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Could you write something about MC almost leaving the RFA because maybe one of the members said something bad about the MC by accident and she felt unwanted. How would the guys(+Jaehee)react to it and what would they do? Thank you! Xoxo


  • Considering Yoosung was pretty drugged up during the party, and was promptly dragged back to the hospital, he didn’t get see much and had no idea how successful or unsuccessful the party was
  • As it was, he barely remembered kissing MC
  • But when he checked the Messenger, Jaehee was going over details of the party that could have better handled with MC
  • At first, it’s fair enough, but a few months down the road, after another party that Yoosung thinks is near perfect, Jaehee does it again, critiquing for the next few months until another party
  • They all know MC is just doing her job by paying so close attention, but Yoosung sees the way it drags her down
  • MC closes down the app one day, logging off before Jaehee can start in on her again
  • When Yoosung asks her if she’s okay, MC just says she’s considering uninstalling the app and quitting the RFA so Jaehee will stop criticizing her
  • Like, she knows Jaehee means well, but there’s only so much someone can take
  • Yoosung has a long conversation with her about the RFA, their roles, and whether or not she should stay
  • The next day, MC convinced Jumin to let her take Jaehee out for coffee to have a little chat like rational adults about how MC feels


  • MC wouldn’t say what happened, but when she suddenly announced her desire to quite the RFA, Jaehee was shocked
  • But, she supposed, that the two of them has least reasons to remain, and it was completely unreasonable
  • Jaehee ended up sitting and talking with MC about it for a long time because she wanted to make sure MC wasn’t making an emotionally charge decision she would later regret
  • MC eventually conceded and agreed to wait a day or two before she made her final decision
  • Jaehee meanwhile quietly asks around with the other members to see if they know anything
  • She doesn’t know what happened, but Seven acts like he’s responsible, calls MC and apologizes
  • The day after the apology, MC tells Jaehee she’s not quitting after all
  • Mostly because she can’t leave Jaehee to be the only sane one in the RFA to take care of that mess of children


  • MC has a tendency to be quiet on the Messenger
  • She doesn’t say much, she mostly reads what they’re writing
  • The truth is, MC will type out a response, only to have her opportunity fly by and then quickly deletes the comment
  • One day, three whole chats go by where MC never says a word
  • On the next chat, she manages to jump in and say something and Jumin’s first reaction is, “oh hello MC, I didn’t realize you were here.”
  • MC explains the last three chats (all of which Jumin was a part of), but Jumin didn’t realize she was there
  • Jumin makes a comment about how, because she can be so quiet, he sometimes forgets she’s around
  • Something he doesn’t know is a major fear of her, that her friends will simply forget her and walk away
  • So she does a little experiment where she doesn’t log in for 3-5 days to see if anyone notices she’s gone
  • Of course Zen won’t because she’s with him all the time, doubling as his girlfriend and manager
  • And Jumin already established he wouldn’t, so MC doesn’t have high hopes for him
  • Sure enough, she’s off the Messenger for 3 days, she gets no calls, and when she goes in to check the chats to see, not one of them noticed
  • Of course, Zen talks about her, but outside of that, that’s the only mention of her
  • MC hopes it’s just a fluke but ends up swamped with so much work as Zen’s manager that she ends up off the Messenger for a full month
  • Nobody notices she’s gone, nobody talks about her outside of her relationship with Zen, no one texts her, and no one calls her
  • Zen noticed she wasn’t going online within a few days, but when he asked, she just told him she was too busy
  • When MC finally pops back on, everyone is kind of lackluster, “oh hey MC, how are you?”
  • She says, “sorry I’ve been offline for so long.” They’re reactions are generally, “oh really? How long have you been off?”
  • MC is genuinely hurt
  • She wasn’t active for a month and they didn’t even notice
  • MC catches up, reading all previous chats and ends up crying a little because they didn’t even notice
  • Zen is kinda pissed that he didn’t realize sooner, even more so that they didn’t even try to communicate with her outside of the chat
  • So when she leaves a message in an empty chatroom that she’s leaving the RFA, the RFA freak out, but Zen jumps to her defense, prompting a phone call and an apology from everyone


  • Zen was being kind of… rude is a nice way of putting it
  • He kept making digs at Jumin and picking on him more than usual
  • It didn’t help that, when MC tried to defend Jumin, Zen dismissed what she said by saying she’s biased and doesn’t see it
  • MC was so angry, she declared that, unless Zen apologized to both her and her husband, MC was going to quit the RFA
  • Of course, MC knew she was being irrational, but even after she cooled, she stood by her decision
  • Jumin was honestly flattered by her declaration, but insisted she not quit because the RFA still needed her
  • MC agreed to stay, but stated that she wasn’t going to login for a few days to see if she couldn’t get Zen to apologize anyways


  • Yoosung was complaining about how, after Rika returned, he thought things would go back to normal
  • You know, Rika would plan parties, they would all attend and have fun
  • Every time he mentioned Rika, MC would flinch and sometimes it came to be so much that she just logged off
  • After learning everything she did to V and Saeran, MC couldn’t forgive her
  • But she didn’t dare tarnish Yoosung’s memory of her
  • After MC finished organizing her second RFA party, Yoosung made a lot of comments to her about “Rika would have done this” or “Rika would have done that” and so on
  • Basically, he compared everything she did to Rika, as though implying that she wasn’t as good as Rika or that he wanted to replace her with Rika
  • So MC handed in a copy of her resignation to both Saeyoung and Jumin
  • When asked, MC made it clear
  • “I’m clearly not wanted. Yoosung just wants Rika to take her rightful place again, and that means I have no reason to be in the RFA. Ergo, I’m not wanted.”
  • Jumin says only that he’ll give her a few days to rethink her decision and if she still wants to leave, she can
  • Saeyoung, meanwhile, calls Yoosung and tells him the affect his words had on MC and how Rika is not all that she believed she was (he doesn’t go into details, but alludes to her being part of the reason V died)
  • Within an hour, Yoosung calls her and is apologizing, close to tears, because he didn’t realize that he’d hurt her so badly
  • MC says its okay, she understands
  • But when Saeyoung asks about it when she hangs up, she still says that she’s going to quit
  • He doesn’t understand why, exactly (although he was close himself)
  • MC just states, “I’m replaceable. Rika was. The RFA doesn’t need me.”
  • Saeyoung consoles her, and assures her, she is needed in the RFA
  • Not as a Rika replacement
  • As the kind, understanding woman she is, ready to help anyone in need, including them
  • “Without you,” Saeyoung says, “I would never have gotten Saeran back. I needed you. I still need you. We all do.”
  • From another room, Saeran suddenly shouts, “I CAN HEAR YOU TWO BEING SAPPY! KNOCK IT OFF!!”
Diamond Choices

So when I started playing Choices over a year ago, I was in love with the game, it literally had it all for me: interesting stories that blew my mind constantly with complex characters and beautiful art. It offered a great story with simple choices, but also gave you the possibility to, let’s say ‘enhance the experience’ if you decided to go for the diamond options, which would normally be clothing or weapons (besides time with your significant other).

And for a while, I wasn’t bothered by my lack of diamonds. Sure, I might be a little whiny about why I couldn’t do this or wear that, but I’d quickly forget about it because the essence of the story wasn’t drastically changed by my inability to go for this premium options. But recently, this hasn’t been the case, particularly with the release of the new books (Book 2 of Endless Summer & The Sophomore)

I’d like to begin with The Sophomore. I, particularly, am indifferent towards The Freshman series but I was pretty excited for the new book’s release. In fact, I was enjoying the story pretty much until a sign popped up that basically said: “Hey, you’re going to need to spend diamonds unless you want to be a shitty girlfriend and a shitty friend to this people”. 
Now, I was bitter about how I was basically forced to used diamonds in The Freshman Book 4 to make Zack feel better, but this, oh this made my blood boil. 
Since when lacking money turns you into an awful significant other or friend? Since when supporting someone and wanting to be there for them emotionally requires money?
If I haven’t been clear enough, I’m pissed to the point that I no longer want to play The Sophomore because I’d rather have no relationships at all that seeing them all crumble before my eyes because I have no money that I can spend.

Moving on to Endless Summer Book 2. Now, Endless Summer has always been a story that is rather heavy when it comes to the use of diamonds, I won’t deny it. But even then, you could still get most of the clues and spend a little time with who you want your love interest to be. 

That we have to use diamonds if we want to save our friends is ridiculous. It’s not even about lifting up their self-esteem, it’s about saving their bloody lives and getting out of the island as safely as possible, y’all. Want to spend time with your love interest or at least gain a few points with them? Forget about that unless, again, you have diamonds to spend. 
Also, the idols are usually part of the clues to the mysteries of La Huerta, so now you can’t get most of the clues like in Book 1.

I like to say that I’m angry with how much emphasis is being placed on the diamond options, but really what I feel is disappointment that I can’t be as involved in the stories as I want to be because of this. Every time that chapters are out I begin to feel a little more disconnected from a game that I just to not be able to put down; to the point where I debated several times whether I should just uninstall the app and stop playing it altogether (and lately, this has been more and more on my brain because what’s the point in playing a game that you just don’t enjoy as much as you used to?)

Sometimes I get on social media and become extremely depressed. I look at other people I went to school with, close friends, colleagues all living their lives and they appear to be really happy. I’m at that age now where everyone around me is having kids, getting married, buying homes, traveling the world. I begin comparing my life to others and it just becomes a downward spiral after that. It’s to the point where I have to log out and uninstall the apps for a few days/weeks just to get clear my head and relax. It’s just frustrating at times because my life isn’t all bad; currently enrolled in grad school, great job, own apt, and I travel when I can but damn I want MORE out of life. I start doubting myself and asking where I went wrong… how come I’m not getting engaged? Having a baby? Traveling with a s/o instead of by myself? I am grateful for my life and all God has given me but sometimes I cannot help but to feel like shit.
(it feels good to get that off my chest though ❤)

Streaming issues - put yourself in a non-fans shoes...

I can see what people mean about Harry’s team going hard and making sure it’s a hit, and that we shouldn’t have to stream like crazy to inflate the numbers.


This Spotify thing is a major issue. As far as I understand it, the only way to make his song show is to uninstall and reinstall the app. How many non-fans are going to do that for one song? None of them. To have planned this all for months only to have his success scuppered by something out of his control would be such a shame, for a song he cares so deeply about. 

Please stream as much as you can, we shouldn’t have to go in to bat so hard for him, but this is something they won’t have legislated for. 

We can do it, so why wouldn’t we?

I am so upset. I finished the main story on MPD: Close to You for Tennoji’s route, (And I got the happy ending first try boi) bought the epilouge, and it won’t let me play it. I tried giving more storage space for my phone, restarting my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. And still, nothing. And not just that either! I can’t select to view a photo or click any part of the main story either. I messaged the producers last night but no reply yet. I’m kinda sad.

It’s been exactly three weeks since I vowed to effectively quit* social media.

As a reminder, I say effectively because I am not getting rid of my accounts. But I am trimming my social media use to such an extent that, to a good approximation, I am not using them at all. So no, I have not quit this blog and I will not quit this blog. At least not anytime in the near future.

Thanks to those who have stayed along for the ride. Immediately after I made my last post three weeks ago I lost a handful of followers. But I just checked my activity feed and my follower count has apparently still been growing in my absence haha. It hasn’t gone down at all (though the slope has decreased slightly). Which is interesting. My content has a life of its own on this site, I suppose. That’s great.

But anyway. Let’s get to the good stuff, here.

My good friend @rudescience and I just Skyped after a small while. I Skyped him a couple times and we sent each other emails about once a week. Which was a huge change because, for over two years, he and I used to text/snap almost all day long, every single day. No exaggeration. It was hard to get used to, for both of us, but we actually prefer it this way. We’ve each become less dependent on each other and more present in the everyday life in front of us. But I mentioned him because he just reminded me during our conversation that I really did accomplish a lot over my three-week hiatus.

Obviously, quitting* social media was a big part of this. You might be surprised to know that such a seemingly small gesture had such an impact on my life, in only a few weeks.

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These are all fresh new, horror stories that haven’t been posted on my blog. 

  1. Search And Rescue Officer: Although this story was posted just a week ago, it already made it into Reddit’s top 10 creepy stories of all time. Read the morbid tales one officer had to witness. Story contains child death as well as graphic descriptions of death. 
  2. My Brother Died:  A story of how a child’s brother was still able to communicate after he passed away. He had a lot to say. 
  3. Borrasca: A series of creepy stories about a creepy new town. Although lengthy, this story got an overwhelming amount of likes. 
  4. My Wife Didn’t Want Me To Go Into The Bedroom: This isn’t your typical horror story. Although it contains morbid themes, it’ll tug at your heart strings. 
  5. The Beheaded Can Communicate: A bizarre story about one boy’s obsession with the beheaded. Strangely enough, this story will definitly make you feel. 
  6. You Have a Match: Tinder gone wrong. You’ll want to uninstall the app after this story. 
  7. Stare Out Of A Window, In The Dark:  This story is surprisingly motivating. If you’re in a slump, I encourage you to read this. 
  8. Hi Hungry, I’m Dad: A classic internet meme is the central theme to this sad but morbid story 
  9. Mama: A short creepy story about a mother’s love for her bullied child
  10. Stitched: A short creepy story about a doctor’s visit that doesn’t go so well. 

Yo to the person who just asked about how to fix their icon on mobile, I just cleared the cache on my phone and now my icon is working??? So maybe it’s fixed??? Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and see if it works?

I’m going to answer all the non-anon messages in my ask box privately and all the IMs I have pending. I won’t answer anon messages related to everything that happened in the past couple of days, because I think it’s been enough. I appreciate all the support you guys have given me though, you’re amazing <3

Then I’m going to fill up my queue as best as possible and then I’m pressing the log out button for a while. I already uninstalled the app and deleted my twitter account. I need some time to myself.