘Why would you say that?’ I asked surprised.

‘Because he was totally checking you out the entire time’ she continued.
‘No he was not,’ I said firmly,’ it’s just his way, he’s very friendly’

‘Bullshit,’ she spat out,’ I’ve seen friendly and I’ve seen flirty, and I’ve seen it more than enough to know the difference and trust me, this guy was definitely flirty. I hope your sister knows what’s she’s getting into’
I let out a deep sigh.

‘I’m sure she doesn’t,’ I said,’ can you take his order please? I need some air’

‘Sure darling’ she said as she gave me a sympathetic look and walked back to his table.

I disappeared into the kitchen, determined not to come out again before Tom had left the coffee house, even if I had to hide in here all day.

On Being Confident, or 13 Tips On Becoming A Confident Badass

I talked to a hot guy once.

He had lustrous hair and shining teeth and a strong, stubbled jaw that I imagine could both chop wood and grind it down to a shiny, smooth surface upon which I might set my entire collection of oversized teacups — everything my future model-turned-trophy-husband should have.

But then he spoke — probably something about lean meats or wheat grass or CrossFit — and I realized two things:

One, this beautiful slab of beef was the least interesting, most awkward person I’d ever had the displeasure of spilling my wine on at a bar.

And two, I should be damn confident in the things that make me more interesting to engage with than a pile of smooth, glistening muscle.

Of course, not all hot guys are uninteresting.

(Some of them are Neil Patrick Harris.)

But for the rest of us who are neither NPH nor the owner of a confidence-inducing six pack, here’s 11 tips on being confident:

1. Look in the mirror every morning and remind yourself, preferably out loud, that you’re a strong, sensual woman who don’t need a man. Even if you’re not a strong, sensual woman. Don’t ask questions. It works.

2. Do shit. When your nemesis screams, “Oh yeah, well what are YOU doing with YOUR life?!” at you in a crowded movie theater, you want to be able to shout something back. Preferably something interesting. Otherwise the rest of the theater won’t stand up and applaud you. Which is the goal.

3. Remember: Even Beyoncé has haters. They exist. You can achieve perfection and someone will still try to shame you out of doing your thing. (If you’re lucky, by the time you’ve achieved perfection, you’ll have an entire army of followers to defend you against blasphemy.) 

4. Know your strengths. I, for example, am good at three things: eating deviled eggs, dipping fried foods into ranch dressing, and forcing unsuspecting victims into listening to me sing at karaoke. I accentuate these strengths by doing nothing but dipping fried deviled eggs into ranch dressing during karaoke at all times. And I believe strongly in my ability to do so.

5. Drink coffee until your brain believes your body can fly. How can anyone stop you when you’re flying? Answer: They can’t.

6. Take risks. Do something you’d never do. Talk to a hot guy in a bar. Spill wine on him. Brush his hair. Discover that he’s boring. Confidence.

7. Wear a robe every morning. A kimono is ideal, but a plain terry-cloth robe is acceptable. I don’t understand why, but it builds confidence. Trust me.

8. Don’t be a dick. The nicer you are to people, the nicer they are to you. That way, you can assume they’re being genuine when they tell you they don’t like your shitty shirt. It’s because they want what’s best for you. 

9. Fake it until people believe you can actually sing a Jennifer Hudson song at karaoke. It might take a considerable amount of practice and alcohol. But the only way you’ll sound like Jennifer Hudson is pretending like you sound like Jennifer Hudson long enough that it becomes the truth.

10. Admit when you’re fucking wrong. Confidence means nothing if you’re only confident about how fucking wrong you are.

11. At least once a week, look a complete stranger in the face and say, “I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. But Robert is dead.” Confidently.

12. Get a good pen. Everything you do or say is more convincing when you do it with a good pen. Preferably felt tip.

13. Consider the mini pig. Mini pigs don’t care. Mini pigs live their lives being beautiful and confident in their mini pigness. They don’t look in the mirror and doubt themselves. They don’t let bigger pigs tell them how to live. They’re just mini pigs. Confident. Plump. Mini pigs.

Be the mini pig.

i’ll be at your door tonight

summary: Killian tells himself not to fall in love with Emma Swan, the mother of the boy he’s babysitting. It’s really just a miserable attempt since it only results in failure.

also on ao3 

rating: G

wc: ~ 3,000

a/n: the original prompt came from an anon wanting a nanny!killian for emma & henry, and then there’s a bit of jealousy and yet still a happy ending. that was ages ago…but here it is. there’s probably plenty mistakes, too. sorry.

When he first offers his services to be a nanny to certain single mother Emma Swan, he doesn’t intend to fall in love with her.

There is no intention for him to fall in love.

His intentions are fairly pure, to just take care of her ten year old because she sometimes can’t be home with her sporadic perp chasing schedule. Killian is rather impressed that she’s behind throwing bail jumpers into jail.

His schedule is always quite flexible, given he works from home and is his own boss, so whenever Emma needs him, he will always be there to help. Sure, it’s a little weird that he always seems available all times during the days of a week, but it’s easy once explained that he works from home and it’s just himself behind a screen most of the time.

At first, perhaps he seems like a technological nerd, but he is beyond that. He doesn’t let Henry play video games into the late hours of the night or right when he gets home from school. Killian enforces the entire focus on your education thing just as much, ensuring that the lad gets his homework done and doesn’t procrastinate since procrastination never really leads to the best results. It’s just a lesson he teaches her boy, which will hopefully carry on into his later years.

When he finds their fridge relatively empty, he knows he needs to go out grocery shopping, but also can’t leave a ten year old alone when it’s his job to be looking after him.


“Yeah?” he yells back.

“Grab your jacket, we’re going to the supermarket.”

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Compelling Aspects of Drago’s Role as a Villain in HTTYD 2

NOTE: This commentary is very much not spoiler-free.

One of the chief (haha, chief) complaints I hear about How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the flatness of the main villain within the storyline.  Others gripe that he did not have enough screentime and got “skimped” in favor of other plot arcs like Hiccup and Valka reuniting.  While I completely understand this criticism and once spoke similar words myself, the more my friends and I have analyzed the movie, the more we have realized that Drago’s role actually is incredibly well-written and quite intentionally done.  And while, sure, I could still complain and mention plenty of imperfections regarding Drago’s presence in HTTYD 2, for the purpose of this discussion, I am going to point out some the things that actually really were well-done about this vastly under-appreciated villain.

Yes, Drago comes in late into the movie.  He speaks very few words.  His interactions with Hiccup are fairly brief.  He is a straight-out brute.  However, he is a lot more than “AAAAAHHHH AAAHHHH!”, and every moment on screen with him, we receive a feast of fascinating character psychology, plot development, and relevance to the second movie and the trilogy as a whole.

Here I will talk about Drago’s mind and motivations.  It is true I could also discuss how he is presented throughout HTTYD 2’s story arc and why he is actually a greater and more important focus throughout the story than some people realize - that coming in “late” does not mean he was skimped, overlooked, or underdeveloped.  However, for now, let’s just dive into this villain’s mind and appreciate his power, mind, and motivations in How to Train Your Dragon 2. 

The Power of Drago Bludvist 

Drago Bludvist has some pretty stock villain traits.  He’s big.  Looks creepy.  Scarred.  Power-hungry.  Physically powerful.  He’s leading an army and aggressively attacking the good guys.  He wants our hero dead.  He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

To simply explain Drago away as that, though, is a shame.

He does not speak much.  But when he does speak, every word means mountains.

The first words we “hear” Drago speak are at the meeting of the chieftains.  He enters into the meeting stating he alone could control the dragons, and that the other chiefs should bow to him to let him do this work.  The chiefs laughed, Drago shouted out, “Then see how well you do without me!” and then killed them all (minus Stoick).

Let’s think about this.

Drago was already incredibly powerful this many years ago.  He had already learned how to control dragons and garner a great amount of power.  If he came from far away already, he probably already came with many people he had already conquered.  This is a drill he has done before and perfected.

Drago planned this all in advance.  He had to.  The armor-covered dragons set fire to the building immediately after he wrapped himself into his cloak and left, meaning that Drago prepared in advance to kill the chiefs.  Dragons don’t just come decked in armor, and they probably don’t loiter nearby unless you explicitly brought them.  He probably knew the Viking leaders would laugh and refuse his “offer” (how many other leaders would he have conquered by now, after all?).  From the beginning, he planned a scare tactic - to kill all the Viking leaders and demonstrate his power as a controller of dragons.  They would laugh, but not for long.  He would show his power.  His ability to overcome another’s will.

For that is what Drago is all about: overpowering the will.  That is how he gathers power, how he uses it to control humans and dragons, how he measures other people.  He’s not just a villain with an army.  He’s a villain able to break others’ wills and minds.  Essentially, he’s dangerous both physically and psychologically.  

Drago uses such physical and mental tactics to keep Eret in line - that brand mark certainly is one way to force a human’s will under his own.  The way he stepped up to Hookfang, as well.  He does not stop advancing when Hookfang cowers down.  Drago steps and places his boot arrogantly on top of the dragon’s snout and declares, “You are now mine.”  And that is how he controls the Bewilderbeast - his power is in dominating another and making them cower beneath him.

That… is… a… serious… villain.  He has been able to control human beings and dragons for many, many years.  He probably murdered the Viking chiefs when Hiccup was too young to hear the story (hence why Stoick had to tell his son later), and he probably spent many more years before that conquering other lands.  He has successfully forced people under his will for well over a decade at my guess - proud people, proud dragons, even an enormous, massive, class ten dragon that is supposed to be a draconic king.  You really have to wonder how he managed to get a Bewilderbeast under his control, don’t you?

This is no normal villain.  He is a behemoth.  A siege engine.  A juggernaut.

The Mind and Motivations of Drago Bludvist

Drago is, in a way, Hiccup’s counterpart.  Maybe you could even argue he’s a foil.  Both of them grew up under the fear of dragons.  Both of them lost limbs when fighting against that species.  However, both of them reacted to their experiences with dragons in opposite manners - Hiccup by befriending the dragons and becoming their equals and allies, Drago by overpowering and abusing them.  While Hiccup finds dragons the ultimate method to promote peace amongst the Viking Archipelago, Drago uses them as war machines to conquer the earth.

Every word, every word the villain speaks in “Hiccup Confronts Drago” is full of force and a complex mind.  We cannot see inside Drago’s head completely, but what is shown is positively intriguing.

Drago acknowledges he and Hiccup both “grew up under the fear of dragons."  Drago also seeks to end this fear.  However, this is by rising up above his fear and becoming something fearsome in itself.  He continues the cycle of fear, this time as the one causing the hurt rather than being the one hurt.  For he admits he lost his family to the dragons.  And what does he do to the Haddock family?  Implement on them the same pain he underwent himself, and through this establishing his own "dominance."  It does not matter that Stoick died instead of his intended target, Hiccup, for the effect is the same.  He destroys hearts, destroys the will, and perpetuates fear through his control of dragons.

Drago does end his own fear of dragons by him controlling the other dragons.  He no longer is on the unfortunate end of the food chain.  To conquer and destroy other dragons, he says, he needs to use dragons.  And maybe he does in part believe that - ending dragons’ freedom does prevent them from enacting anything that might inadvertently harm Drago himself.  However, as Hiccup points out, this is hardly an accurate claim - Drago is using dragons to control other humans, too.  His dragon army keeps men in line and rids him of those who try to rebel. 

Implementing Fear, Demonstrating Dominance

When Drago and Hiccup finally, finally, finally come head-to-head, we see the differences in their values, and what it means to be great.  Hiccup values peace, searching out a true dragon’s loyalty, and believes that greatness arises through cooperation.  He finds Drago’s use of force horrendous and the opposite of the ideal.  Drago, however, dismisses Hiccup because he finds power and greatness in the force of will.  He finds Hiccup an embarrassment, someone of no consequence, because Hiccup could control no one.  

And Drago could have simply fought Hiccup directly and killed the young man in hand-to-hand combat.  It would have been easy to do.  Hiccup was not standing in a war-ready stance, not to mention he let Drago step incredibly close to him, even circling around him.  Drago could have knocked Hiccup down in a few blows and it would have been over and done with.

He did not do that.  Just like his extravagant regicide, Drago’s murder tactics are to demonstrate his power - his ability to control and break the will.  He uses Toothless, Hiccup’s trusted dragon, to do the dirty work for him.  He doesn’t want Hiccup to die from physical ailments alone.  He’s nastier than that.  He ruins Hiccup’s own life through Hiccup’s best friend.

Again, this is no ordinary villain.  He demonstrates he is so powerful he can turn best friends against each other.  He can create tragedies by shouting at the top of his voice, waving a stick, and commanding a dragon.


He is so confident of his power he leaves Hiccup, devastated, to mourn Stoick’s death without taking out his other intended targets during the battle, Hiccup and Valka.  This is because he believes he has yet again destroyed another’s heart to the point he will not be challenged - did you see the way he smirks when he walks away from sobbing Hiccup?  He believes he broke that young man’s heart and will.  And he is so confident of his power he lets Hiccup approach Toothless, touch the dragon’s snout, and try to win back his friend (again, could have just shot Hiccup out of the sky immediately, but he relishes watching people collapse under his power).  Drago expects that he will again triumph and show he he can control the mind.  Letting Hiccup try and fail is, in its own way, a great method to kill his opponent’s psychology, show his strength, and make the other more likely to bend underneath him.

In summary, I find Drago a positively fascinating villain.  He’s a warlord who has been successful for many years in conquering other lands.  Not only does he dominate by physically controlling men and dragons, but he maintains his power through some frightening psychological techniques as well.  This is a dangerous force to be reckoned with, and will certainly be even more dangerous and deadly in the third film.

You don’t have to be a Drago fan.  You can still complain as you will.  But I hope you can have some appreciation for the fact this is a villain of both mind and bodily force, an enormous opponent to Hiccup that took away two things he held most dear, and still has yet to be fully defeated.