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Hello!! You def don't have to do this it here's a small Drabble idea: what if, during season 9 and when cas is a human, he's able to adopt a cat for the bunker bc dean is a softie even though he's allergic and cas happens to be allergic too and dean comforts him about it?? I love fics that are sweet and soft!! Anyway, have a nice day!!

I love sweet and soft fics too! Thank you for the prompt <3

I may have… gone overboard. Because Team Free Will and pets. Hope you enjoy!

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The dog is first.

Castiel catches it sniffing around their trash cans one night after Dean’s shoved him in the direction of the door, bags gripped loosely in hand and grumbling to himself. If you sleep here and you eat here, you help with the chores.

It’s bony and its fur is matted down by the rain, but it lopes right on up to him with its tongue wagging when he offers it the half-eaten take-out on the top of the garbage pile. Its limping gait and war-hardened eyes remind Castiel very much of himself, before the Winchesters kindly rescued him. Castiel looks uneasily back towards the door.

He sleeps here and eats here. He takes out the garbage. This is his home as much as it is Sam and Dean’s, he has been assured countless times since The Fall, so he is also allowed to say who comes and who goes.

“Alright. But just for tonight,” he tells it.

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Okay i just wanted to say this: I dont think Sehun is straight or gay or bi or pan..but I do strongly feel he is asexual. Like ugh i dont know how to explain it. The members say Sehun isnt interested in women but hes also said himself hes jot interested in men and quite honestly it makes me love him more?? Like man I just see Sehun becoming a dog dad and idk okay let me stop rambling kk lubz u lots ❤❤

Like i already know the chances of me being with any idol is like 0% but Sehun is just completely different. I agree and would totally see Sehun being asexual because he just even looks uninterested in anything than dogs or animals in general. I really just want Sehun to be happy AND IF THATS WITH VIVI AND POSSIBLY OTHER PETS THAN SO BE IT I WILL SUPPORT OH SEHUN NO MATTER IF HE WANTS A PARTNER OR NOT.
(But yes i really do think Sehun is asexual too)
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The Witching Hour

ReaderXTFW and Kevin

Request: Can you do a one shot where Cas Sam dean and Kevin turn into puppies and kitties and reader has to take care of them.

Request: Can you do a fic where Kevin,Sam,Cas, Dean and reader and the boys had a curse put on them where all they turn in to ladies. And they all are “AHHHHH” And are freaking out?

A/N: I think I’m gonna start titling my fics

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Heechul got a 3 months old Shiba Inu puppy that he didn’t name yet.

Heechul said that Heebum is uninterested in the dog and Cherry is curious about it ^^

The names Heechul said he’s thinking about for his dog:

• 조르 (Joreu)

• 쓰뚜 (Sseuddu)

• 타로 (Taro)

• 기복 (Kibok)

• 귀탱 (Gwiteng)

Cr: kanginnim

Dog Uninterested in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5

By Austin Knief, FluffPo Correspondent

Cody, a pug from the Greater New York area, reportedly had little to no interest in the season premiere of popular television show Game of Thrones.

According to sources, he’s been doing things like “rolling around” and “licking himself” whenever season five airs on HBO.

“I just didn’t understand it,” his roommate Kyle Bergen tells The Fluffington Post. “Last week was such an exciting episode and all of my friends came over to watch. It was almost as if he was more interested in observing the stationary bowl of popcorn than acknowledging the show’s existence.”

Bergen adds that Cody has even gone so far as to leave the room once the popcorn ran out.

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One time I went to the dog park and somebody asked us to leave because THEIR dog kept trying to play with mine and they just wanted to do chuckit with their dog. Another time somebody told me they don't go to the dog park for their dog to socialize.

I have the same experience sometimes, too. I’ve gone before when a guy only wanted his dog to go potty, but my dog kept making her run around and play, and he kept yelling at her to stop… and I have had to call my dog away from plenty of grouchy dogs that “aren’t there to socialize.” 

I’m not sure why people insist on forcing their dogs to interact with others, it really ruins it for me. My dog has the playfulness of a Boxer and will literally play with anyone, so when he tries to initiate play with uninterested dog, the owners get annoyed like that’s not what the park is for… 

We do have good days though, and that’s why we keep going. My dog really benefits from the exercise, socialization, and it just makes him happy! I think there is something therapeutic about an off-leash dog - even if it’s just for me 😂