My major issue with modern society is the lack of moral filter. We’ve evolved to need constant attention, and strive to remain relevant. Content can be created so quickly that articles, videos, memes, etc are produced just because they can be, and few are pausing to think ‘should this be created?’
Vine is only a single example, where any originality is out-shined by the majority of content being racist, sexist, homophobic, plagiarised or just plain uninspired. But then again, as a discontent cynic I wasn’t exactly looking there for answers.

And how about this 'journalism’? I’d expect nothing less than politicians to spin and distort quotes into lies that permeate the press, but in addition to the numerous think-pieces from journalists desperate to get a hand in, spoof articles pop up that only keeps the lies relevant. For example, Buzzfeed’s '15 separate train carriages people would actually like’, a pastiche of a huge story that stemmed from a single comment from Corbyn saying he was open to a discussion with women about their needs. Joke’s on him.
Even attempts ironic humour do harm; I find the sharing of 'Britain Furst’ to be well intentioned but exploitative of the very real threat of militaristic racism within our nation, much in the same way that Kim Jung Un is willingly portrayed as a cartoon to distract from his inhumane activities. And I assure you that your ironic jokes about anti-feminism leave a sour taste in your female friends mouths, no matter how much they play along in spite of you. More activism against the worst of our society, less ironic memes.

I believe people are not giving themselves a moment to consider if their voice is doing more harm than good, but instead they’re reaching for that enter key, less interested in the impact of what they’re saying, but striving to be the person to say it.