That's Unintentional

What if there’s a scene, the scene, where we get a Swan Queen kiss. Just imagine it, Regina racing toward the Sheriff and she falls forward, her lips ’accidentally' caught by Emma's. And there's Adam and Eddie, in the background nodding, saying, “Yup that's unintentional.”

youarenotakiller asked:

Midnight kiss.

He couldn’t hear the whisper of the door sliding open and shut again over the beeping and whirring of machines. A hand cupping his cheek roused him from partial consciousness, unaccustomed to the simple, gentle gesture. 

Will blinked his eyes open. The only light in the room came from a bland little lamp on the bedside table. It was enough to illuminate his guest’s meek smile. Apologetic in its own silent way. Will shifted in the hospital bed, carefully moving himself to one side, making as much space as he could manage. Pain flared up in his stomach with the strain, but it settled again as Frederick climbed in under the thin sheets. 

"You came back," he sighed, half turned on his side, hand tailed by the line of his IV coming to rest on the other patient’s chest. 

Gaze flickered from his eyes to his lips and back again. The number monitoring his pulse’s quick increase gave him away; they drew closer and met in a soft kiss, fingers interlocking perfectly, the spaces between Frederick’s fingers absolutely designed for Will’s to go there. 

He couldn’t stay, they both knew that, but squished together in the narrow hospital bed, silence interrupted only by quiet breathing and the beep, beep, beep of Will’s heart monitor, well… 

It was enough. 

Title: Just friends

Chapter: 1 “Kiss”

Pairing(s): Touken (Touka/Kaneki)

Summary: Touka and Kaneki are just friends, and a simple,” unintentional” kiss won’t change that…. Right?

A/N: nghhh, the first chapter is a bit rushed I’m sorry and Touka and Kaneki are genderbent. I hope you enjoy! And this might be a bit ooc so sorry?

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✿ [ huehuehue ]

14 jawline kiss


          were looking through magazines, planning their
          up coming wedding. For once, they strange hatred
          between them was solemn, quieted as they began
          doing such a feat.
          Being seated so close to Accelerator was different.
          They weren’t fighting, calling each other names.
                     It was….nice…

          Adranos shifted to face him slightly, leaning forward
          to brush his lips across the other’s jawline. The kiss
          was unintentional and without thought, but the deity
          enjoyed the strange warmth he received from the
          little touches.