K-pop kissficlet prompts?

Because I finished the 3-para prompt meme and immediately stopped writing at all, despite all sorts of intentions /o\ So I thought I might do another ficlet meme, if people are willing to indulge me with prompts?

Leave me a comment or an ask with a k-pop pairing and a kind of kiss, e.g. sleepy kiss, wrist kiss, unintentional kiss, practice kiss, biting kiss, second kiss, etc. etc.

BTS, Mamamoo, Tiny-G, VIXX, BTOB, Bigflo, 15&, any other stray favourites.

(Prompts accepted from anyone, not just mutuals! I can never tell how quickly I’m going to run out of steam with these things, but I love prompts, and I will love you for leaving one, and even more if you leave several.)