I like someone

Hindi ko kino-consider na kiss yung nangyari sa amin pero ang malapat ang parte na malapit sa lips namin ay feeling ko first kiss na. Unintentional. Pero kinikilig ako. Sa tingin ko gusto ko siya. Hindi ko alam pero napapansin ko sa sarili ko na tuwing first quarter ng klase, siya palagi yung crush ko. Sana gusto niya rin ako.

This should be a read more but I'm on mobile I'm sorry it's a v long & unnecessary sook

S had this way of kissing me that was so clumsy, like it was an unintentional kiss, like he was just leaning over me to grab a pillow and he slipped and fell onto my lips. Or we would be walking back in after having a smoke and just before I opened the door he would grab me and kiss me and then open the door. Like it wasn’t even leading up to sex it was just- oh you’re there so I’m going to kiss you and then get back to what I meant to do. It was the nicest in the mornings, like We always slept facing away from each other but when we would both Start to like stir in the morning he would turn around to give me a cuddle and pull me in just to kiss me on the cheek and then go back to sleep. And he always had to have his hand on like my thigh or my waist or just brushing my hand. It’s funny cos when we first met he said he never liked to be intimate after sex, like he would never stick around to cuddle and he definitely wouldn’t spend the night but with us since day 1 he was so touchy and affectionate & maybe I’m hyping it up too much bcos I miss him and I’m tryna romanticize what we had but I think that at least for a while, or at least at some points, it as just as nice and new and beautiful for him as it was for me. But maybe not. In the end he never really cared about me at all so.