Romance Styles

Gulenko started a trend of depicting “erotic attitudes” in socionics as dependent on a person’s irrational functions. In other words, the basic romance styles are grouped thus:

Ne egos [ILE LII IEE EII] – Infantiles
Si egos [SEI ESE SLI LSE] –Caregivers
Se egos [SLE LSI SEE ESI] – Aggressors
Ni egos [IEI EIE ILI LIE] – Victims

Naturally, each type adds nuance to the basic styles. 

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I love that even though there’s so much bickering in the Maleficent tag right now (shipping Maleficent/Aurora, condeming Maleficent/Aurora, praising the feminist tones, bitching about the feminism, complaining that there’s a black guy, complaining that there aren’t more poc), there is exactly one thing that everyone seems to have agreed on without hesitation, and that is that we’re all attracted to the bird.

I just received this submission from an Anon for you all to read. I feel this is the beginning of a positive Swan Queen movement! I say embrace your Dumb Positivity! It’s a way of life!

(Don’t binge on caffeinated tea like I just did, though.)

Without further ado, I present to you the glorious predictions of the first ever submission I had the pleasure of receiving:

I’m anonymously throwing my hat into the positvity r­ing, so here’s what I think:

Hook/Henry: I think this is a one episod­e thing. I think Henry is scared for Emm­a and Regina is probably trying to think­ rationally and trying to find the most ­logical way to help her. And in comes Ho­ok with some quick fix and Henry, thinki­ng he’s grown, jumps aboard cause he figures it’ll save Emma RIGHT NOW. I can’t ­see them teaming up after this ep. ­Regina won’t allow it, especially if their pla­n fails and he’s in danger or could be.

And I think that’s a lot of what we’ll s­ee. Hook doing things quick and rash. Ye­s I do think he loves and cares for Emma­, but it benefits him so he’s very selfi­sh with that love. Hook’s out for Hook and what benefits him. He does not want to be denied. Who cares who’s hurt ­or who’s in the way? He’ll do whatever ­and anything to save her. Why? Cause his­ happy ending is at stake. And I feel th­ey’re going to show us that as the seaso­n goes along. Hook is selfish and Regina­ Is all about doing what’s right for Emma and the people­ around her. I think we’re going to see­ that played out clearly in the first 1­0 eps. And then something will happen, e­ither Hook sacrifices himself for Emma, ­bows out gracefully or Emma comes to som­e realization. I don’t fully know, but something will happen. A&E mentioned episode 10­ & 11 specifically for a reason, and I t­hink this plays into CS and their event­ual end.

Also, I’ve been thinking the Emma we see­ in white will represent Emma trying to ­hold onto her sanity while working with ­Merlin and crew to save her. From what w­e can guess, this is her before the dark­ness fully consumes her. She’ll be scared. So I think we ­will get a good bit of CS because this w­ill be Emma clinging to what’s safe. She­’ll be trying to hold onto what she know­s. While on the inside she’ll be fightin­g the darkness waiting to swallow her up­. 

I personally feel optimistic that by the­ time Season 5 ends CS and OQ will end. ­I do think CS will end sooner than OQ. M­ainly because I think OQ will be unimpor­tant or take a backseat while Regina is ­trying to help Emma. I think Hood will ­just be her sidekick, the new Hook. Not ­important. So that will take a while lon­ger to end. But it will. Because I fully­ believe SQ is and will be the gay representation. ­I don’t think the big reveal will be Mul­an. Or Merida. I’m one of the few that a­ctually believes A&E when they say it h­as to be earned and told well. And what’­s being told better than SQ? CS and OQ aren’t but they’re straight ships and the­ir fans don’t care about a well told story. Hook is n­ot redeemed and yet no one seems to care­. And I’ll be pissed if that’s not addr­essed, but I think it will. He and Regin­a are not comparable in that regard. Yet­ everyone keeps putting them on the same­ playing field, but I fully believe this­ too will be brought to light. I think this comes into play with what Eddy said about­ some helping and some hindering Emma. ­

Call me crazy but I feel this will be a ­good season for SQ. I’ve already come to­ terms with CS and OQ being on my screen­. I know Hook will play a bigger role t­han last season, but I also don’t necess­arily think that’s a good thing for him­ or CS. I think we will see cracks and e­ventually a break. I’m hopeful. I’m an o­ptimist. I love Once and I feel this sea­son will be a turning point for SQ. 

Halfway Out of the Dark

Warnings: Existential Crisis, Sunsets, Tears, Kisses

Word Count: 1059

A/N: I wrote this for the Phan Drabble Advent Calendar which you can find here which was a very awesome idea and I am  honoured to have been a part of.


Everything was so dark.

Dark and cold.

Dan lay on the couch, staring mutely out of the window as he watched the sunlight vanish from sight, it’s final light extinguished with a last subtle burst of red, which seeped across the lounge making everything look like it was all covered in blood.

As the last traces of the light finally faded away, Dan finally moved. He tapped his Mac’s spacebar once, immediately the lock screen popped up. Dan attempted to enter his password, but he was so lethargic that he could barely lift his hand up to press on the keys. He gave up after the fifth try, instead just clicking the home button on his iPhone which was lying tiredly on the couch beside him. 

The iPhone’s lock screen popped up, a picture of a Christmas tree, no doubt one that Phil had set while Dan wasn’t looking. Dan’s eyes, weren’t on the Christmas tree however, they were on the clock portraying white number which were static on the smooth screen.


A black void seemed to yawn itself up around Dan. The light was gone already, perhaps never coming back. It had come so quickly this morning, and had disappeared so soon.

Dan almost laughed out of bitterness as he realised what the whole thing was. A metaphor. For life. You are born into this world, do almost nothing with this short, insignificant life that you own. And don’t notice it slipping through your fingertips like a waterfall until it’s all gone. Disappeared. Never coming back.

Dan didn’t close his eyes, he didn’t get up to flick the light switch to on, he didn’t even move as he stared mutely out the window, not even noticing as the light from his phone faded away to blackness . He didn’t feel sad, he didn’t feel angry, motivated or any emotion at all. He just felt empty. Like the void that had been surrounding him was now just inside of him, filling the space with nothingness. 

As he lay there, with not enough energy to even form thoughts, let alone actually physically move. Dan watched as the emptiness dissolved the world, both inside and out. Reducing everything to cold and dark.

And Dan didn’t even notice.

That was how Phil found him, two hours later. Lights off, heating off, curled up on the couch staring emptily out the window, with no emotion whatsoever expressed in his vacant caramel eyes.

Phil recognised the symptoms, he also knew that he should make no sudden movements, or any quick changes in the brightness of the environment. The only thing he did do was to move to the radiator in the corner of the room, turning it up to full.

Phil then gently approached Dan who was curled up on the couch on his side. He sat down next to Dan’s head and cautiously put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey.” Phil murmured.

Dan gave no response, so with a sigh, Phil shook him lightly. “Dan.” he said in a more forceful tone.

Dan lifted his head a minute inch, turning it slightly to face Phil.

“Dan what’s wrong?” Phil asked kindly.

“Nothing.” The word seemed to require a great amount of energy to be able to be forced past Dan’s lips. “Just the fact that we’re dying, and we can’t do anything to stop it.”

Phil took Dan’s hand, noticing how cold it felt. “We’re not dying for a long while yet Dan.” 

Dan closed his eyes again, resting his head in Phil’s lap. “But on the scale of the universe, our lives only last for the blink of an eye. They’re small, insignificant, unimpor-.”

“Our lives might be small Dan, but nobody’s life is insignificant, and definitely no-one’s life is unimportant.”

Dan closed his eyes, “But the days are so short, half our lives are spent in darkness, half our impossibly quick lives are spent never feeling the light of the sun on our faces.”

“So is that what this is about?” asked Phil, leaning down to kiss Dan on the forehead.

Dan waited a moment, comforted for a small second by the feeling of Phil’s lips on his forehead before reality came crashing back in bringing the void with it. “The sun set at four today Phil. Four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun only lasted six hours. Only a fourth of today was spent in the light. And what did we do with it? Nothing! Nothing at all! We just st-stood there as th-the day ju-just slipped through our fin-fingers and w-we did nothing to stop i-it.” Dan barely managed to finish the sentence before he broke down in tears, gasping out huge ugly sobs as the invisible black void surrounding him drained him of all his will to keep going.

“Oh Bear.” Phil murmured, pulling Dan upright so that he could hug him properly. “You do know that  today is the darkest day of the year. The last day it’ll be like this.”

Dan clung onto Phil as if his life depended on it. A fact that might’ve, in fact, been true due to the emptiness which seemed to fill Dan. “You’re wrong.” Dan said, as soon as he could manage to get his tears under control. “We’re only halfway through this horrible mess. Tomorrow will be only about a minute longer than today, and the day after that will be the same and we’ll be stuck with three quarters of the day in blackness foreve-“

Phil broke away from the hug. “Now It’s my turn to say that you’re wrong. We’re not halfway into the blackness. No. Today marks the fact that we made it.”

Dan sniffled, looking up at Phil in the twilight with eyes still glistening brightly “Made it to what?”

“We did it Dan.” Phil whispered. As slowly, outside their window, a thousand christmas lights flickered on. And far away, the faint sounds of laughter, singing and joy could be heard. “We’re halfway out of the dark.” 

Phil pressed his lips to Dans, it wasn’t a passionate kiss full of fury and fire. It was a soft kiss, full of comfort and love. It was a promise. A promise of rebirth, a promise of light and renewal.

A promise that they were Halfway Out of the Dark.